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On Mar 6, 2014, fufuswaff (1 reviews) from Cape Canaveral, FL

Received the free seeds after 5 business days. The seed packet came with information about Monarchs and how to plant the seeds. Very simple.

On Oct 31, 2013, notascientist (1 reviews) from Bozeman,
United States

I am a botanist & came across this site in search of milkweed seed. This "foundation" at first appears as if it might be an educational non-profit, but is clearly a business. The plants included in the seed mix, esp. Queen Anne's Lace & Bachelor's button, are from Eurasian and can displace the native plants Monarch's and many other native insects, need to support our native birds, etc. Also, the seed mix includes Asclepias curassavica, which is a subtropical annual species. It would not be native or easily propagated anywhere north of TX or FL. The contact page of this site has the same beginning url as the rest: //www.livemonarch.com/contact.htm, so I do not believe it is someone else posing as the seller.

On Mar 31, 2012, Toddott (20 reviews) from Kentwood, MI (Zone 5b)

have no idea how much monarch eggs cost. the site says "$3.00 each. 4-3 or more $0.00 each." so if i buy "4-3 or more" they're free? what is 4-3 anyway? i don' see a way to contact them.

On Apr 3, 2008, sarazen (6 reviews) from Glen Rock, PA (Zone 6b)

I ordered some milkweed cuttings from them, 20 @ $1 each with shipping. I paid via paypal and the cutting arrived within a week with a free packet of seeds and other info on ordering butterflies when they have grown up a bit. The cuttings were healthy, and generally as described on their site, note the fine print on how they count the cuttings. So far, so good.

On Dec 14, 2007, ehongjax (1 reviews) from Jacksonville, FL

I had a lousy expreience with this Orginazation. About 9/07 I sent $20 cash, (suggested donation $2) and asked that I be sent 50-75 Milkweed seeds, and to use the rest to cover free seed for kids. I enclosed the Self Addressed/Stamped envelope as requested. When I had heard nothing from them by mid 11/07 I sent them an e-mail suggesting possible employee theft of cash out of the mail, and again requesting a response at the minimum. As of today, Mid 12/07 I have heard nothing from them from either the 1st letter, or the e-mail. I question the veracity of this "Supposed" non profit agency, and suggest that something illegal, at the minimum has gone on at least once, and management didn't care. I would recommend avoiding this Organization like the plague, and buy any Milkweed elsewhere, from a reputable enterprise.

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