P.O. Box 551
Beersheba Springs, Tennessee 37305-0551 (United States)
(931) 692-3575



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On Feb 1, 2001, patz (1 reviews)

Hi, I am another one taken for a ride by Beersheba Nursery. For years I had gotten wonderful plants from them. As others, last year I send in an order with a large payment and received nothing.

On Aug 1, 2000, rebeccaedmon (1 reviews)

My parents live in Beersheba Springs, TN, and I have spent much time there and have driven by this company's "nursery" many times. It's basically abandoned; clearly they grow nothing there.

On Apr 1, 2000, johngarbini (1 reviews)

I don't recommend wasting your time or money ordering from these people. I learned my lesson last Spring. I ordered from them and they kept my money but didn't send me my plants. They would not return my calls or eventually respond to my semi-threatening letters. I had to go through the Better Business Bureau to resolve this matter and they were forced to return my money!

On Apr 1, 1998, dougtryck (1 reviews)

I am wondering if anybody else is having the problems with Beersheba Wildflower Nursery that I am having. I sent them a check for $148.00 worth of plants the first of March They promised me at that time that I would get the plants with in 2 weeks. I have called them repeatedly, they promise they are going to send them the first of the following week, and still no plants. I gave them the choice of either sending the plants, or my money back. That was 2 weeks ago. I've left messages. It is very frustrating.

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