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On Jun 4, 2021, 7AcreOrchard (4 reviews) from Bluefield, WV

2nd time I've ordered from Coe's. Very happy with root cuttings I received both times. Extra roots were greatly appreciated. Every single one of them has sprouted and is healthy. Well packaged and shipped promptly. Thanks Coe's!

On Jul 14, 2017, markstr8 (1 reviews) from Cross Plains, WI

I was sent my order and plants grew well.I had debilitating back pain from arthritis my hip was always sore as well as my knees and fingers.I now chop up two to four leaves of comfrey then put it in my vitamix blender with 14 ounces of water and 14 ounces ice turn blender on high for one minute then let stand for three minutes to separate out the foam then drink immediately tastes a bit like mild cucumber juice.I do this two times a week or as needed.I looked up the reports of death for internal comfrey use and the three people who the government sited were already afflicted with serious liver disease and the coroners all stopped short of blaming the comfrey they said comfrey "may" have contributed to they're deaths.What I found in my research is there is absolutely no proof anyone has died from internal comfrey use but three very sick people may have. Comfrey has cured all my pain its a miracle provided to us by our creator.Just remember to drink a lot of water its a diuretic just like most other vegetable juices also comfrey will not grow in pots.Thousands of people have died from Motrin,synthetic aspirin, and Tylenol and other pain killers. I am sticking with the creators comfrey and it really works!

On Jul 6, 2017, bopcrane (3 reviews) from Huntington,
United States (Zone 6b)

I placed an order for 10 comfrey root cuttings, and within a week and a half, I received them. The package had a hand-written note inside it saying "Sorry for the delay - thank you for your patience!", which I thought was a nice touch along with the extras. The package I received had an additional 5 root cuttings in it as well as some DVD's about perennials and herbs. It is obvious that he wants to make a positive impression on his customers, and I believe that that is such an important part of doing business in general. I will definitely recommend to anyone needing comfrey to purchase from Coe's. The plants are starting to come up from the root cuttings as well and I am very pleased!

On Jul 11, 2016, Sumatra01 (4 reviews) from Washingtonville, NY

Like others, I ordered 10 crown cuttings and got 5 extra root cuttings free(this seems to be a very popular order lol.) They were nicely packed in sawdust and in plastic bags. It was moist, but not wet, so they didn't dry out or get any mold either, even though it was several days before I actually got all of them planted. 100% sprouted, and are doing really well now. Also, the customer service was great as the owner was very friendly, the planting instructions were thorough, and the added CDs they sent were much appreciated. I wish all companies put as much care and attention into what they sold as Coe's Comfrey did. You can see it in every detail of the package. I will definitely be buying from them again next gardening season.

On Mar 17, 2016, RozenKruetz (13 reviews) from Canyon Lake, TX (Zone 9a)

Ordered 10 crown cuttings and got some roots cuttings as a bonus. Every single one has popped up and is doing great. Good prices and pretty quick turn around, if I need more I'll definitely order from here again.

On Jan 18, 2016, Rmcnallen (1 reviews) from Hondo, TX

Let me start off with "100% Satisfaction Guarantee"... Per their website. Bought 10 comfrey root cuttings in October. He sent the 10 I ordered as well as 5 smaller for free. I followed the planting and care instructions carefully. Half went into a raised bed with drip irrigation and half went into my greenhouse in 1 gallon pots. Zero results. Not a single sprout. I called him about 30 days after planting, he promptly called back with "could take longer... Give some time". Fine, I figured it just takes longer, but I had no worries due to guarantee. Called back today (1/18/16) to tell him no results... Figured I'd get more roots sent out to try again. NOPE! "... The guarantee is only that what I send you is good at the time I send them... If you make another purchase of more plants, I'll send you replacements for your roots... But ONLY if you make another purchase". ??? I kindly explained that I didn't feel comfortable making another purchase of more products when I wasn't happy with these. His reply? "I won't be 'pussed' (not pushed) into replacing your roots... And I've already wasted more than your purchase by talking on this phone call!" I told him I was going to, put up this review, "I don't care!". Well he was 100% right about that! He doesn't care and he surely doesn't honor his website's "guarantee". You've been warned. There are too many hard working and caring nurseries online to waste your time and money with this nonsense. This guy is why people are leary of buying plants online.

On Apr 18, 2015, Saunya (1 reviews) from Center Hill, FL

I am super pleased with Coe's Comfrey. I ordered 10 crown cuttings and while it took a little while to ship (about 3 weeks) I understand it is due to weather readiness, etc. The owner kept in contact with me and was very friendly, and even sent a few extra goodies! The cuttings are very healthy and were packaged carefully. I will definitely order from this company again.

