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On Feb 27, 2013, Derald_in_FL (2 reviews) from (Zone 9b)

I'm a repeat customer and expect to be, again. Products (nematodes) always have arrived in good condition (2nd day, "coldpack"), on time and with complete instructions.

On Jan 28, 2013, LindaBon (1 reviews) from Martinsburg, WV

On May 11, 2012 I placed an order of ladybugs with this company and paid an additional fee for the bugs to arrive in 1 or 2 days. The ad said they must arrive quickly to ensure survival. After 5 days they did not arrive, so I called and was told "not to worry, they will be fine." On May 19th I had STILL not received them, so I emailed them, complaining that I had paid extra for a 1-2 day delivery, yet had not yet received my bugs. I finally received my bugs on May 21, and about half of them were dead. I still had not heard back from them. Once again I emailed them to inform them that half the bugs were dead. I asked them to please rectify the problem or I would report them to the Better Business Bureau. To this I received a brief email stating that they would get back with me soon. NOTHING!!! I finally wrote again today demanding action and was told to call customer service. I will NEVER order from this company again!!!! They do NOT stand behind their guarantee or their products. They will be reported to the BBB.

On Oct 4, 2010, mpgardener (1 reviews) from Burlingame, CA

I totally agree with the previous comment.'s customer service is terrible to non-existent. I recently purchased lacewing larvae and found no live larvae in the bottle. They said I probably didn't know what I was looking for (I did) and to contact them again once the larvae have had a chance to mature. 5 weeks later still no signs of lacewings and they won't answer my emails. I won't use them again.

On May 25, 2010, gardnercortes (1 reviews) from Ventura, CA saves the day! We had such a bad aphid problem that it made our backyard impossible to use without getting covered in little green bugs in a matter of minutes. My friend referred me to, so I purchased one package of the ladybugs from GardeningZone. I was surprised how quickly they ship them, and the great customer service. They arrived alive and wiggling in a nice container. They come with easy to follow directions. We released them three days ago. I can see that there is a huge reduction in the number of aphids in the yard to the point that we were able to sit outside and enjoy the yard for a few hours yesterday. I am very happy with

On May 21, 2010, edonehoo (1 reviews) from Wilson, NC

I ordered lace wings and six praying mantis cases that I recieved March 17. I have not seen on lace wings and I keep the egg cases of the mantis on front porch and check several times a day and still nothing has hatched. I have emailed them at least five times and they have not once responded to my email. I have used gardens alive in the past and never had a problem. This company has the worst customer service and the products are inferior and I would steer all to stay away from using their products and find a more responsible company that stand behind their products. I spent almost seventy dollars on nothing, feel very ripped off.

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