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Smokey's Gardens

Mailing Address:
101 Old Smokey Ave. P.O. Box 518
Ashley, Indiana 46705 (United States)

Phone: 260-687-9560

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Negative JMayes
Nashville, TN
(1 review)
September 19, 2020
In March, I ordered around 70 daylilies from Smokey's Gardens. They were sent to me in late May or early June, and I planted them immediately. One of those plants was not a daylily, but was a yellow nutsedge, an invasive weed. I didn't know what it was, but emailed a picture of it to Smokey's 10 days ago, and got no response from them. Yesterday I posted the picture on some forums of national garden groups, and was told that it was a yellow nutsedge, and I needed to carefully and fully remove it from my garden. Although this weed shouldn't have been sent to me at all, if someone at Smokey's had responded to my inquiry, I wouldn't be writing this review. I won't be ordering from Smokey's again, because a buyer's email should never be ignored.
Positive nomoregrass
Rockford, IL
(2 reviews)
May 27, 2018
Just received my first order from Smokey's. Clean, healthy, good-sized roots; included a bonus plant; nicely packed. The box seemed small for all I'd ordered but it was simply packed efficiently. I ordered before the shipping season, and the company was very responsive when I asked about ship dates. I'll order from these folks again.
Positive jdlucky1
Ellinwood, KS (Zone 5b)
(6 reviews)
January 29, 2018
I have placed several orders the last few years. The daylilies arrived well packaged, healthy, and marked well. I thought the prices were reasonable and I have ordered a few times during special offers. My yard is very pretty with these daylilies mixed in with my other flowers. Since I am a flower garden lover, I just placed another order recently to receive this spring. Kim
Positive ncbill
West Jefferson, NC
(11 reviews)
October 13, 2017
Posted on May 20, 2017, updated October 13, 2017
A great experience.

I placed an order for about a dozen different daylilies, including several from their discount/promotion selection (nice varieties for $3.95). I received healthy plants that were nicely labeled.

Some plants were larger than others, but I must say, Smokey's does a better job than any other vendor I know of, to manage expectations in this regard. They have a very good picture of what is probably one of their biggest, and one of their smallest, plants, side by side, clearly showing the range of what the buyer can expect. "Big" plants are always nice...more blooms faster. But what really matters to me is healthy plants...and Smokey's plants look amazing.

I'll be ordering again, and looking forward to the promised Hosta offerings. Highly recommended.
On October 13th, 2017, ncbill added the following:

Received a second order from Smokey's this fall. Nice big healthy daylily roots. Great values. They have a really nice selection and always have some discounted varieties for us bargain hunters. They do a good job of sending out interesting email updates, and the occasional coupon for a good discount. Free shipping with orders as low as $50. Really like this company and look forward to shopping with them again.
Positive lostaway
Ballston Spa, NY
(5 reviews)
August 14, 2017
Posted on July 29, 2017, updated August 14, 2017
I just received my first order from Smokeys and all I can say is WOW!!! The fans were in beautiful shape and HUGE.:)
Talk about Christmas in July :+)
Best mail order transaction ever.
On August 14th, 2017, lostaway added the following:

Just received my second order and am pleased yet again.
The fans arrived in great shape. Some were very large, some were average in size, but all were healthy and fresh.
Great prices too!
Positive jimfrankmartin
Scott, LA
(10 reviews)
May 24, 2015
Wed May 20 2015 I ordered 25 mixed colors daylilies from Smokey's Daylilies. They arrived two days later Fri May 22. The plants arrived well packed, healthy and vigorous. I counted 27 plants. Some of the plants were so robust and stocky they would win a blue ribbon champion in the horticultural competition at the state fair.
I planted them Sat May 23. Rain fell a few hours after I planted.
I am eagerly awaiting blooms later this summer.
Be sure to count me as a deeply satisfied customer.
I will gladly and assuredly order from Smokey's daylilies again.
If you are looking for healthy, impressive and growthy plants read to grow and bloom, order from Smokey's daylilies.
jim martin - scott louisiana 70583
Positive docknee
Murphy, NC (Zone 7a)
(10 reviews)
April 12, 2015
This company has a new address
371 S Centennial
Coldwater MI 49036

