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Busse Gardens

Mailing Address:
17160 245th Avenue
Big Lake, Minnesota 55309 (United States)

Phone: 1-800-544-3192

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  Company Comment, posted on March 1, 2001:  
Busse Gardens has been under new ownership since the 2000 season. Prior to that, problems had arisen with quality and consistency as the owners neared and passed retirement age. Since 2000 we have emphasized quality and customer service and have had much success in shipping big, healthy plants to satisfied customers across the country.

We guarantee all of our plants to be true to name and healthy upon arrival.

Our catalog is on line at and a 64-page paper version can be purchased on the web site for $3. We offer over 1000 unique, new and often hard-to-find perennials to enhance your gardening experience.

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Positive becker99
North Spearfish, SD
(4 reviews)
July 5, 2013
Very nice chrysanthemum plants shipped quickly and safely. I had a question, a staff person called back right away and was very knowledgeable. I would order from them again.
Positive Roseemily
Saint Paul, MN
(1 review)
July 9, 2010
Posted on June 18, 2010, updated July 9, 2010
My son ordered 5 Southcombe geraniums for me per my request as a birthday gift. I recommended the company because I had had a positive experience a few years earlier.Three of the plants were small and on two of them part of the roots were black. I cut off the black and planted all the geraniums. The two never thrived and slowly died. I emailed Busse gardens as the condition deteriorated then emailed them again forwarding my first email as well when the plants died. They did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge my email which angers me even more than the 2 dead plants.
On July 9th, 2010, Roseemily changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Busse Gardens and I finally did communicate. My emails were going into Spam or junk and being deleted. They were out of the geranium and offered a refund or said I could order other plants. As daylilies are one of my favorite flowers, I ordered two and paid the difference. Shipping was free. They went to great trouble in packaging the daylilies to protect the scapes and buds and sent them via SpeeDee so they arrived the next day with scapes and buds intact. They are now in my garden and I look forward to their bloom. I had ordered from Busse before so was surprised when a problem arose and I seemed to be ignored.
I would recommend them and would order again from them.
Company representative comment on June 19, 2010:
On Jun 19, 2010 9:33 AM, Busse Gardens responded with:

I am sorry to hear about the problems with your plants. Unfortunately we did not receive your emails, which sometimes happens due to spam filters or other problems. I wish you had called, since our plants are guaranteed to arrive healthy and ready to grow. If a customer is not satisfied, we will replace the plants or offer a refund. I have written a separate email offering this opportunity. For all of our customers, if it seems like you are not getting through to us, please call. We are a small company and may not be in the office to answer right when you call, but we will get back to you. We want everyone to be satisfied with the plants they receive and we hope to have an opportunity to correct any problems with an order. Busse Gardens

Positive gemres
Morris, MN
(5 reviews)
February 5, 2010
Posted on February 5, 2004, updated February 4, 2010
I've ordered from Busse Gardens for two seasons. Nice healthy plants, well-packed. Good selection, good customer service.
On February 5th, 2010, gemres added the following:

Have ordered again several times including August 2009. Wonderful plants!
Positive tepelus
Nashville, MI (Zone 6a)
(12 reviews)
June 20, 2009
I ordered from Busse for the first time this spring, an order of several heuchera, and am overall pleased with what I received. Two of the seven were questionable, and are still struggling to survive, one in a pot and the other in the ground, but the other five are doing great. They are big and healthy. The plants came in four inch pots, several of them looking like they needed to be in the ground for a while, somewhat overgrown in their pots. Some of the dirt was thrown out of the pots and were a little on the dry side, but it's to be expected when having been jostled about a bit in a box going through the mail, even with a lot of packing material. It' too bad that their guarantee wasn't better, because the one heuchera I would definitely ask for a refund or replacement on, but if it doesn't make it, it doesn't.
Negative kai23
Washington, DC
(2 reviews)
September 23, 2007
Background: After my recent order with Busse Gardens, I discovered (for the first time) that UPS cannot leave packages at my home address without a signature. After waiting 1 week for the package and finally having to go to the UPS center, two of the four plant I had ordered died. At this point, I had no complaints with Busse. My negative rating derives from the rudeness of the staff person with whom I spoke regarding this problem. Here is what happened:

Conversation #1: Staff person blamed me for the plants' dying and for the delivery problems. He interrupted me twice and after asking me to "explain myself" said "No, I don't particulary want to hear it..." Resolution: Busse agreed to look into problem and replace the plants.

Outcome: Both replacements were canceled because one of two replacement plants were not in stock.

Conversation #2: When I called to ask why I could not get the replacements, the staff person explained it was not worth it to the company (i.e. the shipping cost exceeded the cost of the plant) to replace the one plant. He advised me to order back in the spring, to which I replied, "Well, I don't think I will be ordering from Busse again." He then retorted, "Well, you give us an address that UPS doesn't even ship to. We'd be happy to not ship to your address!"

