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We here at DollarSeed.com strive hard to make your seed purchases from us as smooth as a walk in the park. Our site has gone through many major upgrades in the past. We work for our customers, because without them, we wouldn't still be here since 2010. Our motto is give the most bang for the buck, and in the descriptions given on our site, you will see the average number of seeds to expect in each package. We changed the Industry by doing that, and now almost every site you visit for your seed needs will tell you the amount of seeds per package rather than some mundane weight which varies widely based on the size and moisture content of the seeds. We also are constantly adding new seeds and have well over 200 varieties available.
Be sure to visit us at: http://DollarSeed.com

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On Apr 28, 2022, banditandkoko (1 reviews) from Osceola, MO

I am very, very impressed. This is the quickest I have received any seeds I've ever ordered online. Everyone near us was out of cauliflower seeds. I happened to see this link on a video ad, can't remember where, but decided to see if they had any. They had those and quite a big selection, including flower seeds for my bees. I'll definitely be back for more.

On Mar 14, 2022, JessTheMess (1 reviews) from Bumpus Mills, TN

To be honest, I had my doubts buying seeds so cheap, but I can't condemn something I haven't tried, and I am sure glad I gave DollarSeed a shot! They have a great selection to choose from, the packaging was very organized, the price is fantastic, and the seeds came quick! I cannot wait to get these little seeds in the ground. Thank you everyone at DollarSeed for putting everything together, and keep up the awesome work!!! Will definitely be ordering again when I need more seeds. :) :) :)

On Mar 9, 2022, Will1035 (1 reviews) from Jamestown, NY

Can say enough positives about my experience with DollarSeed. Orders come quickly - great varieties - high germination rate - and in today's world how can you beat a $1.00. Thank you DollarSeed

On Jan 25, 2022, MoneyPlantLife (1 reviews) from Dallas, TX

I just placed a small order and I just wanted to mention how impressed I have been with the WHOLE EXPERIENCE. Great website, fun choices, amazing price points, INCREDIBLY FAST SHIPPING, and the warm touches of a small business. Iím really glad I went with yíall and Iíll definitely be doing more business with yíall in the future!

On Jan 5, 2022, Seedcollector10 (1 reviews) from Rome, PA

I ordered from this company for the second year jut a week or so before Christmas. (2021). The order arrived in perfect condition. No crushed seeds (Thank-you, USPS). It only took a few days to get here. The packets contained a good measure of seed and were in clear zip-lock bags making storage of unused seed easy and better than paper. Great people; great business! Recommended.

On Jan 2, 2022, constantbees (1 reviews) from Terre Haute, IN

Just received 30 packs of seeds from Dollar Seeds. Since it's the dead of winter, I don't know whether they'll be viable yet, but I can say that the delivery was quick and accurate, and the seeds show no obvious signs of damage. I'm really pleased to get all these seeds for $35, including $5 shipping since I'm replacing a seed collection I had to leave behind when I moved back to the US from the UK. The seeds are all packed in clear ziplock bags with seed counts, germination test rates, and "packaged for 2022" on the labels. Once the season starts, I'll post an updated review with my experience getting them to grow.

On Dec 22, 2021, brandroaredgrr (1 reviews)

Such a surprising selection for the price! Don't let the simple design of the website deter you - ordering was easy and shipping was quick. I received a complimentary seed packet. So far everything has sprouted under grow lights. I will be ordering again - thank you DollarSeed!

On Sep 12, 2021, tkhamby (1 reviews) from West, TX

I have bought both flower and vegetable seeds from DollarSeed.com and been happy with all of them. My first purchase was seeds for my Spring vegetable starts. I wasn't sure what the quality would be, so I over planted. Everything germinated and I ended up having enough plants for my garden and two of my friends. I've also bought flower seeds twice. Each time the quality and amount were good and the shipping was fast with great communication.

