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Leaves and Petals Garden Center

Mailing Address:
810 Bradley Circle
Loganville, Georgia 30052 (United States)

Phone: 678-691-8471
Fax: 678-691-8471

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Positive captbobe
Castle Rock, CO
(1 review)
May 28, 2015
A desperate cold call to Leaves and Petals searching for a dwarf male Gingko Jade Butterfly tree was immediately answered by Raphael who said, “I think I can help.” Whew! Been looking for almost a year for one as a memory tree.

Although there apparently were none in his inventory, Raphael quickly undertook a search in the area and found exactly the tree I wanted. He sent a couple of pictures to confirm that it was the one, and when I responded yes he drove to the grower and picked up the tree. All along he was keeping me abreast of the situation and then I asked him about shipping to Colorado. No problem! Other nurseries in Oregon and Georgia had refused to ship a tree to my arborist, but this was a no brainer for Leaves and Petals. The shipper had a family emergency and was quickly packaging all of L&P’s orders, and Raphael made sure my order made the shipment.

The tree arrived in perfect condition, thanks to the care with which the shipper crated the tree. Now it is ready for planting.

It is such pure joy to work with a company that exceeds your expectations. While others found this rather unique problem (for me) too hard, Raphael made it seem easy. I recommend Leaves and Petals unhesitatingly – it is without a doubt a first-class, five star plus company! Thank you!!!
Positive scholargarden
Cincinnati, OH
(1 review)
May 20, 2015
My spiral Rasen cedar, bought Sept 2014, did not survive an erratic Ohio winter. Leaves and Petals honored their warranty and sent me a spectacular Rasen in replacement, in the best packing I have ever seen, the day after Mother's Day (to avoid late frost.)
Great customer service, and commitment to plantmanship!
Positive landscapeguy
Lawrenceville, GA
(1 review)
October 6, 2014
I had ordered a plant from Leaves and Petals in the past and was very happy with my order. More than happy, although I didn't make a comment on here.
As a landscaper, I was having problems finding some plants locally which Leaves and Petals carried. I remembered them and ordered from their website.
I couldn't let this delivery go by without commenting on the quality and service I received. Not only was I able to find the plants I needed, but the quality of the plants were exceptional.
I've purchased a lot of plants locally and their plants were either up to par with the best or better than anything I have found.
I am a convinced customer, it's not coincidence. This company delivers what it promises. I recommend it to homeowners and landscapers alike. I doubt there is a better online nursery to purchase from. Absolutely superior in every way.
Thank you Leaves and Petals!
Positive joeiam105
Houston, TX
(1 review)
July 14, 2014
Houston,Texas-ZONE 9A

I love Japanese maple tree they come in all shape,size and colors, I can touch and stare at them as long as I want without offending them, I was looking for a good nursery to buy from , my first experience very bad, searching for weeks online , until I found Leaves and Petals Garden Center webpage , I call 678-691-8471 Raphael answer the phone, talk to am about my experience over and hour, he tell's me he can help and that he would even sent pictures of the plants, he was nice and easy to talk to even recommend Fourth Edition J.D. Vertrees & Peter Gregory book about all different kinds of Japanese maples I am reading now learning a lot, I purchase 2 large 5+FEET FULL& BEAUTIFUL Japanese maples - Bihou and Jordan love those trees,it is to hot to purchase any more maples can't wait for fall--- very happy camper !!!
Positive RamonN
Hooksett, NH
(1 review)
June 7, 2014
Posted on May 21, 2014, updated June 7, 2014
I'm a new customer of Leaves and Petals. I have nothing but great things to say about this company, especially the owner Raphael. He has taken the time to give me a personal phone call, and has sent me emails, to explain to me the status of my plant orders, and to educate me on how to be successful in growing the plants I have ordered from him. The phone conversation was not rushed, and I could tell that he wants me to succeed in growing the plants. His emails are very detailed. One actually included a newspaper article about a tree I ordered from him.
The first plant (gardenia) arrived yesterday. I ordered the smallest size from Raphael's list, thinking I'd start small so that if the plant doesn't make it, it's at least not a lot of money. Raphael sent me instead a 3 gallon plant for the same price as the small one, and the plant is just gorgeous. Every stem has a bud!
2 more plants coming. I can't wait to see what they'll look like.
Thank you very much Raphael. It's truly a great pleasure doing business with you. I feel like you treat me as a friend you've known for many years.
On June 7th, 2014, RamonN added the following:

I received 2 more plants from Leaves and Petals this week, a Japanese Maple Twomblys Red Sentinel, and a Nana lutea Hinoki Cypress. The plants look incredible! I am so happy I found this nursery on line. Raphael continues to be very helpful. Yesterday, I e-mailed him about a plant I'm looking for, and he responded right away with some very useful information about the different variations of the plant. I am now waiting for 4 more plants from this nursery. Can't wait to get them. I am confident they will be just as beautiful and healthy looking as the first 3 plants I have received from them.
Positive 4mama
Ames Lake, WA
(1 review)
May 21, 2014
This was my first time ordering from this company and I could not be happier. I ordered a Moonrise and Beni Otake Japanese maples in the 3 gallon size and they are very healthy, good size trees. In fact, they look better than a lot of the trees at my local nurseries at a comparable price. I have ordered from other online nurseries in the past and have received "tired" looking plants, so imagine my delight when I opened the box to find healthy, happy, fully leafed out trees. They were also very prompt about responding to my emails with regard to shipping and plant information. They are now my go to online nursery.
Positive p3pner123
Clarksville, TN
(3 reviews)
April 24, 2014
I just happened to find this nursery online & checked their ratings on Dave's Garden. I have talked to the owner several times & he is gracious, knowledgeable & wanting to provide the best service & products possible. I ordered 3 trees from him & the quality & size is beyond any other nursery online or locally in my town. The procedures his nursery follows to ensure satisfaction should be used by other companies. I will never use another company but his. The nursery even carries new trees that are rare & hard to find. My order was shipped on Monday & I received them the next day. They make sure your order never sits in a truck or warehouse but loaded & sent directly to you. Everyone should look at his site & products - you will be as surprised & satisfied as I have been.
Positive mzcokezero
Greenfield, WI
(1 review)
April 19, 2014
Finally! I can purchase plants online and expect to get what a company advertises... or in Leaves and Petals case, better than they described their products.
I couldn't believe their customer service. They spent the time necessary to explain to me everything I needed to know about the plants I would be receiving. There were no dots missing or t's uncrossed. They not only lived up to my expectations (which I'll admit is quite high), but exceeded it in a way no nursery has done before. And I have been ordering online and through catalogues for over 30 years.
Leaves and Petals staff - congratulations on a job well done! You have proven to be as honorable a company as you advertise yourselves to be, and the quality of your products is SUPERIOR, SUPERIOR, SUPERIOR!!!
You'll be getting my business from now on forward.
And please thank the young lady (I can't remember her name) that took the time to explain which plants would do best for me. I could not have been more pleased.
You are truly professionals!
Positive Hamburglar
Solon, OH (Zone 5b)
(3 reviews)
March 29, 2014
Ordered a 1-gallon Moonglow Sweetbay Magnolia from Leaves and Petals this month. L&P sent an email explaining that they were heavy in 3-gallon inventory and offered me the option of up-sizing for a small charge. I agreed. The plant arrived very quickly, maybe next day. It was very full and healthy-looking. I have probably received twelve mail order trees and shrubs over the last two years from a few sources, but this one was the most vigorous out of the box. L&P also ended the email chain with some helpful planting and pruning advice specific to the Moonglow. Good experience all around.
Positive ccgeorge
Brewster, MA
(1 review)
December 7, 2013
About a year ago I turned to “Dave’s Garden” to assist in locating an online nursery which could provide a Cryptomeria Japonica Black Dragon. I was reluctant to seek another online vendor since I had previously been disappointed by the resulting deliveries from others. After reviewing Leaves and Petals‘web site I called to see if I could develop a comfort level with this vendor. Winter was approaching and my concern was the late planting. Long story short, the tree arrived in its #5 container days later. A well packaged, reasonably priced plant of good size, color, and form, which actually exceeded my expectations.

