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Our mission is to grow and sell only the highest quality Non-GMO berries, virus-tested and CERTIFIED “super hardy” 100% natural berry plants and products to home growers, retailers, landscapers and commercial growers from all across America. No one makes plants the old fashioned way like we do or has an operation like ours. When you come to tour our operation, you will see that for yourself. Our commitment is a customer-driven philosophy where the customer's growing success and well-being is placed above all else. Our family does in fact care about the success of every customer, NO MATTER HOW BIG OR HOW SMALL. Our nurseries and experienced farmers are committed to continually educating our plant customers to enable them to make the decisions necessary to maintain healthy plants for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Our CERTIFIED BERRY PLANTS ARE 100% NATURALLY MADE. Unlike others who often try to imitate our long-time family history and operation; our plants are NOT unnaturally made in a lab (where most of our online plant competitors buy all their plants and then they try to re-sell them to you) 98% of them are NOT REAL farmers with a family that now has 4 generations of growing experience and expertise. Our plants are NOT made or grown a greenhouse; because plants that are made-grown in labs or greenhouses are NOT hardy plants. ALSO -- BEWARE OF SOFT TISSUE CULTURE PLANTS AS THEY ARE UNNATURALLY MADE IN A LAB. PLUS SOFT TISSUE CULTURE PLANTS ARE NOT COLD HARDY BECAUSE THEY WERE MADE IN A LAB AND GREENHOUSE. When you attempt to winter them over you will likely lose about 30-40% of your plants come the following year. Our Non-GMO plants are made from HIGH PRODUCTION YIELDING GRADE hardwood cuttings taken direct from certified, virus-tested, grade-A mother plants that produce "ultra-heavy bearing" and SUPER HARDY plants.

WE INVITE YOU TO TAKE A RIDE OUT OR FLY OUT (by appointment only) TO PERSONALLY TOUR OUR IMPRESSIVE OPERATION AND SEE OUR SUPERIOR QUALITY PLANTS FOR YOURSELF. It's been done many times before. People from ALL OVER THE WORLD fly in to learn from our experienced farmers. We are confident that you will “SEE THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOURSELF" and that you will be very impressed with our plants and expertise. We farm and raise berry plants the "old fashioned way" and what we do and how we do it, sets us apart from everyone else. The higher quality of our premium 100% natural plants is well known throughout the industry and the world. PLANT BUYERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD COME TO OUR FARM & NURSERIES TO BUY OUR PLANTS AND TO LEARN THE RIGHT WAY TO PLANT; START A SUCCESSFUL PYO FARM OR PRODUCTION FARM. They learn from us. You can learn from the pros too. Tremendous time, effort and 12-15 hours of daily hard work, goes into producing our superior quality plants. Our years of repeat business and almost constant referrals are surely a true testament to the excellence of our premium plants and service. Our family cares about our 100 year old farming tradition and all of our valued patrons. Our website has loads of valuable information and FARMER DIRECT TIPS that can’t be found elsewhere.

We provide you with the most complete and detailed planting instructions for success. We strive to provide you with outstanding FARMER-DIRECT customer service and you again for allowing us to serve you. We value your business and look forward to hearing from you. We aim to bring the healthy, safe, home grown aspects of farm living into your daily lives. We hope to teach you our time-tested old-fashioned farming techniques and ways to live a simpler and healthier lifestyle. Sometimes "going back" to the way it was before makes sense - it's like going ahead and moving forward. In these uncertain and unstable economic times, growing your own food is both satisfying and economical. Let us help you return to the land for a better self sufficient lifestyle for you and your family.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started. Always remember to know your farmer and know your food source. Growing your own is playing it safe. WE ONCE AGAIN INVITE YOU TO DRIVE OR FLY OUT TO PERSONALLY TOUR OUR OPERATION TO SEE FOR YOURSELF, THAT THE HIGHER QUALITY OF OUR PLANTS IS FAR SUPERIOR TO ANY OTHERS. NOT TO MENTION THE LOW PRICE FOR WHAT YOU GET WITH US. Thank you for taking interest in our nurseries that produce only the best plants and products.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started. Thank you for your business.

God bless.

posted on April 1, 2010



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On Apr 29, 2021, aleedac (1 reviews) from Maplewood, NJ

Asking a planter for a label for his product and a receipt for your purchase should not subject you to a tirade about how Garden Clubs suck, and how your business is not wanted because it is not worth $10K, but that is *exactly* what happened when I had the misfortune to actually speak with Mr. DiMeo. Luckily, I found another farmer nearby who is professional and happy to do business with a small repeat customer. You have been warned. Shop elsewhere.

On Jan 9, 2021, NiceGuyGardener (1 reviews) from Herndon, VA

Cannot imagine any positive aspect to this gardening experience. after paying $49 shipping, packing was poor, $12 postage that apparently led to a (no kidding) six week delay! Supposed owner was out-of-a-movie ugly when I called. After five weeks, I bought plants from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery (TN Nursery). They came quickly and were professionally packed. When I finally got DiMeo's plants, they were less than half the size of the TN plants. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the abuse from DiMeo, I am sure that I will not buy anything from them. From the other comments here and BBB, seems that my experience was typical.

On Aug 2, 2020, SteveGr (1 reviews) from Voluntown, CT

I bought 10 each "3-year old" blueberry plants from DiMeo via mail order. The plants arrived on time but were only 1 to 2 feet high. They did not look 3 years old. I wanted Spring delivery, but they said Fall planting is best so they shipped in October 2019. Cost was $10 per plant plus $73 shipping for a total of $173. Prior, I prepared a bed, as they suggested, 14" deep of 50:50 peat moss:coarse sand and topped it with 4" of Pine Bark Much. I planted them in October 2019 when the plants arrived. Now, in Aug 2020, 5 of them are dead. They did not make it through the Winter. The other 5 are scraggly but they look like they will survive. Not happy with this order. Why did half of them die? Perhaps Fall planting works in New Jersey but not in Connecticut? Why were the plants so small? I did not contact them asking for replacements. Instead, I bought plants locally that were over 4' high for $15 each to replace the dead ones.

On May 15, 2020, FireflyHollow (1 reviews) from Biglerville, PA

We purchase a large number of blueberry, aronia, and blackberry bushes from Dimeo Farms in the spring of 2020. We were able to pick up the order. Due to Covid 19 we contacted the farm asking them if we could pick up the order earlier than originally expected and the farm was very accommodating. We scheduled our appointment and arrived on time. We arrived with a large landscape trailer since we were coming from 2.5 hours away and concerned about the trip and loading plants on the back of an open trailer or pickup truck The owner was very welcoming and the workers loaded the order without a problem. We discussed planting the plants with the owner due to our soil conditions not being ideal for blueberry growth. We actually increased our order when we were there and they were able to accommodate that without a problem. We are looking at ordering more plants from them either in the fall or spring of next year. The plants are were in very good health and we followed the directions for planting and have not had any problems. All the plants have thrived and we are looking forward to our first blueberry crop this coming summer. I know this operation is not your conventional farm but if you call ahead and schedule an appointment and follow the signs and directions you should not have any problems. Yes they are cash only or check prior to pickup.

