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Rocky Mountain Austree, Inc.

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The Austree Hybrid is a great tree for most applications, but it isn't for everyone. Water and fertilizer are the two most critical issues with the overall health of the trees. If you take care of them in that regard, you should do fine. If you can't water them and don't feed them you will not experience the rapid growth and we reccomend that you look at other trees. We want you to be successful and we are here to help you achieve your goals. Our 20 page brochure has all of the answers to your questions. Remember, if you don't see the Austree Logo, it isn't an Austree!
Brett Axton, CEO/Chairman

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Positive ericjk00
Stratmoor, CO
(1 review)
May 12, 2013
My wife received a bundle of these trees over 11 years ago for mothers day. they have grown some of them to over 50ft+ in height and make the perfect wind barrier and privacy barrier. in the entire time we only lost one of the trees. These trees are great even with the yearly clean up of twigs and leaves. love them.
Negative COSummer
Grand View Estates, CO
(1 review)
July 3, 2011
Although I did not purchase any austrees from this company, I feel as if I did, because my neighboor purchased several and planted them no more than 3 feet away from our property line. I can vouch for the fact the trees will grow up and out several feet a year. Be warned -- they are constantly shedding an enormous amount twigs or leaves (and even fair-sized branches) throughout the year, so if you wish to have a low maintenance or well-manicured lawn, this tree is probably not for you. During the summer months, I probably spend more time cleaning up the yellow, sticky leaves which fall from my neighbor's austrees than I do working on plants and trees of my own. Spring cleanup is quite the chore, since I end up picking up by hand 1000's of austree twigs which my garden blower/vac is not able to handle.

Positives: in addition to the austree's fast-growing nature, I must admit I like the pleasant, billowy shadows it casts.

Unfortunately, the negatives outweigh the positives for me. Before purchasing and planting this tree, one should not only consider the impact to their own lawn, but should consider the impact to neighboring lawns. Even though you may love your austree, your neighbors might not find it so endearing.
Neutral October93
Woodward, OK
(1 review)
August 25, 2010
Rocky Mountain Austree company tells us that Kiowa Giant does not sucker. Our big 2 and 1/2 year old suckerd this summer, the baby is 3 ft. tall right now, about 3 ft. away from parent tree. Another Kiowa Giant on other side of property has sent out a long thick sucker root along top of ground, who knows what will come of this.... The 10 windbreak austrees we planted in semi circle down front have taken a turn for the worse starting this past spring, despite our best efforts. they all seem to be dying on us. The austree shade tree, though, with the willow DNA is really big for its age and does get droopy like a willow, we love that one. The Gold Panner austree shade trees we planted are beautiful but have very slim trunks the first couple of years, we have to use T posts and strips of inner tube to hold them up until they are 3 years old. Insects do eat the leaves of the Kiowa Giant somewhat, despite what they advertise and the leaves tend to blacken around the edges, in cycles. We have high clay content soil but they are advertised to grow in this condition, I called ahead,was assured it would really be great. Besides the 10 windbreak trees we planted (for windbreak.....), we are pretty happy with them, but taking a hit on the ten that are trying to die is not cause for happy camping in my opinion.
Negative Sandi4031
Hamersville, OH
(1 review)
April 5, 2010
I inherited my mother's property after her death a few years ago. 14 years ago she planted 12 Austrees, 10 lived. 8 are doing okay, the other 2 look spindly and will have to be cut down. HOWEVER, they all make an ENORMOUS MESS of fallen twigs and branches every time the wind blows (even after pruning)!
I am disabled and cannot walk or stand for more than 15-20 minutes, let alone do repeat bending to pick up the HUGE number of branches after even the slightest wind.
My advice: if you are young and energetic, they are good trees. If you are a bit older, or have any medical or back problems DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! If I wasn't on such a tiny amount of Disability income I'd pay to have every one of the trees cut down and replaced with something else!
Negative bunnylady8
Lawrenceville, IL
(1 review)
September 15, 2009
I agree with all of the negatives posted on this site. We planted 3 of these trees 12 years ago. One got a worm, a few years after we planted it and it died. We still have two. If you want to spend all of your time picking up sticks and leaves, these are the trees for you! This year they started dripping sap all over my sidewalks and landscaping to add to my joy of planting these trees. I wish I had my 12 years back. Imagine how much a maple would have grown in 12 years...I really try not to think about it.
Positive Almitra
Caldwell, ID
(1 review)
August 12, 2009
Three years ago I bought a package of windbreak and a package of shade trees. I chose these because I had them when I was in CA and loved them. Now in Idaho with my horses, I wanted something safe to provide shade for them and us. Unfortunately, one horse intruded into the tree area, ate and trampled them. After transplanting all of them, most made it. They are so hardy and, of course, beautiful. We have a lot of wind so every year I trim them so they are more open in the center and easy to mow around. I love my trees and will order them for wherever I live. Oh, I do nothing special for them. They are watered in the lawn and fed spring and fall with all other trees and shrubs. And when my husband doesn't close the gate and the horses get loose, I know they will nibble on safe trees.
Negative Sad_al
Detroit Lakes, MN
(1 review)
July 8, 2009
As Grouch indicated back in 2005, this is absolutely the worst experience of my lifetime. I planted 10 trees about 12 years ago, and purchased cases of fertilizer stakes to use the first 4 years. I did everything as expected by the company. The trees grew and grew, and needed ample pruning to maintain a good shape. Each year the leaves appeared later in the Spring, and dropped later in the fall (this Spring no leaves until early June and last year still had many leaves when snows came in late Nov.) They are so dirty that it takes me an hour to pick up twigs and branches after each wind. Each spring the last several years I have had two heaping pickup loads of branches and twigs, and it has taken more than a day to rake my front yard, where the trees are. Each year for the last five, at least one major limb has died and needed to be cut from about half the trees, leaving them looking lopsided, and the trees have substantially less leaves than each previous year. This year, one tree is 90% dead, and two others are about 75% dead. It will cost me several thousand dollars to have the trees removed and stumps ground. The diameter of the two largest trees that are most dead is over 5 feet each!!! These are massive trees with massive root systems that are protruding from the lawn. Shoulda, woulda, coulda....I wish I had planted a faster growing hybrid elm, ash, or cottonless cottonwood, which thrive in this area.
Negative DaneRus
Billings, MT
(1 review)
June 15, 2009
We planted 12 Austrees along our driveway the spring of 2008 following the company's directions to the letter. 2 of the trees did not come out of their dormancy and were replaced by Rocky Mtn Austree. However, they said it was so late in their season (June) that the two replacements they sent did not live either.