I have since purchased three different trees from this garden center and have had no problems. After viewing their new web pages I am sure more will follow next year as I focus away from trees and onto flowering shrubs and plants. Customer service has always been helpful answering my questions, making suggestions, or occasionally critiquing my selection given growing conditions and location.
A satisfied customer.
Positive stargazer620r
Jeannette, PA
(1 review)
July 27, 2013
I received a mimosa tree today from Leaves and Petals Garden Center. Not only did the tree arrive in excellent shape but it was packed extremely well. It included both stakes and ties for when the tree is planted. The tree was big and the roots were large and healthy looking. I was very pleased!

I will order from this company again for sure for all my gardening needs!
Positive springcrest
United States
(1 review)
June 3, 2013
Posted on May 11, 2012, updated June 3, 2013
I have ordered and received a number of trees over a period of a year and everything has been greater than expected and quality. I will order more in the future.
On June 3rd, 2013, springcrest added the following:

Purchased Blueberry bushes from Leaves and Petals 3 gl which were already bearing fruit. Planted them and they arrived great and doing fine. Berries are getting very large now and look forward to harvesting them soon.

This is my second purchase from the seller and would recommend them to other friends again.
Negative Doria44
Minneapolis, MN
(1 review)
June 21, 2012
Posted on June 1, 2012, updated June 21, 2012
I ordered a Redbud from Leaves and Petals Garden Center of Snellville, Georgia on April 24. Received emails from them about the order - The last on May 7 stating my order was "pending". My credit card had been charged immediately after ordering, which is not common for reputable nursery catalogue companies. Most charge you after your order is filled. I am still waiting for my order. Today I looked at their website, which states that it is "down for maintenance". I tried Google and found three phone numbers. One does not answer and two were disconnected. I have contacted my credit card company which was unable to make contact with them and has initiated an investigation. I hope there is a positive resolution to this problem.
On June 21st, 2012, Doria44 added the following:

Still no response concerning this order. No successful contact has been accomplished. Very disappointed!
Company representative comment on June 2, 2013:
On Jun 2, 2013 12:38 PM, Leaves and Petals Garden Center responded with:

Dear Doria44,

As you can see, we do not check on customer comments on Dave's Garden - we have very rarely received any complaints, and those have come through our emails. However, I am not saying you did not have a problem, I am just stating that I cannot find it.
Allow me please to say first that it is not uncommon for our industry to charge cards immediately, as our products are perishable and we immediately tag your particular order. With this said, it is not us, it is the merchant company that represents the credit card companies for us is the one that determines when and how to charge a customers card - it is never up to us, and in fact, completely transparent on our end. We ourselves do not charge your card immediately; should it happen it is the banks decision, not ours. But I can understand your hard feelings toward this, since I order online and also feel somewhat offended when my card is immediately charged upon making a purchase. We have never, and would never, accept monies from any customer without sending them their product - or at worst - without issuing them a credit. This, as I said has rarely occurred.
I would like to find out more about your case, even this far ahead, since we were completely unaware of it. I assure you your credit card company did not contact us, as I have checked through all emails. They would have probably contacted our merchant company, as they are the ones that transact the monies. We would not know about it until they notified us - at which time they would have locked out our account should such have occurred. We have never had that happen either... which leaves me confused.
I can find an order on April 24th, 2012 for a Redbud 'Rising Sun', yet the order is marked as shipped.
If you did not receive the tree, we apologize profusely and would want not only to ship you the tree, but to make restitution for your inconvenience.
During the period you placed your order, we had our owner experience some serious health issues, and it happened at the same time that we were hit with a series of tornadoes that I'm sure you heard about. In fact, we had to relocate our nursery due to the damage, and were unable to keep the same phone numbers.
I am terribly sorry for your disappointment, and would do anything possible within reason to make sure you realize we are very credible. We concentrate on our customers, help our customers, and provide them with the best quality plants available. We would like to do the same for you.
Please write to us at [email protected], and put Urgent on the subject line. I will personally look at your email, and follow up in making sure you are another of our very happy and content customers.
Thank you so much for your understanding, we await hearing from you,


