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On Aug 25, 2017, cheryleeclg (1 reviews) from Titusville, FL

I ordered Adenium seeds at $5 each seed that were guaranteed to be fresh. They didnt germinate. I planted many other Adenium seeds with no problems. Clearly, I believe these were NOT fresh, viable seeds. I emailed asking for answers, but they never responded to my emails. Beware!

On Feb 29, 2016, bipels (1 reviews) from Oberanven,

Very strange reaction of Plumeria Paradise. They declined my order twice on the basis of not having included the cost of a phytosanitary certificate where the cost were included in the additon but not shown as such. I asked for an explanation which they did not give! Completely unreliable company. If you buy from them as international customer you drive into a wall. Forget this company; they are not serious.

On May 22, 2014, Trek59 (2 reviews) from Grover Beach, CA

I recently ordered a Wildfire plumeria cutting and I received a grafted sickly 1 foot plant that looked like it was ripped out of the ground and thrown in a box with a page of newspaper. No attempt whatsoever to pack it nicely. For what I paid I am extremely dissapointed with this seller. Also the seeds I ordered looked like they were years old. And in a pack of 5 one of the "seeds" was just a piece of bark.

On Mar 11, 2013, bluebuster77 (26 reviews) from Belmont, CA

Posted on July 12, 2012, updated March 11, 2013 Initially my rating for this nursery was negative but good plant cutting change my rating. I ordered two cuttings one from international stock and other from domestic (this option still confused me and mentioned that domestic buyers still ok to order from international stock...not make sense). Anyway I ordered two cutting plus paid shipping for two cutting. Hoping that either cuttings are in stock or not, I willing to wait for both varieties in one shipment. A day after I placed my order, I received shipping notice for one cutting and also followed by immediate refund for one cutting, and message says "this cutting will be available in few weeks". God! are you first time in this business? Which is absolutely fine if product is out of stock. Now that cutting is available in stock. Do you think I order again and paid another shipping? No, this is first and last doing business with this nursery. I understand the tricky business technique but this doesn't work for long term.

On March 11th, 2013, bluebuster77 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following: My cutting from plumeria paradise never produce leaves or flower. Now starts showing soft and blacken on stem while cuttings I purchase from Thailand are rooted and leaves out. No idea, under same condition and potting soil. Thanks GOD, I only purchase one cutting.

On Oct 8, 2012, tomcobb (1 reviews)

I ordered 3 plumerias from this company May 2011. Total cost $156.00. 1) White lavender splash produced a very common white flower with a little pink on the edge of the petals. 2) Black/purple produced a reddish flower with a yellow center. The 3rd plant has a flower stalk, which may or may not bloom this year, but I'm not optimistic it will be the orange splash I'm hoping for. I tried e-mails and multiple phone calls with no responses. Plumeria paradise products are not true to name as "guaranteed" There products are nothing more than a "bait and switch" at a costly price. Buyer should definitely beware!!

On Nov 16, 2010, Amandcr (6 reviews) from Mustang, OK

Posted on November 14, 2010, updated November 16, 2010 Posted on May 11, 2010, updated November 14, 2010 I ordered Adenium seeds on the 8th and received them on the 10th. I've already planted them and I'll update with my results!

On November 14th, 2010, Amandcr changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: None of the seeds i ordered survived so i e-mailed the owner looking for advice. He did not have much to offer but said i should try buying seedlings which he would start selling soon. I spent over $50 to buy two of them and they both died! I treated them just as i do my more than 20 plumerias and they both rotted! I never even watered one of them! I tried to save it but was unsuccessful. It was within days of receiving them i noticed they were soft on one side. I e-mailed the owner again who never responded. All I ended up getting from them was a whole lot of nothing for all the money i spent. No offers to replace as i have had from other more reputable companies. It's just sad!
On November 16th, 2010, Amandcr changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: The company has contacted me and stated that they will work with me to make me happy. The seeds are viable but none of mine survived which may have been due to lack of experience

On Jun 21, 2010, SDCA (20 reviews) from San Diego, CA

Posted on April 5, 2010, updated June 21, 2010 I ordered some seeds and a cutting from this company. Everything arrived in record time looking great. Lots of imported material from Thailand with a huge selection of flowers and seeds to choose from. I'll be back someday.

On June 21st, 2010, SDCA added the following: UPDATE: Great germination on the seeds I ordered and my cutting, though a bit skinny and green, appears to have rooted.

On Mar 7, 2010, sherilyn_lee (1 reviews) from San Francisco, CA

Received adenium seeds a week after I placed my order. Very prompt. Received one e-mail immediately after I submitted my order to let me know iorder was processed. Then received another e-mail informing me that the order was completed (sent) .I received my seeds two days later. Love the little picture of what I ordered packaged with each type of seed I ordered! (A picture is worth a thousand words-if I didn't have the pictures, I probably would have to look up on the Internet what variety the name refered to.) Also received two bonus mystery seeds and two dollars off (two dollars off any order over 10 for March 2010)! Never tried growing desert rose before so am hoping for the best. Huge selection of adenium and plumeria seeds.

On Mar 4, 2008, lowcalgirlie (1 reviews) from Alpine, CA (Zone 9b)

I've purchased seeds and received a cutting over the past couple years. Plumeria Paradise offers speedy mailing, excellent advice for seed preparation, and potting. And what variety!

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