They did send us 2 more replacements this spring... However, as the 10 remaining trees began to "wake up" this spring, it was obvious 5 of them were in trouble. Two never leafed out at all, on one the trunk had died about 1/2 way up and so the bottom branches were alive and leafed out, but the center was dead. On two trees, one side of the trunk was alive and one side wasn't... so one side leafed out and the other didn't.

I took pictures and wrote a letter to Rocky Mountain Austree to see if they could give us an idea of what had happened and if there was anything we could do to help the remaining trees. It has now been three weeks since I sent the information to them and I have not heard a word back.

Today, we pulled all the Austrees out of the ground! We've already invested a lot of time and labor into these trees. We decided we can't spend anymore time/labor on them only to have them keep dying on us.

Personally, we would NOT recommed these trees due to their "mortality rate."

Positive kpstevenson
Santa Fe, NM
(1 review)
May 30, 2009
Definition of FANTASTIC customer service: Rocky Mountain Austree!

My experience with Rocky Mountain Austree is easily among the most positive I ever had with any company I dealt with.

Before I placed the order, the staff in customer support was very patient with all the questions I had about my special location (high desert with extreme wind). It felt like asking friends for advice -- and honestly getting it -- not just some sales pitch.

Then, when UPS misplaced part of the shipment, Rocky Mountain Austree customer support was not only dealing with UPS immediately but also kept me in the loop until all the trees were here a couple of days later (I got more than 100).

And finally, I had trouble with some of the trees and asked for advice. Once again, an extremely qualified person answered my questions within hours, followed up several times by email and phone and ultimately replaced the trees that I had trouble with! Wow! What service!

Thanks to all their help, my new windbreak is now growing like crazy and is starting to resemble a hedge just 4 weeks after planting! I "walk the line" every morning and enjoy the look of it.

I honestly could not be happier both with my experience with the company and the trees themselves.

Thank you, Rocky Mountain Austree! Keep it up!