I have large areas here in the mountains that I landscaped with daylilies for their beauty and erosion control. I purchased "lost tag or Assorted lots" most of the time and for the last 6 to 8 years. Must be will over 500 by now. Every plant arrived in good health, cleaned and ready to grow. All have performed to my satisfaction and I have always found them to be helpful while standing behind their product - use them all the time - Excellent
Negative jsiems
Lake Tapawingo, MO
(1 review)
February 13, 2014
Well my wife needed 350 white daylilies and ordered them. They arrived in good shape and on time. We hired a company to plant them. Later that summer the daylilies bloomed yellow. We contacted Smokeys and asked them to ship us new ones and credit us for the flowers since we had to pay twice to replant them. They agreed so we had the old ones pulled up, but they never followed thru with anything on their part. I contacted them 3 different times after the original call, and they then told me they changed their minds and would not stand behind their mistake, or cover the cost of the mistake. Daylilies are too hard to get out of an area once you get a mix of colors, so I would be careful using this company since they do not stand behind their mistakes.
Company representative comment on February 19, 2014:
On Feb 19, 2014 4:18 PM, Smokey's Gardens responded with:

The order was for 300 fans which we shipped in May 2011. Towards the end of 2011 shipping season the customer reported the problem. Consistent with our customer satisfaction guarantee, we agreed to replace them, and we did. The replacement was sent in May 2012. We try very hard to take good care of our customers.

Positive kimmydg
Pittsburgh, PA (Zone 6a)
(4 reviews)
November 2, 2013
I ordered two daylilies from this company last month (October 2013) and received them very fast, well packed, and very healthy. Plus one free daylily too! Thank you sooo much! I highly recommend this company!
Positive AshleyG
Prattville, AL (Zone 8a)
(1 review)
November 1, 2013
I placed an order just before they stopped shipping for this season and I am so glad I did! The plants were well packaged and very healthy looking. They got here quickly and they started showing new growth a few days after planting them! Like they were never even moved. I am already making my wish list for next year for another order! Great prices and great plants--I couldn't be happier!

Neutral steve_mass
Millbury, MA
(8 reviews)
September 19, 2013
I visited the website as I had never heard of this nursery before. They don't sell Hostas. I'm sure the daylilies at "Smokey's Daylily Gardens" are just fine, but why did they list themselves under the Hosta category? Did they just want to get more page views? They shouldn't be a top 5 Hosta vendor.
Company representative comment on September 21, 2013:
On Sep 21, 2013 10:52 AM, Smokey's Gardens responded with:

The hostas are sold locally while the daylilies are sold online. Listing hostas on here simply let our local customers who check online know that hostas were available as well. We did not list on here to mislead, however we have removed this as part of our listings as most of our customers are online. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Happy Gardening!!

Positive beingblondagain
Hagerstown, MD (Zone 6b)
(2 reviews)
September 9, 2013
I've ordered from Smokey's Daylily Gardens several times. Their plants arrive promptly and in good condition. I order the 'lost tag' daylilies, so I never know what I'm getting. The daylilys are beautiful and I have sooooo many different varieties! Will order again!
Positive asturnut
Anchorage, AK (Zone 4b)
(8 reviews)
June 23, 2013
Based on the good ratings here, I decided to order from Smokeys. I ordered on Sunday, by Thursday my order had arrived here in Alaska. I don't know how they did it! That's some super fast shipping. Someone must have actually been working and dug my daylilies on Sunday. A lot of people won't even ship to Alaska, so I was real pleased. They didn't even charge me extra. Wow!

