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Four Winds Growers

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3373 Sackett Lane
Winters, California 95694 (United States)

Phone: 877-449-4637

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Positive 1vtp1
Washington, DC
(4 reviews)
April 3, 2021
I purchased a meyer lemon tree a few years ago, and was so impressed, I purchased more for several of my closest girlfriends in different states. They all loved theirs as well.
The trees arrived healthy and in some cases with flowers and fruit. I've done everything imaginable to my tree, including bonsai defoliation, and it thrives. This is one healthy tree. When it flowers, the blossoms fill the entire house with the most gorgeous fragrance! Any time I come across a plant parent, I sing Four Winds Growers praises. The boxes they use for shipping are notable and pretty ingenuous.
Positive abwo
Los Angeles, CA
(1 review)
January 10, 2021
I had ordered the three citrus trees a couple of weeks ago, and they arrived a few days ago: Bergamot Semi-Dwarf Orange , W. Murcott Semi-Dwarf Mandarin, and Clementine/ Algerian Semi-Dwarf Mandarin. I have ordered from Four Winds before--this wasn't the first time--and I have always been very satisfied with the selection/varieties available, size and health of the plants that I received, and efficiency of the purchase and delivery process. I wasn't disappointed when I received three very healthy plants.
I have, once again, received excellent service, great selection, and high quality plants at competitive prices.
Positive deepgreenthumbs
Seattle, WA
(6 reviews)
October 7, 2020
Bought two avocado trees, Premium size 24~36". They have both arrived now, and I am THRILLED! Both are fully 36" and well filled out, with good roots. I had a bad experience last year with someone else's citrus in this size range--for a higher price, yet...I'll be buying citrus from Four Winds, for sure.
Positive andrew4ceo
Garden Grove, CA
(2 reviews)
July 10, 2019
Posted on August 14, 2017, updated July 10, 2019
Ordered a "premium sized" Clementine Mandarin Orange from FWG.

Their "choice sized" plant was $30 and is 18" - 24" tall.

The Premium Sized was $40 is is suppose to be 30-36 month old.

Yet, the tree I received was tiny! You can can get the same sized plant from Home Depot for $25.

I paid about double that for the Premium. Not only was the plant small, the tree was in very poor condition. And 2 months later, it has still not received.

The leaves are still wilted. (It was wilted when I remove the tree from the package).

I watered it and made sure the soil was moist. Still, has not recovered. Matter of fact, it's getting worst.

I have since purchased a replacement from Home Depot to be planted in place of the tree I got from Four Wind Grower.

When I contacted FWG, they gave me a blanketed statement telling me to water it more if it needs water, and water it less if I'm overmastering it.

Horrible customer service.
On July 10th, 2019, andrew4ceo changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Sent them an update of the tree after almost 2 years after the fact.

I decided to clear out some soil around the trunk. Tree had signs of girdling roots which is why the tree never showed any improvements after planting it.

They offered a full refund which was a surprise to me.

Company representative comment on July 11, 2019:
On Jul 11, 2019 9:47 AM, Four Winds Growers responded with:

Hi Andrew, Thank you for taking the time to post an update on your review. Upon seeing the pictures you sent, we agree that the tree you received was not up to standards. Over the last year, we have made some big changes and we hope to show you and all of our customers our commitment to growing quality trees and providing excellent customer service. Thanks again FWG customer service

Positive RBKB444
Lansing, MI (Zone 5b)
(6 reviews)
June 28, 2019
I ordered a 2 to 3 foot premium, Little Cado Avocado, from Four Winds, on Sunday, June 23, and it arrived today, June 28. It is closer to 3 feet then 2 feet. It was perfectly packaged and looked to be undisturbed by the shipping process. It is a very healthy, well rooted plant and I was very pleased with the entire transaction.
Company representative comment on July 1, 2019:
On Jul 1, 2019 8:58 AM, Four Winds Growers responded with:

Thank you for your review! We have made big changes with our website fulfillment team over the last year, and we are so glad to know that we are on the right track. Let us know if you have any questions about your new avocado trees. [email protected]

Negative dra1943
Lake Hamilton, AR
(2 reviews)
April 6, 2019
February 26-2019 I purchased two Oroblanco Grapefruit premium one tree was way smaller it has ben bump up 5"pot to 10x9.5 no roots fresh bump up to 10x9.5 pot 24"tall one premium tree 34" tall ok I WILL NOT BUY FROM THEM AGAIN
Negative annarborcar1
Ann Arbor, MI
(1 review)
July 16, 2018
Horrible customer service. One tree was way smaller than what was advertised and this is the customer service respond:

"We apologize for the difference in sizes. Right now our meyer lemons are on the smaller side."

