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On Jun 8, 2021, dave12122 (82 reviews) from East Haddam, CT

A stellar experience from start to finish. The website is a wonder in itself, a veritable encyclopedia of Clematis that is something Hummingbird Farm can be justly proud of. Ordering couldn't be easier, and many plants were still in stock, which is pretty impressive for late May. My sole desired plant, the Chloe bush clematis had a mass of roots that would put a bittersweet to shame! It was sent in a sturdy box, and secured so that it could not move or fall out of the cardboard structure keeping it in place. I have never seen a clematis as healthy as this. It transferred to my garden with nary a leaf out of place. I'll be sure to use Hummingbird Farm for all my future clematis needs. A WONDERFUL COMPANY WHICH ABSOLUTELY DESERVES ITS HIGH RATING FROM DAVE'S GARDEN!!!

On Jun 5, 2021, XRay_Specs (1 reviews) from Minneapolis, MN

I've ordered multiple clematis from Hummingbird Farms. All have arrived promptly and have looked very healthy. I planted a few in containers which can be tricky in MN. A couple didn't make it and when I contacted Hummingbird replacements were quickly sent along with tips given to help survival in tricky growing conditions.

On Jun 1, 2021, LisaMaine (1 reviews) from West Newfield, ME

Very healthy clematis. Fantastic packaging!

On May 25, 2021, CatieMac (1 reviews) from Rothschild, WI

I recently moved from a planting zone 7-8 to zone 3-4. I'm so glad I found Hummingbird Farms to help me with the right clematis for my new garden! I chose two which arrived much quicker than I expected (yay!), and were very healthy. I immediately planted them and now, a week later, have nice new growth on the trailers. The company is also very responsive to emails and I appreciate their dedication to keeping their customers happy--i.e., provide beautiful plants and any support necessary. Well done. Looking forward to many years of beautiful clematis.

On May 21, 2021, rrebello (1 reviews) from Harwich, MA

I ordered two HF Young to complete a fence full of the HF Young. I was more than happy with the quality of the plants. Ordering was easy.

On May 11, 2021, onefunrn (1 reviews) from Reisterstown, MD

My sister sent me 3 clematis (sweet summer love, fuchsia flash and Edda) for the loss of my sweet dog. I am not a natural gardener, but love to test my hand at it. I received them well packaged and in great condition! Cindy has been OVER THE TOP AMAZING AND HELPFUL! I got my first one in the ground and am so grateful for her help! She spent a lot of time on the phone with me before I started the process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thank you

On Apr 21, 2021, JeanneTX (5 reviews) from Willis, TX (Zone 8b)

OMG !! Talk about fabulous I just got my three Clematis from https://www.hummingbirdfarm.net/ in St. Turner Me owned by Cindy Tibbetts. She sends them out of their pot wrapped in paper and Humongous roots yall.they are 2 year old plant ready to plant right into your garden now!!

On Apr 1, 2021, Jake246 (1 reviews) from Iowa City, IA

I live in zone 5 and have about 30 different clematis. The plants I have received from this company have been of fair size and very healthy. What I absolute love about Hummingbird Farms is the amount of quality information they give. Examples are: types of clematis/pruning/ what plants grow best in certain areas/ how long particular clematis bloom/ what plants do well in partial shade/sun and much more. This is my go to site for information on clematis and their clematis always grow nicely in my 5b zone.

On Sep 22, 2020, gdionelli (31 reviews) from Huntington, WV (Zone 6a)

Great communication. Plants arrived in wonderful condition, despite the postal service bashing the box up so much that the mailman recorded it as "damaged" upon arrival, just in case I needed to make a claim. The planting directions were excellent, and I think the clematis have an excellent chance of surviving, despite my so-so track record with clematis. Looking forward to next summer!

On Sep 5, 2020, genghiskuhn (4 reviews) from Binghamton, NY

Clear communication, A+ packaging and instructions, and plants arrived very healthy. Really substantial clematises! Got them in the ground and can't wait to see how they do next spring.