The plants were clean, in good condition and clearly labeled. They also included a freebie, which was really nice! Now that they're in the ground, only time will tell if the cultivars I ordered are true to their labels. Lets hope so! Because Smokeys had a good selection and great prices, so I'd like to give them my business again.
Positive lsuzuki
Beavercreek, OH (Zone 5b)
(3 reviews)
June 20, 2013
I put in an order late Monday night and it arrived with Thursday's mail - very fast. And it is very hard to beat over 100 assorted daylily fans for under $91 (including shipping). The fan sizes varied somewhat (some very large, some on the small side), but at that price for healthy plants, I certainly have no reason to complain. I can't wait to see what they look like when they bloom!
Positive GStickler
Marshallville, GA (Zone 8a)
(9 reviews)
June 20, 2013
I placed my first order with Smokey's on-line on Sunday and by Wednesday I received the daylily fans here in middle Georgia. Nice plants, well wrapped, well packaged, and FAST delivery. By that afternoon they were in the ground and watered in. What more can you ask for? They have reasonable prices and a great selection. Now that I've tried them out, I'll go back with confidence to order more. I especially like the website Advanced Search feature so you can narrow down your selection from their huge inventory based on your preferences.
Positive divvajacko
Hinckley, OH (Zone 6a)
(40 reviews)
June 4, 2013
I've ordered from Smokeys for a couple of years. They are great. They send fans not bare root stuff. You can't beat the sales either (10 fans for $10, woohoo).

The quality is great. Everything I have planted grows and into beautiful plants.

My last order just went in the ground. I did the 10 fans for $10 and I couldn't beat it.

I will be back.
Positive 50Carrots
Chesapeake Ranch Estates-Drum Point, MD
(9 reviews)
May 3, 2013
Smokey’s Daylily Gardens: WOW! “with over three thousand varieties and over five million plants in stock...” I searched for a daylily vendor when I was looking for a white spider daylily. Most of the general interest plant vendors (local plant nurseries and on-line) only sell a few daylilies and I was searching for some more unique ones (not just Stella De Oro). I’ve checked quite a few daylily websites and Smokey’s Daylily Gardens has the search features I need. (flower size/type and COLOR). In 2012, I ordered 100+ different types of daylilies over several months which were planted May through November. The first ones I planted bloomed two weeks later. Through the winter months I received monthly e-mail special offers and I ordered a total of 20+ types (80+ fans) to be shipped in May. Some of the special offers were so good I was able to purchase some of the higher priced newer daylilies. I enjoy receiving the free bonus plants and have a special section just for them. Excellent customer service. Every package I’ve received shows excellent quality control. (little bits of damp newspaper around each double fan—I suspect they keeping at least one Indiana newspaper in business) Healthy fat double fans. Brutus arrived as biggest double fan I’ve ever seen (I had to dig a hole big enough for a shrub) Excellent prices and reasonable shipping costs. Excellent customer service—I had a question about one of the special offers and received an e-mail reply very quickly. I used to have an impressive daylily display (ruined by flooding and subsequent roadwork), so thanks to Smokey’s I am well on my way to another impressive garden.
Positive etnredclay
Spring City, TN
(5 reviews)
September 14, 2012
Posted on August 1, 2012, updated September 14, 2012
Nice, nice, nice!

These double fans are HUGE and fresh. The website says they dig and ship when they get the order. The package was in the mail within a couple of hours of my order. And arrived promptly via USPS Priority. Just lovely plants.

I like to start with a company by getting a smallish order, usually from their sales pages, so if it doesn't work out, there's no heartbreak. I spent $50 on spider daylily collections, 6 varieties, 2 plants each, and I ordered 2 collections. Got a nice bonus plant as well.

These fans are so huge that just 4 of them practically filled a plastic shopping bag. And there was a coupon for online ordering included. Nice again.

The prices are right. The fans are huge and obviously dug fresh. Labeling is clear. Shipping is prompt. Selection is GINORMOUS.

I will DEFINITELY be ordering again.
On September 14th, 2012, etnredclay added the following:

Order #2 -- there's a HUGE September sale and I got another 90 DL. Again, wonderful.

And bonuses.... oh, thank-YOU, Smokey's, the bonuses were a mix of plants I already ordered, which meant I already WANTED them, YES!, and a new one to trm again, thanks.

90 plants ordered, 43 bonuses, dug fresh when ordered, bundled in newsprint and plastic shopping bag (more than enough to keep them fresh with next-day arrival via UPS), clearly labeled with a computer print-out tag, super fast shipping, fabulous prices, couldn't ask for more, Smokey's!
Positive virginiarose
Portsmouth, VA (Zone 8a)
(64 reviews)
September 3, 2012
Posted on August 16, 2012, updated September 3, 2012
Wow, great big Daylilies!! Can't believe the prices, I'm hooked. Will definitely do more business with this company and highly recommend them to anyone, especially someone just starting a daylily garden. At these prices you can afford to go a little crazy!
Thank you Smoky's!!

