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On Jun 30, 2021, AnonymouseJohn (2 reviews) from Los Angeles, CA

Very nice company, good quality seeds, ships fast. Been a repeat customer. Highly recommended their perennial vegetable seeds.

On Apr 27, 2021, lisimachia (2 reviews) from Austin, TX

Fast and friendly, great selection. Every single one of my nine star perennial broccoli seeds germinated. Very excited

On Mar 10, 2021, Narylin1961 (3 reviews) from Ashland, MS

So happy to have the tree marigold this thing grows like crazy! They were so hard to find. My Plants and seed order came well packaged with a little bonus in less than a week. Iíll be back for more! Thank you so much! Nary

On Dec 19, 2020, paninihead (1 reviews) from Flint, MI

My seeds look great! Palm seeds were plump and neatly damp wrapped, just what I was looking for. Directions detailed. Speed of delivery great, ordered Monday, got it Friday. All around great service. I'm very happy! There is a coupon code Christmas2020 for 10% off for $15+, if anyone is interested.

On Nov 24, 2020, sttjones (1 reviews) from Brush Prairie, WA

I ordered my seeds in October and I thought they might not come until spring. I received them in less than 2 weeks and they were very nicely packaged so they would be safe in shipment. Looking forward to starting these seeds in spring of 20201.

On May 16, 2020, Dustything (4 reviews) from Zephyrhills, FL

Fantastic! Great communication and quick shipping even during Cov19 (4 Days). Exited to grow Italian zuchetta, was hard to find. Seeds were healthy and sprouted ( under 3 weeks). Instructions were detailed and VERY helpful. Love the personal touch, very professional.

On Apr 20, 2020, fritztempelton (1 reviews) from Bloomfield Hills, MI

nice job, a really good supplier. adequately staffed in this corona time to process my order, got it within a week and a half along with some samples. friendly and responsive too i will be back. ordered seed from other companies weeks ago, still no estimated shipping date

On Jan 11, 2020, SherryMac (1 reviews) from Austin, TX

I didn't know you can leave feedback here too until someone on facebook told me. I absolutely love this company. Found some hard to find seeds there, fast shipping, personal touch and good germination results for my monkey puzzle tree thanks to the wonderful instructions! I'll be back to try more soon!

On Nov 19, 2019, mcsnail (9 reviews) from Chicago, IL

I enjoyed the wide variety of seeds available. Ordering was easy and the seeds arrived quickly, well packaged, and with useful instructions. I ordered succulent starfish seeds (15) and plumeria (10) as well as some basil (to fill out the order). 2 of the starfish plant germinated--which I was fine with. I don't want a lot of starfish. The basil was a bumper crop. However, the plumeria seeds looked dry and a little withered. They didn't plump up when moistened like the examples I saw on you tube--I suspect that they weren't very fresh. Of the 10 seeds- only one germinated. Its a beautiful healthy looking seedling--but I am disappointed. I just ordered more plumeria seeds from Brad's Buds--which specializes in plumeria--because I don't want to put all my hopes on that one seedling. We'll see how that works. I do like the company and may order from them again --and hope to then change my review to positive.

On Sep 24, 2019, nuttyconifer (3 reviews) from Hayward, CA

This shipping was the quickest of all the orders I placed among other companies. The prices are good and they included detailed instructions which was very helpful for this not so common seed variety. I was a bit skeptical of the monkey puzzle tree seeds germinating however I'm very happy because all of them germinated. Packaging was good, shipping was reasonable and they included a sample. Overall, it was a great experience. I look forward to buying from them again.

On Aug 10, 2019, pebbles123 (3 reviews)

Responded to a 10% off coupon offer, ordered, received a notification, received tracking number within 2 days, got my order within a week and germination ( dinner plate aeonium, cubanola - ONLY place that had it, sweety drop pepper ) super! Even got a seed gift. Communication and quality top notch! Highly recommended! Coupon code was SUMMER10 if it helps. Not sure if it's still good.

On Jun 29, 2019, braydenaymen (3 reviews) from Buffalo, NY

One of my favorite shops because of the wonderful variety of unusual items for my garden and greenhouse. I have been very pleased with the seeds and plants they sell. They are fast to respond and ship and provide detailed growing instructions. I never have enough money to spend on all the wonderful things I'd like to have from them.

On Apr 12, 2019, charles_benton (3 reviews) from Valley Village, CA

I purchased a variety of some very hard to find seeds at an excellent price. I received a prompt confirmation email when my order was placed and another one when the order was shipped the next business day. I planted the seeds when they arrived a couple of days later and was happy with the results. Almost all of the seeds sprouted. I would absolutely recommend this website.