On Jul 23, 2020, Equestrian22 (1 reviews) from Utica, MI

As an avid gardener and a person that has spend 21 years working in a retail garden center, I know exactly what I am looking for and what qualifies as an exceptional plant. I made a point not to comment or rate hummingbird Farm until I seen how the vine performed after a period of time once it was in the ground. I have never ordered a clematis from an online source so I was very cautious.... I am glad I picked Hummingbird farm! The plant came in slightly small ( very well packaged with instructions.) which is what I was expecting for shipping purposes, but I noticed the first segment of the vine had been what appeared to be pinched back several times and had formed a nice, relatively thicker segment. The two vines sat for a couple of weeks then exploded with new growth! Three to four new shoots started climbing the trellis and one has already set a bud! Would DEFINITELY recommend to others and I know I will be ordering again from them.

On Jul 19, 2020, thesouthnc (1 reviews) from Wilmington, NC

My wife and i are very happy with Hummingbird Farm. The company has been very helpful and courteous with the entire purchase process. Plants arrived in great condition and are doing great. We will continue to do business with these nice folks and recommend them to anyone interested in growing these wonderful plants. Travis & Susan

On Jul 14, 2020, scriswell (1 reviews) from Goodland, KS

The Best Clematis Plants i have ever ordered! I could not believe the roots! planted the morning after I received, it ended up being 100 deg, couldn't believe they didn't even act like they new they had been transplanted. I did follow the planting directions, all seems to be going well! I will defiantly be ordering from Hummingbird Farm again & would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality Clematis!!!

On Jun 26, 2020, PlezGro (1 reviews) from Minneapolis, MN

I received a beautifully packaged plant with the most thorough instructions for planting it with success. It is thriving in its new home. They clearly care about their plants and customers!!

On Jun 19, 2020, ske18 (2 reviews) from Wenham, MA

Posted on May 7, 2019, updated June 19, 2020 Posted on October 21, 2018, updated May 7, 2019 Hummingbird Farm is a pleasure to work with. Their clematis plants are consistently healthy and strong on arrival and grow beautifully. The information on their website is informative and fun to read. Because Hummingbird Farm's approach is experience-based, rather than just marketing-based, you feel as if you are learning about Clematis as well as shopping for Clematis. Best of all, Cindy Tibbetts is incredibly patient and generous with her time and knowledge. Since Clematis plants are a long-term investment for most gardeners, it's reassuring to work with a company that honors your commitment with their own commitment to your success. Thank you !

On May 7th, 2019, ske18 added the following: Hummingbird Farm Spring 2019. Once again, they've exceeded expectations. Just when I was losing my mind over voles, I received an article about voles from Hummingbird Farm with hints and encouragement. This year's order, as in previous years, arrived in great condition and beautifully packed. Thank you !
On June 19th, 2020, ske18 added the following: Hummingbird Farm 2020 exceeded my expectations - again! In this difficult time for all, my clematis order arrived on time, in perfect condition and ready to grow. Cindy even had time to respond to a question or two with her usual blend of knowledge, grace and humor. The quality of Hummingbird Farm's plants, advice and website is evident every time I look at my Clematis that have all thrived despite my steep learning curve. Thank you Hummingbird Farm!

On Jun 13, 2020, Bourret (15 reviews) from West Newfield, ME

Received within three days of my order. Very healthy, beautiful roots and beautiful foliage. Thank you so very much for introducing me to the Clematis World!

On May 31, 2020, Jcarlqui (1 reviews) from Springville, UT

I've had a hard time getting Clematis established in the past, but Cindy provided excellent directions, a beautiful healthy plant, and was quick to respond when I emailed with questions. I will definitely be ordering from Hummingbird Farms again.

On May 25, 2020, sandhillsNE (1 reviews) from Sutherland, NE

My first experience mail ordering plants. Very pleased with the clematis that I received. Very healthy with nice roots. They were shipped on the 18th and arrived on the 21st in tip top shape. Cindy was very helpful in accommodating a change I wanted to make after placing my order. Good planting instructions included. Thank you Hummingbird Farm.

On May 15, 2020, bozemangardener (1 reviews) from Bozeman, MT

I ordered 4 clematis on May 5, received them quickly even in these troubled times, and am delighted with this company's service in every way. Their web site is easy to use and informative. The plants arrived in excellent health and were packed in paper bags rather than plastic pots. I hadn't seen this eco-friendly method of shipping for non-woody plants before. I contacted Cindy Tibbetts with a query about future plant availability and received a speedy and charming response.

On Jun 10, 2019, Dotindyea13 (3 reviews) from Skagway, AK

Hummingbird farms sent well-wrapped clematis’s,still moist and great root systems. Will be ordering from them again!