Jennie P. at Customer Service

Positive edmgardener
Rocky Point, NY
(1 review)
April 27, 2012
I ordered a five gallon Ruby Falls Redbud tree. This tree is new and very difficult to find. I received my tree five days after my order date and it was in good condition. Customer service was very friendly and personal. They even wanted me to let them know when I received the tree. They answered all my questions and even agreed to discuss companion plants. The tree is in the ground, beautiful and thriving. I am looking forward to more unique plants from Leaves and Petals.
Neutral TrixieTang
New Baltimore, MI
(1 review)
April 4, 2012
I purchased a Rising Sun from them last year. When I ordered it, it took the owner (Raphael) months to ship it to me due to his physical illness and not being able to ship the tree due to not having the correct shipping materials.

When I finally received it, it was loosely packed in a plastic planter, completely dried out and all the soil was inside the box, not the planter. Basically, it was dead. I still tried planting it to no avail.

I spoke with Raphael and he told me to call this spring for a replacement. Well, I see they have a new website, but no contact information. And I do not have their phone number.

I tried Google and there is two phone numbers. One is disconnected, the one answers.

I didn't give them a negative as of yet because I'd like to see if the owner is true to his word.

Does anyone have contact info for them?

I will keep you updated.
Company representative comment on June 2, 2013:
On Jun 2, 2013 3:09 PM, Leaves and Petals Garden Center responded with:

Dear Trixie,

We have made the mistake of using Google phone lines, honestly because they are free. Unfortunately, we either set up the lines wrong, or they aren't working properly, and that is the reason for not being able to be connected. But it is also the reason that we posted our cell number, so that any customer can get in touch with us at any time if they have problems. I'm so sorry you experienced this.
The number for you to reach any of us is 404-932-8391.

We do have some consultants restructuring our web site and changing the inventory now, and soon there should not be any problems of this nature. We wish we had an IT department we could send something like this to, but we are a family business. However, if we were a large nursery, we would never be able to get access to the best plants grown, and get the first picking.

I hate that your tree was received in that condition. Once the plants leave our site and are in the hands of either Fedex or UPS, we are on the edge of our seats. Even though our packaging was instructed to us by them, it doesn't mean there will not be any accidents and delays. We have seen them route a package going to the west coast to Maryland first and wondered if they realized they were headed in the opposite direction. When we see the documentaries showing customers' properties being thrown about as though it were trash, it is up to all of us to complain to these two companies. If we allow it, the abuse will continue. And think of the business model that exists: if they damage the first shipment, it is an extremely rare occasion where they will reimburse even for the shipping, let alone the product, etc. Thus, they now get a second stream of revenue when the package is again reshipped. There are not too many companies where their negligence can mean more revenue.
But to get away from that, I want to make sure that you receive or have received your tree, and in excellent condition. I cannot trace you by name, thus you must have used a different one when you placed your order. But please be assured that we have never, and would never, allow a customer to be dissatisfied.
Since the complaint ends without further incident, we are assuming that you were able to get in touch and had the tree replaced. But we do not know for sure, and would like for you to respond and let us know in order to insure you are a happy and satisfied customer.
Again, we apologize for this incident - we package so carefully, and we rarely get any complaints. But at times Fedex or UPS has perhaps put a box with a piano on top of one of our boxes, despite our requests for caution, that it is a perishable product, etc. We were actually told by a Fedex manager that the warnings serve to decorate the box, but the employees do not have the time to read or care about it. With those conditions, I am surprised at how few of these incidents we get.
Please know we will be looking forward to hearing from you. You have both our email address and our cell phone numbers, so there is no way that will not be able to reach us. It is our goal that you have the tree, enjoy it, and hopefully, send us a picture that we can post on our customer testimonials and pictures page that is being prepared.
Thank you again,

Michelle at Leaves and Petals.