On Feb 16, 2019, plantastico (3 reviews) from Castrillón,

10 stars! Wow. Morado corn sprouted in less than a week, Culantro took 12 weeks (Yay). I wish I could attach photos. Looking forward to the Rocoto chili germination. Clean packaging, detailed germination instructions. Bonus seeds. Great to see a venue that cares. Plantastic!

On Jan 11, 2019, sandybeech (2 reviews) from Spartanburg, SC

Exceptional service. Got my order in 4 days. Bought a dr seuss flower collection and seeds are beginning to sprout. Very excited about this. Voodoo lilies are doing well too. Happy to see an American company with unusual things. Good job!

On Aug 30, 2018, waterplant (1 reviews) from Katy, TX

Very professional. Quick to ship with detailed growing instructions (my King Tut papyrus and corkscrew rush seeds germinated!) Impressed with the interesting seed selection and the personal touch.

On Jan 5, 2018, Ruella_De_Ville (2 reviews) from Rojo,
United States

Used their recent (buy 1 get 1 free) promotion on [email protected] and went hog-wild. Fantastic to get so many unusual seeds in one place! Good quality, service was outstanding. Swift to send, very pleased. Keep it up!

On Aug 18, 2017, omedusa (3 reviews) from (Zone 8a)

Love this company, they have the hard to find seeds that I have been looking for. Great company to deal with, always prompt with orders. I would give this company an A+++ and would recommend them to anyone.

On Jun 13, 2017, LittleMole911 (2 reviews) from Laguna Niguel, CA

EXCELLENT! I ordered asian water chestnut plants. They are very healthy and very productive plants. They arrived in good condition and were clean and safely packaged. I also ordered several varieties of some hard to find chilli pepper seeds and everything came up. They provided printed growing instructions and some bonus samples seeds as well. I'm very pleased with my purchase! A+++ to this seller!! Being new to their website, I want to say "thank you" for all of the help you gave me to complete my transaction, and now my long over-due feedback! :) I highly recommend this seller, and would not hesitate to make any purchase in the future! Thank you again!! :)

On May 31, 2017, maria_balota (1 reviews) from Amarillo, TX

I ordered 40 or 50 seeds of Peruvian corn two months ago. I kept the seed at the room temperature. I planted the first 4 in the soil with plentiful moisture and warm temperatures. None germinated; the seeds rotted. Because I work in research, I took the rest at work, treated with a fungicide like we do with corn and sorghum, and germinated in moist germination paper; placed the seed in an incubator at 85 F, just like advised by the company. Not a single seed germinated. Unacceptable!

On Apr 24, 2016, slotcar (1 reviews) from Calgary,

I received the seeds I ordered within a week, and I live in Canada, so that was VERY prompt. The seeds look good (I will be planting them today) and the package included full instructions on how to plant each variety I purchased. There were even free plant markers as a bonus. Assuming these seeds will germinate I could not be happier with this purchase. I am surprised at the negative comments below which both look like problems where customers failed to actually pay for their order, perhaps unknowingly. I would happily order from Center of the Webb in the future.

On Jun 18, 2015, beelove (1 reviews) from Irvine, CA

awesome shopping experience, great selection. ordered amongst some seeds a large voodoo lily bulb. the seller promptly mailed the bulb and it arrived packaged neatly and secured.

On Mar 29, 2015, troyin17512 (1 reviews) from Columbia, PA

THIS COMMENT IS ON THE WEBSITE SIDE: it took me around 8 or so tries to place my order the first few times my shopping cart timed out i guess. the last time i was waiting on a return email from them which never came and that was 3ish days ago and it timed out again. well i guess it will be another 2+ hours on their website trying to find what i want to make my order. I discovered that the only way to do this is to open every item i want in a "new tab" then add them to my shopping cart essentially one right after the other all at once. I am also not happy with the fact that they apparently absolutely refuse to actually talk to people real time. this is one of those things i am a bit old fashioned about, i am not real keen on dong business with people i can't pick up the phone and talk to. specially one that is only as as small as they are. then when i started checking out i see the shipping is about 25% of the cost of my order. since i have my own business i know that that is way to high for the weight of what i ordered so i ended up trimming my order down to $83 from $100ish. and my total was still $102. i am not going to change my rating on this but i will make a second comment on the content and speed of the order it's self. hopefully it will get here in time to be able to use some of it as a gift for a friend of mine easter weekend.

Company representative comment on April 4, 2015:
On Apr 4, 2015 4:20 PM, Center of the Webb responded with:

You can please some of the people some of the time but you cannot please all the people all of the time.

We never received an actual request for assistance and immediately refunded all the monies of the order on 3/29/2015
For any questions regarding shipping cost or how to contact us, please visit our FAQ and terms page on our website.
This will be the only response in this matter. Thank you for your interest.

