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On Oct 16, 2016, SgringGreen (2 reviews)

I placed an order that included 2 field grown Hosta 'Firn Line' at $9each which was on the half price sale. After placing the order I left many phone messages, email messages, and a fax requesting they contact me concerning my order. None of my calls, emails, or faxes were returned. Last spring The Hosta Farm had an emergency sale for plugs (liners) they were ordering in but they had no where to put them. They were selling these plugs for $3.85 each and the ones they could not sell they put into a cold storage unit to keep them dormant. The Hosta Farm posted a list of names of those plugs. I did not order any of those $3.85 plugs they were desperately trying to get rid of because I was not interested in those varieties. 2 months after I placed the 'Firn Line' order I received an email notification of shipment and my card was charged for 2 'Firn Line' Then I received the shipment of Hosta. Instead of the more expensive field grown 'Firn Line' ... The Hosta Farm just pulled a couple of those $3.85 plugs in cold storage that they were trying to get rid of and sent the cheap plugs instead of 'Firn Line'. Instead of charging me $3.85 each for the tiny plugs they actually sent which was the correct price... They charged me $9 each. More than twice what they were advertised. Next a tried to contact them for a month about sending me the cheap cold storage plugs instead of 'Firn Line' by phone and email but never received any response. I posted the plugs and allowed them to grow in part sun enough for their tiny white leaves to have their true colors return. The plugs so far appear to be Hosta 'Great Expectations'. That's my best guess. I already have 15 'Great Expectations'. I am not happy that I just paid the Hosta Farm twice as much for the plugs as they were selling the plugs for and also they forced me to pay them to ship a Hosta I didn't order and didn't want;ONE OF THEIR CHOICE all the way across the continent I wish I had read the reviews before ordering from this company. Unless they respond soon and send me the correct Hosta or credit me I will never buy from them again. I have pictures and the story on Garden.org A thread called "Hosta Newbie Beginning my Journey" Here is the link. //garden.org/thread/view/54402/Hosta-Newbie-beginning-my-journey/?offset=280

On Oct 13, 2016, drake42 (1 reviews) from Woodinville, WA

I was concerned after reading the businesses' post on personal health issues. I'd been waiting for my order and saw lots of posts of folks that had not. I had written it off as a possibility that nothing would ever arrive, but had a box of hostas waiting for me when I got home. Thanks! Stuff happens - thanks for fulfilling the order. Brian

On Aug 10, 2016, jasebree (2 reviews) from Cedar Falls, IA

Posted on August 18, 2015, updated August 10, 2016 I'm a newer customer as I've been given a lot of hostas from my neighbors. I was very excited to find that this store had several of the larger varieties like Jurassic Park. I placed my order and the hostas were delivered exactly when they promised and in good condition. I planted them the day I got them, and in very short order, I had leaves. Much to my surprise, the hostas that grew were variegated when I had ordered a non-variegated variety. After a few pictures and email exchanges, my money was refunded since they had run out of stock for the season. With luck I'll be able to order again in the spring. In the meantime, the hostas I was given are very healthy and look great, even if they were not what I was expecting. The company was very professional in handling my claim and I am looking forward to doing future business with them next year.

On August 10th, 2016, jasebree added the following: This is a good company that has had some bad luck. When orders became delayed due to a serious illness in the family, they sent out an email to the outstanding orders (I was one) offering a refund, or the ability to delay shipping till cooler weather so the plants would not die during shipment. I chose to wait and low and behold I just received all my plants that I ordered and they all look healthy and happy to be in their new garden home in Iowa. I look forward to expanding my garden collection in the future with this company. Between this order and the previous ones, I've added over a dozen new varieties to my garden and it's looking great! Yes they could do a better job at communicating with customers, but all-in-all I have a beautiful garden thanks to their selection.

On Jul 25, 2016, steelchick (1 reviews) from Poquoson, VA

I ordered FOUR Patriot hostas and by the description, I was to receive nice, large potted hostas plants. If the shipping was anything to go by, I paid a good deal for that too. But upon arrival, I got a bag of dormant roots and was extremely upset. I contacted the Hosta Farm by email since I could never reach them by telephone and told them I felt deceived by them but never got a response from them. Now those same hosta plants have failed to thrive. They are all less than six inches tall and won't grow any larger. I have had hostas all of my life and have bought the cheapo cheapest I could find and have NEVER had them not thrive. I don't know how I'm going to get my money back for them since they don't bother responding to me. How can I "make a claim" as others have said to try and get my money back?

On Jul 20, 2016, klyns01 (1 reviews) from Bethesda, MD

I ordered 10 bloom-a-thon azalea plants last summer. 1 arrived in poor condition and 3 others didn't survive. All of the plants were extremely tiny. Based on their 1-year guarantee, I asked for replacement plants or a refund. I was told they would replace them in the spring. I contacted them by email in April and was told they would send me replacement plants. I never received them. All subsequent communications with them (email and phone were ignored). In June, I filed a complaint with the state of VA. The company offered a refund for the 4 plants and a $20 coupon. I received a check for only half the refund amount. I had to contact the state of VA again to reopen the case to get the rest of my refund - which I finally received July 16. I would not recommend this company.

On Jul 14, 2016, vincemarzullo (4 reviews) from Chicago, IL

They are thieves. Ordered $180 worth of plants for spring delivery and still haven't seen anything. No response to e-mails, no way to communicate with them. Stay Away.

On Jul 12, 2016, hostafarmbeware (1 reviews) from Boston, MA

I have been trying to work with the company for several months in order to recover over $400 that I spent on ordered plants that were never delivered. The company does not return my emails or phone calls. In an effort to help other people avoid the trap I fell into, I created this website. Maybe it will save someone else time, money, and frustration! //thehostafarmbeware.wixsite.com/thehostafarmbeware

