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On Feb 1, 2010, prowlcat (1 reviews) from San Diego, CA

I bought a new 4 tray worm bin and was all hot to get started with composting all my kitchen garbage for good stuff for my plants. I ran down the street to my nursery and brought home my box of 300 worms, much to my disappointment there were only about a dozen adult worms in the box, the fine print is “EGGS to adults” How do you count worm that are still in eggs???? I email Tip Top Bio-Control thinking this must be a mistake, The mistake was to think that I would get any satisfaction. Their response was and I quote “we also want to keep our customers happy. Which nursery did you buy our product at?” How does were I bought them keep me happy? I want back to my nursery and complained bitterly, they gave me another box of worm and said that I was the 4th customer that had complained and were telling their central office not to buy anymore red worm from Tip Top Bio-Control. To this day (almost a year now, supposedly 600 plus worm) those worms can’t handle one day a week kitchen garbage. I’ve only been able to harvest one small tray of casings. I’m a worm keeper and am very disappoint.

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