Cat @ centerofthewebb.com

On Sep 4, 2014, OrbSilk (2 reviews) from Haines City, FL

There are lots of exotic and neat plants offered. Browsing the site, the order, payment, and shipping all went well. I am very pleased with the condition of the seeds and the packaging. I do recommend this company to others and I have a wish-list of more items of interest. I'm looking forward to having future orders from here again.

On Feb 17, 2012, maxpopoki (1 reviews) from Baytown, TX

I like the small personal outfit for the third year in a row, love getting my hands on rare seeds.. Pro creative bonus seeds are a plus very happy no problems here.

On Feb 9, 2012, BotanicalBoi (9 reviews) from Carrollton, GA (Zone 7b)

I ordered from this company in December of 2011. I thought that maybe I had not yet received my order due to it being winter. Then I noticed another customer had ordered and received their order. My order number was Order No: 1923021. I have not gotten anything as of yet. If the order does end up coming to me, I will change this feedback at that time. Seller: centerofthewebb Tecoma Stans Esperanza "Yellow Bells" - 50 Seeds: 1 x $2.99 = $2.99 Sales Tax: $0.00 Shipping: $1.80 (Regular US-Mainland) Total: $4.79 Payment via: Paypal Payment details: [email protected]

Company representative comment on February 10, 2012:
On Feb 9, 2012 Center of the Webb responded with:

It is correct that the order was placed but no payment was received and no payment went through paypal. Additionally, we were never contacted besides receiving this bad feedback.

If you feel this is an error, please provide your paypal transaction number, verifying that your payment did go through, and we will issue a full refund instantly and send you another order (as previously placed) free of charge. We would appreciate if you could remove this unwarranted bad feedback immediately.

Thank you for your time.

Cat from http://www.centerofthewebb.com

Order details:

Order No: 1923021
Order Date: 2011-12-04/22:19:42

Ship to:
[name deleted]
The Autograph Diva
(address removed)
Carrollton, Georgia, (removed)
United States
(Phone removed)
[email address removed]

On February 9th, 2012, Centerofthewebb added the following:

While we really do prefer making new and happy clients, we feel that a reasonable attempt has been made to resolve this issue. We decided to no longer resume this somewhat ongoing (one sided) unfriendly email conversation for an order of which payment was never received and no proof of payment has been supplied. Paypal does take refund claims and so do credit card companies.

No refund was given at this time.

Thank you for your time and please visit my website for actual buyer feedback

Kind Regards, Cat

On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 9:52 PM, Private Account wrote:

That is just an insane way to do business. You place an order on a
website. You enter your information, You THEN get a receipt!? THEN you no longer have any contact with your buyer other than when you are ASKED about an ORDER THAT WAS PLACED ON YOUR WEBSITE! Then you have the NERVE to be rude...I will NOT remove any feeedback :-)

On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 10:02 PM, From Center Of The Webb
wrote: > We do not "TALK" to customers in any manner, we apologize if we made you feel that way. We email them with specific facts regarding their order or inquiry. All and any payments received go through paypal only (for buyer and seller security), ecrater is part of our website URL and has nothing to do
with payments, only with order receipt - not payment receipt, we don't receive buyers credit card information. However, if you feel this is an error, please contact your credit card company for verification.

All that happened is that we received your order, but no payment. You would have received a paypal transaction number for your successful payment

Thank you for your time,
Kindest regards Cat :)

On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 8:47 PM, Private Account
EXCUSE ME!? First, you DO NOT TALK TO CUSTOMERS in that manner! Second, the email that is listed on this message below is all of the information that I currently have. I save confirmation emails because I use different emails for different aspects of my life. I have no idea which account this was paid on now that it is a month later.

Third, if no payment was made to you then why the receipt from eCrater with your info on it? Are you saying that paypal payments are required for purchasing on your site? Who is ECrater? WHERE has my credit card information given to YOUR site gone to? I will remove the feedback when I AM satisfied with the answers.

On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 9:17 PM, From Center Of The Webb
It is correct that the order was placed but no payment was received and no payment went through paypal. Additionally, we were never contacted.

On Jan 13, 2012, TestTube (1 reviews) from Hialeah, FL

Ordered quisqualis, adenium, hibiscus and clianthus. Packaging and instructions were superior, came with sand paper and smoke primer. Seeds viable. Good company.

On May 4, 2011, youngcrabs (2 reviews)

Fabulous seed shop! Super friendly, give refund on overpaid postage without asking, gives uncommon extras. I never had any luck with Passionflowers finally there are seedlings. Highly Recommended!!!!

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