On Jul 11, 2016, GardenGirl101 (1 reviews) from Boone, IA

I placed a large order in November 2015 for late March delivery. When I had not received my plants by early April I contacted the company and was told they were running a week behind. I contacted them again when my plants still had not arrived and was told they were running behind. My next 3 emails went unanswered. The telephone is never answered and messages are not returned. I wrote again in mid May and was told they were running a couple of weeks behind. I wrote again and said that was an understatement and I received an apology and told it would be brought to the managers attention. But I never heard anymore about that so I wrote and canceled my order. Meanwhile in another email account where I get subscriptions and a lot of junk email I received news from the owner that their daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. Apparently this only went out to subscribers of their newsletter and not everyone who placed an order. I received another email with an update on her condition and a form whether you wanted to cancel your order or hold it until fall. Again this was not received in the email account I had used to order my plants. I used the form to cancel my order again (just in case) and I had already contacted the Attorney General. I finally received my refund on Saturday. It was dated June 6 but mailed on July 6. Either a mistake or they have cash flow problems. I have done some research on this company and they appear to run their business out of their home. Besides The Hosta Farm, Gorge Top and Sale for Plants, they have another site called The Hosta Club. I would encourage everyone considering ordering from his company to read the "about us" page. Copied below and also available here: //www.thehostaclub.com/pages/about-us Our Hillbilly (Appalachian Mountains / Coal Country) engineering methods of selling perennials cheap: • Keep it in the family.  Our entire staff consists of me (Tra) my Wife (Kim) my mother (Diane) and two of her sisters (my aunts) Gloria and Betty. The only time we hire in help is with customer service. That is 5 people working as hard as they can to ship nearly 10,000 orders which equates to around 75,000 plants in a 12 week spring season. • Ship plants without the pot: We ship the plants out of their pots and then reuse the pots. We can normally produce around 5 - 7 crops with that one saved pot. This saves us thousands of dollars a year and reduces the amount of pots that end up in landfills. • We ship out of my garage: no fancy fulfillment systems or convey belts here.  Just stacks of boxes, a sheet of ply wood on saw horses for a packing table and all the family pets consisting of 4 cats and 4 dogs.... and they are not much help. Most of the time they are just in the way but we love them dearly. • No Fancy Greenhouses: Some commercial greenhouses can cost as much as a home.  We build most of own by bending conduit and some hillbilly proprietary methods I can't reveal. The average cost of a commercial green house is around $20,000 and can go as high as $40,000.  It cost us about $500 for the frame and the plastic and another $500 for the heater for a total of $1,000 per house.  We have 10 greenhouses in total and $10,000 is a lot easier to recoup than $200,000.  • We are bargain hunters: I am a sucker for good deaIs and religiously  watch all the nurseries and suppliers for any special offers they may be having and then pass the savings on to the customer.  This year we are going to be a liquidator for many nurseries that need to get rid of stock to make room for new crops.  You would be surprised how many perennials and other plants get tossed in the garbage at large wholesale nurseries because they need the growing space.  We will be offering these liquidation nursery sales through our flash sales for members. • We use plain brown boxes:  Those fancy logo covered boxes sure look nice but they cost three times as much as a plain brown cardboard box. This is another method that adds up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings per year. • We don't publish a catalog.  Printed catalogs plus the postage it requires to provide catalogs runs into some serious money and labor.  We save money and again pass the savings to the customer. YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We guarantee our plants to arrive in good, healthy condition labeled true to name. At the time of sale our plants are guaranteed to be free of known hosta viruses, foliar nematodes and disease free perennials. Our goal is your complete satisfaction so that you will continue to be one of our customers and recommend us to family and friends.  If for any reason you are not satisfied, return your purchase to us within 30 days and we will refund the purchase price. If you are a Gold Member returns are free. For non members you are responsible for return fees. It's really simple, if it was our fault, or the plants where damaged in transit please let us know within 30 days and we will correct it to your satisfaction (a broken leaf or stem does not qualify as transit damage). We can not be responsible after 30 days due to the plants being subjected to weather conditions out of our control and your gardening skills.  We have found that the majority plants that die are the gardeners fault.  Neglecting to take care of new plants with frequent watering, proper feeding and providing the plants proper growing requirements is your responsibility.  Every item we offer has clear and simple directions for ensuring positive results. If you run into problems that you need help with contact us for advice.   About You:  (Tips for being a great customer) Have you ever heard the expression "The more I get to know people the more I like my dog"....... if you feel like you fall into that description of people please don't order from us. Running a mail order nursery and dealing with live products is much more difficult than running a store that sells off the shelf items and things do go wrong from time to time. We consider ourselves to be well mannered good old southern hospitality folks and we like nice people. Mean and impatient people make terrible customers and ruin the fun experience of receiving plants by mail.  If you are someone that if things don't go exactly the way you planned you get extremely upset and start flipping out right out of the gate please don't order from us. While we strive to do our very best on fulfilling every order on time with the correct items we do make mistakes from time to time. We promise  we will correct the mistake.... you don't have to blow your top right out of the gate. Patience is greatly appreciated.... remember there are 1,000.s of you and only 4 of us.  If your order has to arrive during the absolute specific week you selected for delivery or your entire world will fall apart.... please shop locally or with one of our competitors. No matter how hard we try we always get behind schedule on a few orders every year. You would not believe how angry some people get if their order is late. It's just plants not transplant organs. To sum it all up be nice and be patient and we will consider you as part of the family and work on resolving the problem quickly..... being rude and insulting and it could be "No Soup for You".

On Jun 6, 2016, jstrbck (1 reviews) from Worcester, MA

Posted on May 23, 2016, updated June 6, 2016 Order placed on April 15 and had a ship date of the week of April 25. No product has shipped. Have sent multiple requests via email and voicemail. When you call their number it goes to voicemail. So far no response from the vendor to my emails or voicemails. I will be contacting my credit card company to file a dispute. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

On June 6th, 2016, jstrbck added the following: Filed a claim with my bank. Product finally shipped on June 1 and arrived June 4. Sad that you have to resort to filing claims to get a response. Never once apologized for not responding to previous inquiries. I will never order from The Hosta Farm again.

On Jun 3, 2016, cathycnm (1 reviews) from Montrose, CO

I ordered four hosta in April. It is now June. No plants. I've emailed multiple times with no response. I order tons of plants online and this company is the first to be a negative experience. I contacted them today for a refund. No reply. I ordered more from a company I know to be reliable while I wait on the refund. I empathize with family farms, but when you take money you provide service! Too bad but I will not be back here to shop again. I'm a full-time adult student and don't have reserves to waste. Would not recommend this company!