On Jul 25, 2021, mammaTJC (1 reviews) from Pittsburgh, PA

I wasted $27 on seeds from this company. When he stated he did not guarantee his seeds I should have then decided not to purchase. Only the squash seeds actually grew however did not produce a single piece of squash. The other 24 types of seeds, though planted twice, either did not grow correctly or did not grow at all. In saying that IF they grew seedlings that all looked exactly alike, grew long and leggy, then just died. None of these seeds yielded a single vegetable, herb or flower. This was very disappointing as of course as we purchased/planted the seeds to grow food. I advised the owner on three separate occasions including sending photos and he did nothing. Please do not waste your money on these seeds. Now it is too late to plant new seeds, too late to buy good plants, and as we depend on our planting for food we are at a loss due to this company. Too date he has still not refunded our money.

On May 16, 2021, relevantpink (2 reviews) from Athens, GA

Posted on May 12, 2021, updated May 16, 2021 I placed an order two weeks ago today and have yet to receive any communication beyond the original confirmation email. I have contacted the email listed on the website and on the invoice and have gotten no response to either inquiry. A previous order went differently which is why I made a second. Some notes about that experience: One cost cutting method is using plastic ziploc baggies instead of paper envelopes. The resealing is nice, but the packets contain no growing information. As the proprietor mentions on their site, most of the information is available online, but if you are like me, be prepared for the extra step of writing notes on the packets. Elbow deep in soil is not a good time for a quick search of some stray detail I have forgotten. One packet I received was mislabeled; it was marked as "coneflower" (Echinacea) when the seeds were in fact "cornflower" (Bachelor Buttons). Due to the similarity, it is likely a typo. This was an unrequested complimentary item, so it did not interrupt my planting, but made me a little nervous about some of the other seeds with which I am less visually familiar. Otherwise, my first order had very fast turnaround and the seeds I have planted so far have had good germination rates. This makes my second ordering experience all the more disappointing and a real letdown. Retailers should not accept orders without fulfilling them.

On May 16th, 2021, relevantpink changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: My second order eventually arrived and the contents were correct. Iím very relieved that the order was fulfilled, but the difference in the level of communication and available information between my first order and second order was confusing. I never received any shipment information even though the package had a tracking number, and not being able to get a response via email caused me concern. However, the most important thing is that the items I paid for arrived and appear to be in order. Perhaps just be prepared for idiosyncrasies if you order from this store. It may be well worth it if they have what you want and time isnít critical, because their prices really canít be topped.

On May 14, 2021, Gully (15 reviews) from Ellicott City, MD

I was looking for some flower seeds for my gardens. While not a huge selection, those that were there were a nice variety and I was able to find some familiar favorites and select a few that were new to me. With such low prices, it is easy to give new plants a try. Shipping was perfectly reasonable. I received an email notice that my order was received, and another e-mail stating my order had been shipped and providing me with a tracking number. My order arrived very quickly and the seeds are well packaged. A complimentary pack of seeds was included and a couple of little gifts. Very pleased with my purchase and will return again for future needs.

On Apr 28, 2021, NorthernGardenr (1 reviews) from Madison, WI

Seeds came quickly and as advertised. Everything has germinated so far and the order came with some complimentary seeds to enjoy. Highly recommend if they have what you're looking for and will be back again! Thank you for making it easy!

On Mar 29, 2021, PLHDan (1 reviews) from Mogadore, OH

Bought seeds for 2021 and have started planting inside... All the seeds I have started have germinated... Ordered some more seeds and received 'a gift' for my 2nd purchase which is a nice touch... Happy that I have bought from DollarSeed... Good price, fast shipping, and quality seeds...