Positive uspatriot
Mansfield, MO
(1 review)
October 9, 2008
Only had these for 5 months so far, so far so good. Out of 10, 9 are already over 8ft tall and I planted them at the end of april and they were only about 3.5 to 4 ft tall. Only 1 is still the same size but I planted it amongst a bunch of other bushes, I also failed to water it regularly(a sort of baseline if you will) I have had a real time with caterpillars and worms eating the leaves but even with the leaf damage they continue to product more. I'm completely satisfied with my trees. They had kind of a rough start, right after planting we got two freezes and several bad thunderstorms that blew threw. Neither of which did a thing to these trees, they held firm!! I don't do a drip system, just water them pretty well every three days or so with the hose and they have performed beyond expectation!!
Positive gocougs
Spokane, WA
(1 review)
October 7, 2008
The windbreak Austrees that I have planted are great trees! I planted a row of these trees for a privacy screen between my neighbors backyard and my lot and I have had more postive comments on how nice the trees look in our yard. Thank you Rocky Mountain Austree.
Positive ruthiesly2
Paulden, AZ (Zone 7b)
(1 review)
October 2, 2008
We decided this year to establish a sun/wind/privacy screen, along the Western & Northern sides of our house, and purchased 70 Austrees to span the 200 feet or so we wanted to cover. They arrived healthy and we kept them in water buckets for about a week before planting. It was almost June and the warming temperatures were a concern but we were determined to get them in this year. I'm happy to say, with fall coming upon us, that all except one survived! They are all showing signs of life, and in varying stages of growth up to 6 foot tall (in just 4 months)! For the price, it was the best thing we could have done to get something growing fast, even though we know they may not last forever. We'll work on putting in a row of something behind them so there will be something in place when and if the Austrees pass on. For now though, it was extremely rewarding to see our efforts pay off so quickly. Sorry to hear others had such issues with them. We've spent a whole lot more money on stupid stuff than this experiment cost and couldn't be happier.
Positive 2okies
Woodward, OK
(1 review)
August 18, 2008
We planted 13 austrees april 2008. They are growing well after following directions from austree company. however bugs are eating leaves on Kiowa Giants and a little bit on the GoldPanner. The limbs on the GoldPanner are quite slender and are whipping in the wind and splitting, so we tied it up to 3 metal T posts and thin strips of rubber inner tube.It seems to have a different growth habit than the Kiowa Giant and Austree shade tree, the limbs are very skinny and not strong at all, but the leaves are the prettiest thing around here, beautiful lime green, gold and a peach color, just beautiful this first season! It is very top heavy though and falls down almost to the ground despite our trying to tie it up. We are satisfied with the growth this first season on the willow windbreak type, and the other big shade tree types. We were surprised by the amount of damage by insects to the leaves though after being assured they would not be attractive to bugs. We have quite a bit of clay in the soil here on our place in Northwest Oklahoma but we think the trees are going to grow. I am reluctant to water as much as I would in a really sandy soil as it could encourage root rot? Perhaps. We do water them a lot though since they are in their first year.
Positive golconda5
Colorado Springs, CO
(1 review)
July 17, 2008
I purchased 5 Austrees in 2003 and planted them behind 2 mobil homes in a mobil home park. To date they have developed trunks of approximately 12-14 inch diameters, are at least 30 ft tall and hide the 2 story apartments directly behind the mobil homes. I have had no problems with the "cottonwood" effect and the aesthetic effect is wonderful.
Negative CaliopeJ
Tolar, TX
(1 review)
May 30, 2008
Okay folks, this is the real deal, the Austree is really a Cottonwood and Cottonwoods are fast growing, but, they create chaos in anyone's landscape. If you have allergies and they make this incredibly cottony looking mess all over your yard and home. Here is my question, why in the name of heck are you folks calling them an Austree? Is this to deceive Texans into buying this menace to our landscape?????? Yes my intelligence tells me this is a hybrid of some sort, but the basis is still a Cottonwood.
Negative wieman
Harvey, LA
(1 review)
May 24, 2008