On Jun 3, 2016, wendyg (1 reviews) from La Crosse, WI

On March 11th I ordered from this company. When viewing the website of salesforplants.com there were many spelling and grammar errors. Some of the prices were cheap I wasn't sure it was a real website. I sent an email to the website stating they may want to check out some of these errors as it does not give the website credibility. I did get a response back that she was busy finding deals and the website went up in fast, she will review shortly. So they do know how to answer their emails. I did an order anyways, $75.00 worth, some bare root some live plants. The typical spring order. Then some more things went up on the website that I wanted but not enough to pay another shipping charge for. I wrote her an email stating that they should combine shipping. She replied again that you can get around separate shipping by buying a gift certificate for $100.00. Once you use that in your cart, you do not have to finalize it and the items will stay in your cart but be taken out of inventory so you don't lose them. Then complete 1 order. (but they still have your $100.00 and you have no product.). That raised another eyebrow, so I kept watching and watching for my tracking number and kept watching and watching the website and seeing items get sold out right away. Then seeing messages about how she found deals for SUPER PETUNIAS (An Annual) when she has not even sent my bare root perennials out yet gave me the willies. Now my eyebrows are raised off of my forehead and unfortunately I know I got taken. And so are all of these other people that are still buying the deals. Most of us gardeners have dabbled in plant sales for ourselves and groups, so I understand things happen, but she was finding more deals to sell while she was going through her family crisis knowing how far behind she was on her orders. There is no forgiveness for that. And I am sorry, but you can hire garden groups, get volunteers that do know something about plants to get your orders out. I am sure if you would offer a garden club free plants they would have come in and helped in a heart beat. What I am trying to say is that if there is truth to the family crisis there was alternate solutions instead of letting your business and website names go to trash. I think I am more upset about that, that you took a very good Idea, an Idea that I would have supported more than you know, (Cheap Plants) and ruined it. I have still not gotten my plants from the 2nd week in April deliveries date and I have now been forced to file a claim with Paypal.

On May 25, 2016, Tamalaine (3 reviews) from Rogue River, OR (Zone 8b)

I think someone must be sick or died at this company. I can't believe they just abandoned all their orders. I ordered a hosta exactly one month ago that I wanted a lot. It was supposed to ship the first week of May and it's now the end of May. I emailed them and got no response. I have emailed them again and I'll see if I get any response, but I'm not very hopeful. I wish I'd read the reviews here before ordering. As with others, I ordered with PayPal, but the plant has already been charged to my account. If I don't get a response tomorrow, I'll cancel my order and have PayPal get my money back. This is either the worst company EVER, or they are simply having real issues with fulfilling orders and responding to inquiries for some reason. I would not advise ordering from them.

On May 22, 2016, wormwould (1 reviews) from Galloway, OH (Zone 5b)

Posted on May 19, 2016, updated May 22, 2016 I placed an order for perennials on Feb. 2, 2016 and chose a delivery week of April 11. That week came and went, so I attempted to contact them, but they have been unresponsive to email & phone attempts. Unfortunately I've had no other choice but to open a PayPal dispute.

On May 22nd, 2016, wormwould added the following: May 22, 2016 Update Today I received a shipment notification email, even after requesting a refund. There has been zero response to any of my messages via phone, email or the PayPal dispute. If there had been any response or acknowledgement of my concerns, this would not have been such a negative experience. If/when the plants arrive I hope they're what I've ordered and are in fair shape so my transaction with this company may be ended.

On May 21, 2016, mopps2010 (1 reviews) from Highland Lakes, NJ

I give up! Placed 2 orders in early April for last week of April delivery. Nothing happened until after calling numerous times and getting the "leave a message" and never getting a return call I FINALLY got a call this Monday the 16th and was told I would receive a call by the end of the day with an update on by orders and ship date. No return call as usual so I contacted PayPal and started a request for stop payment. I also received the long email yesterday about the family sickness that was causing the problem with shipments. Too little too late. Just give me my money and I'll find another vendor.

On May 20, 2016, chamscher (1 reviews) from Concord, MA

I placed an order with saleforplants.com on 3/11/16. By 4/11/16, I had not received my order. Tried calling (over the next month) at least a dozen times - no one answered, went straight to voicemail. Tried emailing. The first reply on 4/16 merely said, "It looks like your order has shipped or is ready to be shipped." No tracking info, no carrier info & a really incompetent reply. I then decided to cancel and requested a refund. Several emails later (each which contradicted the other), with no satisfaction and no refund, I contacted my credit card company (Citibank) and initiated a dispute. Within a few days, I came home to find a voicemail from someone who didn't give their name or company. The only way I figured out who this call was from was the caller ID. I tried calling but no answer. I have also initiated a complaint with the BBB and the Dept. of Consumer Affairs. This morning I received an email with an epic story of illness in the family which caused their business to suffer beginning Easter. My order was placed weeks BEFORE Easter so I have no sympathy. And knowing how easy it is for a business to refund a credit card makes this all the more infuriating. This company runs under various names so they should be prepared for orders especially when the growing season in the north begins. A horrendous company!

On May 19, 2016, jillygirl (1 reviews) from Atlanta, GA

I have ordered from them before but not lately. In April, I placed an order for 6 items. I later ran across the DG reviews and got a little nervous, but I paid with Paypal and used a credit card, so knew I was not without protection. After 3 weeks, I received one of the plants, which was actually the one I was most interested in. I was very pleased with the item. It was a nice size, looked healthy, and had put out new leaves. Two weeks later, it is twice the size it was when I got it. That was also the week I received the rest of the plants, and was very pleasantly surprised. The plants were all as advertised, large with very well developed roots, and I am confident they will transplant well and will thrive. I will try Hosta Farm again in small batches to be sure they have the kinks worked out but for now, I couldn't have asked for better products.

On May 17, 2016, bkryan (1 reviews) from Hellertown, PA

I ordered 4 plants from this company in February and charged to Paypal. They never sent them the last week in April as they said they would, and they have not responded to repeated emails asking for a refund. They also do not answer their phone. I opened a dispute through paypal but they have not responded to that either.

On May 16, 2016, cornmaiden49 (1 reviews) from Bellefonte, PA

I ordered plants on April 2, paid with PayPal, requested delivery the 2nd week of May. Still no plants. The tracking information says that the order has not been filled. I have contacted them by email multiple times with no response. Finally I contacted them via PayPal. I hope I can get my money back. I have done business with them in the past and everything was OK, but since they have started this outlet business, it has been downhill.

