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On Oct 11, 2011, daveroberts (1 reviews) from Potomac, MD

I've had deer eating my roses for some time. On the Web, I found the Wireless Deer Fence. I was skeptical, but they offered a refund if it didn't work, and I was really tired of having my roses eaten. I had bought an odor repellent and sprayed it on but it had a strong smell of poop. If I wanted a poop smell i wouldn't be growing roses! Anyway, when it came I was impressed with the quality. It's manufactured with real care to detail. So I put batteries into the little posts, put the floral lures onto them and set them out. For a couple of days, roses kept being eaten. Then one day there was a very deep hoofprint near one of the WDF stakes, and after that the roses didn't get eaten any more. That was last summer. They've continued to work except for one time. I did get roses eaten for a while this summer. Then I realized that I had not changed the lures for nearly 3 months--you are supposed to change them once a month. It takes about fifteen minutes to do all of mine, about a dozen stakes. And I hadn't! So I replaced all the lures, and now the deer are not eating my roses any more. They say the batteries last for a full summer, and indeed they do. If you leave the batteries in over the winter you'll find that they will still shock you next spring! The device really does work as advertised. I have recommended the WDF for a number of my friends, all of whom have had excellent experiences, except for one who did not change the floral lures. He never read the instructions. Dave Roberts htttp://webmarketingadvantage.com

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