On Mar 23, 2021, BuddhaRND (1 reviews) from Pueblo, CO

First time ordering, great experience. Seeds came in today and everything looks fine, plus I got a free gift which was a nice touch. Everything is labeled and ready to go. I'm just waiting for the weather to make up it's mind but I will be starting most everyone indoors this week. They have a nice selection, not as large as I'd like, but what's there is most certainly enough. I would like to see a larger herb selection if anything. Most of all I love the prices, it's rather hard to find heirloom seeds at a decent price and I will be back again next year if not a few more times this year. The only suggestion I have and I know it can be an large load of work, but I would like to see a growing zones listed. It really helps me settle on what I want to buy without having to put in an already exhaustive amount of research.

On Mar 15, 2021, cadadu (1 reviews) from Cincinnati, OH

During this time of not being able to shop freely as normal, I decided to order seeds online this year. I found DollarSeed in a search and was pleased to see a larger selection of different vegetables at a decent price then I was expecting. The website was easy to navigate. The ordering process was easy. I was impressed with the fast shipping as I received notification of shipping within a day and received the order today. The seeds are clearly marked with the name and number of seeds in each bag. I was pleasantly surprised to find a free item included, which I am grateful to receive. Looking forward to enjoying a great harvest this year.

On Mar 13, 2021, Lizzie61 (2 reviews) from Marietta, NY

Order arrived quickly as everything was in stock! Great company communication. Nice complimentary seed packet included with a pen & magnet. Deserves to be in top 30.

On Mar 8, 2021, deakovell (1 reviews) from Bethel Park, PA

I love DollarSeed! Both of my purchases shipped very quickly. My first round of seedlings look great with very high germination rates. You get a great value for a great price!

On Mar 6, 2021, mekhiMKL (1 reviews) from Gary, IN

I haven't planted my seeds yet but am already impressed by the selection, the value, and the speed at which the seeds arrived. I do wish the website was a little more streamlined, and that there was a guide to how to interpret all the numbers and abbreviations on the seed packets, that they sent an email when the package shipped, and that instead of urls on printed materials they did URcodes. Other than that, no complaints. They sent complementary seed packet, a pen, and a fridge magnet too!

On Mar 1, 2021, Brttnys (1 reviews) from Alvarado, TX

Great experience! Shipping was extremely fast. In fact, I placed three orders one evening, and the Dollar Seed order came before the other two had even shipped! The package came with a free pen, magnet, and packet of lettuce seeds. I did have an issue with the quantity of one variety, but the company responded within an hour and will be shipping me another packet. I can't recommend Dollar Seed highly enough.

On Feb 7, 2021, xuni (1 reviews) from Mio, MI

Two separate orders in the last month. Each received within 2 weeks of order. Awesome to work with.

On Feb 3, 2021, AmandaPhoenix (1 reviews) from Mount Vernon, KY

I sent my comment straight to Dollar Seed Co. I wanted them to know how happy I was with the service they provided. They sent back a reply asking if I would give my response here and I would like to say that I am glad to do so. I loved the service that I received!!! I recommend this company to everybody. The seeds were prompt, of excellent quality and are sprouting well. My little plant babies are so cute!!! Mommy is so proud, giggles. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be for many years I think. Can't have enough good things to say about Dollar Seed so- Thank you for having such a quality product that fits my budget. Hugs and Happy Planting everybody!

On Jan 9, 2021, NarrowWayFarm (16 reviews) from Brookville, OH

Posted on April 14, 2020, updated January 9, 2021 Posted on January 12, 2019, updated April 14, 2020 This was our first time ordering from Dollar Seed. We made a small order (29 packets of standard seed) to check them out. Our package arrived in record time (3 or 4 days after ordering). The seeds were well packaged and look clean. They also sent a package of free seed, a pen and a nice little magnet for us to remember them by. We are happy with them so far! I will try to update this spring with information about the germination rates.

On April 14th, 2020, NarrowWayFarm added the following: Updating to add that we did not have any unusual issues with germination rates and have since ordered from them again with a positive experience.
On January 9th, 2021, NarrowWayFarm added the following: Placed another order with Dollar seed. I was very happy with what they sent, but there was a slight issue. I contacted them and they rectified the matter right away. Awesome company! I will continue to shop with them and tell others about them. Highly recommended!