Positive Vitality
Augusta, GA
(1 review)
January 22, 2012
I was in the market for a Bihou Japanese Maple. I had to look no futher when I contacted Leaves & Petals. The tree is awesome. I was so happy; I couldnt wait to put it in the ground. The staff is very educational. The company didnt only sell me the tree; I was also educated on the type. Now I am asking Leaves & Petals suggestions for other types. Such as a japanese maple that is known for its orange foliage and one that is known for its bronze foliage. By choosing Leaves and Petals I know I will have them soon.
Positive lensmancoins
Southlake, TX
(1 review)
December 3, 2011
I received my order last night and everything looks great! Thanks so much for the GREAT customer service!
Positive rebunkerjr
Bridgewater, NJ
(1 review)
August 7, 2011
I have a collection of over 40 Japanese Maples. This spring I purchased a Watnong from Leaves and Petals. The plant arrived in perfect shape and has done very well for it's first summer in hot northern NJ. It has vigorous new growth even after the shock of being shipped and re-potted.

The folks at Leaves and Petals have been responsive to emails and general discussions concerning JM's. I highly recommend them.
Positive ginnyd50
Omaha, NE
(1 review)
July 28, 2011
I've been buying plants, trees and shrubs online for years. Never and I do mean NEVER have I encountered a more wonderful website. All of the folks I have dealt with at Leaves and Petals are so helpful and willing to go above and beyond expectations. They are quick to answer any questions. They are kind and curteous...folks you know immediatley that you love working with.I have been even more thrilled with the quality of the trees I have received from them. Leaves and petals has become my new favorite web site and I am passing their name on to all my gardening friends especially those looking for Japanese Maples.
Positive Cyndie1
Meriden, CT
(1 review)
May 14, 2011
We recently purchased a Red Bud tree from Leaves and Petals. It came nicely packed and arrived at my home very quickly. I had a few questions on planting so contacted them via email. I was surprised by the knowledge and expertize I was greeted with. The customer service I received is truly customer service at it's best. I corresponded with Judson who not only answered each question I had but gave me valuable tips as well in a courteous and professional manner. I absolutely LOVE this company and they are on top of my gardening list in every respect. I am a satisfied customer!!
Positive RozW
Meriden, CT
(1 review)
May 14, 2011
I have had the very best experience with this company. To start with my order arrived promptly and in good shape. It was also a very generous size bare root tree. Since I had some questions about how long it would take to see first growth I contacted customer service by email. Their customer service department is the absolute best I have ever dealt with. They answered every question I threw at them. I will surely use this company again for my gardening needs. A+++++++++++
Positive Thunderlilies
Battle Creek, MI
(3 reviews)
May 5, 2011
This review is for

This company goes above and beyond in their effort to please. I have exchanged many emails with them and have found them to be curteous, compassionate, and helpful.
I ordered 9 Thuja green giants from them April 1, 2011 and received them April 29th, 2011 (delayed per our agreement).
When there was a mix up with the shipping dates which caused the trees to sit in the boxes longer than anticipated (I was out of town), Leaves and Petals (Raphael) stood by their guarantee and even offered a partial refund of 25% due to the error (created by tornado damage they incurred).