My husband and I purchased three trees from Rocky Mountain Austree. I wish we never got them. We just had the last of them removed. After planting them, I started seeing a strange looking insect I've never seen before. I called a horticulturalist to come look at the trees and the insects and it turned out that the insect was called a Cottonwood Borer and is not normally seen in the New Orleans area. He told me that ordering hybrid trees online or from tv commercials or not always a good idea, cause you really don't know what you are getting and what kind of insects you are bringing into your area. Since these borers are not indigenous in the New Orleans area, the only advise he could give me was to have the trees removed, before the Cottonwood borers infest all the other trees on my property. Their trees are suppose to be resistant to pests. As far as I am concerned, they lied. Don't bother with the trees, save yourself a lot of money and hardache.
Positive Mannmd
Clinton, OK
(1 review)
March 5, 2008
Obtained a single Austee Goldpanner. It is now about 4 years old and nearing 30'. It's a water-loving critter but grows faster than anything I've seen to date. Good experience overall, even in our very alkaline soil of Western Oklahoma. Planning now to buy a large number for a wind break.
Neutral bubb1957
Milan, OH
(1 review)
November 4, 2007
I bought several Austrees for shade trees about 4 years ago. They are amazing shade trees, grew incredibly fast! The only downfalls I see are that they are very messy when the wind blows, lots of brances on the ground, and the worst part for me, is that I made the mistake of planting one about 50 ft from the house, and the roots have already found their way into my footer tile at the foundation of my home. Am in the processof tearing down all trees after seeing what the roots will do anywhere near any water filled tiles. Great for shade, but definitly dont plant them anywhere near tiles, as they will find it.
Positive pixiebean9495
Brighton, TN
(1 review)
June 20, 2007
I ordered 40 of these trees in the spring of 2000 to plant at my new house. I planted them along the front and side of the yard, to offer both a barrier against the road and the neighbors. The trees all grew great, I planted a soaker hose with them and used that to water them the first two years. I was surprised at how fast those "twigs" grew. We have to trim them every year, they try to turn into bushes by growing all those whips out, but overall, all of them are great. Some got huge (those closer to the drain field) and some are somewhat scrawny, but they look good. When our home burned up in 2004, the electric company cut three of them down because they were "in the power lines way". (the power line goes diagonal over them, higher than the trees and not a potential hazard). My husband and I top these trees every fall to prevent them being a problem. These were chopped down at ground level. I am happy to say that three years later, we have so much growth off the existing trunk / root system that you would hardly know they had been cut down. Granted, the trunk(s) are smaller, they have a bit to go to get as tall as the others, but they are doing great.
Negative chickspick
White Heath, IL
(1 review)
May 20, 2007
nearly 20 years ago we planted 2,200 austrees on 80 acres....two water wagons were used for two years and all went well.....about five years ago many began to die and are still dieing.......some are huge with large trunks and others are another property I have several dozon planted....most did well til electric co. cut six or more down...they do not grow back from roots nor a beavers chomping...always keep in mind when tree sellers/developers promote a hybred that lives at least 80 years ask your self if that hybrid has even been around that long let alone the company.....even the smaller eight inch trunks will snap in half, split and splinter with a good illinois wind....if anyone would like photos of our Aussie boneyard i will be glad to forward a they make a great wind break? yep they do and fast but if your of just retirement age you will out live the wind row...i do believe they have their do it over again, i would plant a row of furs or hardwoods and a row of aussie trees....when the aussies start desolving the furs will be big enough to take over....and we would never rely/plant just one species again
Positive karlawunderlich
Manheim, PA
(1 review)
March 30, 2007
We live in Lancaster County, PA (southeastern PA zone 6). Six years ago we planted 208 of the Austree windbreak trees and four Gold Panners (the majority around the front perimeter of a 3 1/2 acre property and a few planted within the yard.) We planted a double-row three feet apart. After following the directions precisely they grew just as the company promised. We were skeptical at first but after speaking with the customer service representatives they confirmed that if we followed the instructions we would see good results--they were right! The first year our three-foot sticks turned into 15 foot hedges. We have well-water and soaked them for the first two years through the spring and summer months. They do need a lot of watering the first two growing seasons to thrive.