On Dec 27, 2020, Horrocksfamily (6 reviews) from Mars, PA,
United States

I placed my order and received a confirmation email. I got notice of shipment and then seeds arrived very quickly. I would do business with them again. Thanks so much!!!!

On Dec 4, 2020, deniserosser (1 reviews) from Carrollton,
United States

Great Service. Fast too. I will order from Dave again. Thank you.

On Oct 22, 2020, thartin (1 reviews) from Tupelo, MS

I just placed my first order with DollarSeed. The order went in on Monday and I received the order on Friday of the same week. My order included about 27 different varieties of seeds, and the everything arrived without anything missing. Great first experience so far. I'll definitely be a returning customer. Thank you!

On Jul 22, 2020, DRPSGT (1 reviews) from Conroe, TX

I just received my order today and was very impressed with the quantity/quality for the amount paid. Thanks for the complimentary package of lettuce seeds. They will go in my Hydroraft setup. I work at a hospital in Texas where customer service and caring is at the heart of what we do, especially now, and it was touching to see the handwritten thank you from Leah on my packing slip. The coronavirus and the effect it is having on our country's morale and economy is mostly why I've started gardening. It's a stress reducer and a way to provide for family and friends during all this uncertainty. I look forward to planting all the varieties I received and watching them grow.

On Jul 18, 2020, Bethanykc (1 reviews) from Severn, MD

This is my second time ordering from DollarSeed. Suffice it to say that my first order was great for me to return and buy more for fall planting. My seeds arrived in perfect condition in clear, and well-labeled baggies in a bubble mailer. I was even impressed my thank you sticker called me a repeat customer. Each shipment was super prompt and you can't beat the price! I appreciate thre handwritten note from Leah, who packaged my order. Thank you so much!

On Jul 14, 2020, LightofLilies (1 reviews) from Waldport, OR

Posted on July 13, 2020, updated July 14, 2020 Posted on July 12, 2020, updated July 13, 2020 Posted on July 12, 2020, updated July 12, 2020 I feel that Dave isn't a very mentally stable individual, nor do I feel he is very knowledgeable about gardening. I kindly emailed him to ask about the specified cultivar of Clarkia that is directly stated on the website. The picture of his Clarkia does not match what the cultivar "Mountain Garland" Clarkia should look like. He quickly shot back a passive aggressive response stating he isn't sure what "misled me to believe" that his Clarika was "Mountain Garland", and that I was mistaken. The way he articulated his email was like an angry arrogant child. I kindly informed him it was directly listed in the listing for his Clarkia seeds on the website, and even shot him over a screenshot from his own website. I then got a rambling passive aggressive response stating that I somehow didn't understand the process of cross-pollination and that this some how had something to do with why he was denying that his variety stated on the website was "Mountain Garland". Excuse me, what? This has nothing to do with misrepresenting a variety and then denying that you even have "Mountain Garland" listed on your website. He said he merely copy and pastes descriptions. Oh, I see. So he really has no idea what he's doing, then. Nor does he know much about the plants he's actually re-selling from other more dedicated companies who are actually PASSIONATE about the seeds/plants they cultivate and grow. It either is or isn't that variety. I didn't need a childish response like this. It was a simple question. His response was incredibly immature. It doesn't end there. Next, When I asked a simple question of how he acquires his seeds (from where), and kindly asked if he grows or collects his own seeds; he again, responded like a child, rambling on and on about how he couldn't POSSIBLY have the time to manage packing seeds and actually growing his own plants. Seriously? Wow, excuse me for being curious as to if the owner of the company actually grows and collects their own seeds. You know, many seed companies do, so it shouldn't be so shocking that a customer would inquire about the source of their seeds. I don't think I want to purchase from this company ever again. David seems like an over grown man-child sitting on a high chair who probably rather hang out on a computer all day as an internet addict re-selling some one else's seeds rather than get his hands dirty in the soil and spend more time learning about the actual seeds he's selling. I prefer to purchase seeds from some one who actually speaks/writes like an adult and whom is actually experienced in gardening. That said, glad every one else was happy with their seeds. Personally, I have to believe in the company and know they are passionate/experienced in gardening. Seeds from an online troll is not what I had in mind..