On Apr 4, 2020, TaylorK88 (1 reviews) from Manasquan, NJ

So rude. When i called to ask a few questions and get a quote the woman who answered the phone could not be bothered with any questions I had, giving any information regarding the plants themselves and just generally rude. Also the shipping for these "$10 dollar blueberry bushes" is INSANITY. for 15 bushes it was going to cost $130 in shipping. So much for shopping local and trying to keep business within the state. We live in central NJ. Will never buy from this farm.

On Oct 14, 2019, ahoss79 (1 reviews) from Juliaetta, ID

Placed an order and then called the following week to ask when shipment was going to be, as I was going to be out of town for work for a week. Initially talked with a lady who was nice and helpful, then a male got on the phone and started to berate me about my questioning of when the plants would arrive. Said I would get a call when they shipped. Then after leaving a review of the phone conversation on Yelp, he called me back saying that I was not going to get the plants and that he was going to take legal action against me for defamation. Definitely not a customer friendly company.

On Sep 28, 2019, MickEmery (1 reviews) from NEEDMORE, PA

I haven't received my order yet and quite honestly, I don't expect to. The negative reviews you've read, so far, are probably understatements! After calling to find out where my plants were & receiving no call back, I sent a message on Facebook. I got a call, immediately. It started out with, "I'm a multimillionaire & I called you!" (I guess I was supposed to be impressed) Followed by, "I'm not going to take your little check & flee the country." (I've owned businesses for 50 years. There's an old saying. "If you need to tell people you have a lot of money...You Don't.") He then went on for about 5 minutes about how important, busy & wealthy he was. I couldn't get a word in. The man is a pompous, arrogant, insecure, narcissistic ass. Having grown up in NJ, not far from this place, I thought it would be a trustworthy, honest working blueberry farm. It's not. My wife said, "Call & cancel the order. (after reading all the other negative reviews) I doubt that would make a difference. This guy needs my money more than I do. I'm sure he'd just keep it. BUT... just for the hell of it, I may file a claim in small claims court just to bust his cajones. There's no judge in the world who wouldn't side with me after he speaks more than 4 words!!!

On Aug 12, 2019, duriandurian (1 reviews) from Buckingham, PA (Zone 6b)

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Trust the negative reviews, this place is run by a deranged person with anger management issues. Truly the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Our family went there to do some U-pick and potentially by some blueberry plants and the guy who was there to meet us was rude right off the bat and talking on the phone while mostly ignoring us. Once he was finally off the phone and explained their U-pick system, I asked him an innocent question about how he deals with the invasive fruit flies with his berries (I am an organic farmer myself so I was curious about how they dealt with what is a very annoying pest for me) and he flew off the handle and got very belligerent, demanding I call the NJ Department of Ag and ask them my question, and then insisting that I knew the answer to the question anyway (I did not). He then demanded we all leave and started berating me and calling me names. I was dumbfounded and shocked that he would be so belligerent and aggressive when we were so nothing but friendly and polite. This nursery and farm should be avoided at all costs. They also advertise their blueberry plants as organic, but from what I could see, and from his insanely aggressive response to my innocent question about growing practices, I have a strong suspicion they are spraying their plants with synthetic pesticides while still calling them organic. Do not trust these people!

On Apr 29, 2019, goldguy007 (1 reviews) from Unionville, CT

Posted on April 29, 2019, updated April 29, 2019 Stay away from this company!! I purchased bushes online from this company. They initially returned my calls the same day I left a message. Once they cashed my check the story changed. I called once a day for a week to find out about the status of my check/order without a return call. The following week began with an employee (not my usual contact so perhaps the owner) calling me and berating me at work for all my messages. He literally would not let me speak. He just kept repeating the same phrases like a 5 year old. 2 weeks later (which is today) my bushes arrived in horrible condition. I doubt any will survive the planting (and they are much tinier than expected based on the description)

On April 29th, 2019, goldguy007 added the following: I also wanted to echo the RIDICULOUS amount charged for shipping ( something I was willing to sacrifice for a good quality plant) As previously mentioned the quality of the plant was also RIDICULOUS. First of all they all appear to be on their last leg of life. Not to mention I order the 3 year old plants. They are advertised as being up to 4 feet on the site. I did not receive one above 6 inches (no way they are 3 years old!)

On Apr 24, 2019, Mredwood (1 reviews) from Lititz, PA

This "farm" is a joke! I ordered 25 2yr old plants mid March. I called a week after mailing my check and they said it was received and that my plants would be shipped the following week and I would get a call. Well, no call came so I called them and they stated it would be another week or 2. 12 days later I received a call saying the plants had shipped. What I got was a small box that had 25 bare root plants jammed into it! I paid $73 for shipping (I live in PA) and the postage on the box was only $13.75! The size of the plants ranged from 12" to 20" after being told they would be between 20"-24". Here it is a week later after planting them and 6 of them have died...they were the smallest ones to begin with. Anyways, I called them up and was told no replacements. When I asked about the size, I was told I received what I ordered and then asked if there was anything else they could do. Shady company for sure that DOESN'T stand by their plants!

On Apr 19, 2019, jmoore3274 (1 reviews) from Hanover, PA

I have been buying mail ordered plants from Dimeo every spring for the last 2 springs. I have not had any contact with Anthony however he sounds like a typical NJ ass hat. However the lady I talked to over the phone was very nice. She even helped me with some tips on how to deal with clay soil. I have lost some plants however that was not due to poor quality plants it was due to PH issues in the soil. The plants that have lived and were potted grew like mad once they were given the soil and PH they needed. All of the potted plants made it through the winter here in PA. The plants made It through several days of -10 deg weather. The only thing I can tell people is that bare root cuttings take some time to get established. Watch your soil PH and don't use those 11 dollar chemical test kits at lowes. Buy a legit PH tester and test you soil like a lab would. You can easily find tutorials on how to do this. It isn't hard nor time consuming. Also be warned about watering with tap water. Tap water can mess up soil PH via the buffers (bicarbonates) water companies use to stabilize drinking water. You will have to compensate for this via sulfer or fertigation. Lastly watch your watering schedule. You can and will wreck a blueberry plant by not keeping the soil evenly watered especially during the hottest part of the year. Let's also not forget that the vast majority of blueberry plants are bog plants that live in acidic and nutrient deprived soil. Blueberries have a very low tolerance for salt based chemical fertilizers. In summary I have not had any issues with Dimeo farms plants. They will absolutely grow and flower if you give the plants what they need.

On Apr 19, 2019, Hamptongirl123 (1 reviews) from Tuckerton, NJ

Stopped by to get some blueberry, raspberry and blackberry bushes for my garden. Pulled in driveway and beeped the horn 3 times like the sign said to do. A very rude younger guy with glasses came over with his workers, stayed a far distance from me, and said that I needed to buy 5 blueberry plants. Then immediately asked if I made an appointment or send a request through their website. I said 'no' and I would buy 5 plants. He glared at me and I asked if they had any raspberry bushes? He told his guys to follow him and walked away. If there was a procedure that I was supposed to follow, he could have just told me. As I walked away, I didn't even realize I had the planting instructions in my hand. He suddenly charged over and said that I was taking personal property. What? OMG. Is this guy for real? Annoyed, I crumbled up the paper and threw it on the ground. He came running over to my car and said he was going to report me for destruction of private property. Really? He took a picture of my license plate and although I gave him a few choice words, I left in tears. How can someone be so horrible? I just wanted to buy some plants for my garden. If they don't want to sell plants, they need to take down the big sign out front. I left a message with the office with my complaint, not a word back. I e-mailed them, not a word back. STAY AWAY from these people. They are truly nuts!

