Bob Wines Camellia Gardens, Inc.

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2610 SE 38th St.
Ocala, Florida 34480 (United States)
(352) 629-5766



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On Feb 28, 2015, munc49 (1 reviews) from Ocala, FL

In response to previous comment, they have been here since 1953 and this area was not residential at the time. I love their plants and vegatables I believe in supporting local small businesses. Thanks for being this close to my house.

On Jan 11, 2013, Ringworm (1 reviews) from Ocala, FL

I have lived near Bob Wines for about 10 years. Over the last 2 years they are constantly burning debris during the day and leaving it burn at night. Many of the neighbors including myself are getting sick of it because we can not open our windows or sit outside at times because of the smoke. They are agricultural in the middle of a residential neighborhood. They use to be good neighbors but most of us would now like to see them stop burning.

On Feb 1, 2012, law2627 (1 reviews) from Ocala, FL

I have been shopping at this nursery for a number of years and have always been treated very well and they always go above the call of duty and are so helpful. I would recommend this nursery to anyone. They have 5 1/2 acres of 50+ year old camellias. There plants are much superior to any of the box stores around. They are pretty competative also in price. They carry all plants for the garden not only camellias.

On Sep 28, 2011, donni60 (1 reviews)

Spent a small fortune on landscaping for my yard. Some of these did not survive. Long story short, if you go to Bob Wine's to make a purchase, you get fast service, but if you call there because you have a problem, you are told that you will be called back (and I never was). I went there in person to resolve the issue and I not only got the cold shoulder, the owner treated me with a rudeness that would not have come from a decent businessman. I do NOT recommend Bob Wines for any plants. Since I had the landscaping done, I have seen several other places that I wished that I had gone to in the first place. Just because someone has a large nursery, lots of advertisements, etc. does not mean they are good business people. Very disappointing.

On May 18, 2010, Eastdevon (2 reviews) from Tryon, NC

Excellent experience all around - beautiful camellias and cooperative personnel. They went out of their way to accommodate.

On Apr 5, 2010, smarkham (12 reviews) from Adams Run, SC

I ordered a camellia,on Ebay, that I was very excited about getting. Unfortunately, I never received it. After getting no response to two of my emails, Ebay stepped in and got my money back. The company said it must have got lost in the mail and offered to sell me another one but by that time I had lost confidence in the company.

On Feb 15, 2009, pbk (16 reviews) from Charleston, SC

I just received a very nice large camellia (in bud) from them this week. It was ordered through eBay. It came with a free sasanqua and free shipping! Only compliant though was the over abundance of styrofoam peanuts used in packing.

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