The only negative has been the after-effects. We stopped watering our trees after the second year and have not needed to since, but the leaves will yellow and drop off during dry periods and summer months. The trees themselves are very messy. Our anual spring ritual is to rake the front of our property to remove all of the twigs dropped during the fall and winter months. I would not recommend planting them on a residential property unless you are prepared to clean up after them, but I would definitely plant them again in a large maintenance-free area.

Of 212 trees two died and were promptly replaced by the company, no questions asked. Customer service was excellent.

Now in our seventh growth season the trunks and branches are so substantial that they provide some privacy even in the fall and winter months. Also, topping the top third of the trees after the first few years has really added to their density.
Negative dishtech
Nebo, IL
(1 review)
February 27, 2007
I purchased 3 Kiowa Giant 6' Shade trees.,a few years back.I was so amazed on how fast they grew..In one year,they out grew my 1 1/2 story home..the leaves were so big.I was so happy with my purchase,and bout to order 15 more.when all a suden,they all 3 just died!!!!!!! It was the 3rd year..I dont know about you.but 3 years,I wasted on something,that I could have put a maple or something to get started..I called company.told them what happened.they said sorry,dont know what could have happened.but it has been 3 years,and they couldnt help me..This company really sucks.STAY AWAY FROM THIS TREE AND COMPANY.JUST REMEMBER WHEN YOUR TREE DIES A FEW YEARS LATER ,I TOLD YOU SO..THANK DAVE
Negative bokabob
San Antonio, TX
(1 review)
October 1, 2006
I purchased 3 Kiowa Giant 6' Shade trees , shipped 03/01/2000.
I live in San Antonio, TX

I dug 4' holes to plant them in, done everything I was instructed to do. 2 lasted about 3 months & died, the one I planted in my front yard now being 6 yrs old is around 25' tall.
The tree has done well growing, but the trunk looks like it has the crud. The bark opens up and falls off, this is the full leingth of the tree. I'll mot likely take it down another year.

Boka Bob
Positive usnavyvet
Spokane, MO
(2 reviews)
May 24, 2006
This is my second year of utilizing austrees as plantings for windbreaks and shade trees on aprox 60 acres (10 mowed)in missouri.
I started with 6 trees last year, 3 of the kiowa giants and three of the hybrids for windbreaks. I wanted to be sure that the trees would survive in the rocky soil of the Ozarks and could handle the winter.
The results have been great, the kiowa giants have almost tripled in size, all three are flourishing, and the windbreak hybrids have done the same. I am currently in the process of planting 6 more kiowas, and after 3 days in the ground they already have new growth. I am still in the process of planting 10 more windbreak hybrids but they appear to be healthy and I expect similar success.
I have used the root stimulator, granular fertilizer, and tree spikes as directed as well as the deer pellets. I had one tree sampled by a deer one time last winter and they never tried again. I have experienced no problems with rodents, bugs, or rabbits and believe me, there are many around.
I should also mention that all the trees are on drip lines and are watered regularly during the summer
I cant speak to the behavior of the trees 15 years from now, but the winds here pull branches off of the red and white oaks, including the saplings, but I have yet to lose a limb from any of the austrees.
Positive cbcalvin
Fountain Inn, SC
(1 review)
December 16, 2005
We ordered 3 trees. They looked like sticks. Nine years later, all three are huge and leafy. And they screen out the view to the neighbors in a development without enough trees. But the ice storm yesterday brought one of them down. Uprooted. This was not a shallow or deficient root system. The falling tree brought up a huge root ball with substantial roots. The ice also brought down a native southern pine. The ice storms here in the upstate South Carolina are hard on all trees. The other Austrees lost parts of limbs from the tops but look like they will fill out again in the Spring. These Austrees are a good investment but they do shed a lot of twigs and leaves during the entire growing season.
As I remember it, the trees were promptly shipped and well wrapped. But that was 9 years ago.
Neutral DougT
Prospect, PA
(1 review)
September 25, 2005
I am rating my experience as "neutral" because it has been both good and bad. In March 1996 I planted 10 austrees in various areas on my residential lot in southwestern PA, and now have trees that are 40' to 50' tall providing lots of shade. However, I also have leaves dropping several times during the summer, twigs dropping every time the wind blows, and roots invading drain lines and heaving the ground around the trees. By far the worst problem I am having is that some of the trees have started (in the last 2 years) to drop sap beginning around the end of August. The sap stains everything black and attracts yellowjackets. Also this year, there is an infestation of an insect that I am attempting to identify, possibily an aphid. While the austrees did grow as advertised by RMA, I am disappointed by the "side effects" that I am experiencing. These trees are probably fine to use on a large piece of property, but based on my experience, I would not recommend them for use in a residential setting.
Burley, ID
(1 review)
September 15, 2005
I live in Idaho, I just finished building a new house for me and my wife
in the country. Not more than just finishing it some one bought the feild next to us and built right in our back yard. We bought 300 of these tree and yes they look like stick when you plant them, but
we put them 5 feet apart in a double row and flood watered them for 6 months now and if they grow like they did this year we will not even now we have people living in our back yard. Out of 300 trees we lost
2 and the company replaced them. I know they will be messy but show me a willow that isn't , We are very satisfied with them and would plant them again any time any where.
Very sastisfied In IDAHO!!!!!!!
Positive Xxooss
Round Rock, TX
(1 review)
September 11, 2005
These things do grow fast and I am very pleased so far...almost like instant shade!

