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On Apr 19, 2021, kizilod (4 reviews) from Cumberland, RI (Zone 6b)

I ordered four Kerria japonica 'Golden Guinea', which arrived well packaged and in good condition. They were delivered four days after I ordered them (shipping from TN to RI). This was a pleasant surprise; I never received an email letting me know they were coming. I gather things have been busy and hectic for all nurseries during COVID, so that might account for the lack or communication. I would certainly order from them again.

On Sep 17, 2012, Rollandh (13 reviews) from Wilmington, NC

I ordered two viburnums from Das Farms, one a burkwoodii 'Mohawk' great shape, fully leafed; the other an acerifolium which had most of its leave dropped except the tallest stalk which had some wilting green leaves at the end. I decided after I planted the latter to cut off the stalk half-way down to see if this improved the overall health of the plant. I had ordered an acerifloium from another mailorder nursery last winter that arrived in similar condition and that did not survive my care. I just think this species is delicate and may not travel well. I hope this one will survive, there are still signs of life. The burkwoodii appears to be a heartier species and I have no doubt will thrive here. I would still order from Das, may even order another burkwoodii. Their service is well organized and quick turnaround, reasonable prices and care in packaging with sphagnum layered at the top of the root ball. I just hope they decide to increase the selection of plants for sale.

On Aug 17, 2012, cargarden (1 reviews) from Goodview, MN

I ordered a Dynamite Crape Myrtle from Dasfarms & was pleasantly supprised it was larger than other companies, well packed in great condition and was here b-4 they said, now the rest is up to me. Way to go Dasfarms you have my orders from now on. Wished I had known about you b-4. Thanks to Dave's Garden on a well done job of giving us the best in ordering plants.

On Jun 30, 2012, jedoody (23 reviews) from Las Vegas, NV

I have been pleased with the condition of two magnolia trees ordered from this nursery. Both trees have arrived promptly, were well packed, leafy, and the size was as described. Both are planted and doing well.

On Jun 28, 2012, Pinetucky (49 reviews) from Swainsboro, GA (Zone 8b)

I am very pleased with the 'Dynamite' crape myrtle I received. The plant was larger than expected, well-branched, and with a healthy root system. Packing was excellent and the tree arrived with no damage or loss of soil. The plant was a little bit wilted (we are in a bad heat wave right now) but perked right back up with a little water. I ordered online through their ebay listing rather than from their website. The company sent an order confirmation and a shipping notice. The plant shipped the next day after ordering. This was a great transaction. I will order from DAS Farms again.

On Apr 29, 2012, Mbethd623 (1 reviews) from Poolesville, MD

My second order of Annabelle hydrangeas was just as positive as my first order last year. The plants arrived quickly, in healthy condition, and well-packed. And last year's plants are coming very well this year.

On Apr 26, 2012, dwc47 (14 reviews) from Chattanooga, TN (Zone 7b)

Very difficult to find the "Annabelle" Hydrangea, but I found it here. Apparently "Annabelle" has been superseded by newer cultivars at the big box stores. It arrived in a one gallon pot, was very healthy and packed to be resistant to the wheels of an armored tank. I am very pleased and recommend them to you.

On Sep 30, 2011, mtnqueen (19 reviews) from Ellijay, GA

This wonderful experience was my 3th attempt to get a hydrangea grandiflora (PeeGee). First pitiful specimen came from one of the recommended vendors listed and the second came from a smaller grower who sent me a viable plant that is growing but is not the PeeGee I paid for. After pictures were sent to him, he promised to replace it with the proper one but never did.Then I was most fortunate to find DAS---what a happy day. I ordered on Sept 26 and two great specimens were delivered on the 28th.They were even on sale and each was over 3' tall.There were follow-up e-mails and confirmation and tracking info sent. The packing was flawless---I still am amazed !!!! I am so tempted to name the 2 vendors who should be ashamed of themselves -- it would serve them right but I guess I won't do that. Needless to say I would not order from them again. And I recommend that you try DAS--you will be so surprised to see what a transaction should be like.

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