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On Jun 19, 2008, melnel (1 reviews) from Atlanta, GA

I purchased 2 Model 7511i - Birds' Buffet Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders from Wild Birds Unlimited here in Atlanta approximately 6 months ago. I previously owned 2 absolute bird feeders prior to this purchase for 10 years before moving and never had any trouble. Within a month of my above purchase the side springs locked into place which means no bird could use the feeder. I have rigged and rerigged them several times, presently all four side springs are not operational and I would like to replace all 4 of them. when you go to the Heritage Farms web site it shows that replacing these is free. Nevertheless, the owner of the store and I have called several times over the last 2 weeks--no response. I tried emailing: [email protected]@mindspring.com which is what the voice mail prompts you to do but the email bounced back as if it doesn't exist. I have a feeling this company is out of business, if so I'll give up and move on to another product. If not, I'm thinking their "customer service" is an oxymoron! Hope you can help.

On Apr 1, 2008, KyWoods (4 reviews) from Bellevue, KY (Zone 6a)

We have one of their metal birdfeeders, and it's been the best, toughest one we ever had (fell off the deck once, had a tiny dent). The perches were gradually whittled loose by the critters over the years, though, so I went to their website, and lo and behold, they sell replacement perches! I ordered a pair last Wednesday, and they arrived today (Monday) already--wow! Thanks, Heritage Farms, and the woodland critters of northern KY thank you, too.

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