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On Jul 1, 2020, GeneSkCan (8 reviews) from Regina,

Posted on June 25, 2020, updated July 1, 2020 Posted on June 25, 2020, updated June 25, 2020 Posted on June 23, 2020, updated June 25, 2020 Posted on October 13, 2019, updated June 23, 2020 I just received 18 peony roots from A & D. Speaking from experience by growing more than 350 peonies on our property and purchasing from many suppliers over a span of more than 10 years, these were the smallest and worst condition of peony roots that I have ever received from any supplier. I expect low survival and unfortunately I have to wait until next year to find out. Not sure what else I can do about it. Buyer beware.

On June 23rd, 2020, GeneSkCan added the following: A & D agreed to refund my purchase last year. Then, they later revised their position and requested that I plant the peonies and check if they produced growth this spring/summer. They agreed to refund the peonies that did not grow. I agreed with this. I planted them in October 2019 and provided extra protection with insulated cover tarps through the winter. Thirteen of the eighteen ordered peonies have not produced growth. I sent two emails to them recently asking for a refund of those peonies, with email tracking on. The Outlook tracking system confirmed that the first email was received, but it now appears that the last email was rejected which I assume is intentional. I also assume that they do not intend on honoring our agreement. Gene Froc, Member of the American Peony Society, Member of the Canadian Peony Society and Member of the Prairie Peony Society
On June 25th, 2020, GeneSkCan added the following: Here are exact copies received from Microsoft Outlook tracking that confirm the email sent to you was received: My email sent on June 17th: The original message was received at Wed, 17 Jun 2020 20:33:06 -0400 from R43.static.amanah.com [] (may be forged) ----- The following addresses had successful delivery notifications ----- (relayed to non-DSN-aware mailer) (relayed to non-DSN-aware mailer) My email sent on June 23rd: ----- Transcript of session follows ----- ... relayed; expect no further notifications ... relayed; expect no further notifications The original message was received at Tue, 23 Jun 2020 13:21:34 -0400 from [] ----- The following addresses had successful delivery notifications ----- (relayed to non-DSN-aware mailer) (relayed to non-DSN-aware mailer) ----- Transcript of session follows ----- ... relayed; expect no further notifications ... relayed; expect no further notifications To confirm as per my original email: "As a follow up to our previous email communications (see below), I confirm that the following peonies that you sent me last fall did not produce growth this year: • 1 X Auten’s Pride • 1 X Big Ben • 1 X Burma Ruby • 1 X Edulis Superba • 1 X Etched Salmon • 1 X Hesperus • 1 X La France • 1 X Lavon • 2 X Myrtle Gentry • 2 X Philippe Rivoire • 1 X Whopper" Perhaps your server is malfunctioning. I trust that the above will be satisfactorily received.
On June 25th, 2020, GeneSkCan added the following: Peonies that have stems showing above ground include: 1 X Alice Crousse, 2 X Eden's Perfume, 1 (of 2 ordered) X Edulis Superba and 1 X Neomie Demay.
On July 1st, 2020, GeneSkCan added the following: Okay, so I provided the additional information that you requested. Still waiting for a refund.

On Oct 28, 2019, fern4 (9 reviews) from Portland, OR

I started my peony collection with A&D Peonies about 20 years ago and recently ordered three more. Excellent selection, good packing, and fine roots. Also, I received a very friendly answer to a phone call I made asking about a particular variety. Although all of my purchases have been through mail order, I have enjoyed visiting the nursery as well, a hillside covered with potted peonies and nestled in the forest is how I remember it.

On Oct 1, 2019, Ruth (2 reviews) from Boonies, SD (Zone 4b)

Posted on October 1, 2019, updated October 1, 2019 Posted on August 27, 2019, updated October 1, 2019 Ordered two peonies in April that I was going to gift to a friend. Besides the confirmation email, they will not respond to any emails that I have sent. I have tried multiple times to contact them via email and all I get is crickets. I may have to try to call them to see what is going on. I'm still waiting for the peonies.