On Jun 2, 2018, StevoUSA (1 reviews) from Merrick, NY

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! My daughter went to Dimeo Blueberry Farms on Saturday, June 2, 2018 to buy blueberry plants. She drove nearly two hours to get there. When she arrived there was no parking lot but just a paved driveway. She asked an employee where to park. He told her where to park. There was another vehicle also trying to park. Then a man, identified as the owner by the employee, came out of the house screaming, You’re going to let her park on my $30,000 lawn?” at the employee. Then the owner asked my daughter what she was doing there. She said she was there to buy some blueberry plants and she asked him if there was a parking lot. He said, Well don’t you see the blueberry plants next to you? She informed him how far she had driven to buy the plants and asked him if she could get out of the car and see them. He pointed to the plants and said, “The plants are right there. They have fruit on them. You’re playing dumb with me. Ma’am you’re playing dumb with me. You’re playing dumb with me. (3 times). Then he said, “What’s that in your hand?” as he pointed to her cell phone. She said, “It’s my cell phone and it’s not on.” She turned in the screen to show him there was nothing running. Then he told her that she had to leave. He walked off. She sat there is disbelief for thirty seconds before driving off. Then she thought she would try to buy the plants again since she drove so far to come there. So she drove back there and tried to buy them from an employee there. When asked about the owner the employee said, “He’s crazy. I don’t know what to tell you.” My daughter asked if they take credit cards. The employee said, “No. Cash only.” At that point my daughter decided against making the purchase and she left. She called the phone number for the place. A woman picked up. My daughter told her what happened. The woman listened and indicated she wasn’t sure who the man was who treated her that way. She merely apologized for “the mixup”. She obviously knew who the perpetrator was and was covering up for his now well known behavior. (See Prior Reviews). My daughter was in tears over this experience. She had never been treated like this at a business before. This man obviously has a mental disorder and should not be allowed near the public. Consider this review a warning to anyone looking to do business with Dimeo Farms. Don’t!!!

On Jun 1, 2018, innanek (1 reviews) from Northbrook, IL

If I could give 0 for service I would. I wanted to get some blueberry plants and did an internet search on google. Dimoe Farms popped up the first on the list. Since I do not live close to the farm(I live close to Chicago IL), I called them and ordered 10 blueberries, 5 raspberries, and 5 blackberries over the phone for $360 - note that it was $200 for the plants and $160 for shipping handling. For such a big amount of shipping, I thought they would make sure the plants will be in a good shape when they arrive to me. I send the check on 4/26/18 and they cashed the check on 5/1/18. They didn't provide any time estimate or tracking number for when the plants would arrive. I finally received the plants on 5/14. By shipping label, the plants spend about 8 days on a road. When they arrived, it was a small box(size of 1X3X3) holding all 20 plants, without much heat protection, simply wrapped in plastic. Since it was a hot week, plants simply died from all that heat. Raspberry plants did not have any life in them when I received them, and after planting, they are not alive. I was shipped dead raspberry plants and heat damaged blueberry plants. Note, that I bought the 4 foot $10 bushes advertised to produce berries the same year. Instead, I received mostly dead bushed that I planted not even being sure they would survive. After planting, the lost all leaves that they had, and I am still watering hoping they would start growing. I feel I was taken advantage of. When I called back, they just say they are not responsible. Maybe people have better experience when they come pick up plants on a farm in person, but their delivery is a rip off. Unfortunately I didnt check yelp reviews - many people report their delivery problems.

On May 29, 2018, Nicaam (1 reviews) from Lodi, NJ

Shop at Gurney's, pricier but you'll get the guarantee of knowing that if the blueberry plant turns out to be a lemon you can get it replaced. In my case it was 2 of the 5. I ordered 5 3-year old plants ($90 with s/h). I soaked the roots in water the recommended time and planted them in 15 gallon grow bags with the peat moss/sand ratio per the instructions. Plants started to weaken soon after. I assumed it was transplant shock so didn't worry. 3 weeks in and they were worsening. At this point I called Dimeo Farm in a panic. I spoke to a man who said "It's transplant shock, cut the black parts of the stem to one inch past the live green stem". I breathed a sigh of relief, thanked him profusely and set to work on trimming. Within days it was a miracle! God's angels came down opened their arms and whisked the little plants to their pearly garden gates and I was left with black twigs. So, like any customer who buys something and usually gets compensated ...I'm sure the owner of Dimeo Farm would love to pay for a tractor that turns out to be a glorifed paper weight...I called the office. That wonderful "family owned farm" suddenly decided that a customer with dead plants can stick it. No call back, no help. I hope the best for you guys. And to any prospective future customers, if you still don't believe me check out their responses to negative feed back. Guess what? They don't reply, and you'll get the same treatment when your berry plants turn out to be lemons.

On May 17, 2018, AnthonyCrybaby (1 reviews) from Philadelphia, PA

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I wish I had seen the many other negative reviews here before ordering. Very disappointing experience. We were excited after seeing their website and we ordered five plants. We appeared to receive only one. On contacting them, my wife was rudely berated, threatened and told that we were trying to extort more plants. I explained we had paid by personal check instead of money order. If we were extorting plants - we were the worst at it to leave a paper trail. Despite claiming to be an honest businessman, the person I chatted with on Facebook would not give me his name. And he refused to accept even the POSSIBILITY that there had been a mistake on his end, or even an error with the shipper. Regardless, after a long argument, I suggested maybe the five were bundled as one. That's where we left it. The question is, why wasn't that first suggested by the person I spoke with? Why was a possible misunderstanding immediately exploded into accusation, insults and threats? I suggested the person get some help for anger management. I expressed sympathy that I know some may try to rip him off, but not everyone. I refuse to do business with a place where the first step in solving a problem is to immediately accuse the customer of lying. Very childish and unbecoming. Plenty of other places to get plants and blueberries. SAY NO TO DIMEO FARMS. p.s. I have the chat transcript - it's crazy long but I'd be glad to publish it if you'd like to see just how deranged and rude the DiMeo Farms representative was.

On May 13, 2018, BryanMarks (1 reviews) from Salisbury, NH

I bought 195 Blueberry bushes from Dimeo's they loaded up my truck and trailer perfectly, separated the 3 different verities I had bought. All plants looked healthy and were at least 3 Years old as advertised not all were the 4 foot tall ones they advertise but were as tall if not bigger than others sold at different farms, I bought these in spring I’m sure they would have been bigger if I got them later in the year since they had good vagarious growth. They made the 12 hour trip and they will have blueberries this year, lots of flowers and new growth. I have bought Blueberries before from others but they stopped shipping already was happy to find Dimeo’s Farm! Very satisfied, Thanks Tom!

