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Irrigation Direct

Mailing Address:
266 Lindbergh Ave.
Livermore, California 94551 (United States)

Phone: 925. 449.1300
Fax: 877.433.2948

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Positive rwj1203
Bay Minette, AL
(1 review)
February 18, 2015
Over the past three years, I have purchased irrigation supplies from Irrigation Direct. They have quality products, except for their pressure regulators (made in China) that attach to water faucets. The female threads on the regulators do not match the male threads on the faucets, resulting in leaks and breakage if you try to tighten them with pliers. All of their other products are great! I put down the drip irrigation in my garden every year and take it up when the garden is done. I re-use it on the next garden.
They ship on time, have not made any mistakes in the orders that often contain many different items. Their prices are the best I have found. As I continue to expand my irrigation systems, I will continue to order from them.
Positive Old_Gardener
Calabasas, CA
(38 reviews)
June 19, 2013
I placed an order for 25 full circle, 25 half-circle and 50 variable arc nozzles as well as 2 dozen threaded stems on Monday and received my order on Wednesday (2 days later). As my order qualified for free shipping, I did not have to pay any shipment costs. I would definitely order from them again due to their fast shipping, good packaging, and lower prices.
Positive vinny27911
Shelby, MI
(1 review)
May 10, 2013
I recently had a problem with my Drip Tape irrigation in my garden. The company listened to my concerns and is in the process of shipping two replacement rolls free of charge. I couldn't ask for more. The drip tape works wonderful but is designed to work for only a year or two depending on conditions... All other products I have ordered from irrigation direct are more than satisfactory.
Positive PgLrAoNwTsS
Malmstrom AFB, MT
(1 review)
March 8, 2013 has excellent customer service! I ordered Monday of this week (3/8/2013) and received the items (2, 200 mesh inline y filters) that Thursday. I know that these guys have people spending much larger chunks of cash than I did, but I felt like my order was handled with all of the same urgency and care. The response time was great with confirmation emails throughout the process. My order was packed by Kenny who wrote a polite little thank you note on the receipt, which added even more to the already great experience with this company. The filters were quickly and easily installed with 100% functionality and zero leaks. I will order from them from now on, for any items I need that they provide. Thank you folks at Irrigation Direct, and thank you Kenny for the great products and excellent service!
Positive jalekna
Kent, OH
(1 review)
August 24, 2012
My first attempt at drip irrigation. Using it primarily is my garden. Approximately 150 plants. Some rows. Works fantastic. Irrigation Direct is a first class organization. Products shipped next day. Arrived in Ohio in 3 days. Installed as advertised. One minor problem with timer. Went "belly-up" in a month. A call had a replacement on its way that same day. Service, WOW! They are truly an example of how a company should be run. I'll be back next spring to expand my system.
Positive Big_Trees
Myrtle Point, OR
(1 review)
July 24, 2012
We have been ordering from Irrigation Direct for 4 years now. We have 8 - 75 feet long raised beds and a new orchard with 206 plantings and we have ordered all of our drip supplies from them. Prices are great and service is good. Products are high quality. They ship VERY promptly and I have never had a back order. A few of the solenoid valves have been DOA, but they have shipped replacements with just a phone call. I have several of their valves that have been in service 4 years with no problems. We use them on our pumping systems to control when tanks fill. I have three of the controllers and have been very pleased with them. Easy to operate and program.
Positive Sierra_Hiker
Santa Rosa, CA
(1 review)
June 8, 2012
Needed new type of adjustable circular drip sprayer I'd seen at Ace Hardware. Irrigation Direct's catalog was well organized and I found my item within a minute or so. Ordered 40 items and was pleasantly surprised at the inexpensive shipping charge. Web purchase pages are state of the art and easy to use.

Positive paulewog
Morgan Hill, CA (Zone 9a)
(1 review)
June 1, 2012
I ordered some sprayers from here. Some of them were defective and I contacted customer support They were very helpful; in the end, some of the sprayers seemed to actually be defective, and a replacement or credit was offered. I took the credit, and received more than what they were worth on my next order.

