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On May 11, 2020, Wooie (2 reviews) from Apex, NC

Amazing, I was researching blueberries and they answered every one of my emails and always replied within 24 hours. I was able to prepare my garden for new blueberry bushes because they were able to give me mature-size information I couldn't find online. Ms. Robin always answers the phone and had our order ready for pickup when we arrived (we called before leaving home and we live 45 minutes away). We bought two of their 1 gallon plants and we are so happy, both plants are over two feet tall and have already extremely healthy berries bunched at the end of their branches. We bought a Pink Lemonade and a Legacy. Ms. Robin gave us a care/instruction sheet with our purchase and it's a very encouraging and informative read. We'll definitely be returning next season for more bushes, thank you Finch Family!

On Dec 27, 2016, eggergrl44 (2 reviews) from Alpharetta, GA

Ordered 100 3-year blueberry bushes. I received 40 rabbiteyes, 40 southern highbush, and 20 northern highbush. All plants were healthy and in wonderful condition, much better than some of the other nurseries I have ordered from. I'm definitely placing an order for more blueberries!

On Jan 14, 2014, manteo01 (1 reviews) from Fruit Cove, FL

Great experience and I'm very satisfied. I ordered Nov 2012 and Jan 2014 with Finch Nursery.The 1st was a package 4. All plants that I received are great for my area and will be producing fruit this year. My recent order was for only a few plants since I'm a home gardener. This time I picked them up from their nursery rather than shipping. They aren't too far away from 95. I like how they don't have a minimum and how knowledgeable the staff is. While there the staff was very nice and provided a lot of care tips. I highly recommend buying from them and I would definitely buy again.

On Sep 21, 2012, ericb (7 reviews) from Yadkinville, NC

I ordered 100 3-year plants from Finch but received (and was charged for) 2-year plants. Not a big deal, but I was very willing to pay for that extra year of growth, and I wanted what I had ordered. Plus the order was only half for me; I had placed a group order to divide with two other people locally, so I was stuck in the middle. I called about every day for a week (if not twice a day) leaving answering machine messages and speaking to a woman that said I needed to speak to a man. All this time the plants were sitting bare-root in an outbuilding. He was always unavailable and wouldn't return the call. It wasn't until I threatened to take the issue up with my credit card company that the man finally called me back. He wasn't willing to give me any benefit of the doubt and didn't offer to make any concessions of any kind. He might have been more accommodating if I hadn't first threatened to talk to my credit card company, but then again he wouldn't even talk to me before that. He finally agreed, while telling me that I shouldn't be able to sleep at night, to ship me a smaller number of 3-year plants additionally that I paid for but not the shipping, and I kept the 2-year plants. In the end the plants and charges were acceptable, although I would have preferred getting exactly what I had ordered to start with, and it definitely wasn't worth what I went through.

On Mar 8, 2011, PrinceTrom (2 reviews) from Ten Mile, TN

I ordered their 15 blueberry package late last fall, specifying I wanted Northern Highbush varieties. The blueberries arrived quickly, about a week later, and they looked pretty good, with nice root systems, well packaged. Only thing was, they were Rabbiteyes. I called up the nursery and the very polite lady apologized, and said she'd send the correct blueberries right away. What should I do with the wrong ones, I asked. Keep them as a Christmas present she said, plant them or give them away as gifts. Well several people got blueberries for Christmas, and the correct shipment arrived the next week in great condition. As a very pleased customer, I'll be ordering from Finch again.

On Mar 7, 2011, jhwaaser (1 reviews) from Lake Butler, FL

I bought 50-odd rooted cuttings from Dan Finch Blueberries two years ago. I planted them in pine bark mulch on a bench I built for the purpose. They shipped four of the wrong variety, and when I called them they explained that the colored tags were the same color as I had ordered, but one was a Southern Highbush and the other was a Rabbiteye. I ordered too late to get exactly what I wanted, but they substituted similar varieties. They sent the four replacements, and then replaced eight more later. I lost a bunch more over the next year, especially when I transplanted them a year later, so I now have slightly more than 30 plants, most of which are doing VERY well, and some will even bear berries this year! Not bad for plants which cost me $1.05 each! I can get better plants locally, but not for that price! I expect to order a few more in the next week or three....

On Feb 28, 2011, melissayardgurl (2 reviews) from (Zone 7a)

This place is fantastic. I have been coming here for years. I am so glad I found this website. You are gonna see a lot of me!

On Dec 1, 2009, SoutheastIndy (16 reviews) from Indianapolis, IN

I ordered several 1 yr old starter blueberry plants from Finch. The plants are very affordable and they have alot of variety. The plants were well packed . The only thing I didn't like is I received the plants on a Monday from UPS. They were probably held Saturday & Sunday at a UPS facility. Overall a good experience.