On Apr 17, 2018, kyleprzy (1 reviews) from Pierz, MN

I ordered ten 3 year old blueberry plants in February and they arrived today 4/17/2018 which is good. The Plants look great. The buds look green and ready to pop. The packaging was great. Unfortunately the ground is snow covered and frozen yet, here in minnesota, so no planting just yet. I have nothing bad to say about Dimeo.

On Jun 16, 2017, dra1943 (2 reviews) from Lake Hamilton, AR

Posted on February 24, 2013, updated June 16, 2017 JANUARY 27 2013 I ordered the 3 year old 4 foot blueberry plants the plants I ordered the 3 year old 4foot NOT 2 FOOT MAX I ordered 6 plants at $10.00 each with shipping of $37.12 total cost $97.12 TOTAL COST OF SHIPPING $14.00 OVER CHARGE $23.12 SHIPPING BOTIOME LINE IS DO NOT BUY FROM DIMEO`S FARMS YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF

On June 16th, 2017, dra1943 added the following:

On May 16, 2017, tdmichel (1 reviews) from Rhinelander, WI

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS FARM!!!!!! I was very excited to get my order after watching their videos and seeing all the very nice pictures on the website.. awesome job to whom ever does their marketing! But my excitement dropped when i received my order... I ordered 20 plants that were supposed to be 3 yr 4 ft plants and I got 20 plants crammed in a little box not one plant over 18 inches. paid $164 for shipping , the shipping label said it cost $32... I followed directions planted right away, I have since lost 4 plants.. I thinking there might have been a mistake on my order I emailed them.. not once but 3 times.. called and left messages 3 times before I was able to get someone to answer. She was very rude!!! saying they did not promise a 4ft plant saying website says UP TO a 4ft tall plant.shiping I was told was to their well handling of the product..not they jammed plants tight into a box and ended up with squashed broken plants.They dont back their product once it leaves the farm.. its check only! takes forever to be shipped.. I spent $360 on garbage.. The website is very misleading.. they suck you in and spit you out..DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!

On Jan 31, 2017, Marylandfarmer1 (1 reviews) from Princess Anne, MD

You can't imagine all these negative reviews would be true. They are. I called to find out info about shipping cost. Told the woman on the phone I would call back with the number of bushes I needed. Called back about 15 min. Later and Anthony answered and called me a retard. I asked why he was calling me that and he replied "Because I called you 3 times and you wouldn't answer me. " I said he was mistaken, He didn't call me I called him. He yelled and screamed for awhile. I only stayed on the phone because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He saved me a future head ache for sure. What a nut!!!

On Aug 23, 2016, FarmerPat (1 reviews) from Plainview, MN

I wish I had read these reviews first! I purchased several different varieties of berries in anticipation of purchasing larger quantities of the ones we liked. I should have been warned from the beginning by the lack of response to my phone calls. No returned call, no matter what the friendly voice on the answering machine says. I finally talked to a rather brusque lady who took my order and gave me all the instructions and told me they did not take credit cards (should have been a clue). I had the plants sent to an address where someone would be to take care of them immediately. No call when they were being shipped. The plants arrived as dry 12 inch 3 yr old (not hardly, unless they are dwarf) sticks with withered leaves. We immediately called DiMeo and of course there was no answer, so we left a message and again no response. So we planted the sticks hoping that we could resurrect them with TLC. Of the 20 bushes we purchased 2 aronia's survived. Despite following the instructions to the letter! When I called to let them know, after 4 messages,again the not so friendly lady (she must be in charge of complains, that is why she is oh so friendly and oh so busy!) answered. At first she did not even respond and I thought she had hung up. When she did she read me the disclaimer from the web site that basically says they send dead plants so there is no guarantee. When I questioned it, she asked if I wanted her to read it again, this time I choose not to respond. The most unfriendly, unhelpful, unprofessional business I have ever had the misfortune to work with!! Don't continue to fund this scam like I did.

On May 16, 2016, dustyrobbins (1 reviews) from Black Diamond, WA

Much of the recent negative experiences accurately describe what I went through with Dimeo Farms. After calling to verify shipping dates, I was verbally abused by Mr. Dimeo and hung up on. My 3-year old plants were (1) not three years old unless they were started from seed and never nurtured, (2) packed very poorly with little, if any, moisture protection with little chance to survive shipment across the country and (3) mostly dead within a couple of days. A healthy 3-year old blueberry plant is not 12-18 inches tall with very few leaves to speak of out of a box. I bought a few 3-year old replacements from a nursery on the east coast and received vibrant, bushy, well packed plants, loaded with berries already. I can't blame anyone but myself given the lack of research on my part.

On Apr 9, 2016, MissDaisy78 (1 reviews) from Spring City, PA

DO NOT BUY FROM ANTHONY DIMEO AT DIMEO FARMS! You will NOT find DiMeo on reputable farm sites like jerseyfresh.nj.gov, or localharvest.com because he is NOT a REPUTABLE FARMER. I, like many others, made the terrible mistake of giving DiMeo Farms the benefit of doubt after visiting his website. Unfortunately, I didn't take enough time reading the hundreds of negative reviews from people all over the country who have been ripped off by him or have been verbally assaulted by Anthony DiMeo personally. RED FLAG #1: DiMeo does not take credit cards. Only CASH or CHECK. Even online orders that are shipped have to be paid for by check. RED FLAG #2: You will NEVER get a receipt. EVER. RED FLAG #3: Mr. DiMeo very rarely, if ever, will come out of his garage and speak to you. He will yell and scream at you out of one of the windows. RED FLAG #4: None of his blueberries are labelled, so you don't know what you are buying. RED FLAG #5: Mr. DiMeo records and videotapes you in his driveway. I called to ask him about his blueberries because no one was there to answer my questions. He immediately informed me that our coversation was being recorded and that I was being videotaped and that he could see me in my truck. MAJOR RED FLAG!!!! RED FLAG #6: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ASK HIM ABOUT BLUEBERRIES! After trying ask him about his blueberries, he abruptly interrupted me and started verbally abusing me calling me "stupid" because I had to ask about his blueberries and that I was "too stupid" to buy his blueberries and demanded I keep my money and leave and then hung up on me. (He even treated Girl Scouts this way! - I'm dead serious! Read the reviews.) WORD TO THE WISE: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON DIMEO!! Read ALL the reviews on Google, Yelp!, BBB, Pissedconsumer.com, ripoffreport.com, outscam.com and anywhere else people have reviewed this guy. Even individuals have dedicated entire pages of their experience with DiMeo, like this lady, https://secretgardenblessings.wordpress.com/tag/dimeo-farms/ I have left my reviews, along with reporting him to the NJ Consumer Affairs Bureau. I will also be taking further steps to have this business fully investigated. If you decide to go, go prepared. Bring CASH and make sure you record EVERYTHING. I'm telling you, this guy is The Blueberry Nazi of New Jersey.