On October 1st, 2019, Ruth added the following: I did get the email after I posted the neutral rating. All I wanted when I previously emailed them several times was an estimated date of delivery as this was a gift for a friend and I wanted to add that to her birthday card when she would get the peonies. She said that the roots looked very good when she planted them and is excited about having yellow peonies.
On October 1st, 2019, Ruth changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

On May 13, 2017, cgoldb (3 reviews) from Ithaca, NY (Zone 5b)

I ordered 9 peonies from this grower in the fall of 2016. 7 of the divisions had 3-5 eyes and two of the divisions only had two eyes. I waited until spring to see if the latter had very small eyes that I might have overlooked. In the spring these plants only had two shoots each. Based on other peony growers websites / literature the industry standard is #1 divisions which have 3-5 eyes. When I contacted the grower, he responded that I should be satisfied with two shoots and that 3-5 eye divisions (and even larger ones) "don't send up, in most cases, more than two stems the first year." While local nurseries do not offer the fabulous selection of stock that A & D offers, for the same price I can buy a potted peony with at least 4 to five stalks with no shipping costs to boot.

On Nov 4, 2016, HerMorningDove (3 reviews) from Vienna, VA

I recently ordered a number of peonies from A&D. They have a wonderful variety of antique and contemporary peonies. I couldn't be more pleased with my order and A&D's service. The roots arrived healthy and well-packed, many with numerous eyes--in one case 10!. After animals made off with two of the roots, A&D quickly sold me two roots to replace them even after they were done for their selling season. One of the roots was no longer in stock. To help me they checked with a competitor's website to see if they still had the root in stock. When they learned it wasn't available with their competitor, they graciously identified peonies similar to the one I lost. I look forward to seeing my new plants in the spring.

On May 4, 2015, tarly6666 (4 reviews) from Cary, NC

Their peony roots are huge! Some of them bloomed in the first year. Very good experience.

On Nov 6, 2014, ycn4chin (38 reviews) from Dickson, TN

This company has a very nice list of peonies. I went to their site to order one variety and ended up ordering three varieties. The roots they sent were very nice sized with plenty of eyes and very fresh. I recommend this company, and will order from them again.

On Nov 6, 2011, bryana (72 reviews) from Albany, NY

Posted on November 11, 2010, updated November 6, 2011 I ordered five peonies - received enormous roots that were well packed. Good communication with customer service. Would order from them again.

On November 6th, 2011, bryana added the following: ordered Autens pride, Diana Parks, Port Royale, Solange, Solfatare & White Cap. All were good sized roots and well packaged.

On Oct 28, 2011, rebecca101 (25 reviews) from Madison, WI (Zone 5a)

I ordered 3 peonies from them and was very pleased with everything - great size, packaging, and communication. Would not hesitate to buy from them again.

On Feb 14, 2011, Pistil (3 reviews) from Lake Stevens, WA (Zone 8a)

Two years ago I went to the little farm during peony season to pick out a variety that would stand up to rain-I arrived 10 minutes before closing, but the charming proprietor took me on a short tour- Bartzella was the obvious choice. I ordered them, then at planting time I got two BIG plants that have done great.

On May 13, 2010, juanwillis (28 reviews) from Winchester, MA (Zone 6a)

I ordered Paeonia mlokosewitschii from A&D this past fall. The division I received was bigger than I expected, and I was delighted to have four lovely soft yellow blooms this spring. Molly-the-witch can vary into shades of pink, but that's not the case with A&D's divisions in my experience. I will be ordering from A&D again!

On Dec 11, 2009, frankiesmom (1 reviews) from Ellensburg, WA

A & D Nursery is outstanding and provides the best customer service and plant information available. Emailed inquiries as well as telephone messages are answered very promptly. I have done business with A & D Nursery for many years and their quality, knowledge, and service continue to remain heads above the rest. A few years back, Mr. Smetana offered me a wonderful choice of high end replacements, no questions asked, for a tree peony that I had purchased which was struggling. The replacement that I chose is now my favorite plant in the garden. Their herbaceous peony roots are huge and choice with beautiful eyes. Almost too beautiful to cover with dirt. High praise for this nursery!