On Mar 10, 2015, pat_triot (1 reviews) from Anthony, FL

we recieved an order of Bocking #4 comfrey plants from this 40 year old company COES COMFREY The priority Mail flat rate box was full of wonderful Comfrey plants ,bonusroots and more ! Loads of DVD s on organic gardening GMOs and other agriculture-related issues were included ,for free A copy of THE FIRST FREEDOM with articles by HENRY FORD ,RON PAUL ,and paul craig roberts was enlightening . we saw no reffrence to (MUDPEOPLE) or (NEO-nazis) as was claimed in a review posted here on march 2nd COES COMFREY certainley defends EQUAL Rights and JUSTICE for ALL ! We have Thanked him for it.LET's get back tp Agriculture and just ignore the "culture distorters" who yell "fire! in the crowded theater called Daves garden.

On Mar 2, 2015, Svdividedsky (1 reviews) from Hohenwald, TN

I ordered some comfrey from this company and the comfrey seems fine, to be honest I haven't planted it yet but with the comfrey I recived a news paper entitled "the first freedom". This news paper was straight Nazi Propaganda! It refered to blacks and Jews as "mud people". Clamed that Aryan people were as different from other races as a chicken and a wolf. Lots of other racist garbage. All I wanted was comfrey. This news paper made me feel like i supported a Neo Nazi.

On Dec 9, 2014, foodforesters (1 reviews) from OK,

Posted on October 5, 2014, updated December 9, 2014 Have never lodged a complaint about any company before, let alone one from a profession with which I am most sympathetic (Nurseries). Nonetheless, I spent a long time on the phone with the man who runs this business, very friendly conversations if not unnecessarily prolongued. I was assured in many separate conversations that my $80 order of comfrey roots would ship out within the next few months. This kept happening for a year and a half. Never got a refund.

On December 9th, 2014, foodforesters changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: I've now received a refund and apology from the owner.

On Jul 5, 2013, cooleybufo (10 reviews) from Bakersfield, CA (Zone 8b)

I ordered 10 crown cuttings of comfrey which came fairly quickly. Included were 3 'bonus' root cuttings. All have sprouted and are doing well. Coe's even called me to tell me they had shipped my order and gave me advice on how to get them through the heat wave we were expecting.

On May 21, 2013, Malon101 (1 reviews) from Cave City, AR

Excellent customer service and robust plants! I ordered 50 root crowns and received more than I ordered, and all crowns produced healthy vigorou shoots within a few weeks! Look forward to feeding my chickens and using as a medicinal herbs for years to come :).

On Aug 3, 2012, comfreygirl (1 reviews) from Salem, VA

Coe's Comfrey was wonderful to send a generous portion of large, healthy roots for an excellent price. I was also delighted to receive other bonuses of dried leaf for my immediate use. It was the middle of winter and I needed some comfrey as medicine. That it was so generously given made a huge impact towards my recovery; and practice of therapeutic organic gardening. Growing my own medicine and fertilizer and chicken feed is a fine hobby. The plants from their root stock have done very well to provide for my entire family with their own plants. We love to make its excellent compost tea and drink it as well. These precious plants are the most prized of all our garden's delights. Coe's Comfrey is an excellent plant seller who gave us prompt service and a high quality product.

On Jun 11, 2012, Eric_OH (55 reviews) from Columbus, OH (Zone 6a)

This company's promotion of comfrey for internal use ("Certainly, millions of people over thousands of years, have consumed Comfrey in various forms for food and medicine... the leaves are consumed daily by multitudes—fresh, cooked, juiced . . .") omits evidence that the herb contains toxic alkaloids that can severely damage the liver, as well as suspected carcinogens. Cases of both animal and human poisoning have long been known, and both the FDA and many herbalists discourage internal use of comfrey. Buyer beware!

On Jun 10, 2012, barbiebeekeeper (1 reviews) from Lafayette, CO

I was not quite sure what to buy, I just know I wanted some beautiful and useful plants. I received excellent customer service..which is rare these days. All my questions were answered, I was advised where, how to plant the crowns and 1 year old plants. They arrived quickly, packed well and are growing. I know the plants make excellent fodder for animals, and are self composting, but the Bumblebees love the flowers. Coe's Comfrey website is inclusive, very helpful, easy to navigate. I do recommend Coe's for anyone wanting to purchase the beautiful plants. Honest and reliable. Thank you Coe's!!! barbiebeekeeper

On Jan 30, 2012, flourish4life (1 reviews) from Beverly Hills, CA

what a pleasure! incredibly knowledgeable and outstanding prices. i am surely glad i found coe's comfrey, and they will definitely my exclusive source of all things comfrey!

On Apr 10, 2011, dkistner (6 reviews) from Mineral Bluff, GA (Zone 7a)

Coe's only carries the non-invasive Bocking #4 strain of Russian comfrey (Symphytum peregrinum), "best overall for hardiness, yield, allantoin content, and general use." Coe was quick to answer my questions about planting comfrey near a black walnut tree. When I ordered a few 3-year plants to trial, he sent me extra 1-year crowns and root cuttings so I could test them all experimentally. (If the root cuttings live near the walnut, I'll order lots more to fill a bank.) I also received some extra special goodies, too, and Coe hand-wrote custom detailed information for me. The comfrey arrived quickly and appears to be in healthy dormant condition. I will post again should I have any difficulties, but I do not expect to. Talk about going the extra mile...and Coe's prices are quite reasonable, too!

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