On May 5, 2016, lpage6007 (1 reviews) from Casper, WY

I placed an order three weeks ago and still have not received my plants. The phone number for the company goes straight to voicemail and no one has responded to my numerous voicemails. I would never recommend making a purchase from The Hosta Farm. I would have been better off ordering from somewhere else.

On May 3, 2016, pegplants (2 reviews) from Lancaster, PA

I don't think I have ever written a negative review before. I ordered 3 hostas in October and paid via Paypal for first week in April delivery. I finally got the plants about 3 weeks late (which I thought was bad, but after reading other reviews it seems I am actually comparatively fortunate). 2 of the hostas were correct but one was the wrong plant. The tag and plant are different from what I ordered, and in addition the plant does not match the tag. I dutifully sent an e-mail as requested on the site but got no answer. I sent a second e-mail with documentation photos. No answer. It's been a week and a half with no response to e-mails so I called and left a message but after reading others' experiences, my hopes are not high. This lack of response is unacceptable. So now I am stuck with a plant that I'm keeping alive not knowing whether I will need to send it back, and hole in the garden that I don't know whether to hold open or not. I wish I would have seen the reviews before I ordered, I would have taken a pass. The plants were pretty small, but seem healthy and the two I planted seem to be doing well. My advice would be to only order from this outfit if you like to gamble and you are feeling very lucky.

On Apr 28, 2016, NoTimeForWork (1 reviews) from Oakland, ME (Zone 4b)

I began ordering plants from the Hosta Farm in 2013. I was pleased with the delivery and quality of the plants in the spring of 2014. After that, it was all downhill!!! I pay for my plants months in advance and choose a delivery date. When it came time to deliver my orders in 2015 nothing arrived. After numerous unanswered phone calls and emails, I was advised there was storm damage which caused delays in the shipping. It was a harsh winter and I was patient. Yet after weeks of no plants, I became annoyed and continued my barrage of emails and phone messages. My order was supposed to arrive early April and finally arrived in June!!!!! I gave them one last chance. I placed orders in November and December 2015 for plants to arrive early April 2016 for a landscaping job. No plants and more excuses. This year the east coast experienced an extremely mild winter so storm damage doesn't fly. It appears this company takes your money but has no one to fill the orders. Sounds like greed has gotten the best of them. They refuse to hire anyone to fill orders because it takes money out of their pocket. I had asked for a refund several times but was informed by Greg that the plants had shipped. In fact, they had not. I guess Greg was hired on to the company in Kevin's place as the new company liar. The plants are somewhat expensive for the size but actually in good health and a good selection of varieties, which is why I gave them a last chance. If they hired some help, sent out the orders on time, filled them correctly, and stopped lying, this company would flourish. Instead they rack up dozens of negative comments for poor business practices and therefore rely on unsuspecting new customers. It would be to their benefit to retain repeat customers.

On Apr 13, 2016, TMKC (1 reviews) from Shawnee Mission, KS

Posted on April 8, 2016, updated April 13, 2016 I order some White Feather Hostas from them last year. They arrived, a bit tiny, but all three came back this year. The company was called Gorges Garden Center On Dec 2nd 2015, and I felt they were good to do business with again as I had no problems. I saw an email from the for Fire Hydrangeas on their Hydrangea trials. I ordered and when they didn't arrive, I emailed, and they stated March. When they still didn't arrive, they said, oops we forgot about Easter, and we dig on the weekend. That should have tipped me off right there. I called and someone called back and said Oops we are really behind, give us a week. Got the package yesterday, a bag of dirt with some roots and a tag that said White Hostas. Didn't even have the right order numbers. I ordered Fire Hydrangeas in 1qt containers. No response to email or phone yet. Phone goes to voicemail. As I am writing this right now I received and ad email from them. To busy to answer emails, but not to busy to have more sales. They are having another flash sale, they are apparently now listed as: saleforplants.com and thehostafarm.com with Garden and Lifestyles LLC at the bottom of the email and a Coeburn Va physical address. If I get resolution on this matter, and a refund, I will post here, but a business that has 50% bad feedbacks, is concerning to me.

On April 13th, 2016, TMKC changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: Paypal sent me an email saying that Gorges (now Hosta Farm) had agreed to a refund. I never did receive a response from the seller. I have changed my review to neutral, but I will not order from again.

On Mar 24, 2016, tecofan (2 reviews) from Elmwood Park, IL

Posted on March 15, 2016, updated March 24, 2016 Posted on February 29, 2016, updated March 15, 2016 Posted on October 22, 2015, updated February 29, 2016 I purchased what was supposed to have been an Empress Wu from The Hosta Farm several years ago, but it has stayed tiny and never developed into anything resembling what they advertise as an Empress Wu. Hosta Farm's employee Kevin has been promising to replace it since March 2015 without ever following through. I am only grateful I never purchased anything other than this one initial plant from this dishonest company.

On February 29th, 2016, tecofan added the following: BEWARE: On 2/27/16 Hosta Farm advertises Empress Wu price comparisons, showing their bargain basement offer. What they DON'T tell you is that you might not get the real thing, and they will eventually ignore your requests to honor what you paid for. Don't waste your money at this dishonest dealer.
On March 15th, 2016, tecofan added the following: New Hosta Farm Flash Sales compares themselves to reputable dealers like Wayside Farms. Do not be fooled! Hosta Farm will do anything to grab your money, then ignore you after they've sent the wrong plants. To Chicagoans, Hosta Farm is the Lincoln Towing of the nursery business: dishonest.
On March 24th, 2016, tecofan added the following: Beware Hosta Farm's latest ruse with ads for Empress Wu's "Cousin". Don't believe a word Hosta Farm says, because after they've snatched your money and sent you the wrong plant you will never hear from them again.

On Oct 8, 2015, Blanding (1 reviews) from Rochester, MI

I ordered seven Hosta from The Hosta Farm after seeing that they where offering them with a 35% discount if shipped in October. They confirmed the order would ship the week of October 5th and the order shipped as promised. Today (10-09), I received the order. After reading about the size of the plants they ship using the Ellepot, I figured I'd receive smaller plants. I was pleasantly surprised to receive some good size plants and one in a larger plastic pot. They were well packaged and healthy. I'll get them planted this weekend and see how they do in the spring. This is my first experience using The Hosta Farm and would recommend them to others.