On Nov 18, 2008, richK (11 reviews) from New York, NY

all I can say is WOW! I ordered 4 peonies for their heavy fragrance and blooming time -they sent me MASSIVE clumps with tons of eyes and lots of fleshy fat roots. Great packing, in a plastic bag and wrapped with fresh damp moss. my only regret is that a couple eyes had rubbed off during shipping -darn! now i wish i had bought more, their prices are a little higher than some of those bargain 3-5 eye #1 divisions, you know those mass catalogs where they are a 1/2 the price but a tiny little thing in dry peatmoss comes in the mail? these seem much meatier with more eyes, i counted about 6 on each up to 9 or 10 on some others [those few lost eyes won't matter] they even threw in an extra bonus plant that will fill in my bloom range AND is very fragrant-extremely thoughtful, the guy i spoke with last week was very nice as well, called me back the same day-and considering how LATE i had placed my order, I was pleasantly surprised and how fast the plants came -I ordered late WEDS nite 8pm EST and they arrived MON 3pm!! I am hooked and know where ill be headed for my next peony HIT!

On Jun 5, 2008, bassbar (1 reviews) from Andover, MA

Gorgeous, healthy peony and tree peony roots sent last fall, plus an added extra root sent as well. The arrived well packaged and in great shape. Lots of patience with sending my order to me on the date I needed it d/t my travel schedule. What a surprise to see the how strong these plants are growing this Spring. A number of the peonies sent up lush flowers this Spring. Just gorgeous!

On May 18, 2006, gardenstogo (2 reviews) from westerville, OH (Zone 5b)


On Oct 18, 2005, wharrison (3 reviews) from Manistee, MI (Zone 5b)

I recently received by first order of four Peonies from A & D Nursery and was more than greatly impressed not only with the quality of their rootstock, but also with their packaging. One peony: "Chestine Gowdy" had exceptionally large healthy roots and the other three: (1) "Florence Nichols and "Philippe Rivoire" (2) had very large healthy roots. Impressive rootstock to say the least! The four peonies were labeled and packaged very well and arrived with the right amount of moisture to sustain the plants during shipment and brief storage, if needed. In addition, the peony roots came with their recommended fertilizer tablets - free of charge - : three each for each of the four plants with recommendations for placement. My only "mistake" was not in the ordering, but in the changing of my garden design shortly after their arrival. Originally, I was going to place "Florence Nicholls" in the center and flank her with the two "Philippe Rivoire's" on each side and then plant "Chestine Gowdy" elsewhere. Now that I've planted "Chestine" in the center and have planted "Florence" elsewhere, I've decided that I am in need of another "Florence Nicholls" to provide some balance. Fortunately, "she's" still available for this season. I will have no problem ordering from this company in the future. A & D Nursery has my highest recommendation. Bill

On Dec 25, 2004, MaryCorbett (15 reviews) from Niceville, FL (Zone 8b)

Ordered 4 peonies from A&D in late December. This was my first order with them. Peonies arrived carefully packed, in excellent condition, and on time (even in the Christmas rush)! They are huge divisions with very large 'eyes' and Don even sent me an extra plant! He could not have been nicer and the 'customer service' was great. I will definitely order from them again!

On Nov 12, 2004, roselovr (10 reviews) from East Hampton, NY

A&D has a wonderful selection. I ordered 4 herbaceous peonies and 1 tree peony. They shipped me one free bonus variety as well. All were very healthy, the herbaceous varieties had many eyes, and the tree peony was a mature plant. I will update this comment in the Spring when they grow, but I am very happy so far.

On Jun 18, 2003, peonygirl (3 reviews) from Franklin, OH

I placed an order for several peonies last fall (2002), a couple were itoh peonies, which I had never planted before. This past spring, the itoh peonies that I planted in 2002 did not grow. I wrote to them and asked questions about what could have gone wrong and asked for suggestions for future planting. I was immediatly responded to with suggestions for planting, growing, and will be receiving a replacement for one that didn't make it; which I didn't ask for a replacement - I was certainly greatful they offered! I'm looking forward to receiving my order again this year.

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