On Apr 2, 2016, joblue (1 reviews) from Jefferson, NY

I called to confirm an appointment I made earlier in the week and was told that I would not be helped until after 1pm, "not at 12:30, not at 12:45, not even at 12:59 so don't bother". Fine, I had all day even though I planned on driving 4 1/2 hours to get there, no big deal. When I told him I would be taking 24 plants, he rudely informed me that if I said I was taking 24 plants (he seemed angry that it was only 24 plants, excuse me!) then that's what I would be required to take. Again, fine with me, I knew which varieties I wanted but I did say that I would check the plants to make sure they weren't inferior to which he blew a gasket and told me he didn't need my "drama", my order wasn't worth the trouble, he did not want my business and to STAY HOME. Yes, I will indeed stay home and be sure to tell everyone I can what a lunatic this guy is. Save yourself the trouble, take your money elsewhere.

On Mar 29, 2016, tnk209 (1 reviews) from Buckeye, AZ

I called Dimeo farms and asked some basic questions about the instruction sheet they send and the lady kept saying it's really easy to follow (So does this mean I can't ask questions at all, I'm so pose to know what they mean by what's on the paper!!!) So frustrating, when you ask the business that are selling you something, they should be able to clarify so you understand. I asked her if there is someone else i can speak to, and she said it's the busiest time of the year and no. I told her well how am I sopose to find out the info if no one will help me. she said she is helping me (but she won't give me info other than what's on the paper instruction sheet). So basically, I am sopose to know what the instructions mean or I guess I will have to call another company to get info on what my next steps would be to keeping these blueberry bushes alive. I won't buy from them again.

On Sep 29, 2015, charleymeckna (1 reviews) from Arbovale, WV

GREAT EXPERIENCE....We ordered 40, 3 year old plants back in June, 2015 We were told we had to wait for the hot season to end in order to send them to us. A soft spoken lady at DiMeo Farm kept in constant contact with us every few weeks updating us on the shipping date due to weather restrictions, We felt we were very much a part of this whole process with this special attention to update us as well the concern and knowledge DiMeo had not to send plants in extreme heat of the season. DiMeo called us and said when they will be shipped and we should receive them on a certain day, Just as they said it happened for us. We received them Mid Sept 2015. We are more than pleased, actually we are exuberant with the plants we received, So much so we stayed up planting them till 11 pm that day into the night making a nice arrangement of a courtyard area with them for how they are planted. These plants are very hardy and tall, most about waist height, full of leaves and great green color. We are planning on ordered a considerable amount more next year of both Blueberry and Aronia Berry plants. I would recommend DiMeo Farms to anyone interested in Berry plants. We have purchased several plants from their competitors over the past year and received very poor quality plants that died. Because of this bad experience of time and great money loss in the past, we were very concerned to even try agian to purchase berry plants, I can say DiMeo has won us over to show us they are honest people that do as they say they will of doing a Great business. Thanks DiMeo Farms for the Wonderful Plants and the Great Service ! Charley Meckna Family.

On Aug 29, 2015, robert2155 (1 reviews) from Glastonbury, CT

Called Dimeo Bluberry Farms about purchasing blueberry bushes and some advice about planting them. What I got was the most ignorant, obnoxious person that I have ever encountered. If this is the way they behave before the sale, one can only imagine the experience after the sale. My advice is to purchase elsewhere.

On Aug 24, 2015, Melissa819 (1 reviews) from Scranton, PA

I wish I researched before I ordered and found this website! I received my bushes (much smaller than the ones in photos that were boasted about) with blueberries on them - that is NOT the time to ship/transplant. they went into immediate shock and were dead within the week. They responded to no phone messages or emails and ignored a better business bureau action. And then finally accused ME of being harassing when I finally spoke with someone to say that I would even drive 2 hours to their farm to get replacements because I wanted to resolve this issue and feel good about the transaction. (I was KIND and patient the whole time!) Wow! I own 3 businesses. I would NEVER treat my customers (OR MY PLANTS) they way I have been treated.

On Jun 9, 2015, joeapierce (1 reviews) from East Jordan, MI

We ordered 50 two-year old plants from DiMeo in advance of ordering 1200 the next year. We wanted to check the quality of the plants and the service from the company before spending thousands. We were assured that we would receive an assortment of plants to ensure early, mid and late berries. The beautiful website and story tempted us to try DiMeo. We have never written a bad review even after dealing with bad service, rude people, or bad products; but DiMeo was so bad we felt we had to post a review just to reinforce the message to NOT CONTACT THIS COMPANY. After ordering our check was cashed within a few days. There was no communication about expected shipment or anything. After two weeks we called to about a shipping time. The lady said they would ship soon. We asked if we could please get a call or email when they ship so we could be expecting them. She said that would be no problem, and that they ship early in the week so that the plants are not sitting over the weekend in a shipping warehouse. All of this made sense, so we waited. Three weeks after ordering we noticed a package that was left at our work address Saturday afternoon. Fortunately we were there to get it so we could get the plants in the ground. We never received an email or call as promised. Most of the plants were very small and unhealthy looking. They were bundled with rubberbands with no indication at all what type of plant they were. There was no invoice, no packing slip, nothing at all to identify what we received. Up until this point we just thought that DiMeo was just not a quality company. It got much worse after calling to simply inquire what type of plants we had received, and if we could get a receipt of some sort. The man on the phone was instantly mad. He said that our check was our receipt. We explained that we wanted a receipt for our files and to have a list of what we received since there was no paperwork with the shipment. He then accused us of trying to illegally deduct the plants on our taxes. He said that we were not real farmers and that he has made a lot of money doing this, and we shouldn’t be asking questions. He was rude, condescending, and went off on unrelated rants. He went on like this for over 30 minutes, all the time saying that he had bigger customers and no time to deal with us. He accused us of trying to get free product, which we never mentioned. All we wanted was a receipt. Over 30 minutes of verbal abuse, still no receipt. Eventually he just hung up. I can only think of a few reasons not to give a receipt under any circumstances. They want no proof of what was purchased so there is no paper trail for complaints or lawsuits. Or THEY are perhaps trying to avoid paying taxes on sales. Either way I beg you to read all the reviews and consider whether to deal with this company or not. I’m almost afraid to try the blueberries from them since they may be filled with bitterness and evil.

On May 20, 2015, MamaPT (1 reviews) from Mukwonago, WI

In late June of 2014 I called and placed an order for 5 blueberry plants to be shipped to me in WI. I mailed my check July 3rd. I had not heard anything from them (email or otherwise) indicating receipt of my check or order shipment so on July 16th I called and left a message asking about my order. My call was not returned despite the pleasant message that says, "We return all calls the same business day." On the evening of July 17th I went out of town (still reachable by phone) and returned on the evening of July 20th to find a box that contained 5 very dried blueberry plants. Nothing labeled as to what variety the plants were. None of them survived. I called (leaving voicemail each time), emailed, tweeted and left messages on Facebook with absolutely no response except for removing my FB comments and blocking me from commenting further. I posed as a customer interested in placing an order and got a call back which gave me opportunity to explain my complaint but the employee obviously had no power to do anything except promise that the owner would call back which of course never occurred. I filed with the BBB who reported they had no response from DiMeo so they must be out of business. I assured them they were not closed but they were unable to proceed further and instructed me to file a complaint with the New Jersey Dept. of Consumer Affairs. I have done this and thankfully they are proceeding with action. They have 35 other complaints filed. This feedback alone shows 90 negative experiences. I encourage anyone who is interested in getting their money back to file. https://www20.state.nj.us/LPSCA_COMPL/