On Jun 7, 2019, Dbtpgh (1 reviews) from Pittsburgh,
United States

The plants arrived quickly and in great condition. They look very healthy and are growing well. Happy with the purchase. Would highly recommend!

On May 28, 2019, dem2rd (4 reviews) from Naugatuck, CT (Zone 5a)

Received two clematis from Hummingbird Farms this week. Awesome plants. Large roots systems, great packaging (maybe thy should try a little less tape!) beautiful foliage. Hands down in the running for the best plants I have gotten by mail this year.

On May 27, 2019, contraire (3 reviews) from Greenbush, MN

Posted on June 13, 2018, updated May 27, 2019 Extremely pleased with the plants and service. She couldn't have been nicer and the plants arrived from halfway across the country in beautiful condition. Big, beautiful plants and helpful advice, I am very happy with this company.

On May 27th, 2019, contraire added the following: Wonderful company, ordered two more plants this year and they arrived in amazing condition. Large plants with lots of vigor. The four from last year made it through a brutal winter here. We are zone 3a and after many months of cold, down to -40, the plants couldn't wait to come up this spring. Can't say enough about this company.

On May 21, 2019, cgd (1 reviews) from Morrisville, PA

This company cannot be improved upon and with high quality perfect careful packaging. Plants arrived still moist with masses of vigorous healthy growth. and spectacular long roots. The planting information included could not be clearer. If only other mail order nurseries could be half as conscientious. Couldn't be happier.

On May 19, 2019, 2017ginger (2 reviews) from Shaftsbury, VT

Hummingbird Farm has a very informative and easy website to order from. With a wide variety of Clematis, they are all categorized, making it easy to know which plant is suitable for you and your region. I was very pleased to receive my package hassel free within two days, (nothing like 'White Flower Farm' and 'The Tree Center' weeks...). My two Clematis were well packed and healthy. They also came with planting instructions. I plan to purchase from here in the future. Christine

On May 10, 2019, Jaredc (6 reviews) from Portsmouth, NH

Posted on May 12, 2018, updated May 10, 2019 I recently ordered four types of clematis from hummingbird farm, i was very impressed with the variety of clematis there are to choose from. Cindy was very helpful when it came to answering all of my questions ( and there were several). My plants came quickly at the appropriate time and are very healthy, im very pleased and looking forward to see how they grow in my garden.

On May 10th, 2019, Jaredc added the following: Hummingbird farm has done it again i just received two more clematis that i ordered for this spring and they are both in excellent condition as well as the ones i picked up at the garden show in Portland Maine this year. You cant go wrong with this company.

On May 9, 2019, MMcapecod (1 reviews) from Marstons Mills, MA

Very Pleased! Just ordered 1 Clematis plant - Victoria . It arrived in great shape and is doing very nicely in my garden now.

On May 9, 2019, PlantTillPlantd (10 reviews) from Mount Pleasant, PA

I ordered a total of 27 clematis from 4 mail order companies this spring and my favorite company was this one! I only ordered 5 plants from them, but when I opened the boxes, I wished I had ordered more! Next spring I'm going buck wild when it's time to order from them again! Thanks for the awesome plants!

On May 8, 2019, windflower47 (1 reviews) from Gilberts, IL

For several years I have searched for clematis heracleifolia, finally found it offered at Hummingbird Farm. The price was reasonable so I ordered two. The plants arrived promptly and are among the best-packaged plants I have ever received. There was no damage at all, and they look very healthy. Thank you. Now I wish I had space for more clematis!

On May 6, 2019, floria (26 reviews) from Athens, GA (Zone 8a)

First time ordering, 6 plants. Very pleasant experience. The plants looked great upon arrival and have grown sturdily ever since. One plant's stem was broken in transit (Candida). Cindy insisted that I let her know about its progress or lack thereof. I followed Cindy's advice and the plant has not missed a beat. It has already pushed 3 stems from the ground and is growing on a par with the others. I am looking forward to ordering more from Hummingbird Farm.