On Mar 22, 2009, SC_weedz (4 reviews) from Gilbert, SC

I ordered bare root blueberry plants from Finch. They arrived on time, well packed, and appeared to be good quality. I would recommend this company.

On Dec 29, 2007, TimH (3 reviews) from Wake Forest, NC

I made a large order of several varieties of blueberry starter plants. The order was supposed to be sent out around thanksgiving. When they didn't arrive I contacted Finch's. The person who answered was very polite and helpful. She explained that shipping was delayed a couple of weeks to allow the plants to go dormant. Minimizing the stress on the plants during shipping. The plants arrived a week or two later. Well packaged and all in apparent good health.

On Oct 17, 2007, cowboy (11 reviews) from cairo, GA (Zone 8b)

last year, spring, i placed 2 orders with finch.of around 300 total plants. they were fine plants. i'm ordering again this year - 07 fall.

On Mar 1, 2007, azgardner (1 reviews) from Tucson, AZ

I ordered 15 different blueberry varieties. When the order arrived, one variety was missing (hey, no big deal, it was a large order). I sent them an email, and they promptly responded that they would send the missing item. They ended up sending the wrong replacement (a variety I already had). I email them back again. This time, no response. I called them, and the gentleman who answered said they were sending a replacement. The item never arrived. I emailed them three more times. No responses. Would advise not ordering from them.

On Feb 4, 2005, shellva (4 reviews) from Camden, NC

I placed an order for 6 blueberry bushes from Finch Blueberry Nursery this past summer with a promised delivery date of late November. A gentleman at Finch's helped me choose varieties that are expected to do well in my zone 8a climate. I was able to reach someone via phone every time I called during business hours. I wrote several emails with questions and always received a timely reply. All 6 plants arrived when promised. They were a decent size for the money that I paid for them, a little over $5, I think. All were clearly marked and had good, healthy looking root systems that had been kept moist during shipping. In my opinion, shipping cost were reasonable. Detailed planting and growing instructions were included with the order. Should I decide that I need more blueberry bushes, I'm ordering from Finch's again. Their knowledge, price and health of their plants beats out anyone in my local area.

On Jan 13, 2005, tallydad (2 reviews) from Tallahassee, FL

I have made several small purchases from Finch Blueberry Nursery. The orders were handled efficiently, and the plants arrived promptly. I was especially impressed by the way they were packed, which made it most improbable that they could dry out en route. The blueberry plants themselves were quite small compared with those I have purchased elsewhere, but all were very healthy, have grown vigorously, and were true to type - obviously the correct cultivar. My personal experience is that the cultivar info and descriptions on the website have sometimes been quite accurate, but other times much less so. (For example, the descriptions of Brightwell and Delite have matched my experience very well, but the description of O'Neal as "vigorous" not only clashes with my experience, but also with the info found on other websites.) The prices are extremely reasonable (which is certainly not the case with some nurseries that have fancy websites but exorbitant prices). Overall, I recommend Finch Blueberries as a very reputable business with knowledgeable people, a quality product, and outstanding value.

On May 13th, 2006, tallydad added the following: During the past year and a half I've had more dealings with Finch - all positive. Of the plants I purchased from them for the 2005 season, one had dried out en route and died soon after planting. They volunteered to replace it when I mentioned this to them during my 2006 order. The replacement arrived - correctly listed as no charge - last December, along with the rest of my order (which was between 20 and 30 bushes). In this last order, however, two Premier rabbiteye blueberries weren't included as ordered. I emailed Finch to suggest that they might want a second pair of eyes checking orders before they are shipped, but also requesting that they not worry about the two missing plants. They were a small part of a fairly large order, and their shipping the two plants would cost them much more in labor, packing materials, and postage than the two small bushes were worth, so I hated to see the waste. The folks at Finch not only ignored my request to forget about the missing plants - they threw in a couple extras at no charge. I must admit I was quite impressed with their integrity and desire to do right by their customers. I continue to find that the bushes I've purchased from Finch grow vigorously, are uniformly healthy, and are accurately labeled. The more I deal with these folks, the more I appreciate them and their products.

On Dec 1, 2001, berrycqs (1 reviews)

I want to recommend Finch Blueberry Nursery. I ordered wholesale (large numbers) blueberry plants. I'm not sure how small an order they will accept. Have ordered from Finch Blueberry Nursery in NC before and was thrilled with the results. They give advice on varieties for different areas, time of bearing and are VERY nice people. The plants are individually labeled, beautiful and are ALL doing well about 1year later.

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