On Sep 22, 2015, Karmi (2 reviews) from Old Town, FL

My first experience with them was about 6-months ago, and it was very positive (had purchased 6 bare root plants that have thrived). Recently got an email showing some specials - I purchased some Hosta 'Northern Exposure' that are great plants; however, with this order, I also added 3 hydrangea plants - advertised as $30 plants at 1/2 price. All three are pathetic, but one is the worse plant I have ever seen - the "Pinky Winky". Puny with stringy-looking branches, and may not survive. They asked for pictures when I mentioned it to them...wish I could post them here. Wish they has sent pictures of the plants before I purchased the 3 hydrangea! They couldn't sell such plants if they provided the real pictures of them...not for $15 anyway. Maybe all online nurseries provide plants like the hydrangea, but I was basically shocked at seeing such plants, especially after the great experience with their bare root deal 6-months earlier. The Hosta 'Northern Exposure' are also healthy good looking plants that one expects from a nursery, so it's sorta like dealing with two different nurseries here...a Jekyll and Hyde experience.

On Sep 20, 2015, sweetwaterk (1 reviews) from Nineveh, IN

I just received my hosta's. They are beautiful. The root system is full and healthy. Cathedral Window is stunning. Thank you so much for good descriptions of each plant. My plants from last year have been doing well as I expect these will also. I checked other places for their prices and yours are still the best. Thank you. You are making my garden beautiful.

On Sep 16, 2015, darlenew66 (2 reviews) from Erie, PA

Posted on August 20, 2015, updated September 16, 2015 Buyers beware of The Hosta Farm. I ordered 30 hosta plants for the business I work for and they were received and planted last September. Come this past spring on 6 of the hostas came back out of all 30. I contact the Hosta Farm on May 12, 2015 to inform them of the 24 hostas that did not return (they supposedly have a guarantee) My first email was answered by Kevin of the Hosta Farm I was told if the plants have never shown any signs of growth that he guesses they would need to replace them. I emailed back and told Kevin that we really appreciated his assistance. I received another email from Kevin informing stating"Ok, I will forward to the greenhouse mgr to replace or refund the plants, Thank you." We have never heard another word from the Hosta Farm, they are impossible to get through to via phone, they don't answer our emails and we have received no refund and no replacement plants. Shame on you, Hosta Farm you didn't stand behind your email or your guarantee. I will never order from this company again either personally or for the business I work for.

On September 16th, 2015, darlenew66 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: A full refund has been received from The Hosta Farm, a $25.00 website credit was also received. Thank you very much Kevin.
Company representative comment on August 21, 2015:
On Aug 21, 2015 7:49 PM, The Hosta Farm responded with:

Sorry, this issue must have slipped through the cracks somehow as it was entered into the data base to be taken care of. Contact me [email protected] for a full refund and $25.00 gift certificate. Thank you. Kevin TheHostaFarm

On Aug 22, 2015, SwedeRacer1 (1 reviews) from Lake Zurich, IL

I have been purchasing hostas from The Hosta Farm for over 7 years now. In this time I have never been disappointed with what I receive. I have ordered well over 125 plants and all but one has thrived and looks amazing. Note, one plant was the victim of two 80 pound Bouviers, death by big paws trampling it over and over so not a warranty issue. Because of my experiences I am hooked on The Hosta Farm and though I can sometimes buy larger plants at the same or lower prices, I can never find the variety. I have never had a concern about ordering plants, I have always been updated on shipping status and they arrive looking fresh and vibrant. If anyone is looking to feed their passion for Hostas, I always recommend The Hosta Farm. I am part of close knit dog group, both show and competition, I shared photos of my dogs in the woodland gardens this year and most everyone commented on the size, variety and colors of my hostas -ALL from The Hosta Farm. I saw some very limited editions coming soon on your website - I cannot wait and hope I catch a few!!!!! Keep up the great work and thank you for helping make the gardens a real statement.

On Aug 19, 2015, taxingacct (1 reviews) from Lisle, IL

I have been ordering from The Hosta Farm for several years now and have had nothing but great experiences. They offer a huge variety of hostas at very reasonable prices. The plants come right on time, are packed wonderfully, and are healthy. I will continue to order from them in the future.

On Aug 19, 2015, ljjones (1 reviews) from Erie, PA

After deciding to create a hosta garden on our property last year, I found The Hosta Farm site and was amazed at the amount of varieties they had to offer. Because of our extreme PA Great Lakes winters (which I might add seem to be getting worse), I e-mailed the farm with some questions. My e-mail was responded to within a matter of hours. I mailed my order immediately (May of 2014). I received my order promptly. Every plant was in exceptional condition. So much so that I promptly submitted another order. It, too, arrived promptly and in wonderful condition. Come the Fall of 2014, I was so pleased with my new garden that I expanded it and sent in another order. It promptly arrived and all plants were beautiful. There was one plant missing so I e-mailed the company to inquire. They responded immediately, apologized, and said the plant would be shipped immediately. And it was. To my surprise they had also included a "gift" plant (a heuchera) for their error. Now how many companies consider that option? I must thank them for that particular plant because I am now a lover of the heucheras and heucherellas as they compliment hostas wonderfully. I have already submitted two orders this season and am in the process of compiling my Fall order. I am extremely satisfied with The Hosta Farm and have actually recommended them to several of my friends. I did not know they had been hit by the severe winter storms that raged in several parts of the country this year. Our area which is used to severe winters also experienced more severe weather including heavy ice and much more severe sub-zero weather. This created considerable damage in our area as well. My sympathies to the destruction you have been dealing with. Your pictures reminded me of local damage in our area as well. It's not always easy to quickly recover from such damages ( and yours was massive). I cannot believe the impatience and lack of understanding of some of your customers. I will most certainly continue to do my business with The Hosta Farm! Thank you for being there!

On Aug 19, 2015, lamorbain (1 reviews) from Novi, MI

My first order with The Hosta Farm was great! My order of Humpback Whale hostas arrived at the time it was promised and the stock looked healthy. My concern was that they looked lime green and their description is that of a "blue-green heart shaped" leaf. I emailed The Hosta Farm and Kevin quickly responded putting my fears to rest that that they will return to their correct color next season once planted in full shade...Something to look forward to next Spring! I am also awaiting my 2nd (larger) order of Hostas and Astilbe.

