Burrell Seed Growers LLC (formerly D.V. Burrell Seed)

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P.O. Box 150
Rocky Ford, Colorado 81067 (United States)
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On Jan 29, 2019, theknizzler (2 reviews) from Florissant, CO

Posted on March 3, 2017, updated January 29, 2019 I recently found Burrell Seeds online. My order came so fast, I couldn't believe it. Two days! The packets have more seed than other companies too. I called the owner to thank him for the fast service. He bought the company three years ago and really strives for excellent service. (In my opinion, he achieved it.)

On January 29th, 2019, theknizzler changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: Freeze your seeds upon receiving them to kill the pantry moth, weevil and black beetle larvae.

On Apr 8, 2018, thehappygarden (1 reviews) from Rocky Ford, CO

D.V. Burrell was sold 4 years ago and is now call Burrell Seed Growers, LLC. The new owners are passionate about gardening and farming. They are dedicated to improving customer service, varieties and quality of seed and the speed of order processing. The company is working hard to preserve heirloom seed varieties and the original Delvin Victor Burrell legacy.

On Feb 28, 2015, rosebe (1 reviews) from Iuka, KS

I have about two decades of personal experience with this company as a home gardner, buying most of my garden seed from Burrell's. Before that, my father-in-law who owned his own small hardware business bought all of his wholesale bulk seed from them for almost a half a century. In all of that time, I've never had a negative experience with this company, nor had he. Also, just as a fun anecdote, my daughter-in-law bought loads of sunflower seed from Burrell's for "rice" for her wedding to my son on our small farm. We planted the seed from the leftover packets, and that year's sunflowers were a great reminder of the love shared in that June wedding.

On Jan 6, 2011, saladon (1 reviews) from Tuscaloosa, AL (Zone 8a)

Posted on April 20, 2003, updated January 6, 2011 I have often purchased from burrell. They offer excellent seeds, prices and service. If they carry your selection don't hesitate to order.

On January 6th, 2011, saladon changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: Their prices still appear to be good but any cost for inferior seed is expensive. Last July I ordered 1 oz. each: Cucuzzi gourd, White Ribbed chard and Blue Curled kale. Germination tests gave 0%, 6% and 18% respectively. I kept testing the gourd until exhaustion of the whole ounce with no single plant. All the other 2 were planted and the few kale that emerged didn't survive while the chard produced about enough for a window box. When I asked for replacements, all I got was arguments. Burrell will probably change or go out of business. Either will be good.

On Oct 4, 2010, PamHartt (1 reviews) from La Junta, CO

I have been ordering seeds from this company for several years and every year it continues to decline. Not only are the seeds recycled year after year but 80% of them aren't actually heirloom as they advertise. I found out they are shipped from other companies, the past 2 yrs I have had nothing but weeds take over both my grass and garden. I refuse to buy seeds from this company anymore. There is hardly anyone there or available to assist your needs.

On Jan 20, 2010, jmnave (9 reviews) from Elverta, CA

Great selection of watermelon seed. Very high germination percentage for the seed, and strong healthy plants. Fast service and fair prices including fair shipping prices.

On Feb 25, 2008, MartinC (1 reviews) from Model, CO

Dear Fellow Gardeners & Farmers! I don't know the reason behind the one negative comment. I have lived in rural Southeast Colorado (45 miles south of Rocky Ford) for the past 10 years. Burrell Seed Company has been my major source for seeds and INFORMATION. Yes, there were two brothers running the company ten years ago. Today the service and information available is the same or better, the brother that left was running the office. The brother that's now running the whole company was JUST handing the growing, harvesting and selling previously. This company has only been in business since 1902 or 1905; they must be doing something right! (And, they do have their own farm where they grow many of the seeds they sell.) Please tell me, how many places can you buy seeds (packets up to 1/2 pound) and the shipping is FREE? Yes, I do have a slanted view of Burrell's; and hope they are in business for another 100 YEARS!

On Feb 13, 2007, CarolStevens (1 reviews) from Las Animas, CO

I used to love to go into this place but the last couple of times have had bad experiences. I found out that this place was run by two brothers, one very nice and knowledgeable and the other seemed to not want to help with anything. I no longer go in here because the older one run the younger nice one off. Customer service doesn't seem to be a priority any longer, have problems with the seeds and won't bother correcting their problems. Don't expect anything from this company anymore. They made a big mistake when the younger brother left. Save your money and go somewhere else.

On Feb 4, 2006, Haleh (1 reviews) from New Sharon, IA

My family is in it's fifth generation of melon farming. (myself being number five) And although for 10 years while dad was raising us himself we stopped we always knew that when the melon farm started up again where to get good seed. I have to say that the selection is appropriate they don't give a song and dance routine and they don't offer what doesn't stand the test of time and the measure of judgement. Although the selection is not as wide as some the quality is high and the varieties offered always do well. It doesn't need to be new to be a good variety. I have always had good seed and the prices are very reasonable. Thanks Burrell from Everett Produce.

On May 10, 2003, belindawilks (1 reviews)

I have been ordering from this company for 26 years and have never been disappointed in anything I've recieved from them. They stand behind what they sell and are quick to replace anything that hasn't preformed well. I would suggest ordering from this company at any time. Never have I been so satisfied with a seed company. They grow and raise things acclimated for our area, or any semi-arid area in the country. They produce the best cantaloupes in the country! Bar none! Also some of the best tomato and cucumbers anywhere. The bean seed is most excellent! Been feeding my family and neighbors for years with this companies produce. You couldn't ask for a better place to do business, or a nicer family to do it with.

On Mar 26, 2003, Imhotep (26 reviews) from Meridian, MS

Ordered in the past, was satisfied. no complaints. This is another small company with limited products. They do what they say! No numerical rating, since the time of original order was decades ago.

On Dec 1, 2001, danielhardage (1 reviews)

I have ordered from D.V. Burrell's for 25 years and have had excellent service. They have the best selection of sweet corn and cantaloupes. Their seed is moderately priced and they are generous with their quantities. I heartily recommend them.

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