On Jul 13, 2018, smewr (2 reviews) from Bethlehem, PA

Just received two "Rebecca" clematis from Hummingbird Farm. Well packed, nice size plants, with lots of healthy roots. Excellent instructions included, and their website is great also, and Cindy is a crack-up. (that's good) : )

On Jul 1, 2018, GraniteGardener (1 reviews) from Gorham, NH

The website was well organized, easy to navigate and full of very helpful information on all of the many different varieties of clematis they grow. My order came beautifully/safely packaged (w/ paper not plastic peanuts - thank you) and the clematis was in perfect shape - healthy roots, in good soil w/ health, multi-stemmed vine. Following Cindy's great planting instructions - I'm sure this clematis will thrive. I'll definitely be recommending Hummingbird Farm to anyone looking for a healthy, well grown clematis. Thank you Cindy.

On Jun 28, 2018, rachelrapunzel (3 reviews) from Rugby, ND

I was so pleased with everything about ordering from Hummingbird Farm! I purchased 4 clematis from them. 'Madame Edouard Andre', 'Ernest Markham', 'Madame Baron-Veillard' and 'Jackmanii Rubra'. I was extremely happy with the plants they shipped me. Packaged well. Full planting / care instructions included. I had a feeling when I opened everything up that I can only describe as I had been sent some very special plants from an old friend. I was over the moon about the root systems! Healthy strong roots but not a single strand was root-bound. They were perfect! I even loved the soil they came in. I also liked how the plant markers were taped securely. No chance of them getting jumbled in shipping. All around great experience.

On Jun 12, 2018, JB99 (1 reviews) from Glen Head, NY

I bought clematis a couple of times. They always arrived nicely packed and the plants were always big, very healthy looking and beautiful! I really don't want to buy clematis from anywhere else any more. It's also easy to contact them, I always get a prompt response. Wonderful experiences!

On May 15, 2018, evansb (4 reviews) from Buffalo, NY

Posted on September 10, 2014, updated May 15, 2018 Sent quality plants: healthy and carefully packed along with fast shipping. Will order again from them.

On May 15th, 2018, evansb added the following: Always ready with personal help, advice and support. Every plant ordered from them over a number of years has grown healthily and happily.

On May 14, 2018, enchantedrose (3 reviews) from Charlton, MA

I ordered two Clematis Perle D'Azur. They were healthy, large and well packaged. Communication is great and Cindy always answers any questions in a timely manner.

On May 11, 2018, Dinah1 (3 reviews) from Owensboro, KY

I received my first clematis order from Hummingbird Farm today and the plants were gorgeous. Carefully packed, still moist and a very generous size with healthy root systems. I will definitely order from them again. Prompt shipping too!

On May 2, 2018, sjamy (4 reviews) from Wamego, KS

I've ordered my clematis for years from this nursery. The plants always come well packed, they are healthy and do well in the garden. Hummingbird Farm is my "go to" for clematis. You won't go wrong with this nursery.

On Apr 30, 2018, Heron25 (2 reviews) from Princeton, NJ

Ordered 4 clematis. Communication was excellent, packages were shipped when promised and plants were in GREAT shape once they arrived. In the ground, watered and already growing. Will order from again.

On Oct 5, 2017, cab223 (1 reviews) from Bay Village, OH

The clematis that I wanted was "sold out", but there is a "TOP SECRET" message on the website that there might be a couple left. I called and spoke with Cindy (the owner), who had 2 available! I ordered both, and they arrived promptly, very well packaged, and with instructions for planting. Both are thriving. The service was exceptional, the plants healthy, and this customer is thrilled!

On Sep 17, 2017, maperist (1 reviews) from Tracys Landing, MD

I ordered 2 Clematis and they arrived very quickly. These were the best looking plants I have ever purchased. There are 2 local nurseries who are also growers. Their plants are not as good as these. The packaging was superb and the plants were quite healthy. I was especially impressed with the root balls. They seemed quite natural - not highly compacted like most plants from nurseries. The instructions were very clear. One very tiny complaint - the plant tag for one of them was brittle and broke. The other was fine.

On Jul 13, 2017, MacMatt (2 reviews) from Mattituck,
United States

The 6 plants arrived very quickly in excellent condition. They look healthy, with nice green leaves and a large root system. They are barely wilted! The packaging is great. Plastic wrapped root with soil, a 'tent' of cardboard protecting the tops. I ordered 4 plants from another company two years ago that were smaller, bare root with no soil and arrived 'dormant', looking barely alive. Granted, I got them in the fall. It took 2 years for them to get going. The difference between the plants from these two companies is huge. I would definitely order from Hummingbird Farm again if looking for clematis. The variety of plants available from Hummingbird is excellent. I was looking for 'Group 3', the later blooming plants that are 'hard prune.' Lots to choose from, even at this late date.