On Aug 19, 2015, Bkaylynn122 (1 reviews) from Cottage Grove, MN

I ordered a few Pandoras box hostas last year. I got them in great condition and they began to thrive. A few weeks later, one started dying. I emailed the hosta farm for help. They were quick to respond with helpful suggestions for nursing it back to health. As a novice gardener I really appreciated the quick and helpful response. I have ordered from them again. I will get my order in a week or two. I do recommend this company, because they were quick to offer help when I encountered a problem.

On Aug 19, 2015, Mamslee (1 reviews) from Gurnee, IL

I have ordered from the Hosta Farm several times and each time the quality of plants is outstanding. The order I placed that got filled this spring was missing plants, I emailed and while there appeared to be some confusion between the customer service rep and the order filler, it did all get straightened out. It would have been helpful to know they were trying to operate under difficult circumstances, instead of adopting a business as usual facade. Perhaps an email at the start of the season asking for customer patience and loyalty, and explaining why there might be some bumps but bear with us. Bottom line, great plants, great prices = an abundantly beautiful garden for me and a loyal customer for them.

On Aug 18, 2015, gardenerJFM (1 reviews) from Lehi, UT

As a customer of The Hosta Farm I was so saddened to hear of your terrible losses due to the storm. Living in snow country, I know what destruction a bad storm can cause. My heart goes out to you. I did want you to know my orders were filled timely, accurately, and with great quality plants. I think you have truely done well with what you were given this year, and want you to know you have a life -long customer here. As long as I am above the dirt, I 'll be ordering plants from The Hosta Farm to plant in my dirt! Best Regards, Joyce Misdom

On Aug 18, 2015, Vlmcilrath (1 reviews) from Mooresville, NC

Absolutely wonderful company! I ordered a little collection of hostas from them, and they are thriving (despite my inexpert care). Great prices, great shipping, great plants. Highly recommended and looking forward to ordering from them again!

On Aug 18, 2015, Jan_I (1 reviews) from Tallahassee, FL

I've placed three different orders with The Hosta Farm and have been very pleased with both their plants and their customer service. First, the Brother Stefan and Royal Wedding hostas I ordered are doing great. The plants arrived in excellent condition--and that doesn't always happen here in the Deep South in the summer. The plants were well-hydrated in Elle pots and some were even ready to bloom. After planting, there wasn't any leaf droop and the ones with spikes even bloomed. All are doing well. I was also pleased with their customer service. I understand that they had storm damage this past winter and needed to rebuild the nursery. They were very responsive via email when I sent a message to inquire about arrival of the plants. They responded to my email the same evening of the day I sent it, stating that they were about two weeks behind schedule this year and apologizing for the delay. As promised, the plants arrived two weeks later in great condition. I'm quite pleased with the plants and with The Hosta Farm.

On Aug 18, 2015, MstrPBK (1 reviews) from Saint Paul, MN

Over the years I have known about the Hosta Farm. This year I decided to make a purchase of some Hosta 'Snake Eyes' from this company. The plant ordered arrived as they indicated. It would be wise to warn purchasers that The Hosta Farm sends hosta out as rhizome balls only - with no open leaves. As a Midwesterner I found this slightly disconcerting. I went with the flow knowing that each nursery has their own procedures of doing things. I planted the rhizome ball in good faith and the best I could. Within two weeks I had a first leaf up which confirmed that what they sent was what I had ordered. A short while later I received a note from them indicating they were having an inventory sale due to the effects of a February (2015) Snowstorm. As my family owns a greenhouse and as I live in MN I fully understood the predicament they were in. I submitted a second order for several Hosta 'Vulcan', and Hosta 'Popcorn'. As Hosta 'Snake Eyes' settled in it has sent up several spikes which at this time are opening to become its first eyes and leaf cluster. The plant looks very healthy. I expect that the order of Vulcan and Popcorn will produce the same when it arrives later this month (week of August 31 to September 5th). Cleaning up from storm disasters is not an easy thing to do, When your managing an effected business; the business has to both keep the product sales going while at the same time move forward with property clean-up, and restoration. This process is not a one month event - it takes several months if not a few years. I am a person with several disabilities. If I was abled-bodied person I would have found a way to go down to The Hosta Farm to offer 1 weeks time to help clean up but that's not something I can do. BUT I could support them by buying Hosta. Did any of The Hosta Farm's readers stop to consider what they could do to assist them to get back on their feet? Peter Kelley St. Paul, MN USA

On Aug 18, 2015, petcoff (1 reviews) from Wickliffe, KY (Zone 6b)

I have had positive experiences with Hosta Farm. Nice plants, well marked, well packaged.

On Aug 18, 2015, mhatchett (1 reviews) from Highland Springs, VA

My wife and I have been buying from the Hosta Farm for years and we've never had a bad experience. The plants arrive in good shape, ready to pop in the ground or pot. They run fantastic sales and offer easily payment through paypal, often with no interest. I feel bad that people aren't nore understanding of their situation. As for us, we are customers for life. Mike & Irene Richmond, VA

On Aug 18, 2015, amaniola (1 reviews) from Grayslake, IL

I ordered 30 Hapsden Blue hosta plants, choosing early June as the shipping date. They notified me about delays due to the storm damage, so I requested by email if my shipment could be held until the week of July 6th. No one would be home for 2 weeks at the end of June and I feared all the plants would die sitting on our porch. The Hosta Farm's response was great. My plants arrived the precise week I requested - and in excellent shape. All plants are thriving.This extra mile on their part is all the more amazing considering the chaos they must have endured.

On Aug 18, 2015, coastwatcher (1 reviews) from South Thomaston, ME

Used this greenhouse for many years. Always great plants, shipped quickly and never once has a plant not survived the shipping, and all have come up the next spring and subsequent springs. Very happy with their products

On Aug 18, 2015, pritiplce (1 reviews) from Naperville, IL

I ordered several hosta and clematis this year. The hostas were beautiful and are growing well. There were some substitutions with both clematis and hosta. I am happy with the substitutions. The clematis were outstanding and beautiful and a fair exchange financially. I am so sorry about the winter trouble they went through and the rebuilding of their greenhouses. But my orders have been outstanding. I hope you are back on your feet next spring and going strong.

On Aug 18, 2015, asiat111 (1 reviews) from Granger, IN

I have purchased hostas from the Hosta Farm several times over the past few years, and without exception they were healthy, lovely little plants. I have been very pleased with my purchases as well as their customer service, and would order from them again.