On July 12th, 2020, LightofLilies added the following: I also noticed something - These comments are very likely fake (at least a big chunk of them), and most are likely written by David himself. Critical thinking skills here: FIVE positive reviews posted about his company on THE SAME DAY? That is actually unheard of and doesn't happen on Dave's garden. Not many people take the time to review a company on Dave's. Not even Baker Creek Seeds in Missouri, which is one of the largest seed companies in the world, gets 5 separate reviews in a SINGLE day on Dave's Garden. You're a maniac, Dave. Don't pretend all of these reviews are genuine. Its obvious many of these were written by you.
On July 13th, 2020, LightofLilies added the following: Sure, David, Sure. No, I'm not a "Disgruntled" gardener. I have never had this experience with a seed company and I have been gardening for decades - not once have I had such an unprofessional reply to my emails and childish refutes. You said you copy and paste all your descriptions. To outright deny that you had "Mountain garland" listed on your Clarkia description, then not even apologize for having not noticed once I proved it to you, is sad. You were determined that no where on the website had you stated it was Mountain Garland, and that I was "misled" in thinking so. I kindly sent you a screenshot. Instead of being Rude and going on a rant, you could have said "Wow, I didn't notice that it said Mountain Garland, it looks like it indeed does say that. I apologize for telling you that you were mislead".. You denied having even used that in the description and wouldn't even admit you were wrong. I didn't need a long rant about how cross-pollination works. You probably didn't even take the photo of the Clarkia on your website. Would you like to deny that too? A simple image address search showed me you took it from here -> https://www.paseseeds.com/clarkia-lilac-pixie-annual-seeds/ You used the image from paseseeds, it appears. And according to that stock image it isn't even Mountain Garland. Its listed as Lilac Pixie Clarkia. Check mate. It is not a sin for some one to NOT read your long, run on sentence rant on your website about how you've "Changed the industry", and so on. Most of your self-worship talk is smoke and mirrors. Glad you can fool most people, but you can't fool me. If I were you, I would brush up on your customer service skills and learn how to speak with grace and kindness over coy/chop self-aggrandizing replies.
On July 14th, 2020, LightofLilies added the following: Nice deflect.
Company representative comment on July 14, 2020:
On Jul 13, 2020 11:56 AM, DollarSeed (Dollar Seed) responded with:

Wow, was that awful harsh. Did you know that I can\\\'t post my own reviews, as I am the owner of this company? These are real reviews. The reason for the high number, which include the actual order numbers, was because we were running a contest at the time.
Back to the main subject, which I did explain in the email I sent to you. We purchase our seeds in large bulk quantities from major seed houses throughout the US and repackage them manually under our own brand. Our site even tells this in our about us section.
All of our flower seeds come from one source, and that source is the one that provides us with the needed description of each variety we carry. They also provide us with the pictures that represent their products.
As for me not getting my hands dirty? Wow, is that so far from the truth. Before we even started this business, I ran market gardens. Our little stand was representative of 32 large raised beds that we grew almost 100 different vegetables from. Those vegetables were sold at harvest, garden to table. Much like you would find at a Farmer\\\'s Market.
You are welcome to go look us up at \\\"The Human Flower Project\\\" where we started by giving away over 10,000 free packages of hand harvested and Marigold seeds, prior to kicking off our opening in 2010.
And yes, cross pollination can cause a variety to not grow true to form.
We know we can\\\'t please everybody all of the time, but just this year alone, we have pleased 10\\\'s of thousands of gardeners, and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Thank you for your opinionated review. Not everyone will read it. Hopefully many that do will understand you are just a disgruntled gardener.