On September 3rd, 2012, virginiarose added the following:

Got another great order from Smokey's, love the service and the prices. Nice little bonus plant!
Positive LindaWillaredt
Davenport, IA
(2 reviews)
May 23, 2012
I have been growing daylilies for over 20 years and have ordered from a wide variety of sources, both local, regional and mail order.
When I ordered from Smokey's earlier this year, there was a 'small' problem with my order. I e-mailed the company, venting frustration and not really expecting a response. To be honest, I was fuming and ready to write a scathing review to warn other customers of my bad experience.

I can't do that now. The customer service rep from Smokey's did respond. He apologized for the problem and offered to fix it. And then he did fix it, true to his word.

There are not many businesses these days that take the time to solve customer issues. It seems to be customary to take the money and run. Smokey's is better than that.

The plants I ultimately received from Smokey's are fair to generously sized with healthy intact root systems. Their variety is incredible (I especially like the representation of some of the older GHWild cultivars that are actually precursor UFs and I think highly under-estimated) and their prices are very reasonable.

Smokey's Daylilies is a valuable resource for daylily afficianados. Order without hesitation, this is a company with exceptional products and customer service and they will not let you down.

Positive gregr18
Bridgewater, MA (Zone 6b)
(28 reviews)
August 24, 2011
I was very pleased with my transaction with this nursery. The prices are excellent, the selection is huge; plants are large, healthy, and well packed; shipping is very quick, and they included coupons and a bonus plant with my order. I agree with the previous comment, it doesn't get much better than that.
Positive tigerlily1955
Manchester, NH
(4 reviews)
August 18, 2011
I just placed my first order for daylilies with this company. I am so pleased with my order! The plants were huge and healthy. My order took just a few days to arrive. It doesn't get any better than this.
Positive susansconi
Rumford, RI (Zone 5b)
(6 reviews)
August 18, 2011
I ordered a few daylilies from Smokeys approximately 3 months ago. The fans were healthy, nicely sized, and mature. All are growing very well, and even multiplying! They were shipped quickly, and packaged well. I'd definately order from them again, and am very pleased with my order. I also love that they use their own pics for the flowers they sell. Great garden shopping experience!
Positive JeffreyCooper
Sunrise Beach, MO
(1 review)
June 19, 2011
I ordered 300 clumps of Daylillies on a Monday, recieved the order on Friday. Helpful, professional customer service. I recieved aprx 400 clumps of well rooted, fresh, healthy daylillies. I will order from them until I run out of space to plant daylillies. Great product at an even better price.
Positive Sunshines2day
Lubbock, TX (Zone 7a)
(3 reviews)
July 2, 2010
Posted on May 11, 2009, updated July 2, 2010
This was my first experience with the daylilies of Smokey's Gardens and I am completely satisfied with the entire transaction. The plants were good-sized with very nice root systems and green foliage. There were 2 separate orders combined for one time shipping and I managed to make a mess of the payment for the second (add-on). I left a message on the recorder and received a call back nearly immediately and Lisa was helpful in fixing MY mistake. On another occasion I called and spoke with a gentleman who took plenty of time in answering my numerous questions. This company has lots of variety and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my friends or buy additional plants from them. The shipment was well packed with no breakage and moist upon arrival on the third day after receiving email conformation of them being sent. Two types of seeds suitable for my area as well as a bonus daylily were given as gifts, and I can't wait to get my hands dirty!

On July 2nd, 2010, Sunshines2day added the following:

Fans for 2010 came quickly and in good shape. Once again the customer service is terrific.

Positive mistressgardenr
Jacksonville, FL
(1 review)
June 20, 2010
I am a repeat buyer at Smokey's and I am a very happy customer!!! They send very healthy fans that bloom within weeks of planting!!! Plus bonus Daylily fans! I could not ask for a better Daylily supplier!