The other tree died in less than two months and this is the customer service respond:

"Unfortunately this does not fall under our replacement trees. We will replace any tree that has been damaged in transit as long as we are notified as soon as the tree is received. "
Positive Suzkling
Bandon, OR
(7 reviews)
June 5, 2016
ordered Bearss lime because previous variety (thorns) was not blooming and Bearss does well in protected greenhouse here on OR coast .......a perfect tree arrived in excellent packaging......impressive company....devoted!
Positive plant_hoarder
Selbyville, DE
(2 reviews)
January 24, 2016
Ordered 6 citrus trees. All were a good sized. Some are even producing fruit after only 1-2 months of being transplanted.
Positive michaelbhopa
Philadelphia, PA
(1 review)
September 22, 2015
I purchased a 3 year old Trovita Orange tree from Four Winds. When the site brought me to a page to choose my shipping, I naively chose USPS priority 2 day shipping to save a couple bucks (I will never ship anything with USPS again). USPS lost my package several times and dealing with their customer service had me pulling out my hair. At my witts end, I contacted Karli from Four Winds Growers. She was extremely helpful, courteous and went out of her way to help me. USPS finally delivered my package 5 days late (thats 7 days in a cardboard box being jostled around). Thanks only to Four Winds superb packing, my tree was mostly unharmed and still alive!
Negative Brofred
Racine, WI
(1 review)
August 23, 2015
I purchased two kumquats only one survived. The Nagami Kumquat had black spot on the trunk of tree just below the graft. I thought it had bug damage so I sprayed it with dormant oil. About a month later the tree died from the graft upwards. I wrote the Four Wind Nursery and I showed pictures of the dead tree. I received an email saying that it was planted improperly and they would not give me a replacement plant. But the Indio Manderinquat was planted same way and is still growing. I will not be doing business with Four Winds Growers again.
Positive Jaybirdokc
Edmond, OK
(2 reviews)
June 11, 2015
Ordered a kumquat tree. It was near 3 feet tall for a 3 year old. Well leafed out. Well packed. It has sprouted new growth and blooms are forming. This was so nice a tree, I ordered a mandarine. It is a bit smaller, but mandarins are slower to grow. It is a very nice tree too, and even has some fruit already set. Nice job fourwinds! I will buy from them again.
Positive jaimelemon
St. Louis, MO (Zone 6a)
(7 reviews)
May 27, 2015
Posted on July 19, 2013, updated May 27, 2015
Posted on July 11, 2012, updated July 19, 2013
Thank you so much, Four Winds!!

I just received one of their 3 year old Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon trees. WOW!! I am so impressed!! It is exactly as described, and more than I had hoped for. It is very full and well-branched, a beautiful tree. The ordering process was very easy, and their customer service was very helpful both over the phone and via email. I had a couple of very minor questions that I emailed over, and they were answered within an hour of my hitting the send button. The tree was very well packaged, no damage at all. It looks like I just plucked it out of the nursery myself. Also, they sent along a very nice care brochure which tells you all that you need to know about growing, planting, watering, fertilizing your tree. I agree that their shipping costs seem a little high, but if you factor it into the inexpensive price of their trees, it makes it all worth it. I have purchased a few other citrus trees from other places, but nothing compares to the quality that I got from Four Winds. In fact, I am looking at my other trees and am sad that I didn't order them from Four Winds also. (And I paid the same, if not way more in some cases!!) My other citrus trees now pale in comparison to my newest addition. Oh well, you live and you learn. I will definitely head to Four Winds next time I am looking to order a tree with edibles. :)
On July 19th, 2013, jaimelemon added the following:

I just received a 3 year old Bearss Lime tree from Four Winds this week and it is BEAUTIFUL!! It is very well branched, leaves look great, and even has fruit already on it!! They sent me a confirmation email, and an email (with tracking number) letting me know it was shipping out. Again, they sent a lovely care brochure that explains everything you need to know. LOVE Four Winds!!!
On May 27th, 2015, jaimelemon added the following:

Just bought another tree from Four Winds. Again, top notch service and a beautiful product. I really want to place another order, but I'm running out of room!! I am addicted to their beautiful trees and fabulous selection of lesser known cultivars. I highly recommend giving Four Winds a chance if you are looking for a dwarf tree with edibles. They have more than just citrus!

