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On Jan 5, 2020, Perro2020 (3 reviews) from Greycliff, MT

I ordered White Holland Turkeys through Porter's Heritage Turkeys. My order was shipped to my home in Montana. The turkeys came as expected!! The poults were healthy and happy. They sent directions on how to start the poults which was wonderful. I've raised turkeys for years but I learned something new.If I've had any questions they've been prompt at answering my questions. I have to be understanding that they're busy feeding, watering and caring for there flocks. I received an extra turkey and it didn't make it but the other 14 did. Now I have increased my flock from the 14 and have hatched over 100. We had our own farm raised Thanksgiving Turkey in 2019. This company is wonderful and I recommend it.

On Feb 14, 2018, Clawsonranch (1 reviews) from Wendover, UT

I got turkey poults from them. They were dying. Lost a couple that day and pretty much the next few days until none made it. I sent emails and no responses. Ended up sending 3 to a vet for examing and they had coccidiosis. The only time someone talked to me was before i got poults when i accidently used the wrong account on paypal and I caught it and tried to change it so there wasnt a problem. I even emailed the Porters right when i did it so they were aware and the guy had the nerve to call and be real rude with me before he even checked his email and tell me how my order will be withheld. When i told him if he would of read the email he could of saved the trouble of calling me just to * me out. Then i get sick poults and no reply.

On Jul 3, 2016, heavyChevy (1 reviews) from Gibsonville, NC

July 2016 I am a new turkey owner. The selection of heritage breeds was excellent. I placed my order about 8 months in advance. My poults arrived in excellent condition! I did not lose any, and they gave me 2 extra just in case. They provide a lot of helpful information in the shipment. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone interested in heritage breeds. TMC in NC

On Nov 5, 2014, charliemikeoh (2 reviews) from Blairsville, GA

We are new to turkeys. I ordered 16 poults in late August, for September delivery. I received communication about a delay in fulfilling my order (offering to cancel with no penalty if desired). I was completely fine with the delay; actually gave me more time to prepare. I received 17 poults. All were healthy and alert. We lost one on day 2 and one about day 9 --- likely my fault in having the heat lamp too high and them getting smothered trying to stay warm. The instructions included in the shipment proved VERY helpful (add ACV to the water, the size and dimensions of the brooder, etc.). I revamped and found a container the same size as mentioned, and that proved perfect. We are feeding Countryside Organics and have 15 healthy turkeys, that are feathering out nicely, active, and alert. One is already about 8 inches tall and about 10 inches from tip of beak to end of tail feathers has he stands. I don't know how big they are supposed to be at a month, but he is the size of our chickens at five weeks. Kevin has been available to respond to every newbie question. I would buy from Porter's again and again; no need to even consider a competitor. Delighted customer!

On May 7, 2014, Willowynd (1 reviews) from Churubusco, IN

I had a wonderful experience with Porter's in 2012! I ordered royal and blue palms and they turned out great. I just wish the minimum shipping amount was smaller for those of us that don't need/ want that many turkeys, but then again I know of none that will ship under 15.

On Aug 15, 2013, johnrclark1 (1 reviews) from Potosi, TX

Ordered 20 poults from Porter's. Received an e-mail notice when they were shipped, they were shipped when I requested to have them shipped. Twenty poults arrived alive and in good health. Exactly what I wanted, exactly when I wanted it. Three days later all 20 are alive and doing well. I would definitely order from Porter's again.

On Jul 17, 2013, CarlWWagener (1 reviews) from Cottageville, SC

Posted on July 17, 2013, updated July 17, 2013 Posted on June 25, 2013, updated July 17, 2013 We received fifty nine but ordered fifty four. We only lost one. All are doing great and growing fast. Every time we called him he returned our call in five days or less. Also he answered all our questions.

On July 17th, 2013, CarlWWagener added the following: We ordered turkeys earlier in the season and was well p,eased with them and how well they are doing. That we order a late season order and received them today and all are doing great. We made a wish list and received almost all that we wanted. We received three bourbon red, one chocolate palm, three chocolate slate, four jersey buff, one mottled chocolate, three penciled chocolate palms, two self buff, and would recommend Porters Rare Heritage Turkeys to anyone. Acting them from 1 to 10, 10 being the best. I would give them a 10.
On July 17th, 2013, CarlWWagener added the following: I meant rating them from 1 to 10 and 10 being the best. I would give them a 10.