Positive elmio
Tyler, TX
(1 review)
August 19, 2005
I bought 13 trees, 10 barrier trees and 3 shade trees. I have followed the directions to the letter. My barrier trees are doing very well,they are 3 months old and have doubled in height! The shade trees have grown about 10", but this equates to 6 feet a year as I was told. My only concern is that I have done some research, in my area, east Texas, the trees are suspectable to cotton root rot, which is common in high clay soils. I noticed that one of your readers reported what I think is cotton root rot.I drip water every other day for 3 hrs and fertilize once a month with Austree 10-10-10.
Negative aotoole
Washington, PA
(1 review)
July 11, 2005
We needed fast-growing, shade-providing trees and after much research decided on the Kiowa Giants. We ordered 6 trees along with the fertilizing kits recommended - an order total of $239.90. We've followed all of the instructions for watering and fertilizing for the last 2.5 months and have had moderate success with 5 trees. The 6th tree died and the company quickly replaced it. The replacement tree is 5 weeks old and is dead from the top to 6" above the root. The tree is sprouting from the root system and looks like a small sparse shrub. I called the company today for another replacement and was told to cut the tree down to the root and allow it to come back. They won't replace it since the "Tree" is still alive. When I forced the issue I was told that I would only be sent a replacement if I paid the shipping and handling chg of $19.95 but their stock for this growing season was depleted. I was also told that the instructions for cutting the tree back to a 12" shrub were the instructions they were giving to all of the customers which called with this problem. Apparently, it's not that uncommon of a problem. We had planned to purchase another 6 tree next year but have now decided against this - we don't want to take the chance of getting 12" trees again.
Negative Grouch
Cozad, NE
(1 review)
June 30, 2005
It's not the Company, it's the trees.

We planted over 300 of these Austrees in 1990 in two locations. One location was for a livestock windbreak and the other was at our new home.

Planting these Austrees has ended up being one of the worst mistakes I have ever made made in my life.

For the first 10 years, I looked really smart as everyone was truly amazed at how well the trees did! However, 15 years later, I am absolutly SICK that I did not plant something that was proven to be long lived and easy to care for! These Austrees are the DIRTIEST trees I have EVER been around. Every spring at my home, (originally planted 125 Austrees) we have to pick up around 2 full pickup loads of branches that have broken off during the winter. In the summer, any wind over 30 MPH breaks off more branchs. So, I have to pick up all the broken branches after every storm before I can mow the lawn.

We will be removing all of the Austrees and replanting next spring. (I don't even want to think about that cost!)
I can guarantee we will NEVER plant Austrees again, ANYWHERE!

SO, buyer beware!!! If you are looking for something really fast growing and want instant results, by all means plant these trees. But, be prepared to have a really big mess 10-15 years later.

It makes me sick to see other, normal wind breaks (cedars, pines, etc) that were planted about the same time as we planted the Austrees. They are tall, healthy and look great. Our Austrees are sick, broken, and dying. We will have to start over! So, instead of waiting patiently for a proven tree to grow, we choose to go with a fast grower. End result: It will now that 30 years to have a long life tree wind break instead of 15!!!!!!