Positive rick4965
Loganville, GA
(3 reviews)
May 21, 2015
Last week I ordered a Panache variegated fig from Four Winds. I was at first put off by the steep shipping cost, but decided to give them a try. In less than a week I had a lovely 4 ft. tree sitting on my porch...all the way from the west coast to east Georgia! Excellent service and beautiful stock.
Positive MizMelody2001
Norman, OK
(1 review)
May 5, 2015
Over the past few years I have purchased several trees from Four Winds Growers and every single time the plants have arrived quickly, well packaged and in strong, healthy condition. When I had trees die, they were kind enough to replace them for me for free (I paid for the shipping) even though it had been a year since I purchased them. Even though they were very busy there was consistent good communication. They took the time to carefully advise me as to the best way to care for them, so as to avoid problems this time around, which I appreciated. These are the go-to citrus experts - honest and knowledgeable. They genuinely care about the trees and their customers success with them. I can not speak more highly of them. Thank you for all you do.
Positive MuffinKraus1
(1 review)
April 8, 2015
WOW! We just received our order of 4 three year old citrus trees. I've never seen anything like these trees. I was wary of the price as it seemed very high, but I was truly impressed by the quality of the product (The trees are so lush that they look fake!) as well as the packaging (There were very clear instructions about how to open and remove the trees without damaging them.) and the promptness of the delivery. My husband is cheap, but he definatly believed he got his money's worth and is going to order 4 more trees. The customer service has been very polite, knowledgeable, and helpful.
Positive tasvin
New York City, NY
(2 reviews)
December 17, 2014
This is a wonderful company. Not only are the plants of superior quality, the staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and especially supportive for a novice gardener.
Positive sweetgreen
(3 reviews)
November 26, 2014
Posted on November 18, 2014, updated November 26, 2014
I waited a long, long time to purchase 4 trees from Fours Winds. I wanted to make sure that my money was spent as wisely as possible (they're so expensive!), so I did my research and saved up. I was excited to finally go through with the purchase because Four Winds gets great reviews. I am sad to say that my experience was not as nice as those of other reviewers. The first problem was that multiple trees apparently don't ship together on the same day...that wasn't noted anywhere that I could see, and it confused me. So when I got only one tree in the mail, I was worried the others were lost in transit and contacted FW immediately. No one answered the phone, which I thought was odd (this was early afternoon on a weekday). So I left a voicemail for Kerry and followed up with an email. Never got a response to either, but the rest of the trees showed up a few days later. Okay, no big deal.

But then I open them up and see for myself what a FW packaging job looks like. Oh my...broken branches, broken leaves. I know that shipping can be rough, but for what they charge ($70+) I really expected better. The thing that upset me most was that the largest branch of the three-year-old citron tree was snapped off. I probably would not have cared, but the trees were already disappointingly small. Not because of pruning, but just in general- thin trunks, limited branching, and overall shorter then expected. One tree, a three-year-old Bouquet de Fleurs, did look fantastic; it was green, lush, and a good size. The other three-year-old trees looked kind of sad next to it. They were closer in size to the one-year-old tree that I had also purchased.

I emailed FW again to let them know I was disappointed. The trees weren't dying or destroyed or anything, so I didn't ask for a refund or replacements; I just wanted them to know that I wasn't a happy customer, and I specifically asked them to please contact me to acknowledge my concerns so that I would feel more comfortable buying from them in the future. No response. I do hope that someone at FW reads this and takes it heart; I chose them based on positive reviews and the fact that they're not a big-box store, but based on this experience I actually think I might have gotten better service at a big-box nursery.
On November 26th, 2014, sweetgreen changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I connected with Kerry and asked him to please address my specific concerns via email. He did so very quickly, which I appreciated. It was a polite interaction and I'm satisfied with his responses, which acknowledged our miscommunication (and possibly a mistake in the size of one of the trees).

He offered a voucher for a new tree to compensate for the one that was damaged. I didn't ask for compensation, so this was a good-faith gesture on his part. For my part I'm going to cautiously upgrade my original review from negative to positive. Four Winds will get another chance from me when I use the voucher, so hopefully it works out.
Company representative comment on November 20, 2014:
On Nov 20, 2014 11:08 AM, Four Winds Growers responded with:

We certainly take it to heart any time a customer is displeased and are always sad when we feel we were not given a chance to make it right for that customer. We never deliberately ignore any customer communications and if it is clear that a response is needed we always respond as soon as possible. In this case there may have been a miscommunication, and we would still like the chance to help this customer succeed with the plants received. I can be reached at 877.449.4637, ext. 1 and will return calls in a timely manner. Please do repeat your phone number a second time, to be sure it is audible on our end! During rainstorms our phone lines get crackly, and this is sometimes a problem. I can also be reached at: [email protected] Thank you.