On May 19, 2015, jf1 (1 reviews) from Washington, NJ

My wife and I had the unfortunate experience in meeting Anthony DiMeo III. I too, wish I had taken a moment to read reviews before wasting time and falling into the DiMeo trap. No need here to recount the whole event so I’ll summarize. DiMeo verbally assaulted my wife as she walked toward him to ask a question. He was apparently intimidated because she had a cell phone in her had. He immediately asked in a harsh and offending tone, “What’s that in your hand?” She told him it was her cell phone and he then ORDERED her back to her vehicle! She walked back in dismay as I was trying to converse with one of his workers. He then approached me and began to ramble and when I tried to ask him a question he became enraged as if I was questioning his knowledge or authority. I assure you that certainly was not the case. DiMeo then grinned at me saying, “I’m not selling you any plants, I don’t care how much money you would pay!” I responded by saying, you got to be kidding me, I drove two hours to get here after your employee “scheduled a meeting” for us! He walked away repeating or almost warning me, “your being recorded here on a camera” (as if I was doing something wrong?) and then ordered his six workers to follow him, directing them to the garage area where he promptly closed all the doors and hides out of sight. It truly was an unbelievable sight to behold. I can only equate it to a spoiled little boy taking his ball and going home after something not going his way. It’s apparent now after reading all the reviews and complaints that any logical person would conclude Anthony DiMeo has some deep underlying issues that need immediate attention. He professes to be a fourth generation blueberry farmer. Well I can tell you this, his behavior and demeanor will surely destroy what the first, second and third DiMeo family members accomplished. He truly should be ashamed of his inability to exhibit the slightest social skills. I am giving fair warning to any future persons seeking to make blueberry purchases, DO NOT GO TO DiMEO BLUEBERRY FARMS! There are plenty of other reputable, hard working blue berry farmers in the area that will APPRECIATE your business.

On May 10, 2015, TRUTHBERRY (1 reviews) from Valley Falls, NY

based on the rude,insulting behavior of the owner on the phone that i experienced, ALL THESE NEGATIVE postings ARE TRUE. He had no time to talk or answer questions. his ads and videos are alluring but not true. (a quarter size blueberry would be world news and they don't have 6' plants). He did all of the talking while insulting me and hung up. He's the blueberry NAZI. He sounded and behaved like my boss of 10 years. I couldn't believe there could be a second person like this. After i confronted my boss about his behavior he's gone to a behavior specialist and now is on medication. I recomend this to rick Dimeo. If he gave me the plants i would not except them. I did not confront R Dimeo but remained quiet and in shock. DON'T BUY from this place. they don't need homeowners for sure.

On Apr 27, 2015, crow666 (1 reviews) from Holmdel, NJ

I placed a call to ask about buying blueberries. The man I spoke to was incredibly rude. When I told him I was interested in a particular variety, he criticized my choice. He was extremely pushy, wanting me to place an order immediately. When I told him I would call back if interested, he told me I was wasting his time, and not to call back. Don't worry, I never will. There are far more cordial and helpful vendors to deal with, easily found on the internet. This is the kind of person who gives the whole state of New Jersey a bad image.

On Apr 22, 2015, daisymaepetunia (1 reviews) from Nescopeck, PA

i ordered and received ten bushes. Nine were beautiful and one i would not have left the nursery with. i contacted them via messenger - no response. i wrote via facebook and they deleted my comments. They have you very slick like. They take only checks, and they do not give any guarantees on ANY of their products once they leave the farm. I believed the advertising and trusted that I would receive only top quality plants. The tenth plant did not even have three inches total of root. I can not get any response from them as they have washed their hands and can legally do so but I want others to be very aware of the little -rather none - recourse you have if they ship you less than advertised quality plants that appear in pictures on their page. Buyer be ware.

On Apr 21, 2015, BRG004 (1 reviews) from Rochester, MA

I called in an order for a couple of dozen blueberry plants. I'm not a blueberry farmer, so I was just curious about what they were selling before making the purchase. I was very polite- I had no reason not to be. I literally asked only these two questions after listening to her brief description: (a) So, these are all a variety of different blueberry plants? (just to confirm- I wasn't really aware there were so many different types) (b) And these are all 3 years old? Then a man got on the phone ... said that he had been listening in on speakerphone. In an incredible rude tone he announced that, "You're asking highly unusual questions. This is a busy time of year for us. No blueberries for you!" And then he hung up without another word. It was amazing. This has to be some kind of scam ... it was so strange. I did nothing to deserve any kind of poor response from them.

On Apr 14, 2015, wedigindirt (1 reviews) from Latham, NY

Posted on August 11, 2012, updated April 14, 2015 Posted on October 5, 2010, updated August 11, 2012 Posted on July 12, 2010, updated October 5, 2010 At the end of May, 2010 I sent my check to DiMeo Farms for 42 "PREMIUM" "SUPER HARDY" (their terms not mine) plants and was quoted a price of $10.00 per plant and $158.57 for shipping. Their web site shows a photo of plants that appear to be about 3' tall with main stems about 1/2" thick with the caption: "3 year old premium Blueberry plants for sale". I asked for the name of the freight carrier and the pro # as I assumed these 3' tall plants would be potted and shipped on a pallet. What I received about 2 weeks later was a box 2' x 2' x 1' containing 42 twigs with maybe 1/8" diameter main stems, which were 8"-10" tall with minimal bare roots wrapped in a plastic bag and rubber band. I was shocked at how small they were compared with the web site photo and the advertising proclaiming "3 year old plants", "Super hardy", "Premium" etc. I immediately soaked them in water and planted them per the instructions the same day. I noticed the postage on the box was $21.40 and contacted DiMeo questioning why I had been charged $158.00 for shipping when the actual postage was only $21.40. The response was that the extra $137.17 was for "packing, boxing, boxes, materials". This is the most absurd answer I have ever heard as the box itself is about $1.79 (source Uline), plastic bags are about $.80 (source Uline) and the rubber bands are about $.25 (source Staples), so for $3.00 in "materials" I was charged $137.17 AND received really crummy plants with 19 of the 42 plants dead after one month in the ground. Believe me, I am not a competitor, but an average home owner in Latham, NY who was hoping to have a nice 3' high blueberry hedge on one side of my yard and what I got was a total rip off as far as plants and a major over charge which the owner refuses to make right. Should anyone doubt my facts I will gladly provide photos. I would stay away from this supplier and warn others of these problems

On October 5th, 2010, wedigindirt added the following: Update 10-5-10. I read with skepticism comments by others about receiving wonderful lush 3' high plants, etc. The 42 plants that I spent nearly $600.00 on arrived as tiny twigs with very minimal roots. So the owner either ripped me off by sending me his worst plants or other "supposed' customers are telling unreal stories. After 4 months I have only 9 of the original 42 plants still alive and the living plants are still only about 12" tall. The plants are well cared for and planted with lots of peat moss. I would urge real customers to avoid this grower.
On August 11th, 2012, wedigindirt added the following: Allow me to update and repeat what a bad experience this was. Of the 42 "twigs" I received from DiMeo 2 years ago only two are still alive and are still very small with no fruit. Planted in the same location are plants from a different grower, Waters Blueberry Farm, which have done very well and produced nice fruit this year. Don't be another person ripped off by DiMeo.
On April 14th, 2015, wedigindirt added the following: BEWARE........ A horrible experience with DiMeo and a total ripoff.

