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On Mar 17, 2017, cravey44 (1 reviews) from Farmersville, TX

please understand that MPS is one of the cheap companies that count the drink servings as meal servings. they further count those servings to be less than what you consume now....much less. such as...we think today you should consume 200 calories less than the day before. In addition, they pack your meal plans with calories that you wouldnt consume that day. seriously, before buying any freeze dried food. do a calorie count....bc thats how they get you. oh sure they deliver there little bit of calories fast. its just cuz they fuck you in a hurry.

On Feb 17, 2016, NarrowWayFarm (16 reviews) from Brookville, OH

Ordered Fall 2015 for the 2016 season. Fast delivery, complete order, great seed packaging and fair prices. I would order from this company again.

On Feb 5, 2013, Piedmont_Rick (1 reviews) from Ripley, WV

MyPatriotSupply.Com is an excellent company. We became customers 2 years ago. Tops in products, price, and Customer Service. We never buy seeds anywhere else. Oh Yeah - Tops in seed packages, and the seed vault collections are out of this world. Dehydrated food, water filtration, Canning and other self-reliance products.

On Jan 26, 2013, Lorislair (1 reviews) from Seabeck, WA

My Patriot Supply offers superior quality in Heirloom Seeds, their Customer Service, and ships expediently. I am very impressed by their selection of other self-sufficiency type products, the fact this is Family Owned, and highly recommend them to you!

On Dec 28, 2012, islandgirlromy (1 reviews) from Everett, WA

The wide variety of their heirloom seeds, superior customer service, one day from order to shipping almost always, I can't say enough good about them. They also have a variety of canning supplies, homesteading books plus mills, water treatment items and much more. When I placed an order, they mailed it out the same day with a free pack of tomato seeds. I also read on their site about how they donate seeds to charity. A very good company to deal with family owned and you can call the owner on the phone... Now that seldom happens at other companies you find!

On May 27, 2011, hintonlady (4 reviews) from Baldwin, IL

My recent purchase with My Patriot Supply was great, can’t recommend highly enough. It’s very refreshing to deal with a small business owner who actually cares about customer service and their reputation. There was a slight unforeseen shipping issue with my product. They emailed me immediately, literally within moments to both apologize and offer a freebie for my trouble. (though it was no trouble at all) The item arrived very quickly in spite of their concern. The item was in great condition and everything I expected it to be. The ordering process was smooth and the website was user friendly. Their prices are very competitive as well. If you want to be treated like you and your order matter shop with My Patriot Supply where they aim to please.

On May 25, 2011, mom2ba (1 reviews) from Louisville, OH

I'm always skeptical of new places, but this one was so worth the risk! We ordered 2 different seed sets and was thrilled with the quality of packaging and and speed at which it arrived. This is now my go-to company.

On May 22, 2011, jamala (1 reviews) from Collins, MS

Wonderful company to work with! Quick, helpful and very knowledgeable. Order was sent quickly and packaged perfectly! Email confirmation was sent within a few minutes of my order being placed and shipping confirmation was send within an hour of placing my order. Online chat was answered quickly and very friendly service answering my questions. Will order again from this company--Thanks for making this customer feel appreciated--keep up the great work!

On May 21, 2011, hilllbillygal (2 reviews) from East TN, TN

I've been very pleased with MyPatriotSupply.com. Customer service is great and the shipping costs are very reasonable. My order arrived quickly and very well packaged. Will definitely be ordering again soon!

On May 21, 2011, beaglebiz (1 reviews) from Wyoming, PA

I was very pleased with the seeds I ordered from MyPatriotSupply. They had some unusual varieties (grey zucchini) I was looking for. The seeds were shipped quickly, in awesome packaging, perfect to keep the seeds viable. I planted a bunch the day after I received them, and I was suprised at how quickly they germinated. I had some nice cabbage and zucchini seedlings after only three days (no heat mat or green house, just a seed cup on my zone 5 back porch. I am very pleased with my order, and will order more in the future

On May 19, 2011, dirtmaker (4 reviews) from Plymouth, MA

Fast shipping, site easy to navigate and enough varieties to choose from with notes on weight of package and apx. number of seeds. From the several vegetables I ordered and planted all are starting to peek out of the dirt.

On May 18, 2011, calliemoonbeam (1 reviews) from Kellyville, OK

I don't post here on a regular basis, but I do read some. I'm mostly on the HomesteadingToday.com boards. :) However, I just wanted to add my glowing recommendation on www.MyPatriotSupply.com. I've ordered two large orders from Matt now, and he has gone above and beyond in the realm of customer service, top-notch product and, as someone else said, lightning fast shipping! There's almost always someone available for instant chat on their site if you need it and e-mails are answered very promptly as well. They carry a very nice assortment of heirloom seeds, as well as a "Genesis Garden" seed bank that comes sealed in a can for suture needs...and the best part is that it's customizable! No other company out there offers that option, and Matt is a trendsetter in this area! Who wants to pay a lot of money for a can full of seeds when you really only want half of what's in there, or it may not even grow in your area? Well, with Matt's ingenious new setup you get to pick up to 20 seeds of your choice! The miraculous part is the kit is less than half the price of all the others out there! He also has quite a few herb seeds and kits available as well. I've personally ordered practically every seed he has in stock, lol, including several kits, and I was very pleased with them when they arrived. Matt's latest addition to his online business is dried storage foods. I know this is a gardening board, but if anyone does food storage, you've just got to check this out! I just received a huge order (almost one of everything, lol), and the quality, cost, packaging, and speed of shipping are all just outstanding. They're adding new stuff all the time and are seriously interested in feedback or suggestions for new products. I could go on and on, but I'll just say that www.MyPatriotSupply.com is my new favorite place to shop! :)

On May 18, 2011, GardenTJ (1 reviews) from Greenville, OH

It was great! I ordered seeds and they were shipped the same day!! Everything arrived in great shape and so far everything I have planted has sprouted up!! - Tasha

On May 5, 2011, shi1 (1 reviews) from Lecanto, FL (Zone 8b)

I have held a good business relationship with MyPatriotSupply.com for the last several months. From the time I placed my very first order just to test the waters, Matt has provided me with service that goes way above and beyond the norm when placing orders with seed and garden supply companies. Not only did the products arrive quickly, they were packaged properly and professionally. No items were damaged, and all items were as described. MyPatriotSupply.com has met or exceeded my expectations in every instance where I have ordered heirloom seeds. Aside from purchasing and receiving quality seeds from MyPatriotSupply I have found that the communication through emails has been extraordinarily supportive. I know that I can count on Matt if I have questions or concerns about the various types of seeds, what they have in stock, what varieties they can find for me, and much more. I have found that MyPatriotSupply is always available to answer any questions within just a few moments of my inquiries. They have never made me feel like I am “just another customer”, but instead I feel as though I am the only one that matters at the moment. I will continue to do business with MyPatriotSupply. There are many other larger companies out there that may offer heirloom seeds, but I’d rather work with MyPatriotSupply .… they have earned my respect.

On Apr 27, 2011, Stacy24601 (1 reviews) from Amonate, VA

This is my second time ordering from this company. They shipped my order lightning fast and they always have the most fantastic customer support. This place is really one of those "best kept secrets" . You will definitely have my future business! Thanks, Stacy

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