The prices on stuff is a lot cheaper than, say, Home Depot.
Negative ldsguy
Colorado Springs, CO
(1 review)
May 24, 2012
I purchased some products recently from Irrigation Direct to create a new drip tape irrigation system for my vegetable garden. I had never used drip tape before and their website had a lot of information that was helpful. However, it also had information that was not correct and that led to a severe leakage problem with my system. (Products that they SPECIFICALLY indicated were compatible were actually NOT compatible.) But I didn't know that till I contacted their tech support person who knew of the problem and at the same time argued that they were 'compatible'. (I am not sure what their definition of compatible is, but if the system leaks so badly that you can't use it, then it seems to me that the products are NOT compatible).
I suggested a solution; I asked for only two things: that they remove the incorrect information from their web site, and that they provide me with an alternate product (approx. $97 worth of materials) that would work.
They were unwilling to do either, again stating that although the products, when installed correctly, would leak excessively; that they WERE compatible...
I was getting nowhere and still wanted to resolve this so I asked for the contact information for the president of the company but that was not provided. Instead I got a defensive response that I was trying to make them out to be 'bad guys'. Still not sure where that came from. I just was hoping that they would take responsibility for the problems that they created by giving me incorrect information on how to put together my system.
Will you have problems with this company? probably not; but my experience does say something about the character of the people you are dealing with when you purchase from Irrigation Direct. Buyer beware. If you are relying on the information that they are providing you on their website you may end up holding the bag when it does not work out...
Positive Joanne_RI
North Scituate, RI
(2 reviews)
May 21, 2012
Bagk yard rose grower, approximatly 300 roses... finally added a drip irrigation and fertilization system with the help of Irrigation Direct's ....excellent tutorial. Great products, just follow the steps in the tutorial. Thank you.
Positive oswald777
San Jose, CA
(1 review)
March 15, 2012
I placed an order. It shipped the same day and I got delivery the next day. Order was filled perfectly. Quality of components was outstanding with prices 20-40 pc less.

Home Depot, Lowes, Ace etc have been squeezing Toro and other USA makers off the shelf in favor of made in Asia drip and raising prices on top of it!! It is a 'greed' and plan to drive USA based companies overseas!! Don't give your business to Home Depot unless it is made in the USA/Canada.

And to be frank Home Depot was only making available small quantity packages to get more profit. Ripoff retail. I wrote to Home Depots head office about this ripoff and they told me to pound sand. Even the contractor pricing in drip is a ripoff at Home Depot.

While I use Toro for my commercial farm irrigation, Direct's quality is equal to or greater than raindrip, rainbird. This is high quality plastic and the designs are good especially the drip emitters.

These guys are a badly needed life line to both commercial irrigation people and the home user.

In addition I simply was not able to locate key drip irrigation components, and to say nothing of the time trying to deal with the lack of organization at Home Depot, Lowes, or the Yokels at the local farmers supply, and their rude help. So I had no choice as I simply could not find some of these components elsewhere.

I could pick everything off the shelf and did not have to drive. Although I live in California so I had to pay the sales tax.

Free shipping on 100 dollar orders is a big plus.

I hope Irrigation Direct is around for a long long time.

They need to carry Gilmour or other ball valve timers and more made in America stuff which I will gladly pay up for. I would also like to see home high quality made in the USA brass spray nozzles and y valves. And high quality USA made hoses like the Tuff Guard.

I am willing to pay for made in the USA quality. They also would do well to carry/distribute Toro 1/4 inch and 1/2 and 1 inch drip lines.

Don't get ripped off by Home Depot or Lowes anymore, buy Irrigation Direct and save time and a lot of money!! Thanks goodness people have the mindset to take on the big bank firms like Lowes/Home Depot.

Plus as a Californian I can support a business creating jobs in California!!!
Positive msalpha
Alpharetta, GA
(1 review)
March 13, 2012
Quality products and service!! Jeff helped me last year with the design and kit/parts for sprinkler/drip irrigation for my raised-bed veggie garden. I expanded that veggie bed this year to more than twice the size, and he came in handy again this year. He even replaced two pressure regulators I had hard time with last year with newly designed regulators for no charge. I did not ask for them, but he did it however as a part of their warranty program. Though he has been extremely busy, he reviewed the parts of my order and suggested some changes. I feel assured with the kind of service they offer, and the price and quality of the products. Much better than what one would find in stores.
Positive poorartists
(1 review)
October 4, 2011
Ordered a medium garden watering kit, and a few extra parts from them. They had very competitive pricing. Also ordered a battery-operated digital timer. The kit worked great, but the timer didn't--went through batteries WAY too fast and got water inside it easily. Five months later, I emailed them saying I was dissatisfied with the timer, and they promptly refunded me the entire purchase amount.

OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE! They stand by their 100% guarantee. I will be using them whenever I order more supplies.
Positive Catia9us
Haslet, TX
(1 review)
July 31, 2011
Ordered a Medium tree and shrub kit from them.
Order processing was as advertized.
Only a small glitch, they sent compression type tee fittings for the 1/2" tubing. The parts list and packing list shows Direct-Loc Tee fittings should have come with the kit.
Quantity of the compression fittings was correct, just the incorrect parts according to their own paperwork.
Sent e-mail to ID to let them know the parts received did not match kit list or pick list.
The compression fittings worked just fine though.

Great prices, cheapest in comparison of 8 that I found.
As promised order processing, on time shipping.
Large selection of kits.
Will order from them again!
Positive Derald_in_FL
(Zone 9b)
(2 reviews)
July 21, 2011
The details are irrelevant but these guys went "the extra mile" to resolve an order picking/shipping error. Couldn't be better pleased; they have a friend for life.
Positive billmauldin
Waxahachie, TX
(1 review)
June 17, 2011
My first order from Irrigation Direct was shipped promptly, and all items were included, packed well, and no backorders. My order was for 1/2" dripline with pressure compensating emitters. Since I have 70 psi @ my house, I also ordered a 30 psi pressure reducer, and Y filter to avert clogging of emitters. For years I have messed with the "soaker hoses" which are garbage. I installed the piping using a Y, with one leg 150 ft. long. I was AMAZED. Every outlet from beginning to the most remote put out the same amount of water. I would definitely recommend Irrigation Direct.
p.s. - their prices and materials beat the big box stores
Positive thedrip
Billerica, MA
(1 review)
May 13, 2011
Irrigation Direct has a great selection of drip irrigation products. I used their beginner kit last year and found it very easy to follow the instructions to put a drip system in place. It made a huge difference in the growth of my newly planted landscape items and veg garden. I am hooked!

I am writing though because I recently experienced a problem with one of the products I ordered last year. Customer service remedied the situation on the spot and without a hassle. I very much appreciated their approach to the situation and I will continue to be a happy customer and would recommend them to friends and family.
Negative SpaceCase418
Annapolis, MD
(2 reviews)
April 15, 2011
Here is the deal. I ordered my system from //

* i ordered a mid sized starter kit for $64.50. this was an insanely great deal due to what was included in the kit. comparable kits on other sites were around 30-50 more expensive

*I added aproximatly $20 in additional components. each component cost on average $.05-.10 less than other sites

* I paid $18 shipping and handling

* One week later (for $18) i received ONLY the additional components i ordered

*The kit was not even included on the packing list.

* I called the company and asked them if they had shipped them separately. the guy i spoke with told me he would look into it and call me right back.

* i double check the parts that were shipped:
* the 30psi regulator i ordered was not sent they sent a 25 psi regulator in a bag that said 30 psi????
* only five stakes were included instead of the ten i ordered. once again this was in a bag that said ten stakes

* after some gardening i realize that it has been FOUR hours since the guy said he would call me "right back" so I CALL THEM Again:
* i am connected with some one else despite asking for the guy i was initially dealing with.
* this new person tells me they are dealing with the problem and offers no further explanation.
* i tell her thats not the only problem, there were issues with what i did receive.
* She tells me they will take care of it and contact me when they have more information

* i am connected with the same lady again
* She puts me on hold while she checks the status of my order
* "Oh" she exclaims "that order went out yesterday, i'll email you the tracking info"
* she actually did! i am shocked
After finally receiving every thing, the company the company did nothing to try and make me happy with their mistake. They got the order right, but if it was my company and i was a week late due to an error on my part, i would at least send an apology, coupon or extra goodies. They did nothing.
was the 30-50 dollars in savings worth it? ... H*LL NO

my entire construction of my raised bed project was delayed 2 weeks

some of the parts were shotty, i had a ball valve blow fifteen feet in the air the first time i did a pressure test.

