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On Nov 4, 2019, Smilax (3 reviews) from Milton, FL (Zone 8b)

This is my first time ordering from this company, and also, the first time a mail order plant has exceeded my expectations. The 3gal. cameilla they sent arrived quickly and is huge, healthy, and beautifully shaped. (with many emerging flower buds!) Iíve ordered many, many, plants over the years, and the quality of this specimen far exceeds them all. So far, Iím very impressed with this nursery.

On Sep 26, 2019, VA_GARDEN (32 reviews) from Hood, VA (Zone 7a)

Ordered twice this year and the plants I received were large and healthy. Customer service is excellent. In my second order I received the wrong cultivar of Osmanthus, and I received a shipment of the correct item within days of letting them know (and they let me keep the incorrect items with no additional charge). Packaging is very good; no wasteful packaging materials are used, but plants were still protected very well, despite typically rough UPS handing. I particularly like the fact that shipping is included in the cost of plants so there are no surprises when you get to the final checkout screen.

On May 16, 2018, CarynDalton (11 reviews)

Posted on February 8, 2016, updated May 16, 2018 I haven't purchased anything from this company YET because I have a rather large order and I need to do my research first. I'm leaving this review because I have exchanged several emails between Spencer from GardenerDirect (their online part of the business) and also Brooke who is with Wilson Bros, their supplying wholesale nursery. The two companies are intertwined somehow. In any case, the customer service has been fantastic and helpful before point of sale. Not only have they taken a lot of time to help me select shrubbery for my specific site (I sent video and pics and site descriptions and they did research), their prices are also reasonable for the large size plants they offer and their shipping costs are reasonable considering how large my order may be. I will post back if I do order from this company. Oh! And please don't confuse them with gardendirect.com. Not the same company at all. It's unfortunate that their names are so similar...

On May 16th, 2018, CarynDalton added the following: I did end up ordering a small order from this company and I thought the entire ordering experience was a good one. The shipping was good, the website was good, the communication was good, the plants were good. I had one problem with a plant, which was resolved to my satisfaction so their customer service is also good. I wish my zone allowed me to enjoy more of their selections! I would definitely order from them again.

On Mar 25, 2016, jagrogan (8 reviews) from Somerset, KY (Zone 6b)

OK, I bought a beautiful Yuletide Camelia from them and although it's only been 2 years and it's dead it must be something I'm doing wrong but I can't figure out what that might be. I am setting them outdoors during most of spring, summer, and fall as potted plants and they invariably die in winter so it must be that these plants need a 2 or 3 times a week drenching in water. I also have tried another sort of Camelia similar to Yuletide from CamForest but likewise they all die to. I will order from GardenerDirect again and try drenching in water 3 times a week and see if I can get them to live that way.

On Aug 21, 2013, Just_One_Nerve (3 reviews) from Boise, ID

Original order placed on Tuesday 8/13/13, called on Thursday 8/15/13 to follow up. Spencer informed me they typically send out orders on Monday's from their nursary in GA. Typical shipping to ID is 5-6 days. Since I was having the package delivered to my work, he went ahead and sent it early for me so it would not arrive over the weekend, so it started shipment on Friday 8/16/13 the next day. I just received the package today Wednesday 8/21/13 earlier than the original projection of 8/22/13 by Fedex but tracking indicated it would be delivered early yesterday. Shipped in a 2'x2'x1' box (oriented tall) with a plastic liner across the bottom, moistened paper held in place by plastic wrapped around the base/pots of the plants, and wrinkled paper filling in the gap space at the top. Very secure and no mess in the box. All 5 plants (3 azalea, 1 gardenia, 1 jasmine) arrived in good condition in their 1 gallon pots. All plants were at least 12" tall and dense foliage and apparently healthy. Plants seem to be of good quality. All plants had new growth and 1 azalea was blooming. Some plants had been lightly trimmed for shipment but still appears acceptable to me. Only light issue was there were a couple small white flies in the box. Nothing that really bothers me since all the plants will be outdoors and does not appear to be an infestation issue but just psycologically I dislike that they were present. First mail order for me and I was VERY satisfied with the customer service and the initial impression from the plants. Will update plant health if I remember in the future. I did order plants that will be a "project" in my area due to soil conditions(alkaline soil with acid loving plants), and a couple of the plants will be close to their cold hardiness levels. Plant costs were between $15-20 each, and shipping was $22.50.

On Mar 19, 2013, drobarr (6 reviews) from Hummelstown, PA (Zone 6b)

I ordered a cold tolerant "Russian 26 pomegranate" back in Feb 2013. The bush came very quickly and was well packaged. Overall good experience and value.

On Jul 11, 2012, morningloree (12 reviews) from Heathrow, FL

I ordered a Chaste Tree and a Tea Olive Bush. My plants arrived in a timely manner, they were well packaged, large sized and very healthy. I was very impressed. I ordered on a holiday weekend and my plants arrived in a week. The prices are very reasonable, too. Will be ordering additional plants!

On Mar 1, 2012, janerodgers59 (1 reviews) from Deephaven, MN

I ordered several purple pixies from their web site GardenerDirect.com. They arrived on time and in perfect condition. I was pleased at the size of the plants as I had a poor experience with another online company sending very small plants that died a few weeks after I got them in the ground. I'm very thrilled with them. Very healthy plants with deep color. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you Gardener Direct.com. Jane R.

On Jun 14, 2011, gardengreat7 (1 reviews) from Austin, TX

I am very happy with the way this company shipped the plants to my home. I was very concerned about ordering plants online and whether or not they woudl be damaged in shipping. I had also had bad experiences before with another online plant store. When I received my plants from gardener direct they were each shipped with extra packing and all the plants arrived healthy and in good shape. I would recommend shopping at www.gardenerdirect.com as they are a reliable source for plants online that will arrive in good condition.

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