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On Jan 3, 2020, dlefferts (27 reviews) from Agawam, MA (Zone 6a)

Posted on July 5, 2019, updated January 3, 2020 I ordered 3 Peonies from them last fall for a total $92.97. All three peonies failed to grow. I wrote them 3 times to reach an agreement to settle this problem. I offered to send the plants back to them to provide proof that the plants did not grow. The owners never got back to me to acknowledge this problem. I gave them all the information to enable them to reply to me. I would have been happy if they had just agreed to send me another plant (1) or offered a partial credit for my loss.

On January 3rd, 2020, dlefferts changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: The owner, Harvey, called today and discussed my problem. The company never got my emails and was sorry for the problem that I had. The owner was very nice and solved my issue. I found that the owner was very nice and wants nothing but, happy customers. I never phoned the owner I only sent emails (for this I apologize to him). I would highly recommend this company and please remember maybe you should call directly and give the company a heads up on your problem (not only rely on emails.)

On Oct 27, 2018, venu209 (10 reviews) from Jersey Shore, NJ (Zone 7a)

I recently discovered this nursery and placed an order. I love the itoh peonies and they had them, and at a great price. They have plenty of information on their website and the ordering process was easy. My delivery arrived as expected and well packaged. But it was the size of the peonies that really impressed me. BIG! Thank you Hidden Springs

On Oct 10, 2016, iceman49 (12 reviews) from Saint Paul, MN

Posted on June 18, 2016, updated October 10, 2016 Recently took a trip to the Hidden Springs Flower Farm which has now changed their location to Spring Grove, MN. Great trip to the farm through Bluff Country. Coming up on the farm is a real visual treat, acres of blooming peonies. We were met at the entrance by Bridgett who runs the nursery with her husband Harvey. They gave us a brief rundown of the nursery, and I was able to talk with Harvey for several minutes on the various Peony's and the rest of the green house. Harvey and his wife are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Bought 2 Peonies and some amaryllis. Healthy plants with great root systems. Any questions and virtually any Peony's can be handled by this nursery. Highly recommend Hidden Springs Flower Farm

On October 10th, 2016, iceman49 added the following: Recently received a peony that I had ordered form the Hidden Springs Flower Farm, the bare root came exactly when they had said it would. Very well packed, the bare root had 7=8 eyes and the size of a volleyball. I will definitely order from them again.

On Dec 18, 2014, reeve1 (57 reviews) from Plano, TX (Zone 8b)

Posted on December 18, 2014, updated December 18, 2014 This may very well be the best company represented on Dave's Garden. I just can't say enough good things about them and how they do business. Not only do they have a huge selection and every rhizome, root or fan is big, healthy and perfect, but they have a resident expert horticulturist in Harvey, who happens to also be the owner. Harvey is one the foremost experts on Peonies and knows details about them that you won't find on the internet. He even gives talks on them, for a fee of course. It's a pleasure every time to talk to them. I even found what is appearing to me to be an extremely rare Paeonia tenuifolia rubra flora plena, and have been looking for one for at least 5 years. Harvey talked about it as though it was just another peony and had loads of information about it. I didn't know they were called Red Piney? This is the reason I garden, for the pleasure of providing the perfect environment for a plant and to be rewarded with it's flower, to learn from mistakes, to share abundance with others and to meet people like Harvey and Brigitte Buchite. It's a pleasure to have talked with them and to be a customer, and you walk away better from the experience.

On December 18th, 2014, reeve1 added the following: Wanted to be clear that the rare Peony I mentioned previously was found at Hidden Springs, and for an extremely good price! It's listed as Paeonia tenuifolia flore plena Double Fern Leaf Peony (ancient species 1836). I suspect these people and their springs won't be "hidden" much longer ;-) God bless you Harvey and Brigitte! Thanks for sharing what you do and you know with everyone!

On May 23, 2014, yehudith (6 reviews) from silver spring, MD (Zone 7a)

I just came in from inspecting my new peony from Hidden Springs Flower Farm. I have to admit I've already placed my second order. I'm into heirloom gardening and am trying to build a garden based in the pre-1900's. Hidden Springs habit of dating every plant from its introduction is extremely helpful. Everything came when it was supposed to and in great condition. My peony bloomed its first year. I'll use this nursery time and time again Yehudith

On Oct 7, 2011, RosemaryK (6 reviews) from Lexington, MA (Zone 6a)

Very willing to communicate their expertise about the history and culture of different peonies to help with selections. The roots are as large and healthy as you can get. I am also thrilled with their selection of peony plant cultivars because they clearly love Saunders peonies, and their offerings range from heritage to modern , and some less available cultivars.

On Oct 17, 2009, kathyfc (2 reviews) from Saint Paul, MN

I received my peonies with plenty of time to plant, beautifully packed and healthy looking. My only suggestion would be to add planting instructions like Old House Gardens does.

On Sep 7, 2009, juanwillis (28 reviews) from Winchester, MA (Zone 6a)

I ordered a hard-to-find peony from Hidden Springs Flower Farm; I received a good-sized root at the end of September, which bloomed and produced a healthy, true-to-name plant the following spring. A positive experience!

On May 1, 2009, purepearls (1 reviews) from Glencoe, IL

The customer service Mr. Harvey Buchite provides is excellent and unique. I just read that he is the American Peony Society President. I didn't even know! He tailors his website to what customers are looking for.I recommend Chicago gardeners to order from him since his climate is similar to ours. He has a huge selection of award winning and hard to find peonies. He offers special discount prices if you order from him early. He promptly responds to emails and phone calls the same or following day. He provides a grower's perspective: truthful and detailed information about the realities of each peony. Without me asking, he warned about the risks in growing a certain hybrid I wanted and even warned about its short vase life. Then he advised me on how to handle those risks. He offers special peony collections at a discount price based on what customers like. True Red collection, Antique and Historic collection, Cut Flower (lasts long in the vase) collection etc. These special collections he created reflect the detailed knoweldge he knows about each peony. I recommend reading his collection lists and entire website first before communicating with him. As a novice gardener, I've learned there are realities to peonies customers should think about before purchasing. Afterall, we have limited space in our gardens and there are so many things to choose from! There are peonies that should be kept away from sprinklers, those that last longer in a vase than others, those that are better for landscpaing (won't flop over and have good shape), those that produce more flowers, those that have a more symmetrical flower form etc. Think about the specific purpose or goal you have for your peony before ordering. This makes it easier for growers who really want to satisfy us and who work hard to promote the peony which they love. As a message to all peony companies though, I would encourage you to post photographs of what an entire mature peony plant would look like in bloom. It would help customers make better decisions, especially being that we have limited and oddly shaped gardening spaces that can only accomodate a certain plant size and shape. (this website helps me: //www.mikejones.us/jtpeonies.htm). Also posting large pictures of an individual peony flower in full bloom from your own field helps. I've seen the same red peony look purple and even blue through google searches.

On May 1st, 2009, purepearls added the following: The American Peony Society is awarding plants for landscape merit. Look for the award winners. Also Hollingsworth peonies tries to identify certain peonies as "Best Landscapers": //www.hollingsworthpeonies.com/BestLandscapers/BestLandscapers.htm The best thing though is to visit the farms or see the real life plant growing in someone's yard. I wish peony companies could let people post pictures of their entire plants on company websites so customers can know the reality of the plant. https://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/showimage/226847/

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