Their basic drippers look identical and can not be differentiated between once out of their packaging.

My final judgment on them is never ever use this company.
Negative expert
(1 review)
November 2, 2010
Irrigation Direct contacted me a couple years ago and wanted me to try their controllers and valves. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I EVER MADE for my company. I was with Hunter and definitely went back... I installed close to 20 exterior controllers and around 60 plus valves. None of their product is still in the ground. I lost time and money having to tear out all that crap witch failed by the second year.. I contacted them to get my money back and they told me they would just replace the bad material.... RIGHT , I'm going to install more of that junk..... I've been installing systems for 20 years.

Stick with Hunter, Rain Bird , Toro or Irritrol if you want qualitly.
Positive foxmcf
Raymore, MO
(1 review)
September 8, 2010
I have a small project with an even smaller budget. I did comparison shopping on-line with 6 different on-line drip watering companies. Irrigation Direct came out ahead both on price, and ease of use as far as their web-site is concerned. The only down-side that I found, even though they offer free shipping on orders over a certain $ amount, (which my order didn't qualify), is that the shipping charges seemed to be just a tad bit higher than competitors, but the price of the items seemed to ultimately be cheaper in the end plus the price of shipping. The web-site is very easy to use, and I like that when ordering certain parts, it also lists compatible accessory parts which make it very easy to find what you are looking for. I also like that I can save an item for later ordering. Overall very good experience and I'm sure I will look here first next time I need more supplies!
Positive jmonday
Bellaire, TX
(1 review)
August 17, 2010
I've just placed my 2nd order with ID. The 1st arrived as promised and the product is very good quality. Tech Support answered promptly my email question about a pressure regulator and I had fun installing 200' of 1/2" hose and 15 sprinklers of various sizes. I've only had to use 2 goof plugs and I ordered 20! (I also used one of their kits to guide my design.) I will use this company again.
Positive tuscangal
Olympia, WA
(1 review)
August 9, 2010
We were having problems with programming our irrigation system and when I called Irrigation Direct I was connected with Jeff in Technical Support and he was immediately able to solve our problem and also replaced our front panel that had a battery terminal problem. He was very knowledgeable and their Customer Service is unsurpassed! I recommend them highly!