On Jul 13, 2020 3:42 PM, DollarSeed (Dollar Seed) added:

PaseSeeds, another NY company that purchases their seeds from many of our same suppliers. You\'re talking about a company that sells 25 pepper seeds from $9.95 on up? Go ahead and play with them if you wish. We did not use their photo, nor would we ever use a non-supplier photo for any of our seeds. We sell twice that amount for just a Dollar. Comparing apples to oranges makes you the fool.
This is not the place or platform to run your rant. That is what Facebook is for. Please stop!

On Jul 14, 2020 8:07 PM, DollarSeed (Dollar Seed) added:

Last email received after all of this: Disregard the last email,
It appears my sensitive plant seeds came from another company. Not yours.

On Jun 26, 2020, LindaRmfg (5 reviews) from Willow Springs, MO

I just ordered from them for the first time and all I can say is WOW! Prompt delivery as promised and a much larger quantity of seeds than I expected for only $1 a pack. Also love those clear plastic zip lock bags so I can always see how many seeds I have. They even sent a free company pen and refrigerator magnet. I've found my new go-to company for next years seeds.

On Jun 20, 2020, rajanishrsth (1 reviews) from Sunnyvale, CA

Overall great experience. Bought the seeds first time from the site, accidently clicked pay later, David was quick to send me payment link upon emailing of the mistake. Seeds arrived very quickly and a lot of them. I have bought seeds from for profit and small merchants before and in comparison, it is a lot of seeds for the price. Seeds look high quality, and neatly packed in ziplock bags. Very excited to plant them.

On May 17, 2020, Mr_Tadakichi (1 reviews) from Modesto, CA

Simply put, an overall amazing experience ordering from this company. It's great to support a small business and the prices for the seeds cannot be beat! I have made 2 orders and each arrived quickly. The seeds are nicely packaged and along with them, I received a magnet, a pen and a pack of free seeds! Awesome! I highly recommend this company to anyone who's looking to purchase seeds. :)

On May 16, 2020, Jessielee (1 reviews) from New Port Richey, FL

I absolutely love this !!!!! I just got my package in today it was shipped may 13th and I got it may 16th :) In my package I received everything plus a magnet, a pin, and an extra bag of seeds ! I havenít even planted them and Iím already obsessed :) they left a thank u at the bottom of the receipt that came in the mail and it was nicely packaged with lots of seeds ! Iím super super excited and I recommend this to any one on a budget or not they are amazing ! I canít wait to get to planting :))

On May 16, 2020, DeirdreS (1 reviews) from Barksdale, TX

Order#8325 I learned about this site from a seed trading page on FB. Nice selection of seeds and shipping was fast. Im glad i heard about them I will be ordering from them again (actually later on today I will be hahaha)

On May 14, 2020, sshairgirl (3 reviews) from Cocoa, FL

First time ordering from this company. I had looked at previous reviews and was amazed at all of the positive reviews. I am not disappointed, shipping was quick although one thing was out of stock they sent back a dollar plus free lettuce seeds plus a pen! How awesome is that! I can't wait till they sprout up. I can honestly say this is why this company has 5 Stars! Stay Healthy ,I can see myself returning to your store. Sandy Smart Cocoa fl

On May 14, 2020, noviceSPROUTER (1 reviews) from Elkins Park, PA

After browsing the Garden Watchdog part of this website and seeing the positive reviews for DollarSeed, I bought several seed packets from the company. I received a confirmation email and got my seeds within a week. I have started several of the received seed packets indoors, and am seeing an exciting burst of initial activity from them. At this early stage, I cannot comment on the long term viability of the plants for producing a crop, but I can definitely comment that DollarSeed seems to be an honest and trustworthy business from all the data I have so far.

