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On Jun 2, 2019, chivelu (5 reviews) from Mohawk, NY

Ordered two packs of pink oriental poppy seeds by mail. After several weeks I emailed the vendor to ask when my order would ship and received a reply that there was no record of my order. When I emailed them back that my check had cleared the bank, I was told that my order had been "lost" but they were now sending it out. I planted the seeds in april in a raised bed with bagged soil. When the seeds still had not germinated by end of may, i emailed several inquiries regarding viability, seed dormancy, and possible replacements. No response to date. Seed is cheap and inexpensive to ship. There is no reason this vendor should charge that much for product and NOT support the gardening customer.

On May 24, 2013, Patty57 (27 reviews) from Wake Forest, NC (Zone 7b)

Satisfied with ordering/shipping and quality of seeds purchased from Roxanne. Nice little Gift Pack included which also is a positive for me when making an order for multiple items. Look forward to some new additions to my garden and will be back to visit Roxanne's site for more varieties.

On Jun 6, 2012, pito61 (1 reviews) from Barrington, IL

wow...where do i start....I purchased a couple packages of seeds in the Fall (spent 12 bucks for 2 packs with shipping) im not a huge customer.... I waited until this spring to sow. We have had an incredible spring this year zone 5a. I used bagged Scotts top soil and watered appropriatly. I had a total of 3 lame poppies grow. I contacted there customer service twice to get some resolution. There policy I find out is very different from any other mail order company. No replacements no partial/total refund. I was not even afforded the courtesy of a returned email that i directed to there customer service. I have been gardening for years and with many mail order companies and like they stand behind their products. (sometimes unconditionally) But to not even get a response? There is alot of competition out there and will obviously go somewhere else next time. A top 5? not for me......

On May 6, 2012, bryana (72 reviews) from Albany, NY

I ordered four varieties of seeds. I was disappointed that a package of seeds for $4 or $5 was such a tiny wax paper envelope containing a small plastic bag with very few seeds. I think it is a poor value for what you pay.

Company representative comment on May 6, 2012:
On May 6, 2012 9:53 AM, One Stop Poppy Shoppe responded with:

Hi bryana, sorry to hear of your dissapointment. We sell very rare and unusual poppy varieties and some of our packages only contain around 25 seeds. However, all of our listings state the quantity of seeds per package, so if you ordered a rare variety you should not have been surprized by the small amount.

On Jan 19, 2012, pirl (33 reviews) from (Arlene) Southold, NY (Zone 7a)

Excellent shipping, labels well done and quite precise instructions and a photo of each poppy. Roxanne even sent a bonus packet of poppy seeds. Speedy delivery. I was referred to this company by ge1836 - thanks, Jo Ann!

On Jan 12, 2012, MrSteven (3 reviews) from Pinardville, NH

Having ordered from these guys several times, I have always been happy with the seeds received. The germination rate was near 100%. The freebie packet of seeds that seems to accompany orders also is great and they really seem to appreciate customers' patronage.

On Mar 14, 2011, msbeekeeper (1 reviews) from sherwood park, AB (Zone 3a)

I have ordered seeds from One Stop Poppies several times and couldn't be happier. Very prompt and courteous service.Have recommended them to anyone looking for poppy seeds.

On Jul 31, 2010, clpgirl (46 reviews) from Chippewa Lake, OH (Zone 5b)

Posted on November 24, 2009, updated August 1, 2010 Vendor is great in communications, patience and product. Was unexpectedly changing checking acct # mid-transaction.OSPS sent product and patiently waited for check. I am growing these waaay out of zone, and she was very clear in her communications, making sure I understood the problems inherent in this, and making suggestions that could lead to the best outcome. Product came nicely packaged, no broken balls, etc. If these do well in my zone, or her inventory is enlarged, I will definitely be back for more

On July 31st, 2010, clpgirl added the following: Just wanted to add that I had MORE than wonderful success with this vendor's seeds. WS'd all of them-totally stretching zone, and had almost 100% germination! Both in WS containers and direct seeding on the snow. I am just delighted-particularly with her honesty and cautions to me about possible crop failure. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have beautiful California poppies here in my Ohio garden!!

On Jul 30, 2010, ge1836 (24 reviews) from Pittsford, NY (Zone 6a)

Posted on November 24, 2008, updated July 30, 2010 The seeds arrived in neat clearly marked clear envelopes with lables. I couldnt be more pleased. Friendly service and a personal note. They came in three days and there was a bonus pack something we all enjoy.

On July 30th, 2010, ge1836 changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following: I have to change my Positive to a Neutral. After direct sowing my fall 2009 order,the somnifariums failed to germinate in spring 2010. Comparison with another OneStop customer ,we believe our failed poppies were the same varietys ,neither of ours appeared. I have half of a spring order I got to re-seed this winter.If they fail to appear it will mean I wasnt mistaken. This business tries hard to accomodate customers.I believe accidents happen so I will continue to be open as to my opinion.It's hard to tell a pollinated seed from one that didnt get the visit from the bees. I will give OneStop another chance.