On Jun 26, 2017, Donna71 (3 reviews) from Pittstown, NJ

My 3 clematis came quickly, well packaged and having very healthy green stems and leaves. The most impressive was the beautiful root system that each plant had. Thank you so much. Donna

On May 29, 2017, Contutti (5 reviews) from York, ME

Cindy's web site is a delight- full of useful clematis care information and helpful descriptions of all the clematis she grows. I ordered and received in excellent condition this spring two clematis. They both have settled well in my garden. My friend and I live close enough to visit Cindy's greenhouses in Turner, Maine and had a delightful time. Not only did we choose some clematis, but also found some hard to find and never seen by us her well grown " Vancouver Centennial" stellar geraniums( among others), lovely "blue Angel" salvia, unusual sedums ( one blue- grey one that looks like a bridal bouquet with it's tiny florets suspended on stems above the plant). All that I brought home were well rooted but not in the least over rooted.Cindy and her 2 dogs and 2 cats were very welcoming. This was such a fun place to visit- but be sure to check her hours before going.

On May 5, 2017, jeff_lange (1 reviews) from East Setauket, NY

Communication with Hummingbird Farm was excellent. I received email letting me know when the plants would arrive and with tracking numbers. The plants arrived on time, and in excellent condition. The root balls on the plants were of good size, top growth showed no sign of damage or disease. I purchased 5 Clematis from Hummingbird Farm and highly recommend them.

On May 4, 2017, Lineybear (1 reviews) from Hanover, PA

I ordered two clematis which arrived on the day they were supposed to arrive. The plants are healthy with an extensive root system. I followed the very precise planting directions which are online and also packaged with the plants. Now, I will anxiously watch and wait. This was a great online ordering experience!

On Sep 22, 2016, Palmela (1 reviews) from Hampden, ME

I received my clematis order today. The plants were in beautiful condition. I already have three thriving clematis that I have bought from Hummingbird Farm in previous years. Their handling of orders is outstanding and their web site is extremely helpful.

On May 7, 2016, JenVT (1 reviews) from Saxtons River, VT

Before I placed my order, Cindy answered questions promptly and helpfully. She was accommodating about rescheduling my shipment because of some travel plans, and she shipped them to arrive exactly when I needed them. I ordered three French sorrel plants, and they arrived carefully packaged and looking quite happy and perky. They were nice-sized plants with plenty of shoots and should do very well in the garden. I would definitely order from Hummingbird Farm again.

On May 7, 2016, bottlegreen (7 reviews) from Saint Paul, MN

Posted on May 6, 2016, updated May 7, 2016 Last fall, I ordered 2 'Arabella' clematis (since I could get two sent for the same rather high shipping price). I was assured that early September wasn't too late to plant. They did arrive well packed, but only one of them survived the winter, although they were planted in the same general area and I followed directions to a T. That one has come back nicely, but what with ordering two and paying for shipping, it's an almost $50 plant! Disappointing.

On May 7th, 2016, bottlegreen changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: Clearly I should have expressed my disappointment directly to Hummingbird Farm before leaving a review. The morning after it was published, I received a very nice email offering a replacement or a refund, so I've learned a lesson and it looks as tho I'll have a pair of lovely Arabellas after all. Thank you, H. F.
Company representative comment on May 7, 2016:
On May 7, 2016 5:59 AM, Hummingbird Farm responded with:

Wow! This is the first I've heard of this plant loss and I'm ever so sorry bottlegreen is unhappy. I'm really disappointed bottlegreen didn't feel comfortable contacting me about this issue directly. Customer satisfaction is very, very important to me and I do my best to fix problems quickly!

I have contacted the customer by email and D-message and have offered either a replacement plant or a refund and hope to resolve this problem soon.

Cindy Tibbetts
Hummingbird Farm

On May 6, 2016, GardenRanger (5 reviews) from Lynchburg, VA

Ordered and received 3 well packaged plants from this vendor. Great variety, one plant I've been searching for over the past two years. Plants are a healthy, well grown size. No damage in transit. Cindy was most accommodating in that I needed them quickly following my order. An unexpected business trip arose. I was able to plant before an involved two weeks away. Appreciate a vendor who is responsive. We shall be ordering from her again. Her horticultural advice is on point regarding best practice with clematis. Solid experience with this vendor.

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