Positive sbingham
Pensacola, FL
(1 review)
June 22, 2010
Got great advice from Chris about how to set up my whole system for a very reasonable price. Would definately use this company again.
Positive hkhamilton
Oakland, CA
(1 review)
June 22, 2010
Ordered items at around 3PM on Monday, they arrived around 10am on Tuesday... standard free ground shipping.
Positive archable
Sopchoppy, FL
(1 review)
June 17, 2010
outstnding....sales was a great help in explaining what I needed and how it worked. Items oredered was shipped that day and information was sent to keep me informed of my order status. Thanks for everything.
Positive davehung
Fremont, CA
(1 review)
June 16, 2010
Great company and amazing website. I'm new to drip irrigation so the tutorials were very helpful. The 'Learn More' and 'Usage' feature for items are great for someone just learning. I ordered enough things for free shipping late in the afternoon and the stuff arrived the following day! Great service.
Positive ToolbeltsWife
Curtis Bay, MD (Zone 7a)
(2 reviews)
June 8, 2010
Wow, talk about service, my husband ordered some drip hose and later, before the order was processed, discovered that he had ordered the wrong size. A quick email requesting the order be changed resulted in a phone call from ID that set everything straight. The order was changed and the correct hose is on its way. We have never talked with more pleasant people and will give them all of our future drip system orders!!!
Positive beeeye
Reading, KS
(1 review)
June 8, 2010
Thanks to Irrigation Direct from your newest fan....I just bought 400' of dripline and some fittings because my ever-expanding garden outgrew the original drip system purchased from another dealer several years ago. I needed new line and fittings that would integrate with my existing setup, but when I went back to where I originally bought my drip system, they only seemed interested in selling me their "new and improved" system. A quick internet search turned up ID and after five minutes on the phone with a really terrific in-house salesperson, my much-needed additional tubing was on its way. I'll be proud to recommend ID to my fellow market growers here in Kansas!
Thanks again,
Bill Ihling
Buffalo Hollow Farm
Reading, KS
Positive kidderman
Elverta, CA
(1 review)
May 11, 2010
I live on an acre and use drip irrigation products for my raised garden beds, fruit and citrus trees. I have been to different irrigation stores and frustrated due to differences in products. I ordered different products from the Irrigation district and saved over half on some items against what is offered in the ag stores. I placed my order Sunday so it would be received on Monday. UPS delivered my order on Tuesday at 2:00 PM with regular ground shipping. I am probably 100 miles away from the shippers facility. Normally I drive 30 miles to 100 miles round trip to pick up what I need.
I am headed outside now to use these product. Regards, Bob from Elverta, CA
Positive purpureum
Harlingen, TX
(1 review)
May 6, 2010
My first time setting up a big drip irrigation system was made easy by their informative website and affordable by their low prices. What really sealed the deal was a certain drip tape valve fitting they sold for $.98 that I couldn't find anywhere else for less than $2. That adds up when you buy 180 of them!
Positive rfrenchu
Carson City, NV
(1 review)
May 5, 2010
I'm used to buying my trickle drip supplies at Lowes or the local hardware store. This time I needed to do a little planning first and I was dreading going down and rummaging through all the boxes looking for what I needed. It was much easier- and cheaper- just to go to Irrigation Direct and find exactly what I needed. Even with shipping I came out ahead. Everything was in stock and got here in two days. Great selection of parts, easy to get just what I needed. I liked the feature that tells you, "Hey if you buy two more it's actually cheaper because you get a price break." Nice.
Positive rmlandscape
Payson, AZ
(1 review)
April 20, 2010
As a landscape contractor and Im always trying to save money and time, Irrigation Direct does that for me every time. Great prices and fast shipping and never a backorder. What more could you ask for. I Have talked with customer service with a question and never have to wait for a return call. Im very PLEASED.
Positive dmobley
Chattanooga, TN
(1 review)
March 23, 2010
Excellent customer service, great website thats easy to navigate and use. Thanks to Chris at Irrigation Direct I was able to get my order processed. The products I ordered were delivered in a timely manner and I got exactly what I ordered. When comparing ID's product offering to other distributors I could not find another business with an equivalent value, everybody else was more for the same kit.
Positive padraicsdad
Blackwood, NJ
(1 review)
March 19, 2010
Full selection, great prices, fantastic service and quick shipping! Even after this newbie ordered the wrong items, Irrigation Direct went the extra mile to get me the emitters I needed in time to install my drip system this weekend. Thanks! I'll definitely be back as my 12' X 40' veggie garden expands.

Jeff in Turnersville, NJ
Positive txtjm
Dublin, TX
(1 review)
March 17, 2010
I was pleased with the battery-operated hose end timers (DD-HEDT) I ordered from Irrigation Direct for my drip system last spring, so I ordered another one in late December 2009. When I tried it out for the first time on Sunday, March 14, 2010, it didn't work, so I e-mailed them that day. I received a courteous response early the next day along with notice that they'd be shipping a replacement. Said replacement (which works fine) arrived via Express Mail today, Wednesday, March 17. No muss, no fuss, no BS, and prompt. It's always a pleasure to deal with professionals.
Positive mfmims
Holly Hill, SC
(1 review)
March 12, 2010
Very user friendly website and great prices. Last year, designed and installed automated drip irrigation for 12 4 X 8 raised beds including fertilizer addition. Trouble free all summer! This year adding to the same system to include shrubbery and flowers around the house. Free shipping on orders over $90!
Positive Thom1945
Sanford, NC
(1 review)
February 21, 2010
Highly recommend this company... best prices, fast service and timely delivery. I especially like the option of ordering just the amount of parts I need for a small drip irrigation project. I don't have to pay for parts I don't need or want. Get their free catalog and find out for your self what the great deals that they offer.
Positive LariAnn
Miami, FL (Zone 10a)
(7 reviews)
February 5, 2010
About a year ago I ordered quite a few drip irrigation products from Irrigation Direct and found their service to be exceptional. After a few months, I had some trouble with hose end valves I had ordered, and contacted Irrigation Direct about it. They were very quick to respond and honored their guarantee, plus some. I found that if something goes wrong, they own up and follow through. They really do stand behind their products and go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of.

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