On May 13, 2020, CourtneyB20 (1 reviews) from Waco, TX

Through my search for inexpensive but quality seeds, I came across the DollarSeed website. They have a really good variety of seeds, many things I had never seen before. I was looking to invest in starting my own little seed bank for my family and extended family, so I decided to purchase the "A Lot In The Box Garden Seeds" bulk box of all of the seeds they offer. I was a little worried that I wouldn't get a few of the things I wanted since some items had been showing out of stock, but I was so excited to see most of those things in the box when it arrived. I believe I recieved 235 packets of seeds, which in my opinion is an amazing deal for $150. I have not started any of the seeds yet, but can't wait to get them growing. They arrived quickly and all of the packaging is nice and neat. I am currently trying to get them all organized in my seed box. I imagine I will be shopping here again in the future (if I ever run out of seeds lol). I have already told several people about this site, because I am honestly pleased with my experience thus far. I look forward to seeing how the DollarSeed business grows (and of course my garden as well)! (My order number is #8111).

On May 13, 2020, PBOgardener (1 reviews) from Pittsboro, NC

Posted on May 13, 2020, updated May 13, 2020 I am so glad I found a source of good, clean seeds that appeals to my pocketbook while giving me the small amount of seeds I need for my home garden. I hate spending several dollars on too many seeds in the bigger packets and end up throwing most of them out. I just received my order, so I cannot comment on the germination rate of the seeds, but they all look clean and great and I canít wait to plant them in my garden.

On May 13th, 2020, PBOgardener added the following: I just saw my bonus free seeds for oakleaf lettuce! My first order (#8276) came quickly, the correct seeds I ordered, AND free seeds.

On May 13, 2020, peppie1987 (1 reviews) from Dow, IL

This was my first time ordering seeds online. Normally I go to the store and pay the overpriced fee for a few small packets. I am highly impressed with the speed in which my order came in, the quality of the seeds, the packing of each type of see, and the quantity of the seeds I received. My children are very excited to plant everything today, and have already given me a list of other vegetables and fruits they want to grow. My days off buying a few seeds hidden away in paper wrappers are over. Thank you Dollar seed for making possible for us to grow a vast variety of food.

On May 12, 2020, tgrubbs1982 (1 reviews) from Dothan, AL

I placed my first order (#8304) and it was processed/shipped expeditiously. The seed quality is amazing and the quantity is great. I wanted to try the service out first before recommending and placing future orders. I have NOT been disappointed! Iíve told several people about DollarSeed. Now, Iím waiting to receive my new order. Thanks for such awesome service & products.

On May 12, 2020, bigtomary (1 reviews) from Trenton, TN

Have ordered seeds 3 times and have always received them in a timely matter and all have successfully germinated. Just received an order #8310 and will be planting as soon as it stops raining.

On May 11, 2020, Sjtate (1 reviews) from Bryan,
United States

I found this site through a google search and was super impressed. They have a great selection at unbelievable prices. I just got my order, 8288, in and I am so excited. I love that the seeds came in plastic bags. Paper packets never truly reseal and there is always a chance for moisture to ruin them. I also loved the handwritten thank you at the bottom.

On May 11, 2020, bentley226 (1 reviews) from Rochester, NY

I received my 2nd order (#8161) a few days ago and am just as happy as I was with my first order. The seeds from my first order are sprouting well. The first time I ordered they were out of a few seeds I really wanted. I checked other sites but their prices plus shipping prices were ridiculous for one packet of seeds. I decided to check back on Dollarseed about a week after my first order came and they had restocked! I had only intended on ordering one package of seeds but ended up ordering 15 packages instead! You cannot beat the price, the shipping is very reasonable (under $3) and the seeds are starting to sprout well. This is definitely my new first choice for seeds and I will be sure to order earlier next year. I also loved the see-through packaging, it allowed me to make videos for my pre-k class (online teaching for the rest of the school year) and show them the different seeds, and do some comparing and contrasting, without having to take every seed out of the package!

