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On Jun 14, 2011, youngj328 (1 reviews) from Flushing, NY

I've been doing bonsai now for about 5 years. I couldn't find Bald Cypress Seedlings locally, so I ordered from Bonsai-Mart.com to supplement some other Bald Cypresses I was planning on converting into a forest in 2 years. I was excited, however...the packaging done by Bonsai-Mart is horrendous. The trees did not have enough space nor enough shipping peanuts nor did it even have a Fragile sticker on the box!! 4 out of the 7 seedlings snapped near their apexes. I ignored it, seeing as Bald Cypress generally recover well. I also bought soil and fertilizer from them because I was running low and did not have time to get ingredients, sanitize and make my own mix...So I prepared to transplant the seedlings into their own pots (for further growth before bonsai-ing) and ALL of the pots' soils molded over after night one, and no the soil did not sit in water, it was watered as I water all my bonsais. Prior to that however, in the seedling pots, there were more insects than I've ever seen from any other bonsai company. Fungus Gnats, Silverfish, and quite a few other bugs, and even a couple of different small beetles. I've emailed the company a few times, so far they have ignored my e-mails and of course I am out of town for a few days (with a neighbor checking moisture levels and watering as needed), so I hope beyond all hope that these trees can hold on until I'm home and make my own soil mixture.

On Feb 15, 2011, MannyGreer (2 reviews) from Miami, FL

Bonsai-Mart.com is a great place to fullfill your bonsai urges. I am no expert but I really am inspired by their website with all the multitudes of offerings. Please check them out. Manny

On Jan 14, 2008, esteve59 (39 reviews) from Annapolis, MD

Good prices ,great selection,I had two orders so far and everything arrived in great condition. Very nice pots !

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