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306 NW 84th Street
Seattle, Washington 98117 (United States)
(206) 781-9790



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On Apr 19, 2016, bizarroworld (3 reviews) from Seattle, WA (Zone 8a)

Had an appointment at this nursery to pick up some speciality bamboo plants, was not disappointed. Will definitely be going back.

On Feb 2, 2012, SirWilber (1 reviews) from Lynnwood, WA

The bamboo place in Greenwood was not hard to find just off 3rd on NW 84. What really tipped me off was the 7' bamboo fence around the property, the bamboo-like iron gate and the calm, whimsical gardens within and the forest of bamboo. I have been there several time for plants, barrier, advice and Stan, the owner, always makes me feel like a long time friend. The gardens are almost always different evey time I go as Stan and his staff are always moving plants and repotting the rootbound. This is also his home and you always feel welcome in his filbert shell covered backyard. I have never paid what it says on the tag but much less. He is very proud of his plants as he should be they are some of the healthest plants I've ever seen. I will buy from them again and have and will continue to reccomend to others.

On Jul 13, 2009, westcoastgarden (2 reviews) from Seattle,
United States

Owner was very helpful and the nursery was immaculate. However I had an issue with the principal and honesty of the plants purchased. I purchased several 7gal sized plants and went home and transplanted them into my garden. I was advised not to but I did it anyways which I am glad I did. To my surprise the propagated rhizomes were TINY compared to the size of pots that they were in. These plants should have fit into a 1 or 2 gallon pot tops. Instead I bought a tiny cutting and a whole lot of dirt in a very big pot. I believe that these were 1gal plants sold at a 7gal prices. I have purchased 5/7gal bamboo plants elsewhere and they were always root bound and established. I felt taken advantage of.

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