Thank you Smokey's!
Positive Delightful_Dawn
Altus, OK (Zone 7a)
(2 reviews)
June 12, 2010
They e-mailed me saying my package was shipped but it never arrived. They sent another package. Daylilies were healthy. They did send extras on some of the types I ordered. They sent an Addie Branch Smith as the bonus. I will be buying from them again.
Positive kimberly_8900
Saint Joe, AR
(1 review)
April 30, 2010
I took advantage of Smokey's dollar a fan sale, and as sceptical as I was, I was pleasantly surprised when my order arrived last weekend. I ordered 100 Stella de oro daylilies and 25 Pandora's box daylilies. There were 32 of the Pandora's box daylilies and some of them were huge! All of them were very healthy looking plants and had very large root systems. I started counting the Stella's but gave up around 100 and think there was probably around 125 of them. I did cut them back after planting, and after three days some have grown as much as an inch already! They threw in an extra Addie Branch Smith daylily along with a package of poppy seeds. Excellent products. If I had known what I would be getting, believe me I would have ordered tons more! Will definately do business again! Thank you Smokey's for great service and beautiful daylilies!!!
Positive Joy
Kalama, WA (Zone 8b)
(23 reviews)
October 9, 2009
Ordered many daylilies from both their Ebay store and their website. Plants came packaged nicely. Though not real large they were still green and had great roots. Took off quickly after being planted and some of them bloomed the first year.
I did have one that bloomed wrong. When I contacted them about it they couldn't send me the right one because all of there's had bloomed the same as mine. So I was offered my money back or 150% credit that I could use towards other daylilies. I choose the other daylilies and they were mailed out to me the next day. Very happy with their customer service.

Positive NewTexan123
Southlake, TX
(4 reviews)
September 4, 2009
A great place to buy daylilies. Good prices and really big and healthy daylilies. Great customer service and they're super fast too! A must for daylily lovers!
Positive amf94597
Mebane, NC (Zone 7a)
(7 reviews)
June 3, 2009
All I can say is: wow. Placed my order online around 9:00 a.m. on a Thursday. At 10:30 the same day, got an email-- saying my order had shipped. Frankly, I thought that had to be a mistake and tried not to get my hopes up... but, lo and behold, my order arrived Saturday by USPS Priority Mail (and I'm in California, so the shipping time is supposed to be longer). Opening the box was just as great-- I'd impulse-ordered one of their "lost tag" daylily collections, so was supposed to receive 25 double-fans. I received 30 and 5 of them were huge. All green and healthy and with that wonderful aroma of "garden." There was also a free gift-- a packet of poppy seeds that I'm looking forward to planting in the fall. I wouldn't hesitate to order again! Some of the newly planted fans are sending up shoots already and the only hard part now is waiting to see what I ended up with ;)
Positive momstherapy
Lawler, IA
(1 review)
May 26, 2009
I had the good fortune of finding Smokey's on e-bay. My order came promptly. All the fans were in excellent condition and they even threw in some extras. They have been planted about a year now and are the envy of the neighborhood. I strongly recommend Smokey's to everyone.
Positive Buckeyesnblooms
Shelbyville, KY (Zone 6a)
(18 reviews)
May 13, 2009
I purchased from them on eBay. My order arrived this past week and while most were double fans as promised, I did receive a few extra fans. The plants were very healthy, had very nice roots, and were packaged well. I am pleased with my purchase.
Positive countrymouse5A
Plymouth, IN (Zone 5a)
(2 reviews)
January 4, 2009
I purchased from Smokey's Gardens twice last year. The first time I went to their location and walked up and down each row looking at all the beautiful flowers they had to offer. I took my wish list back inside to the counter and the staff there was extremely helpful and curtious going over my list with me, sorting out which ones were actually going to be going home with me and makeing some wonderful suggestions on what else might appeal to me based on size/color I was looking for. Each purchase was for a double fan, big and healthy. I even got blooms off of several of them last summer.

Later I purchased from them again off of ebay. The shipment was very prompt and well packaged. There was also a bonus plant I was not expecting! Always nice. Again the plants I received were in very good condition and thrived upon being replanted in my garden.

I am very happy with everything I've received from Smokey's Garden.

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