On Apr 9, 2015, methec (1 reviews) from Signal Mountain, TN

I find it hard to believe there are actually any satisfied customers from this company. Not only based on my personal experience but also after reading so many negative comments. Reading the negative comments written here in regards to doing business with DiMeo Farms is like reliving the horrible experience over and over again. There’s no doubt the man I spoke with has a serious problem and enjoys abusing customers. It is obvious there is a mental condition of some sort going on. Or he thoroughly receives pleasure from being down right mean. Most consumers take for granted they can ask a normal question in regards to the items they choose to purchase. You know, such as how much it will cost to ship X number of plants, or the age or type of plant you are looking to purchase. Well, do not expect anything to be normal when trying to do business with DiMeo Farms. The man running this operation is CRAZY! There must be some type of mental illness going on. I am sure this company has made a dump truck load of money from doing business for many years. And they may actually prefer large orders over smaller ones. I can see where that would be more worth their time. However, they do not advertise minimum orders or that they only wholesale to the industry. DiMeo Farms markets their products as a “family run, open and friendly operation. Based on the comments listed here and my own personal experience, I venture to say; that everyone involved with this operation is living on “pins and needles” working with this obviously unstable man. This man has no control over his behavior. He’s rude beyond words. He’s condescending, cruel, racist, overbearing, dictating, and narcissistic. It’s actually scary to have a conversation with this person. I think most people are in shock when he begins yelling and accusing them of wasting his time. He’s got better things to do than answer any questions, and further more he’s so wealthy he really doesn’t want your money. He told me he prefers at least a $2,500 order. This may be his true feelings, but he can’t stop himself from throwing that out there immediately. His demeanor is so intimidating and condescending; you can’t even have a conversation with him. And he enjoys listening to himself so much; he prefers to give a lengthy lecture about anything other than actually completing the transaction you’re attempting. I’m starting a small pick your own farm and needed 280 – 3 year plants. (Such as those seen on their website) It wasn’t easy or comfortable to get a written quote however; someone actually sent me an invoice via email the next day. The shipping costs were almost $2000 for 280 plants. This seemed high, so I had plans to rent a truck and make the trip myself. No problem. My farm project was scheduled to begin later in the year so I decided to purchase 15 – 3 year old plants sooner. I made these plans with a woman over the phone before I ever spoke with this horrible over bearing man. No one mentioned any problem with this transaction. So, I mailed $150 to DiMeo Farms, and after the checks cleared and I was ready to receive my 15 plants. I called to ask what the shipping would be for the 15 plants, and spoke with the rudest human being on the planet. Needless to say he was beside himself because I dared to send $150 without the shipping costs already included. Trust me, I surely wish I hadn’t. I wish I had never heard of DiMeo Farms much less sent money or made plans to start my farm using their products. I doubt I will ever see my $150 again. I doubt I will receive any plants. And if he does send any plants I doubt they will be the beautiful 3’ to 4’ healthy plants I saw on the website. I’m torn as to what to do. I can try writing them via email and request my money back or allow me to pay for shipping. It doesn’t look good no matter what I do. Spending more is not a good idea. I wish I had read the negative comments before I fell into the DiMeo trap. Their website is very attractive and fills your eyes with beautiful dreams of growing your own blueberries. Perhaps the person who started DiMeo Farms many years ago enjoyed farming. I don’t know. However, the person running it now is a BAD person. He’s either sick, mentally ill or he is just the devil himself. He hates what he does and finds pleasure in upsetting others, and causing their lives to be completely disrupted. Doing business with this man is almost guaranteed to be one experience you’ll never forget. There are lots of honest people growing and selling blueberries out there. I was mesmerized by their website and by passed others to get to the blueberries grown in New Jersey. I am impressed mostly by the power this company has achieved using you tube videos. All I can say it is NOT what you think it will be. I feel sorry for people working on this farm. I’d recommend looking for another source for your blueberry plants and do not let their self promoting website and videos blind you.

On Apr 8, 2015, cb61 (1 reviews) from Kenedy, TX

RUDE! RUDE! RUDE! does not begin to define the phone etiquette of this man. I called my post office and asked they contact me when my plants arrived. The post office asked for the tracking #. I called Dimeo Famrs to get the tracking #, and the man who answered immediately stated he didn’t have much time but began schooling me on what the duties of the post office were and if they would not call me on delivery they should be fired. When I tried to explain that I don’t work in the HR department for the post office, he began yelling at me about not having time to look through his paperwork for tracking numbers. However, he continued to lecture me (5 minutes) about issues with my address, and it was my problem I had to use a post office box for delivery, what the post office should and should not do and rambled on for 5 minutes. Instead of wasting my time explaining the duties of the post office, he could have provided better customer service by simply providing the tracking number. Wish I had read reviews on this company prior to ordering. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN. The only positive thing gained from this experience, I now know the job duties of a postal worker in the event I ever want to work for the post office.

On Apr 1, 2015, merrydancer (7 reviews) from Vancouver, WA

RUDE!!! Definitely the most rude phone call I have ever had to a nursery. Conversation started with my asking if they carried Hannah's Choice blueberries. Yes. then rep asked if I was company... home gardener, etc. and how many plants did I want. Answered: homeowner and two.. His response.. TWO! YOU CAN'T EVEN MAKE BLUEBERRY PANCAKES WITH TWO PLANTS!! (loud and rude). I said I already had 18 plants so just wanted to add two plants. His response.. (again loud and rude). My min is 5 plants. I am not your guy if you want two and with that HE HUNG UP!! I might have actually considered buying 5 as I could give a few to my daughter or friends but that man was SO rude.

On Mar 25, 2015, njberry1 (1 reviews) from Folsom, NJ

Posted on March 24, 2015, updated March 25, 2015 DiMeo fruit farms, the owner Anthony is not honest about being organic and about his 43 driffent variety of blue berry plants,the fact is he may only have five at most.He adveritise being organic which i had call Erick Bremer from the department of the new jersey agriculture and said to me he meaning Anthony did not take the time out to be certified, Erick said it takes about 4 years to become certified. His no.is 609-633-1738 you can ask him you self. Anthony also has pick your own as organic, this is another lie,,his pick your own fields are conventional only.Then he wants every one to believe it is a family business not true it is his only, there are no family members with him. Then he wants to hold farm weddings there at his farm,,this here he has been told by the pinelands of new jersey its illegal to do so,,he would have to go thought pinelands to get the approvals,,he is zone residential not commerical. When you buy from his company make sure you do research,if not you will be sorry like most of us have,,so dont be taken for a fool,,,,,,,,,,,,,

On March 25th, 2015, njberry1 added the following: just want to add here if you have an complaint with DiMeo farms you can call Tammie B Wilburn and she is with the NOP in Washington D.C here is her no, 202-260-8638,,,

On Feb 23, 2015, HenryTS77 (4 reviews) from Syracuse, NY

All I can say about this place is buyer beware. I came across this place in search of a source of blueberry bushes that were large enough to bear fruit the first year. I emailed them a number of times asking for a general listing of what varieties they usually carry and a rough estimate of shipping and was repeatedly told to call them which I felt would be a waste of time considering how many varieties of blueberries there are. I have since read on other forums they do this to get your phone number to hard sell you as since you called them it negates the Do Not Call registry. I then tried asking a couple times on their Facebook page as other did and suddenly I found myself blocked from posting on their page. Any company that treats potential customers like this should be approached with extreme caution.