On Aug 6, 2015, vitz (5 reviews)

Posted on July 14, 2015, updated August 6, 2015 Posted on July 12, 2015, updated July 14, 2015 Posted on July 7, 2015, updated July 12, 2015 ordered hostas june 6th. shipout should've been the week of the 12/15th, per their email. on the 18th, i contacted them and an excuse of 'winter storms' causing delay was given. i explained how the delay, the excuse, and some of their reviews was getting me concerned and agitated.new shipout date (given by them) was 7/6. ('at the latest' -their words). sent them an email on the 5th that if they didn't have the ordered shipped out in full, and with exactly what i ordered, to cancel and refund the cc (no check in the mail or other bs). they cancelled the order (which means that all claims by them were bogus) and did not refund the cc. contacted the bank to start a chargeback, contacted the bbb for complaint. considering contacting the fbi and/or to start a class action lawsuit against them. all they do is swindle you and say how they're so great because they sold some garbage to martha stewart (pathetic, as she was also investigated for fraud, iirc, heh). joined this site specifically to warn anyone who finds this via a google search to avoid the hosta farm and any 'gorge-top' garden site like the plague. DO NOT DO business w/ these folks. at the least, you won't get your order on time. anyone who wants to join me in a possible group action lawsuit against these swindlers is more than welcome to contact me via this forum. -vitz

On July 12th, 2015, vitz added the following: "We had greenhouses collapse during snow storms in March/April, which damaged plants and we basically had to start the growing process over at this late date. This put the shipping behind from the start which we have almost caught up with at this time." and yet, when i placed my order in *JUNE*, no mention was made of this. not, in fact, **until i asked what's going on AFTER **non shipout by date promised**. NOR is any mention made on the website, or in an email when order is confirmed. NOR did they have the stock by THEIR SECOND COMMITMENT DATE. ipso facto, they never had what i ordered, and charged me anyway, this is fraudulent behavior, at the least, and repetitive fraudulent behavior, (with others), to boot. you'll be investigated. i promise.
On July 14th, 2015, vitz added the following: and, for the record, posting *anyone's* private information in any reply to any review is very bad form, terrible manners, and shows everyone just how much you respect the privacy of those you interact with. i've asked the owner's of this site to delete the personal info you've posted in violation of general basic privacy standards. and calling people names like 'nutjob' because they gave you a negative review is thoroughly unnacceptable behavior for anyone in commerce. it's also extremely childish.
On August 6th, 2015, vitz added the following: i've been asked to amend my review under possible threat of litigation by 'the hosta farm'. they seem to think that once they credit back my card, the untimely credit (i had ALREADY reported it to the bank and recieved a temporary ''chargeback' credit to my card) becomes non-existent in the past. they also seem to think that their 'excuse bait 'n switch', (claiming that the reason my order didn't ship out when supposed to was from lack of stock due to late winter/early spring storms-with NO indication of such conditions w/ stock existing on the entire site or during the entire order process,in JUNE, and then not having all the stock again when i graciously allowed an extension past that shipment date, thereby cancelling the order as demanded by me if they still couldn't ship out on the SECOND date) didn't occur in the past either. if i could do a 'super double probation level' negatve review, it would be far too much praise for this company. they behaved FRAUDULENTLY, with MY MONEY. period. end of story. that is a grievance i will have redressed. there is NO detail, other than (not) acknowledging when they did credit back my card, that is incorrect, here.( let their lawyers fire away, unless i get in the first salvo). just a reminder that a negative business review based on establish-able facts, (like a bank statement) and saved emails is NOT slander, by ANY stretch of the imagination :)
Company representative comment on July 14, 2015:
We had greenhouses collapse during snow storms in March/April, which damaged plants and we basically had to start the growing process over at this late date. This put the shipping behind from the start which we have almost caught up with at this time. This customer's order was cancelled and refunded, due to him basically being a nut and sending emails using foul language of which I have saved and should file charges against this gentleman(NOT). As with any company dealing with the public, you sometimes have to deal with customers who are mentally unstable, so we just cancel and refund their orders and move on. As stated before we fill thousand of orders each year and have our loyal customers and do not need his business. I will also post a copy of the cancelled order which shows his refund, so he can contact anyone he wishes.

Store Manager > Retrieve Orders > Order 27103

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Hosta 'Blue Cadet' h14 1 4.50
Hosta 'Brim Cup' h21 6 5.00
Hosta 'August Moon' h10 3 5.00
Hosta 'Halcyon' h58 3 5.00
Hosta 'Blue Angel' h13 2 8.00
Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears' h17 3 9.00
Hosta 'Northern Exposure' h85 1 9.00
Heucherella ' Sweet Tea' h149 1 10.00
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Thank you. Kevin TheHostaFarm

On Jul 29, 2015, brdonnelly (1 reviews) from Coventry, RI

I bought 5 "Remember Me" hostas. They came in looking very healthy and are a great addition to my newly refinished garden. Thanx Hosta Farm.

On Jul 20, 2015, Bullet12345 (1 reviews) from Schaumburg, IL

After reading several reviews about late shipments I was somewhat concerned about getting my plants early enough to plant this season since it was already half way through the summer. I read the Hosta Farm explanation about them having heavy snowfalls that damaged some of their greenhouses and delaying shipments. I live in the Chicago area and we had 81" of snow this past winter and there were some roof cave ins of houses and businesses here also and I have relatives that live in the Western Virginia/Kentucky area, where Hosta Farm is located, so their explanation was VERY plausible and understandable. So I chose to go for it and I placed an order with them. My plants arrived on time and were in EXCELLENT condition. Better than I expected. The roots were moist and the plants had no broken stems or leaves. Their overall condition was as if I had purchased them at a local nursery. Very satisfied and I will be ordering from them in the future.