On Jul 24, 2010, JenniferRuth (29 reviews) from San Diego, CA (Zone 10b)

I am so pleased with this company. I ordered 21 items. They came in less than 5 days. An easily readable packing list was included, as well as a very detailed information sheet. I love the fact that each envelope of seed has a photo as well as planting instructions, the height of the plant, whether it's an annual or a perennial, and how long it takes to germinate. So many mail order companies send their seeds out in generic envelopes without photos, forcing you to go back to their catalog or website to try and remember what the plant looks like. One Stop Poppy Shoppe (gotta love that name!) also sent a free packet of seed. In my case, at least, it was the Pepperbox Breadseed Poppy Mix.

On Mar 9, 2010, blueeyeskms (29 reviews) from Waverly, KS (Zone 5b)

Very fast delivery and great packaging on these seeds. Hope to order from again soon!

On Feb 2, 2010, salmon_patty (1 reviews) from Springfield, MO

i found this place on and would have given One Stop Poppy Shoppe a 6 star rating if had let me. they ship FAST, FAST, FAST. both orders arrived within 3 days-not 3 business days-3 days! they wanted to ship a missing item immediately. i had to insist that i could wait until i placed the second order. the information sheet was wonderfully informative without being overly long or too detailed. the e mails were business-like but friendly and personal. the shipping and handling was very reasonable-especially compared to the big guys like t&m, parks, etc. best of all was the packaging. it was delightful. pretty, feminine, and not excessive. the seeds were in small glassine envelopes (like the ones used by stamp collectors) with stickers on the front with the seed name and colored picture of the flower and brief planting instructions. the business name and pastel colored logo were on the sticker on the back of each envelope. the packing list was printed on a pastel colored picture of poppies. the seed packets were all in a small but easily found plastic bag with a gift pack of seeds, a lovely business card and a small artificial flower. the first class mail bubble envelope had a return address sticker (about 2"x3") with a full color picture of poppies on it. just as it is, it's a perfect gift package. service, price, giftwrappig packaging. what more could you ask for?

On Jan 17, 2010, ibewgirl (19 reviews) from Wilmington, DE

Purchased Patty's Plum seeds and can't wait to plant them. Seeds came at the speed of light. Groovy seller.

On Dec 28, 2009, Celene (12 reviews) from Columbus, OH

I've purchased through Amazon and through DG, both transactions were smooth and lightning fast. The seeds arrived well-packaged and well-marked, with a bonus packet. I had excellent germination for both orders.

On Feb 21, 2009, 75751 (40 reviews) from Fort Mill, SC (Zone 7b)

Extremely pleased with my purchase. A wealth of information provided with order, great communication, fast and nice bonus pack. c&nn

On Feb 5, 2009, megansgarden (1 reviews) from Riverside, RI

Most of the times when I order seeds, I have received a plain envelope with a packet inside with the seeds, and maybe a thank you note. NOT WITH ONE STOP POPPY. I received a beautiful letter with poppies on it, a card from the vendor, and nicely packaged seeds with information about each of the different poppies. I think I was more excited about receiving the nice note and beautiful packaging than I was about the seeds! It was so nice to receive something that felt personal and made me think that this vendor really cares about what she is doing. I plan to order from this vendor in the future and can't wait to plant the seeds!

On Feb 3, 2009, gaelo (1 reviews) from Indianola, WA

The service was excellent from the informative web site to the super fast delivery of the seeds. I forwarded a question about planting dates and it was answered immediately. This is one of the best sites for purchasing poppy seeds.

On Feb 1, 2009, JRush (5 reviews) from Guilford, CT (Zone 7a)

Pleasant ordering experience, with many beautiful poppies to choose from at decent prices. No inflated shipping & handling charges either. The order was processed & on it's way to my home the next day, with email confirmations at every step. The seeds have arrived, & I can't wait to watch these gorgeous poppies grow! A positive experience all around~

On Jan 25, 2009, zanann (10 reviews) from Onarga, IL (Zone 5b)

Very satisfied with this purchase. I liked the packaging and the cute little details. Very pleasant shopping experience.

On Jan 8, 2009, macsie (4 reviews) from Greenbush, MI (Zone 4b)

I just ordered from Julie again! She's right on top of things---great seeds and service! Carol M. Macsie

On Jan 5, 2009, ladybuggfan (2 reviews) from Carnation, WA (Zone 7b)

I ordered 8 different and unique sets of poppy seeds from Julie. She sent them individually bagged and labeled w/ photo as were the bonus seeds. They were sent promptly and followed up w/ contact. I will order again, I love the selection and great service.

On Jan 4, 2009, countrymouse5A (2 reviews) from Plymouth, IN (Zone 5a)

Ordered from One Stop Poppy Shoppe off of her ebay listings. Shipping was very prompt and all seeds were in clearly marked envelopes with pictures of the individual poppies. Very nice and helpful. There was also a bonus pack of seeds included with my order. I was very pleased!

On Dec 8, 2008, Bookerc1 (7 reviews) from Mackinaw, IL (Zone 5a)

I found some unusual and lovely poppies at this shop. They arrived very promptly, less than a week after I placed the order! They were in small plastic envelopes, with labels and pictures on the front, and the order included a very complete, thorough page of directions on planting and care of poppies. I also received a bonus pack of seeds, which was a nice touch! Julie was very friendly and helpful in our D-mail correspondence, as well. Overall a wonderful experience!

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