On Oct 31, 2014, berrymandel (1 reviews) from Dover, DE

I cant explain why these people want to give DiMeo farms a bad reputation by saying things that are clearly un-true. But, I can and will say this: I have had nothing but EXCELLENT service from them and I have had pleasant telephone conversations personally with Mr. DiMeo and learned so much information from him as he is very knowledgeable. They are truly devoted to small people like me and TREAT THEM THE SAME as if they were large commercial growers. The DiMeo's are amazingly nice people and I hope everyone who reads my comment will learn this and realize they are getting nothing but the BEST from DiMeo Blueberry Farms.

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On Oct 30, 2014, berry1995 (4 reviews)

Posted on October 30, 2014, updated October 30, 2014 Posted on March 2, 2014, updated October 30, 2014 Posted on February 19, 2014, updated March 2, 2014 WORST NURSERY IN THE WORLD! I ordered some Plants, then they canceled my pickup. They are not real business men. And no, I am NOT dimeos "competitor". All his customers and "reviews"on his website are FAKE. they are his friends, I believe.

On March 2nd, 2014, berry1995 added the following: Take you're business somewhere else. they 'invite you to drive or fly out' but then tell you they're too busy for tours.
On October 30th, 2014, berry1995 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:
On October 30th, 2014, berry1995 added the following: I WAS WRONG! I thought that people on here were real, but don't listen to all these negative reviews, they are competitors trying to take DiMeos business. The DiMeos are real nice people and will help you out when you need it, I have called, gotten return calls, Emailed and had responses, and you can ask them ANYTHING and they will give you their honest answer from decades of growing PREMIUM blueberry plants. Call them and they will help you, like they did for me. Thank you so much Mr. DiMeo! I hope you see this POSITIVE comment!

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the policy of the Watchdog that customers cannot publish multiple reviews under different usernames in order to manipulate a company's rating. The rating of this comment was written by the same user who posed as "berrymandel". Therefore, these reviews have been changed from a positive to neutral rating so they will not affect the overall ratings given by customers.

On Aug 20, 2014, lucansuch (1 reviews) from Haverstraw, NY

Like a lot of people I was seduced by their nice website and experienced something quite different. I ordered ten blueberry plants in June with explicit written instructions about shipping. I needed them on a schedule as they were being planted at a summer home that is not always occupied. I also asked to be notified upon shipment so I could make arrangements to go plant them if necessary. Simple and reasonable requests. Nothing happened for six weeks or so. I emailed them asking (nicely) what the problem was and when they were planning to ship, and I got back a scathing, personal attack, and no hint as to when they would ship. I again asked them to notify me when they do ship. Last week (late August) I visited the summer home and found that there was a (small) package waiting for me at the Post Office, addressed wrong of course. It had been sitting there for a month and of course the plants were dry and crispy. As several people have mentioned the plants were just twigs and the "root balls" were the size of golf balls. The box, with all ten plants in it, was small enough to carry home on a bicycle, which I did. I'd read the disclaimer on the web site that all sales were final and didn't feel like fighting with them, so I just ate the $150 (they charged like $46 for shipping; the postage was $11). I hadn't been smart enough to look for reviews before I bought, but apparently you are, and you have been warned.

On Jun 3, 2014, soesfairview (1 reviews) from Fairview, NJ

I purchased 5 plants from them last year (2013). None of them ever grew or produced. They are just sticks in a pot. I have other blueberry bushes which are thriving and already producing berries. I called up to ask if possibly there was something I did wrong or anything to that effect. The gentleman (lack of a better word) took the phone from the girl who answered and without hearing anything I said yet told me "We don't guarantee our plants, if they died it's your fault and I am not going to argue with you about it." Guess he must hear this a lot. Anyway avoid this company unless you want to spend a few hundred dollars for some dead sticks. There are more negative reviews then positive and neutral combined, that should tell you something. Buyer beware, they know the plants come DOA and will do nothing. I bought some plants from a local nursery and from home depot and they both are already producing big blue berries. I also bought one plant last year from burpee, it was tiny about 5 inches tall. It survived this terrible winter we had this year in new jersey and is now almost 2 feet tall. Shame on you dimeo farms to treat your customers like this. Your company went down the toilet. Bad experience I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy never mind a friend. AVOID AT ALL COSTS UNLESS YOU LIKE TO BUY DEAD STICKS.

On May 28, 2014, Packers000 (1 reviews) from East Dubuque, IL

Posted on May 28, 2014 I have to say that I have never been treated so rudely by a mail order company. The first time I called I explained to a woman that the 10 bushes that I had purchased the previous fall did not grow. Her response was to hang up on me. I called later and talked to one of the rudest men I have ever talked to and after I told him that I planted the bushes the day that I received them as they instructed and they failed to grow. His response was "what do you want me to do?". He then hung up on me as well. I will never deal with company again. Their moto must be that the customer is never right.

On May 15, 2014, champanier (1 reviews) from Kerhonkson, NY (Zone 5b)

We were impressed by the website's description of how Dimeo's would be happy to talk with customers and help. Although it was a 3 1/2 hour drive each way, we thought it would be worth the trip. We called first and made an appointment as instructed online. As soon as we pulled in, Mr. Dimeo started screaming at us - literally before we got out of the car. He said he didn't have time to sell to us, didn't want to do retail and we should go somewhere else. He was appallingly rude and condescending. I had a list of six varieties, chosen from those listed on the website. He said he could only sell three varieties, because he didn't have time to find more. He kept repeating that sales were cash only, despite my answering that we had cash. I ended up buying a dozen plants, which was far fewer than I had intended. He said $120 wasn't worth his time and literally told his workers to take them out of our car. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't even given him that much business. I can't say strongly enough how misleading the web information is.

On May 13, 2014, MichiganBuyer (1 reviews) from Ann Arbor, MI

I might consider buying from these people again, BUT only if I were local - but their "guarantee" on bushes is ZERO. I ordered bushes - called about a dead one and was told that they only guarantee the plant until it leaves the farm. I wish I had known. Buyer beware. If they send you a weak or dying plant, too bad.

On May 13, 2014, TheNightGarden (1 reviews) from Schwenksville, PA

Called to place order was told I had to buy 2 bushes of only 3 varieties totally 6 bushes. I asked questions & was told he has been in business for over 100 yrs & knows what grows all over the country. He would not sell me anything but what he wanted to sell. I should have read ALL the negative comments. I cancelled my order to pick up the bushes. I would not trust that you are getting the bushes you want. Arrogant & disrespectful. Needs to understand & practice customer service.

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