Positive ddhyde1
Ontario, NY
(1 review)
January 20, 2005
We ordered 30 Austrees in 1995. When they arrived we said to ourselves, "you gotta be kidding, these are twigs, not trees". I couldn’t have been more wrong. We have had 100% success. They are now taller than the house. They have survived 2 ice storms with little damage and 10 years of Lake Ontario winters. During the ice storms, they were bent over to the ground. We went out and shook the ice off them and just picked up the broken limbs. By the end of the next season, you couldn't even know anything had ever happened. They keep getting bigger and more full. A very nice set of trees. We get comments from everyone. People (total strangers) have stopped at the house and asked where we got them. We will be ordering more this spring.
Positive nathan101
Nashville, TN
(1 review)
October 8, 2004
I bought 20 Austrees and planted them as directed. They grew about 12' in the first year and have filled in nicely. If you keep an eye on them and are proactive with maintenance I think they will be great trees. Some side by side photos are at this site: //
Positive pielover
(1 review)
July 20, 2004
I bought 10 austrees (windbreak) in May of 2004. I am not using them as a windbreak though. I planted them 12.5 feet apart. When I first planted them, I thought 3 of them were dead, but I watered them every other day and they have been growing great since. My trees started at about 3 to 4 feet tall and now one tree is 5 feet tall, one is 7.5 feet tall and the other 8 are in between. I live in North Texas (Fort Worth area) and have black gumbo soil. So far, these trees have been a really positive experience for me and I will repost in a few months (at the end of the growing season) with an update.
Positive rrurban
(1 review)
April 21, 2004
Planted a windbreak of 10 Austrees 3' apart on May 10th, 2003. We have heavy clay soils in Monument, CO so I dug a 30' trench, 3' deep by 2 1/2' wide. My trees were small when I got them (about 2 feet tall). I fertilized every month and put them on a drip system for 5 hours every other day. Less than 1 year later most are 7' tall. We have one though that is not growing well (still only 3' tall) but is starting to get leaves again for the Spring 2004 season. I expect my trees to double this year.
Positive jeffnlexi
(1 review)
January 12, 2004
I purchased 3 Austree's in the spring of 2002. I was, and am the ultimate skeptic. When the trees came in they were twiggs and I almost had to laugh. I planted them and went exactly by the directions, watered them tons, fertilizer etc. I am now a believer, I have 3 very large attractive trees. The Kiowa has to be my favorite. I had a 17 foot tall tree after the first growing season and after the second it filled out and is now about 25-30 feet tall. I love them and if I had more room in my yard would buy more. I have not had any rabbit trouble but ants seems to love them but have not done any harm. I live in Springfield Missouri so the climate is not too hot and not too cold. Love them and if you have the time and patience to water them like crazy for at least the first year I cannot see how you could go wrong.

Positive dallis
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July 10, 2003
Great Product- I have windbreaks that are already over 20ft that I planted last year! The Giant Kiowa Shade tree is awesome! Customer service and support is A+!! One of the first companies that actually presents acurately and stands behind their product. WEB PAGE :
On August 14th, 2003, dallis added the following:

They also will replace trees that don't perform as promised, what more could you ask for in a company. I have purchased a total of 36 trees so far and plan on getting more next year! Water and mulch are the key, especially the first year.
Positive Nevadan
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July 8, 2003
I purchased 3 trees in 1997. Planted one between houses and it gets water from both auto sprinkler systems twice weekly. That tree is now taller than my two story house and everyone ask where I got it. The other two I planted out back and they do not get nearly the amout of water, but both are doing well. I am now doing deep watering on these two and I am sure they will catch up with the other soon.
In Nevada if you do not water, it will not grow!!
Negative bonnieanderson
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August 1, 2002
We planted 30 of these trees about 7 years ago. We followed the directions exactly and were quite happy with them. Some grew very fast but others were stunted. I called the company and was informed to fertilize them every month with a 10-10-10 fertilizer which I do faithfully. That has helped green them up, but unfortunately aphids and junebugs love these trees and I have to have them professionally sprayed every 6 months, so they are costing me a lot more than I wanted to pay. Now for some reason they are dying off, I have already lost one this year, 2last year, 5 that were part of windbreak the year before. They seem to die from the inside out. First I notice the leaves dying and the back peels off and underneath where it should be green it is black soot. I don't know what that is? I am so disappointed in them.
Neutral francismccord
(1 review)
May 1, 2002
We ordered 6 Austree's in 1994. We lost two of them the first year. The other 4 are about 40 feet tall now. Very bushy and create a lot shade. The first few years took a lot of water to keep them alive. Now we just rely on our annual rain.

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