Positive bobvanhalder
Brooks, OR
(1 review)
November 21, 2014
One nice thing about being a retired nursery owner is that you now have time to try something different. Living in zone 7 I always wanted to try citrus so I devoted one greenhouse to citrus. It has been a long learning experience and I found Four Winds Growers to be an excellent choice as they have lots of experience, information, and good plants. The plants arrive exactly when you want them and are packaged very securely. The plants themselves are healthy specimens in pots that well suited for transplanting.
This is a fun retirement!
Positive natehersco
Chicago IL,
United States
(3 reviews)
November 2, 2014
I bought from Four Winds Meiwa and Nagami Kumquats in Mid August 2014 and again 2 more Meiwas in mid September 2014. All 4 trees arrived in great conditions loaded with fruits and bloom.
As of to day early November 2014 all 4 trees are thriving they have sent tons of new roots, and are flushed with new shoots and fortunately the bloom has turned out to plenty of small Kumquats.
I am so happy and thrilled that I did not loose a tree . All are disease and parasite free. All have green lush leaves and plenty of healthy roots.
I have only praises for this citrus nursery. I wish I would have bought trees from them years back. I would have spared my self so many unhappy orders that I received from Citrus nursery on the east cost.
My thanks goes to all you at Four Winds Growers for all the joy you brought me with these gorgeous trees .

Nate Hersco
Positive jcongdon
Chicago, IL
(1 review)
September 19, 2014
I've ordered 3 dwarf citrus trees and my girlfriend has ordered another 2 or 3, and there's a good reason we're continuous repeat customers. The trees look great and make great additions to the home. I've only had one issue with their trees and they were extremely quick to rectify the problem, so I don't hold that against them at all.
Positive musaboru
(Zone 9b)
(25 reviews)
July 4, 2014
Got a Vaniglia Sanguingo and I am utterly amazed with the quality of plant and the packaging it came in. I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future. This is a good mail-order source for Californians (where out-of-state citrus plants are prohibited) to order rare citrus varieties not readily available.
Negative reddove
Auburn Hills, MI
(1 review)
May 31, 2014
I ordered a three year old Organic Kieffer Lime tree on May 1, 2014. They thought it was best to wait and have it shipped on May 12 because I live in Michigan. I agreed. When the tree arrived I noticed many of the leaves had large insect holes. I took a closer look but found no large insects but did notice "white webbing". I took pictures and send them in an email to Four Winds Growers. I decided to call because I did not hear back from them and was concerned about something being brought into my home that could infect my other plants. They said their internet was down. They told me that the large holes were from katydid bugs and the tree should be OK. I told them about the white webbing and they said those were made by a small white moth and should have been cut off before the tree left. They suggesed a product and I told them I had read their booklet and the letter that they sent. I told them that I had already called every nursery within 60 miles, and no one has this product. They said they would ship the product out to me. I planted the tree according to all of the details they suggest. I uncurrled the leaves to find more white webbing and small white moths.
I cut the infected leaves off per their instructions. I am using steamed distilled water and a moisture meter. There were so few leaves left and the tree was not looking very good. The product they send for the tree was open and had leaked all over the shipping box. I do not know if this was their fault or the shipping company. I contacted them again and they said they would refund my money. They sent a check for the price of the tree. No refund for the shipping and handling charges which were almost as much as the tree. Now I am back to "square one" because this tree is dying, and I am out of the shipping and handing charges. I will be using Dave's Garden web site to look for another lime tree.
Positive krismast
Parkesburg, PA
(4 reviews)
April 29, 2014
Posted on October 16, 2012, updated April 29, 2014
A few years ago I bought a kaffir lime tree seedling from an Asian grocery store. It didn't make it through one winter indoors. I really wanted to try again and get another one but I couldn't find one anywhere locally! (Living in Pennsylvania that isn't much of a surprise, I was lucky to find the first one.) after some searching I found that Four Winds was a very highly recommended nursery. I was a little concerned about buying a tree from such a long distance. But I took the plunge and placed my order on a Sunday Afternoon. I got a message that Tuesday saying my order had been shipped! It was delivered on Thursday and I was home to open it immediately. I was so impressed with the health of a tree that had been shipped from one coast to another! Green healthy leaves with no apparent damage. I bare rooted the plant so I could plant it in a homemade mix. The roots were super healthy and white! Since then the tree has put out two new flushes of growth. I couldn't have been more pleased with the way this experience has gone. The tree is currently overwintering in my sunroom. I will post updates about how it goes soon! I can't wait to order more trees from Four Winds! You guys are the best!
On April 29th, 2014, krismast added the following:

Well it has been a year and a half now and my Kaffir lime is still as healthy as the day it arrived from four winds. Plus it is just now starting to flower for the very first time! I couldn't be happier.
Positive limabean
Exeter, NH (Zone 5b)
(3 reviews)
December 25, 2013
Two 3 yr old Meyer Lemon trees were shipped to New Hampshire in cold December and arrived looking perfect.
The colors of the leaves are different on the 2 trees so that is a bit of a mystery. The shipping costs are high (as much as one tree) but they did send live plants across the USA in 4 days arriving exactly the day predicted. I wish when ordering a Rapidtest Water Meter was suggested as it could have just gone in the same box. I didn't know about it until I receive the excellent planting instructions in the box. These trees will be indoors half the year and outside the other half. Wishing them well in 2014 and anyone reading this too. Merry Christmas!
Negative kkeller12345
Logan, UT
(1 review)
April 28, 2013
I ordered 3 three year old trees two were in acceptable shape and are showing new growth under MH grow lights. The third had major branches broken and was much smaller than the other two trees even before I trimmed all the broken branches off. Leaves started falling off after a couple days under the grow lights. After close to a month under optimal grow conditions It is beginning to show new growth but it is going to be a long time before any fruit will be supported. Like some of the others have stated I tried to contact them a few times and never even recieve acknowledgement of my emails. There wasn't any reciept included in the boxes nor did I recieve a confirmation email when I placed the order and I couldn't get them to respond to my inquiries for a receipt. These are high dollar trees and I would expect at least some customer service but there was none. I would have thought it to be a scam if I hadn't recieved the trees. I had the intention of buying quite a few more trees for a greenhouse but after my experience and seeing what other prices and vendors are out there I will not be patronizing this establishment again.
Company representative comment on July 11, 2013:
On Jul 11, 2013 1:39 PM, Four Winds Growers responded with:

Four Winds takes pride in its customer service, so we were surprised by this review. Occasionally there are problems with internet or phone service in our rural area, and this may have been part of the problem. We do send packing sheets with each order. They are enclosed with our How to Grow booklet. We did send an email to this customer to respond to his concerns but did not hear back from him.
If you have questions about our products or an order you have placed, call us at 877-449-4637 during business hours Monday Friday, or 24-7, check out or send us an email to [email protected]. We try to be conscientious about answering email, and look forward to hearing from people interested in gardening with edibles.

Negative plantingmom
Bayville, NJ
(1 review)
April 20, 2013
I received a dwarf meyer lemon tree as a gift from my husband that was filled with blossoms and was thrilled. But after a week realized it was filled with aphids!!!!!!!!! I have tried all the care instructions from their website for two weeks but they continue to regroup. I have tried to contact them through email but received NO response. Very disappointed. And wouldn't be buying anything from them.
Company representative comment on April 26, 2013:
On Apr 26, 2013 2:49 PM, Four Winds Growers responded with:

We were sad to see this negative comment in Dave's Garden since we did not receive the communication referred to and feel that we were not given an adequate opportunity to respond to the complaint. The best way to register such a concern is to call us toll free at 877-449-4637, ext. 1. We respond to all calls and messages received as soon as possible. Sometimes emails unfortunately go into spam or otherwise get lost. We NEVER deliberately ignore customer comments and always do our best to respond in a timely manner.
-Four Winds Growers

Positive Wweidele
North Plainfield, NJ
(1 review)
July 5, 2012
I just want to start by saying Four Winds staff THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! You guys are amazing!

Phew now that I got that out Im so happy that your amazing company makes it possible to own your own citrus tree anywhere in the country at an affordable price not only is the price so good I can not believe how great my first tree from you guys looks I was so nervous when I ordered and when I open the package I was so shocked to how green and lush and full the tree was, it was even better than you guys described. I wouldn't even hesitate to recommend you to everyone. Everything was perfect. Thanks again to everyone at Fourwinds

And a special thanks to Kerry by far the greatest Customer rep I have ever had to deal with she was not only kind but understanding with a problem I had and she corrected it and even helped me out further than she had to thank you again kerry..

