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posted on October 3, 2009



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On Apr 25, 2021, davegg (1 reviews) from Silverton, OR

We ordered 3 apple trees from OP; after waiting several months we finally received them; much to my dismay and disbelief, they turned out to be the most poorly grafted plants I have every seen. Total JUNK. I have grafted well over 100000 trees (conifers) over the past 30 + years and I have never seen such POOR Quality. Disgraceful. I sent photos of the bent up stems and we got a credit but what I wanted was decent plants. So we got our money back but really crappy plants. If they survive they will just break off and turn to shit probably about the time we would expect an apple. Buyer Beware as the saying goes. Won't be back to OP....ever.

On Apr 29, 2017, sareinhart (1 reviews) from Dauphin, PA

I cannot say enough positive about Orange Pippin trees. Very detailed information on their website. Fantastic selection. Great support via email. Products arrived on time and as promised. All around fantastic experience.

On Apr 12, 2016, ThomasK702 (1 reviews) from Las Vegas, NV

I ordered three apple trees from Orange Pippin Trees to be delivered to an American address. They shipped one tree that was labeled correctly, on pear tree (summer crisp), and one with no tag but marked with colored dots. It has been almost a week and I have been nothing but jerked around and told to wait, all while my heeled in trees are beginning to spur out. They were made aware of the timeliness of the matter and still refused to tell me what trees I had been shipped and when I can expect my correct order. I will update my review when or if they choose to stop jerking me around. Stark brothers trees came with no hassle and were ~1" in diameter and about half the price, where the Orange Pippin trees were puny and barely 1/2". Very dissatisfied.

On Jun 20, 2014, rayerne (4 reviews) from Newfane, VT

I had a really lame sounding question and not only did they answer it, but promptly and professionally. I got the vibe of really good customer service but I have yet to receive my first order so I can't rate the product. The website is a gardener's dream come true.

On Apr 23, 2013, merichar (1 reviews) from Las Cruces, NM

I was able to get a variety of apple tree from them that I couldn't find anywhere else. The customer service was excellent. Also, the website is incredibly informative, particularly on the topic of pollinators.

On May 6, 2012, rebecca101 (25 reviews) from Madison, WI (Zone 5a)

I ordered 3 dwarf apple trees from them which arrived this spring. I was very pleased with both the trees and the whole ordering process. They have an absolutely awesome website with all sorts of detailed, intelligent information (cross-pollination issues, rootstocks, pruning instructions, etc.). They offer apples on a variety of rootstocks and you can select which one works best for you. Lots of rare and unusual varieties. Communication about my order, packaging, and planting instructions were excellent. And the trees themselves were giant - hard to believe they are only 1-year old trees. This is definitely the company for the obsessive compulsive gardener (like me).

On May 4, 2012, smartchick (2 reviews) from Ridgecrest, CA

I bought two varieties of apple tree from Orange Pippin- Mutsu (Crispin) and Wolf River. I had experienced difficulty in finding a nursery that could provide a Mutsu and decided to give this vendor a try. The trees were received in January and were monsters. The diameters of the trees really surprised me when they arrived. They are both leafing out and look very likely to thrive. I would recommend this company highly- they are especially worth a look if you are searching for a hard-to-find variety. These were the best quality trees I have ever received via mail order.

On Apr 21, 2012, snowangel77 (1 reviews) from Camarillo,
United States

I ordered a Burgundy apple tree from Orange Pippin in March to be shipped to California, and am very pleased with the purchase. They were very communicative about my order even though I hadnīt submitted any questions. They updated me via email when my order was estimated to ship, and again when they had shipped it and when I should expect it to arrive. As for the tree they sent me - it is a very healthy, vigorous tree. It came shipped dormant with its roots carefully wrapped in a heavy duty plastic wrapper and some soil. I followed the planting instructions provided on their website when I put it in the ground. I was a bit concerned as it had rained very heavily for 3 days after I had planted it, but as of the end of April, the tree seems settled into its new home and its dormant buds are now unfurled into leaves in sunny Southern California weather.

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