On Jul 13, 2015, baufuller (2 reviews) from Mount Carroll, IL

I am a new customer to TheHostaFarm this spring. I originally ordered 4 hosta earlier in the season. There was a small but acceptable delay in the delivery of that order and I was kept informed of 'weather-related' changes to my original delivery date. When those hosta arrived, they were beyond my expectations, with large, well-formed root systems and several eyes on the the larger variety. These I promptly planted and they are thriving! Shortly thereafter I placed a second order for 4 other varieties. That is when the fun began! My delivery date came and went. When I emailed about when to expect delivery, I was given a new, later date, which to me was understandable with the extensive rainy weather the country and our region had been having. Unfortunately, we were going to be out of town when the rescheduled hosta were due to come, and I contacted and worked with Kevin to defer that delivery until we would be back home. I thought things were all set, but then I unexpectedly got a 'your hosta have been shipped' notice; again contacted Kevin and he aborted that delivery. When we returned from vacation, the next 'new' delivery date passed...I was getting worried that this order was beyond salvage and I had already been billed for the shipment that was cancelled; again contacted Kevin [I think we are getting to be very good friends!] and shortly thereafter the hosta were shipped. They arrived in perfect condition, nice plants with huge, vigorous root systems. I potted these all, fearing a summer planting, and knew I would be able to monitor them better in pots for now. I did send Kevin a note to this effect, and he assured me these hosta most likely will be fine with my now deferred planting plan [September, for my zone], and would/could be replaced come spring if need be. I feel very comfortable dealing with this company. They have been very receptive to my requests. I understand that in business, 'stuff' sometimes happens and it is how that adversity is handled that shows their character. I have seen some negative comments; maybe I am just more patient than some of the other posters. But, I would not hesitate to recommend TheHostaFarm if you are interested in a nice variety of choices at fair prices and very healthy, vigorous plants.

On Jul 9, 2015, kepford67 (1 reviews) from Springfield, MO

I recently ordered 8 hostas and a heuchurera, it was my first order with the hosta farm . I received them yesterday and I couldn't be happier, I'm a Master Gardner and I've looked all summer for a few of the gorgeous blue hostas they had , I was so impressed at the quality of the plants, the prices and variety are outstanding!!! There was supposed to be a couple of days delay in delivery, but they actually came really fast and earlier then expected. They were fantastic about keeping me posted about the delivery date and time frame , I've never had any company do that . I've read both good and bad reviews and I think it's pretty cool that their company representative responded to every negative review, and it sure seemed to me they were doing their best to make things right and make everyone happy , I've yet to deal with another online company who's ever done anything like that . I will definitely be continuing to order from hosta farm , I look forward to seeing all the new hostas they keep bringing out and I'm so happy I discovered them !! I 110% recommend them .

On Jul 1, 2015, pbgardens (6 reviews) from Anoka, MN

Posted on July 1, 2015, updated July 1, 2015

On July 1st, 2015, pbgardens added the following: Sorry, my computer did not properly save and post the details: I really wanted to like this place. Cute name, efficient, if Spartan, website. My experience left me greatly wanting, however. I placed an order around May 11, and received it three and one-half WEEKS later. By far the slowest delivery. Their excuse was bad weather damaged their greenhouse. I checked their local weather history, and it seems likely this is, in fact, true. However, they don’t tell you that up front when you order. You order, are given a delivery week, mine was the following week, and off you go. I find this deceitful, and told them so after the fact. It appears they knew they couldn’t meet this date, as the following week I was told “we’re two weeks behind.” Even that was missed. They may have been “blessed” with many orders (their words), but I don’t feel blessed for having to wait SO long. I also told them I believe they know they would miss orders if they made the delay clear upon ordering, so provide dates they will miss. Compare this to Land of the Giants Hosta Farm, which recently took down their site for about two weeks, so they could catch up. That’s being up front and honest, and I appreciate that. Anyway, the plants I received were literally a mixed bag. One was potted, some were in what was probably left of an Ellepot (not that this was bad). Several were bare root (as in dormant - dry), although some of these were supposed to be in Ellepots, while others were as advertised. One plant was of decent size, one of the bare root plants has emerged in a nice size, but all the rest are SMALL. You pay for time with plants, and these plants are a couple years behind what I’ve received elsewhere. I contacted them, and they gave an additional credit for some of the bare root plants, which I appreciate. They were easy to work with regarding this. Even after this, however, I see better value elsewhere. One benefit of the wait was I had a chance to investigate their seemingly perpetual sale. It seemed odd that no matter when I looked at their website this year it was everything half price. I find that business model deceptive, because if the sale is always on, you’re really not getting a deal, because what really is their regular price? Their regular prices are above what Land of the Giants and Savory’s charge, and they are at the top of the price scale, Am I to believe that they sell their small plants at those higher prices? If not, then I’m really not getting a discount, right? Something to think about is Code of Federal Regulations, Title 16, Part 233 (make your own call, I am not a lawyer). My rating sits on the fence of Neutral and Negative, but I lean negative due to my opinion of their seemingly perpetual sales You may find it fine, and if so, good for you. Their prices (when on sale) are hard to beat, but the delay was unacceptable, the lack of a true delivery date up front also unacceptable, and the plants were just OK. If you are on a tight budget and have time, this may be the place for you.
Company representative comment on July 8, 2015:
On Jul 8, 2015 9:08 AM, The Hosta Farm responded with:

Sorry about the delay in shipping, as we are a small business and had the worst weather year that we have had in 25 years of business. Everything is back on schedule as we have caught up with shipping. Again I apologize for the delay in shipping. Thank you. Kevin TheHostaFarm

On Jun 15, 2015, dagrifka (2 reviews) from Livonia, MI

I placed a large order with this company last Feb. to be shipped the middle of May. Two weeks after my order was due, no order. I tried calling and calling. I left messages but got no response. I tried emailing and did finally get a response stating they were a month behind. At the same time I got a phone call, I was voicing my concerns, and the person was saying "UPS was......" and got hung up on. No return call and no response. I I emailed again and got a response that my order was to be shipped out that week. A week later, no plants. I called again and the man said he wasn't sure why my order hadn't come up and said he would get it out. Two to three days later, my order comes, but it is one small box, not my $400 order. Inside was one of the plants I ordered and one random hosta. It included a note stating they had a snowstorm that took out four greenhouses, had tried to get more plants but those that came in were inferior, but he sent what he could AND DID INCLUDE A FULL REFUND. I appreciate that, but now all of my stores are out of Hostas of any varieties that are interesting and I have a hosta garden sitting bare!

Company representative comment on July 8, 2015:
On Jul 8, 2015 9:16 AM, The Hosta Farm responded with:

I apologize for this order not being fulfilled as the damage to the greenhouses and plants were severe. We have now repaired all of the damage and will be back next season with a full line of quality plants. If anyone has or has not ran a small business which depends on the weather cooperating knows this is a challenge at the least. Thank you. Kevin TheHostaFarm

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