I am very pleased with the quality of plants, shipping, communication, and helpfullness of this company. If you are looking for great plants and services, shop here! I will certainly recommend this company to my friends!
Positive ktoma
Onalaska, WI
(1 review)
March 23, 2011
From selection, ordering, shipping to follow-up and answering questions months after we recieved our trees - Jennie and the staff at Leaves and Petals have been outstanding! Our (several) trees were delivered fast and in perfect condition and are now thriving in our backyard. We had questions about winterizing and fertilizing and received quick and complete responses to all of our questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering an online plant/tree purchase!
Positive JennieP
Lilburn, GA
(1 review)
November 25, 2010
The products that I ordered were beyond my expectations & their service was exceptional! Everything was beautiful and I look forwad to my next shopping experience. I'll certainly recommend Leave and Petals to all of my gardening friends.
Positive LanaCSR
Summerville, SC
(1 review)
October 3, 2010
The best experience I have ever had with purchasing a plant online. Not only did they have the plant I was looking for (one that I could not find locally), but the price was right, the service was beyond my expectations, and the plant was just what I was hoping for when it arrived. I have had it in the ground for close to a week now, and it still looks great!
Positive Ghostwind
Whitehall, PA
(1 review)
September 27, 2010
Posted on September 27, 2010, updated September 27, 2010
Ralphael of Leaves and Petals has been a life preserver. He took all my orders of Crepe Myrtle trees 3 of different color.The yard will have Red White and Blue trees. He also took orders for other trees. The I was so pleased to find the Redbud Forest Pansy tree. I ordered 2 of those. Imagine Purple leaves on a tree for color. Then Butterfly bushes. He was able to get all of my wishes rapidly in 2 weeks much sooner than expected. The best thing is the plants were all in great shape for the Fall Planting 5 Stars Ralphael Bravo
On September 27th, 2010, Ghostwind added the following:

Ralphael is a wonderful person to speak to. He takes an interest in my desires for plants and trees. Then helped me with even a wider choice. His expertise made a difference. These plants and trees are a minimum of a 30 year pick. Getting the proper help is so much appreciated as it is a choice I will live seeing daily. Leaves and Petals takes all the head aches away and makes gardening a pleasure. Thank You Ralpael My highest recomendation. !!!!!
Positive tulieliz
Bent, NM
(1 review)
July 17, 2010
I am a long-time customer of the larger online nurseries outlined in Dave's best picks. I recently ordered a crepe myrtle from this company because, in all honesty, they were the only online offering for this particular tree. I ordered it, with great reservation, shipped to NM in the hottest part of the summer (the previous order from a closer and more lauded nursery arrived DOA, both UPS ground). This crepe myrtle is a gorgeous speciman, more mature and healthy than perhaps I have received from any online nursery and even exceeding the expectation from their website. It is evident that the folks at Leaves and Petals take their time to prepare and ship, not to mention propagate top notch products. Thank you. You folks have been added to favorites.
Positive mplyshev
Brooklyn, NY
(1 review)
June 2, 2010
I had an excellent experience with Their customer service was top notch - Raphael went the extra mile to explain things to me and to answer my numerous questions. He was very honest and did not try to upsell when I inquired about a plant that was borderline for my hardiness zone. Leaves & Petals have a wide selection of plants and their prices are very competitive, especially considering that shipping is free and they ship the plants potted. My two trees arrived in good shape 2-3 days after they were shipped. Their website was easy to use to place and track the order. Raphael was quick to follow up and answer any questions I had after receiving the trees. It was a pleasure doing business with them and they will be my first place to go to for my new garden.
Positive Clove
Union City, NJ
(17 reviews)
April 13, 2010
I am extremely pleased with They offer highly personalized, courteous, and prompt service. Their inventory of plants is very interesting, and they're a great source for traditional garden plants, as well as hard-to-find items. From Leaves and Petals Garden Center, I was so glad to receive the rarely available Magnolia "Alta" as well as the hard-to-find Holly "Wirt L. Winn." Both are beautiful, strong, full plants that were packaged well and arrived in excellent condition. I definitely look forward to ordering again from Leaves and Petals Garden Center, and I'm glad that I have another great source for garden plants.

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