***If your looking to buy a citrus tree look no further than four winds excellent in every category!***
Positive jmdsr1975
Flat Rock, MI
(5 reviews)
June 8, 2012
Hi everyone out there :)
I have been checking out the Garden Watchdog for years and was always too lazy to join the membership. But, I finally did so to give a honest and true opinion of the few companies I deal with mail order. Anyways, I have been dealing with Four Winds Growers for a couple of years now and am here to tell everyone out there that they truly work hard to keep you happy and satisfied. Kerrie, the Customer Service Manager is a great person with excellent customer service skills and will go out of his way to offer you the best of the best. This comment is NOT about one particular order, but over 15 or so orders. They dont argue you with about any issues you may have and often will ALWAYS replace their trees if something goes wrong. Things are taken care of promptly, usually within minutes. Emails are returned almost as fast as I can type it and send it to them. He does not make and break promises or give you the run around like many of the other online nurseries. I only deal with a few others out there, like Ted at for banana plants, Florida Hill Nursery (different tropical plants, and Wellsprings Gardens (other different tropical plants) from many other bad experiences with other mail order nurseries. I wont name any of them, as it is not fair to them because I would never order from any of them again and it has been a long time since I did order, and hopefully they have fixed things for future customers. But, once is enough for me!!!! So, as an Electrical and Landscaping contractor with a fairly large company it is nice to have Kerrie and Four Winds Growers as a reliable and easy to deal with mail order nursery. As a matter of fact, I dont even deal with any other company for citrus trees, and never will as long as they are as great as they have been. They are always large, healthy and almost always thrive. That is a big plus in my business because I too have to keep my customers happy. But, as far as good points about Four Winds Growers, this is what you can HONESTLY expect:

*Great prices

*Fast shipping (Every monday like they promise)

*Friendly customer service

*Quick response times on any email or phone call (usually within minutes)

*Most importantly, big, healthy and disease free citrus trees with beautiful foliage, excellent grafts and rootstock with decent sizes)

But, I am not going to keep on going on and on, and I just felt it necessary to share my experience with Kerrie so maybe they can gain even more satisfied customers, of which he deserves. Give them a try, and rest assured you will be happy and hopefully add another good review for him. Thanks Kerrie and Four Winds, its always a pleasure to deal with you. Take care everyone out there and happy gardening!!!!

Jeff D. Millennium Electrical and Landscaping Contractors
Positive Cearbhaill
Russell, KY (Zone 6b)
(17 reviews)
April 21, 2012
I purchased two 2-3 year trees- a Dancy Tangerine and the ever popular Improved Meyer Lemon.

I try and confine the bulk of my online plant orders to vendors within 2 days shipping of me, but in the case of citrus I wanted to feel confident that I got the exact variety I ordered and that the trees has been properly grafted and well grown.
And not wanting to wait five years for a bloom, I wanted trees at least a couple of years old.
After doing some online research I determined that Four Winds had the best reputation so I ordered from them, still a bit wary of such extreme shipping distances. I followed along with the UPS tracking and saw that my trees were packed for shipping on the 17th and would arrive here on the 20th. That is a lot of dark for any plant and doubly so for citrus. To make matters worse, I am at the end of the line on my UPS route- my packages always arrive after 5PM.

Well, these two trees are enormous- far larger than I expected. The blemish free leaves are a bright healthy green and both trees are exceedingly well branched and balanced in appearance. The roots packed in wood shavings were still plenty moist when I received them and truly looked as if they had just been packed an hour previous, not four days ago.
I literally have not lost even one leaf.
You can tell by simple observation that they have been grown in excellent conditions- even the grafts are neat and perfect.
And I have blooms!

By a strange coincidence, my trees arrived five years to the day since I moved away from South Florida! To smell the fragrance of the very citrus blossoms I had in my backyard again was as great an "anniversary" gift as I could ever hope to give myself. Oh, how I have missed that smell!
They are divine!

Yes, the shipping is expensive.
The trees are quite the bargain, though, so if you look at it as a total price the shipping doesn't sting quite so badly. And what is it worth to know that you will receive exactly what you order, the grafts will be perfect, the trees the picture of health, of good size, well branched, and received with not one tiny bit of stress?
It's worth a whole lot in my opinion!
I do believe that these are as fine a tree as it is possible for a Florida-homesick lady in Kentucky to obtain- I can think of no higher praise.
If you want cheap I'm sure there are 100 other places to purchase your citrus plant.
But if you want the highest quality available buy from Four Winds Growers.
Negative tombaak
High Desert, NV (Zone 5a)
(25 reviews)
March 22, 2012
I spent $40 on a 2-3 year old Meyer Lemon tree. The tree I received looked healthy enough, but I was very disappointed in it's size.

