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On Jun 13, 2013, DGRich53 (10 reviews) from Janeville, WI

Posted on April 25, 2013, updated June 13, 2013 Posted on April 12, 2013, updated April 25, 2013 An order that is way overdue and, with their CS in Manila and "no contact" with the "warehouse" , no way to even find out what is going on. They do manage to take your money with no problem whatsoever..

On April 25th, 2013, DGRich53 added the following: My only remaining "spring order" is still outstanding so I asked them why. Here is what I got back: "Thank you for your recent email regarding order # 59033771. Due to horticulture guidelines we are unable to ship these items until the best planting time for your specific zone area, which is April 29, 2013." One of the items is a rose bush which, of course, has to be in the ground in cool weather erst it wilt and die come summer heat. This is what you get when people half way around the world are making your gardening decisions. NEVER AGAIN
On June 13th, 2013, DGRich53 added the following: it finally arrived - these people are a joke but the joke is on US!

On Mar 29, 2012, monniemon (10 reviews) from Lansdale, PA

My friend and i ordered roses, we made our order together to save on shipping cost. we both ordered Sweet Chariot Roses, one for her and two for me. When the shipment arrived two of the three were dead, i mean really dead, no biggey, it happens, especially since these roses were newly propagated.She also ordered two ground cover roses in good condition. My friend called and was told they would not replace the roses until they were planted and in the ground for three weeks,because they were shipped dormant and this was their policy .well, i have a problem with that! Are we so dumb that we donot know the difference between a dead and dormant plant when we see it!!!!! ???..The ground cover roses where dormant,two of the sweet chariots were dead! Iam the owner of 130 roses many of which came to me newly propagated, and some where even dormant,so i know what iam dealing with.. I have never encounterd a nursery that tells you to wait three weeks for a dead plant to be reincarnated!!! When she told me that i was floored, i understand roses get stress when in transition and they spring back when planted and cared for, or when dormant they wake up, but there is nothing there to plant, the canes has whithered and died and is released from its roots, the plants were only approx 1-2inches high anyway and they died in transit, no matter how hard you try, you cannot bring sticks back!!. its funny because the other sweet chariot was dormant,not dead dormant,if thats the case all of them should look the same!!. So this will be the last time we order from this company,dont get me wrong, i understand policy and i ALWAYS give the growers the benefit of the doubt, but there is also exceptions to the rule, i feel as though the company should be saying to the customer, if there are no signs of life we will send out replacement asap! That is the way a good company keeps their customers coming back for more, in this case we wont be! i will keep you updated.

On Mar 27, 2009, lilygrandma (15 reviews) from Ellijay, GA

Kudos to this company for excellent service! Received in 4 days, regular service. Looking forward to trying the product!

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