On Jun 24, 2013, boonehillbilly (1 reviews) from Racine, WV

Ordered 20 Sweetgrass Turkeys from this business on 3/8/13/ I had initial communication with them on the first day and then hurd nothing from them again. I started emailing them 6/3/13 wanting to know when my poults would be sent. I finally got tired of trying and sent an email asking for a refund. This email received an immediate response (imagine that)! This email stated that I would be hit with a 25% fee because I was cancelling the order and they were slated to ship in July. I replied stating I would take the "chicks" as it was close and I really wanted them. I also told them if they tried to steal 25% from me I would sue with no hesitation. The reply back was they were cancelling the order since I was being difficult and that they are called poults not chicks. I guess asking where your 256 bucks is is being difficult .. All in all I would advise everyone looking for turkeys to look elsewhere as this company is seriously lacking in the communication, customer service and frankly personality department. You can see from the replies they have left for their customers here that they simply do not care about you or your business. STAY AWAY!!!

On Aug 2, 2012, bernier6 (1 reviews) from Pomfret Center, CT

Absolutley the best turkey poults I have ever seen. Received my order of 15 with 3 extras included. Healthy, lively bunch of birds and such a selection. Very professional business people. This is the first batch of poultry we have ordered and received a phone call from the owner stating the birds were on their way. A++++++++++ We will most definately order from Porters Again.

On Jul 26, 2012, claybird (1 reviews) from Ravensdale, WA

All I can say is Awesome. Kevin did a wonderful job geting the new hatchlings to me. No losses They were so lively & healthy.10 days old now.The best group of birds I have seen. I would recommend Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys to any body wanting Rare Heritage turkeys. Thank's again Kevin.

On Jun 12, 2012, tcwiley (1 reviews) from Greenville, NH

I ordered 15 assorted turkeys from Porters's Heritage Turkeys and received all turkeys (plus extras) ahead of schedule (Kevin called to make sure this was ok) and healthy. These are some great turkeys and we only lost 2 which is phenomenal for day olds. They are now 6 1/2 weeks old and the little toms are showing off. :)

On Dec 9, 2011, treebird101 (13 reviews) from Bedford, IA

Posted on November 17, 2011, updated December 10, 2011 I had ordered turkeys from Kevin Porter this past year and was not pleased. After ordering 16 turkey poults, he said they would arrive near the first of April. I called the middle of April and he said the first of May. In the middle of May, it would be the next month and then the next month, all the way up until me receiving my birds the middle of July. When I called in July to find out what was going on he said they would be on their way and that some of the varieties he had to hold on to a little longer so they would be over a week old when i got them and it shouldn't be a problem, well a poultry man should know that a chick that has already absorbed its yolk sack in its 3 day window should not go 3 days without food or water and that's how long it took to get to Iowa. And much needed to say, 7 poults over a week old were week and giving up and all died within 2 days. Go figure they all cost $12 to $13 each. I called Kevin quickly to resolve this matter and he said he would refund me for the birds and he didn't think they would have taken that long to get here so i was understanding and said that would be fine. a month later, no refund. Then i had made 4 phone calls and sent an email afterward with no response back, Still no response and still no refund. Also a few of the birds were mixed and didn't turn out true to breed. A poor business man. Not recommended.

On December 9th, 2011, treebird101 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: Well, glad to have Kevin Porter contact me. It seems we had a misunderstanding. Money was refunded to a previous pay pal account that had been closed and that's why I never saw the money. It was in my wife's name, so I never saw the transaction. This was a mistake on my part, I'm sure Kevin was busy at the time and couldn't return my phone calls. Wish I would've had maters resolved before the negative post. I jumped the gun on this post. What did survive turned out beautiful and the breeds i figured to be true to type where the result of a three way cross that had a % possibility of not resulting in true desired color pattern. Lack of research on my part. Kevin has been patient towards my bitterness and understanding. he also DID provide me with proof of the refund and my error in time frame. I do apologize and hope I haven't lost a future seller. I highly recommend Porters Rare Heritage Turkeys. Kevin knows his stuff. I would have no problem with purchasing poults from him again sorry for anyone who utilized my negativity as a deterrent. This was my foolishness on a public forum board.

On Dec 18, 2010, desertmarcy (1 reviews) from Tucson, AZ

I purchased fertile turkey eggs as an end of season sale in August, 2010. I ordered eggs from 3 different breeds. All eggs arrived in excellent condition, were packed extremely well, labelled as to breed, and came with a hatching guideline. After a 10-day incubation, I candled the eggs and found all the eggs from one breed to be infertile, not too unusual for end of season since the fertility will drop. After email notification to the seller of this, I was given the option of refund or ship eggs from another breed which still had good fertility. I chose refund, which was sent promptly and included refund for the shipping I had paid for those eggs. Of the remaining eggs, those that I was able to hatch developed into beautiful birds (now almost 4 months old) and were the breeds I ordered--no mix-ups. I would definitely order from this company again and recommend to others.

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