The Four Winds website says:
"The Two-Three year trees... are over two feet tall."
"These trees have a trunk that can range between 1/2" and 3/4" in diameter."

My tree was barely 18" tall, not at all "well branched" as advertised, and the caliper of the trunk is not even .5 an inch. Sadly it looks nothing like the picture they show on their website of an employee holding a big lush, well branched, bare root tree.

All in all I would say that this tiny little tree was extremely overpriced!
I would not recommend this seller, at least for the "bigger" trees.

Neutral shablulim
Pittsfield, MA
(1 review)
February 9, 2012
I'll start with the good:
Shipping was prompt and the tree appears to be in good condition.

However, I have experienced from them the worst customer service ever, worse than with any large bank, credit card, or other company, and shocking when considering it is a small, family run company.

The story:
As soon as I received an email invoice from them, I realized I had made a small mistake in the billing address, just the apt. no. Assuming they needed an accurate address, I promptly sent them the following email : "Hello,
I just noticed I made a mistake in the billing info,
It is 123 X St. Apt. A
The rest of the address is correct and the shipping address is correct.
Please let me know when you are planning to ship.
Thanks very much,"

The next day I received a reply: "Address corrected. Order ships today via UPS 3 day select.
thank you."
I felt this was very fast. However, when the UPS notification email came I saw that Four Winds had exchanged the shipping and billing addresses, and had shipped the tree to the billing address, where there would be no one home to receive it. Not sure how such a mistake could happen, my email was very clear. I immediately sent them another email, requesting that they address this with UPS, which I, the receiver, cannot do. This email was ignored. I called the company, and spoke to the most cranky and irritable customer service rep. I have ever had the displeasure to speak with. I gave the order no. and repeated the problem. Her reply: "this was sooo unnecessary" and very reluctant to help. Hmm, ok. Still, I insisted. She was extremely unpleasant. Then asked for the correct address. I gave it to her. Again from her, testily: "This is all soooo unnecessary!" Well, excuse me for thinking that providing the correct billing address is the ethical thing to do! She did begrudgingly admit it was their fault and said: "this is going to cost us even more!". Even more??? I paid $48 for shipping! Clearly it had cost them nothing up to that point, if not a profit for them on shipping, and how unprofessional. The call ended. I maintained an even tone throughout, even while continuously being insulted by this Kerry. And this is by no means the end of the ordeal.

On the arrival day I kept checking the UPS website. At 12:15 the package was supposedly delivered. However, it was not here. UPS told me it was delivered to the billing address, with a change made by the shipper to the shipping address apt. no., in other words, not to the shipping nor to the billing address, but a mix of both. According to UPS the original address was the billing address, and the address as Four Winds changed it to was the same billing address, but with a new apt. number. Genius. The options: request the shipper to retrieve the package and reship, or go get it myself from the wrong address.
Not only 2 serious mistakes that indicate complete lack of attention or caring, but supremely rude treatment on the phone.
If you cannot obtain your citrus tree elsewhere, be super careful not to make even the tiniest mistake in your order. And if you must speak to customer service, ask to speak to anyone but Kerry, maybe you'll have better luck.
Positive taufgardner
American Fork, UT
(21 reviews)
January 4, 2012
Posted on July 21, 2011, updated January 4, 2012
Posted on April 9, 2011, updated July 21, 2011
Posted on December 8, 2010, updated April 9, 2011
I ordered the Dwarf Satsuma Orange. The tree that came was as good as or better than the description. Good, balanced foliage and a well developed root system. I have never grown citrus (being in Zone 5) and am interested to see how this addition to a new greenhouse works out. I was very happy to receive detailed instructions on soil prep, along with complete growing instructions. This experience, and an earlier experience with Stark Bros., make me more inclined to order live plants as both experiences have been very positive.
On April 9th, 2011, taufgardner added the following:

Spring has sprung and so has the tree. Blossoms and vigorous growth timed about exactly when the instructions said. i couldn't be happier. I will buy from these guys again.
On July 21st, 2011, taufgardner added the following:

Fruit set in the stated time frame and are developing very well. Got an added bonus: another set of blossoms in the last week or so. Did not expect two crops from this in a year and am extremely happy with this tree's performance. I wish I had a larger greenhouse or atrium, so I could try more of Four Wind's trees.
On January 4th, 2012, taufgardner added the following:

Wow! I ate the mandarins the tree produced the first part of December. Right on time. They were true to type and the best tasting I have ever had. I really do wish I had more room for more Four Winds trees. I am so happy with the experience.
Positive johny5
Paradise, CA
(2 reviews)
October 16, 2011
i bought 1 3n1 asian pear 1 3n1 plout tree at lowes
they looked better better than the other grower displayed
they were about 5ft tall and looked very healthy

UNFORTUNATELY for me a day after i had them planted the Neighborhood dear came by and ravished them i though one was going to die so far they are hanging in there especially after I bought some stakes and netting :)
hope they make it!!!
Positive juku
York Point, NS (Zone 5a)
(7 reviews)
June 27, 2011
This company and its customer service reps (Kerry) are wonderful to deal with. Her responses to my queries were prompt (within 24 hours), courteous, and clear, which made it easy for me to decide what to purchase, and I did.

I bought 2 2-3 year old plants Buddha's Hand Citron and Australian Finger Lime. The plants arrived on time, were so lush green that they look almost fake (:>). I was thrilled.

I really like to buy more from them in the future.

Highly recommended!
Positive GardenEmy
Perkasie, PA
(4 reviews)
May 14, 2011
I ordered a 2-3 year old Meyer Lemon tree and a 2-3 year old Moro Blood Orange from Four Winds. They arrived very well packaged, and very promptly.

What I really appreciated about this seller were the very detailed instructions that accompanied the plants. I'm a bit of a novice, and their instructions helped me avoid some mistakes I would otherwise have made.

If I need to order dwarf citrus again, I'll be ordering from Four Winds!
Positive bwinston
Sand Springs, OK
(1 review)
May 11, 2011
Had a bad experience with another grower and did not recieve my tree. (most of you probably know who I am talking about). (Growquest) I researched Four Winds and found that they were A-1 rated. Ordered on a Thursday, recieved an email on friday telling me my dwarf bearss lime tree would ship on monday and I had it on wednsday. Tree was in perfect condition. If you looking for a dwarf citrus tree don't go anywhere else.
Positive mad_cat
Pittsburg, CA
(3 reviews)
April 14, 2011
I ordered an Australian Finger Lime and got it in a week in a great condition. Definitely I will be ordering from them again when I am ready for my next project on my backyard.
Positive mrs_colla
Marin, CA (Zone 9b)
(29 reviews)
March 10, 2011
Posted on November 26, 2010, updated March 10, 2011
Posted on June 5, 2010, updated November 26, 2010
Posted on November 18, 2009, updated June 5, 2010
Posted on November 14, 2009, updated November 18, 2009
Posted on December 16, 2008, updated November 14, 2009
Nice plants, well packed, better than I had hoped for.
Will order again!
On November 14th, 2009, mrs_colla added the following:

I have received three healthy trees, ready to bloom, so nicely packed. I love this nursery!
On November 18th, 2009, mrs_colla added the following:

I bought 2 variegated citrus 2/3 years old, and 2 sour oranges 1 year old. The little ones are true babies, you can see the little grafts, but they have a very nice set of roots.
I am sure all trees will thrive for me, as have their brothers and sisters!
Thank you Four Winds!!!
On June 5th, 2010, mrs_colla added the following:

Whoever just posted the very negative review, mentioning that most positive reviews must be fake, and that someone needs to tell the truth about this grower, I am taken aback!
I have ordered directly from them, and I have bought their stock at other nurseries. I have been very very pleased, and can show pictures of the happy trees to anyone asking me.
I stand behind this nursery.
On November 26th, 2010, mrs_colla added the following:

I have ordered 2 more trees and they have reached me in pristine conditions.
These trees are consistently the best on the market, they are packed very well.
I am sold for life!
On March 10th, 2011, mrs_colla added the following:

3 more trees are standing firmly in my garden, thanks! They are consistently packed well, with a huge root mass and very healthy too.

I have so many trees from this grower, and I am happy to report that all my trees, ordered over 6 years, are not only living, but thriving.

Thanks, Christie Colla

Positive treece36
New Castle, PA
(2 reviews)
February 12, 2011
We live in Pennsylvania and heard of this company by word of mouth, not just by internet search!!
Excellent condition of trees. Ordered a meyer lemon and kaffir lime.
Appreciate the literature sent with the trees. Wouldn't hesitate to order again from this great company.

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