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On Jun 29, 2021, Lakeroots9 (1 reviews) from East Greenwich, RI

My first experience here was a mixed bag. If I order again I will request photos of actual plant to be shipped, before ordering. Customer service was pleasant and helpful; not rapid. As a small business person I get that one cannot be everywhere at once and I was not in a hurry. Several-day delay in postal shipping (USPS problem) was handled well by asking me to refuse package and was replaced when package returned to vendor. Plant I then received had two leaves heavily deformed from old damage - looked almost chewed by an animal - and two newer leaves with some small shipping scars that had healed. It was not the condition I had come to expect from other nurseries for a plant simply listed as blooming size, and was not consistent with the example pictured. Company did offer a refund if returned, but could not replace with same clone, so I ended up keeping order and will give it a couple years to grow some fresh leaves and roots and see what happens. Had I known what to expect from the start I would have purchased something or somewhere else. But I didnít have the heart to ship a hard-to-find plant back in crazy hot weather in order to meet the return window, and further damage something obviously working hard to come back - so I have an expensive rescue with potential rather than a well-priced gem I would expect flowers from next season.

On Jul 10, 2020, Customer2020 (2 reviews) from Carrollton, TX

First time ordering from this company and made a huge mistake of not paying attention to how they selected their orchids to ship. First order I didn't receive until a full month later.I contacted the company and was then to learn one of the 3 orchids I ordered currently was out of stock so they were waiting for it from their grower - this is fine to me. But, I should have learned that their communication was not great. I waited and 3 orchids finally arrived. They were all packed carefully so this is great. However, 2 of the orchids were in the process of dying, slowly, from fungal disease. Leaves were all covered with dark spotted; pseudo bulbs in one orchid were completely dehydrated to the point they were all as thin as paper and crinkly - that one was beyond saving. I contacted the company, sent pictures and they did refund for the one orchid, but did not refund the shipping cost, which cost me $15 per orchid. So the dead orchid cost me $35 but I received $14 as a refund for it being dead. I was excited to see the selections they have listed on the site so I made another order - HUGE mistake! The 2 orchids that I was trying to revive from the first order appear to going down hill quickly and I had bought fungal spray to treat it, but they aren't looking promising. I immediately emailed the company the day after I placed the second order and requested for them to cancel it - it was within 24 hours after placing the order. They did NOT respond. Instead, they shipped them out regardless, despite the fact I emailed the day before. The second order came with 3 orchids as well. Just like the 1st order, ALL 3 came with fungal infections. No where in their listings had they informed that they would be sending me sick orchids! I received orchids as if they were trying to get rid of their Bad ones by taking advantage of the fact that you order online so you can't see what you are getting! The shipping cost is outrageous and when I contacted to return the second order, they simply wanted me to pay for shipping charge sending these sick orchids back. Their communication is extremely poor - I felt as though I had to keep pounding with emails to get one response from them. I now have 4 orchids from them that are not looking good and two did not make it. I spent additional $40 worth of spray to treat the fungal infections and that isn't really the problem. The problem is their customer service, how they not responsive and they shipped out bad ones in addition to over-charge the shipping cost. I will never recommend Seattle Orchid site to anyone that's looking to purchase healthy orchids online.

On May 11, 2017, officerbill (3 reviews) from VESTAL, NY

I wanted to send something other than an FTD bouquet to my Mother for her birthday. After searching for a nice plant I found SeattleOrchid.com and I'm glad I did. I let them choose the orchid to send and two plants (one with three beautiful flowers and one with three large bulbs) arrived in NW Florida from Washington on the day they were expected. The plants were well packaged, healthy, and came with instructions on how to keep them happy. My mother and I are both very pleased with seattleorchid.com's plants and service.

On Apr 17, 2014, musaboru (25 reviews) from (Zone 9b)

Posted on June 28, 2013, updated April 17, 2014 I ordered three cymbidiums through the special sale. Although one was a seedling cym. as stated, the other two blooming size plants were larger than I expected. The leaves were very nice and green without any unsightly spots. The were well packed and the leaves did not have any bends or folds. Reasonable shipping too. :)

On April 17th, 2014, musaboru added the following: Ordered another cymbidium on Sunday and it was shipped the next day! Received 4/17/14. Packing is perfect as ever. These folks definitely know what theyre doing.

On Mar 14, 2013, Learning2 (3 reviews) from Bethesda, MD

I brought two plant from them on Ebay a varigated vanilla and botanical laelia family species. I then added two more bargain "rescue orchids" . The plants were better than expected. I thought the rescue plants arrive needing to be on life support. Instead they were well rooted plant that were small botanicals, nice and healthy. The auction plant were what was in the picture. The person I spoke to by phone was knowledgeable and courteous.

On Aug 30, 2011, tikipod (11 reviews) from (Ang) Bremerton, WA (Zone 8b)

I decided to order from this company since they are local. I ordered some basic orchid supplies and decided to add a couple orchids as well. Although they were listed as blooming size I surprised by their size. I'm very please with my order and they did a wonderful job on the packing. It's very nice to have a local company to order from and it cuts back on the shock some plants might suffer.

On Sep 18, 2010, nancyanne (8 reviews) from Lafayette, LA (Zone 9a)

Plants arrived very well packed, all wrapped in paper and taped into the box. Of the plants I ordered, the ones described as "large" or "BS" were surprisingly large, more so than expected. The plants in 2" pots were essentially seedlings. Since I ordered a few of each, it balanced out - the big ones were very big; small were quite small. This company has some species that are rather difficult to find; they seem to be very friendly and forthcoming, and quite easy to deal with. A couple of the plants were on special, and the prices were irresistible. I will order from this company again - and it is not one that I had heard of before; found when searching for a particular orchid.

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