Whatever happened to common courtesy?! I had no problems with Busse's plants or shipment. However, I would recommend not speaking with Gary.
Company representative comment on June 19, 2010:
On Jun 19, 2010 9:47 AM, Busse Gardens responded with:

This customer ordered plants shipped to a secure building in a metropolitan area with no staff on site to accept deliveries. She should have known that UPS cannot leave packages on the front steps outside of a metropolitan apartment building. No signature is ever required for our orders, but for a multi-unit building, access to the inside of the building is required. She blamed us and UPS for the problems and I wasn't willing to accept that blame. We ship so that plants arrive the same week we ship them. This customer's plants were in the box for 10 days. We intended to ship replacements for the two plants that died, but by that time only one plant was available. Due to the problems shipping to this customer, we elected to refund the cost of the two plants that died, including the shipping charge, even though it was not our fault or UPS's fault that the plants did not arrive in good condition. All we ask is that if you order mail order plants, you be sure that they can be delivered. If you do, you will get healthy plants and we will be happy to replace them if they don't arrive in good condition. .

Neutral mjpsew
Minneapolis, MN
(2 reviews)
June 11, 2006
I have purchased from Busse 3 times. I have had inconsistent results the past two years with the plants I received from them. I have had a fair number of plants not survive to the second season. I ordered from them again this spring in hopes that these plants will do better. I have hundreds of perennials in my yard so I don't think it is my lack of experience that has attributed to these specific plants failure. I think that the plants they send are rather small and packaged only adequately. Since I live only a short distance from the nursery, it wasn't because of long transit time that they did poorly.
Positive rosemontgolden
Stockton, NJ
(2 reviews)
May 28, 2006
Busse Gardens was recommended to be by a masterful garden friend. I've ordered several times from them and am very pleased with their plant selection and quality. When I recently had a probem with an order, they corrected the problem immediately and in a friendly way. I recommend doing busiiness with Busse Gardens.
Positive billyporter
Nichols, IA (Zone 5a)
(7 reviews)
May 16, 2006
My neighbor told me about this company and lent me a catalog so I could place an order. It came today. I was very happy with the packing, size of the plants and the root system. I will order again.
Positive sowforth
Saint Cloud, MN
(2 reviews)
August 3, 2005
My neighbor and I absolutely love Busse Gardens and look forward to their open houses every year. The owners are friendly and helpful and we always come away with something new or different. I highly recommend them.
Positive ianandsara
La Grange, IL
(12 reviews)
May 19, 2005
Our favorite! (And we mail-ordered a lot of plants from a lot of places last fall and this spring.) Big, healthy plants; good prices; fast, reasonable shipping; nice customer service. We're kind of obsessed with the hens and chicks mix!
Positive missmuffit
Des Moines, IA (Zone 5a)
(3 reviews)
January 1, 2005
I love Busse Gardens. I've pared down the number of companies that I order from in the last two years because my hobby can sometimes get out of hand ($). However, I continue to place Busse Gardens at the top of my list. They always seem to have the hard to find cultivars I have seen in books like 'Perennial All Stars' (published by the editors of Organic Garedning magazine).
They ship healthy, wonderful plants and I look forward to visiting their nursery during one of their open houses this year.
Highly recommended.
Positive gwendylena
La Salle, MI
(26 reviews)
September 21, 2003
I recommend this company. I am happy with the size and quality of the plants I ordered from them this year. Everything was packed well and looked good when I unpacked them. I will definately be ordering from them next year.
On September 12th, 2004, gwendylena added the following:

I've ordered from Busse Gardens twice more since my last comments. I am pleased with the quality of the items I received. There was one item that looked bad and I received an very rapid email response to my complaint. I have not heard anything from them since I asked for a refund. I guess I'll just have to check my next credit card statement and see if they did give me the refund. Besides this I have no complaints.

I highly recommend their hardy mums if you live in a cold region. I live in Michigan and have always had trouble overwintering mums. The mums I ordered last year came back in great shape so I ordered more for this year. Their catalog says that they are bred to withstand colder winters.
On September 13th, 2004, gwendylena added the following:

Apparently customer service saw my comments and I received an email from them the next day. For whatever reason they did not receive my email response. It must be true because I've gotten such great service from this company all along. Sent another today. I'm sure I'll get a quick answer. I do want to add that the first email that I received contained quite a lot of useful information about growing the plant that I had ordered. I appreciated that.
On September 17th, 2004, gwendylena added the following:

They refunded my credit card that same day so I"m completely satisfied. The plants that I received just a few weeks ago are growing rapidly. They look like they are going to do very well.
Positive turtlegirl03
Oklahoma City, OK (Zone 7a)
(2 reviews)
September 11, 2003
Today, I received my shipment from Busse. I ordered four plants which arrived in perfect condition. Prior to shipping, the called me on the phone when there was a slight bump in the road but they definitely took care of me and the bump. The plants arrived when Busse indicated they would and they look wonderful. I look forward to seeing these plants thrive & would have no hesitation ordering from them again.
Positive newc
(3 reviews)
June 6, 2003
just received my order for 15 plants and i'm tickled pink.
all plants look terrific. quite a feat considering they made the long trek from minnesota to massachusetts. one was actually blooming! gave them a good long drink and i'm letting them hang out in the shade. can't wait to get them planted and growing. very good experience with this company. fast service and good stock. will definitely keep them on my favorites list.
Positive Sosa
(11 reviews)
May 11, 2003
I received 8 perennial potted plants from Busse Gardens this past week. They arrived at the right time and were all in excellant condition as they were well packed and promptly received. Busse is in Minnesota and I am in Massachusetts so it was a long trek. The plants were large, well rooted, green and healthy. Busse has a great selection of perennial plants including hard to find ones. Their prices are good for good sized plants especially compared to nearby, Conn. based White Flower Farm. A number of days after being planted they are all looking good. Check out their great catalog and give them a try!
Negative skscherger
(3 reviews)
April 29, 2003
I had my husband pick up a certain grass when he was near Busse about 3-4 years ago. They were not very helpful to me over the phone, or with him when he was there. Later that summer we discovered it was not the right grass (as labeled), in fact appeared to be a common marsh sort. Then it did not survive the Winter. This is my only experience with them, but obviously I was not impressed.
Company representative comment on March 18, 2004:
We're sorry to see a negative comment, posted in 2003 about an experience that happened 3-4 years before that. We want to point out that this customer's experience occurred with the former owners of Busse Gardens, who sold to us in December, 1999. Since then, our entire emphasis has been on quality plants and excellent customer service. We think we've been successful, as evidenced by other customer comments and our own feedback from customers.

Additionally, all of our plants are guaranteed to be true to name. They are what we say they are. If there is ever a labeling problem, and that can occur for various reasons, we replace the plant or offer a refund. Our goal is to make your perennial gardening experience exciting and successful. Please let us know how we can serve you better.

Gary Goldsmith,
co-owner, Busse Gardens
Positive MGLinda
(1 review)
February 3, 2003
I am a Master Gardener growing many types of perennials in my various gardens. I have ordered from at least 20 sources and made purchases at virtually all my area nurseries. Although I live near Busse Gardens, I did not "find" them until last year (2002). I then returned to each of their open houses for the public. Not only do they have a wonderful selection of plants at great prices, the plants are well-grown and the staff are both knowledgeable and helpful. Busse is a truly fantastic place that has earned my business as well as that of all my fellow gardeners, whom I continue to direct to them!
Positive kkh
(2 reviews)
January 12, 2003
i ordered a busse garden catalog first not realizing that they also have 6-weekend openhouses in the spring. Having gotten burned ordering plants in the past i made a road trip up to their nursery. All i can say is--- WOW!!! My sister and grabbed our nursery wagons and filled them up twice over. At check out time - we were given a nice suprise of small but worth it discounts for spending so much...and i also got a twofer deal on an iris - i bought one- there was a last one of that variety left if i would please take it. They also gave helpful tips and took time to answer questions or look for certain items. VERY forthright and knowledgable. If they didn't have it in stock they were quick to point out that i could always send them a wish list via Email. Which i did and my items were shipped out in an expedient manner. My shipment was no less than what i would have picked out myself-- these people are very proud of the perennials they sell you can tell-- healthy huge plants carefully packed not a one stressed out. My number one choice for plant orders!!!
Positive HollyN
Saint Paul, MN
(4 reviews)
January 7, 2003
I went to their yearly sale at their nursery. What nice large plants for only $6. I am looking forward to going again! They were really helpful and had the best prices for the large quality plants.
Positive joyceh
Stewart, MN (Zone 4a)
(5 reviews)
December 17, 2002
Have ordered from them twice now as well as visited the nursery. The plants I ordered all arrived in good condition. Friendly, helpful people on the phone and in the nursery. ( Yes if you call you will get to talk to real people, or they WILL call you back.Nice selection of plants.
Positive revclaus
(Judith) Denver, CO (Zone 5b)
(27 reviews)
September 28, 2002
I'm visiting my son who lives in Big Lake, MN (home of Busse's), and have seen the plants he bought there. They're growing beautifully! He tells me his experience has been exceptional with Busse, and so I'm ordering plants today and expect the same good service and excellent quality plants.
Positive phloxy_lady
West Portsmouth, OH (Zone 6a)
(2 reviews)
May 10, 2002
Yesterday, I received 4 plants from Busse Gardens. They were the nicest plants I have received from a mailorder nursery! They were large, healthy, plants($6.00). One of the plants was about 20-24 inches tall. My husband could not believe they had shipped it, with no damage!
This definitely will be "my nursery... of choice"
Positive Lorie
Muncy, PA (Zone 5a)
(11 reviews)
December 11, 2001
I ordered from Busse a few years ago. They are very friendly and helpful. The plants were nice sized and packaged well. Very nice variety. Prices are very reasonable. I would order from them again.
Positive fehrtj
(7 reviews)
March 1, 2001
Nice catalog - no color - daylilies are divided into $5.00 and premium selections. My plants all did very well. Also many, many other perennials - fine hosta offerings.

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