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On Oct 15, 2019, tellthetruth (1 reviews) from Indianapolis, IN

I have reservations to begin with in buying a bareroot plant, but he had a lot of people trolling his comments with good things to say. I had a concern about the weather and he said he checks the zones and had a "take it, or leave it attitude". So after it takes over a week to get my plants and the weather has been below 50 degrees here more than once while they were in transit...I ask for him to cancel my order and even though it had not shipped, he played the "its already shipped game" I get my 30.00 venus fly trap and the plant looks horrific. Heads are black and its lame and on its last leg, being close to the dormat season you have to let the plant go into its own hibernation. But when you get one and the traps, or heads are not just black, but slimy and black.... That is putrifying and means that rot had started a while back. Do not buy anythign from this guy. He doesn't respect your money and has no integrity. Anytime you ship rotted plant and are thristy to push them through lioke that, you are not about treating people right. You are about beating people. That is this guys method of operation. Do not be fooled by good reviews, which might be his buddies, family and etc. Your experience matters. Voice your experiences with online merchants, because it is people like us that work everyday that support these bums in robbing people.

On Nov 8, 2018, plantguy23 (2 reviews) from San Francisco, CA

Customer service is non-existent. Did not receive the courtesy of a reply to emailed questions.

On Sep 18, 2018, Zafak (10 reviews) from Oakbrook, KY

I ordered a Utricularia calycifida from them and was very impressed with their business. The Utricularia was a lot more established than I was expecting and their packing method was ingenious. The plant came rooted in moist sphagnum wrapped up in a wet paper towel inside a bag. There was also a pot and both the pot and the plant were cushioned in enough dry spagnum moss to keep either from moving around inside the box in transit. The box was not oversized but that still equaled more than double the sphagnum needed to actually pot the plant in the included pot once the moss was hydrated. And this was high quality imported long fiber sphagnum, not some cheap brand from a box store. I have had the Utricularia for about a month. In that time it has popped up leaves all over the surface of the pot (the root-like stolons produce leaves where light hits them) and I have two flower stalks forming.

On Feb 7, 2012, trospero (20 reviews) from Corvallis, OR

I have received healthy, well grown plants every time I buy from this nursery. Excellent value, very reasonable prices. Plants are carefully packed for shipping and arrive in a timely manner, without any damage. Recommended without hesitation.

On Dec 15, 2011, FoxOfTheRose (5 reviews) from Lacey's Spring , AL (Zone 7a)

I purchased two plants from these guys last week, and I'm very impressed with how well they're doing. The prices are reasonable, shipping is quick, and the plants were already acclimated to the lower humidity of the average household. I highly recommend this vendor to anyone who is interested in these plants.

On Apr 10, 2010, Uromastyx (2 reviews) from Berkeley, CA

Predatory plants has some great deals, some great plants, and a very knowledgeable owner. I've purchased many plants from them. Several varieties of flytrap from them, including the Bristletooth which I've seen nowhere else, a few cool Sundews & Pings cheaper the competition, and I've also got a few Nepenthes from their greenhouse & I've used them for a special order from Borneo Exotics too. If they've got a plant you're interested in I highly recommend purchasing from them.

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