On May 9, 2020, Sprvixn (1 reviews) from Jim Falls, WI

Posted on May 9, 2020, updated May 9, 2020 Posted on May 9, 2020, updated May 9, 2020 I found this great place in my FB gardening site. Positive experience all the way around. From ordering, in which descriptions are very informative, to purchasing, which is very easy. My seeds arrived today and I ordered them only a few days ago! There were also some surprises in my package which made me feel like a valued customer and not just another number. My only regret is that I didn't order far more seeds! That, however, is easily remedied! I will happily purchase here again!

On May 9th, 2020, Sprvixn added the following: Order # 8248
On May 9th, 2020, Sprvixn added the following: Order # 8248

On May 9, 2020, AmRoss (1 reviews) from Monroe, LA

I found this company in a google search for seeds and Iím glad the other companies were sold out because I ended up getting way more for my money by shopping with dollarseed because the quality and quantity of the seeds I received from them , they even sent a free pack of seeds with my order 7726 .. And I can hardly wait to receive my next order from them !

On May 8, 2020, Pandarius (1 reviews) from Janesville, WI

Just received my order (#8197) from Dollar Seed and I must tell you that I am very impressed with the product I received in terms of Quantity. a good amount of seed in each pack , especially for a buck each. The handwritten thank you note from Leah was a nice personal touch as well. I will definitely will recommend Dollar Seed to my gardening friends.

On May 8, 2020, studentoffandf (1 reviews) from Hopkinton, MA

I ordered twice from DollarSeed (order IDs: 8172, 8169), and both times have been great experiences! The seeds are cheap but come in a really decent quantity, and the customer service is top-notch! I havenít planted yet (supposed to have a late May snow storm tomorrow), but Iím very excited to see how the seeds work out. Definitely recommend DollarSeeds.

On May 7, 2020, PurcellMadelyn (1 reviews) from Disputanta, VA

I was very happy with my order! My order was #8215 ó Leah put a thank you at the bottom of my receipt and I thought that was a wonderful personal touch! Ordered on 05/04/20 and received them by 05/07/20 and I live in Virginia and it was coming from NY! Super happy with shipping and customer service canít wait to start my new seeds!

On May 7, 2020, Janelle39 (1 reviews) from Parker, CO

My order number is 8093. I found this site when I was looking for inexpensive seeds online since we are supposed to stay at home and the local garden centers are ridiculously packed with people. I did not want to pay $7-10 per package to other websites and stumbled upon DollarSeed. I went through their inventory and found everything I wanted plus several others that I'm excited to try. My order only took a couple of days to process, which is amazing in the current pandemic climate. They emailed me when it was shipped and included a tracking number. I received the seeds quickly, plus an extra to try, along with a great magnet and pen. I am very impressed with the service, speed, and seeds, and cannot wait to reap my harvest this summer. I will go here first next time I want any type of seed. Shipping is extremely reasonable and you get a lot of seeds for a dollar. Great company, and I will be back as my gardening expands. Absolutely recommend!

On May 7, 2020, Rattypants (1 reviews) from East Amherst, NY

Order # 8088. I found DollarSeed searching for online seeds to avoid going to a store. Many large companies were sold out. I searched highly rated seed souces and found DollarSeed. I ordered 29 different flower and vegetable seeds. There was a large variety IN STOCK. They arrived quickly all in ziplock clearly labeled bags. The resealable bags are a great convenience. It is also nice to be able to see the seeds in the clear bags. DollarSeed responded to my email question the next day. My entire order arrived with a clear invoice and personal thank you, Pen and magnet too. I would highly recommend purchasing from this company. I will be ordering my seeds from now on. $1.00 seeds. Clear, resealable bags. Large variety. Easy to use website. Excellent service. Thank you. Janet Adams-Cultrara

On May 6, 2020, Madriannes (1 reviews) from Lansing, NY

The communication and responsiveness from Dollar Seed was wonderful! And of course you canít beat the price and size of their seed packets- theyíre just perfect for a typical home gardener in my opinion. (Order 8098)

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