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We are happy to offer cold hardy fruit trees from Canada, specializing in Canadian haskap (honeyberry) and dwarf sour cherry. Please don't hestitate to contact us by phone (218-694-3071) or email ([email protected]) for further information.

posted on May 19, 2011



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On Jul 3, 2021, goulot (3 reviews) from Canton, MI

I ordered currant bushes from Honeyberry Farms a few years ago ( 2018 I think), and two sour cherry trees. They are all doing well (one died, but that was my fault) but I wonder: my "Pink Champagne" currants do not look like anything I see online when I Google "Pink Champagne Currants". I have a similar problem with another supplier: my first two "Rovada" are already ripening; the one I planted last year has a few pale green berries, not about to ripen any time soon. Question: Since 'amateur' growers have no way of knowing whether they really get what they paid for -- at least not until they can see and taste the fruit --would any grower switch and send whatever is available? [Note that I am happy with the "Pink Champagne" I got: lots of fruit, and they taste good; but are they really "Pink Champagne" currants?]

Company representative comment on July 3, 2021:
On Jul 3, 2021 2:13 PM, Honeyberry USA responded with:

If you send us a photo we'll be happy to try and identify it for you.

On Jun 17, 2020, cole1se (1 reviews) from Mecosta, MI

This company is extremely responsive. I ordered three Aurora Honeyberry bushes and Bernis followed up immediately to advise me I should order another variety for pollination. I explained I had, but they were out of stock on the one I wanted and that I would be re-ordering in the fall when they would be back in stock. I was notified when the plants shipped and planted my three bushes. Two of the three bushes took, but the one died within a month. I contacted the company and Bernis again responded early the following morning advising they would ship me a replacement in the fall. I'm looking forward to doing business with Honeyberry USA in the future!

On May 21, 2019, deepbluefarm (2 reviews) from Shermans Dale, PA

Posted on May 22, 2018, updated May 21, 2019 I have ordered from this company three times (Honeyberries and Cherries), and every time has been a pleasure to work with them. Bernis is very helpful and willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Would highly recommend them if you're looking for quality plants and good customer service.

On May 21st, 2019, deepbluefarm added the following: Just another set of good comments: ordered quite a few Romeo cherries that came looking amazing and are fruiting first year in ground. Thanks again Honeyberry USA, Jim and Bernis are excellent at what they do. Anything to the contrary is total nonsense!
Company representative comment on May 22, 2019:
On May 21, 2019 1:08 PM, Honeyberry USA responded with:

Thank you for your kind words, always a pleasure to do business with you. Very happy the bushes are doing so well. Assuredly they are getting very good care at Deep Blue Farm!

On May 22, 2019 9:42 AM, Honeyberry USA added:

Thank you for your kind words, always a pleasure to do business with you. Very happy the bushes are doing so well. Assuredly they are getting very good care at Deep Blue Farm!

On Apr 27, 2018, rosepetal2 (11 reviews) from Danvers, MA

I bought from Honeyberry USA because of several reviews here relating to quality of plants. I bought four honeyberry shrubs and was shocked they arrived as 4" potted cuttings that had probably not been rooting more than 6 months. $100 for cuttings. Lord only knows if these will actually grow out in my berry orchard. When I inquired about shipment I was told they could not get out into the fields leading me to believe I would be receiving a 1 year old plant, dormant with a decent root system. I knocked one of the little cuttings out of the 4" pot and saw TINY root development. And, one was a Proven Winners 4" pot? Really on supposed Japanese Haskaps? Folks there's enough scamming out on the internet with online plant buying, but coming from a website that makes their operation look legitimate is really a downer. Buyer beware!

Company representative comment on April 27, 2018:
On Apr 27, 2018 2:22 PM, Honeyberry USA responded with:

1. http://honeyberryusa.com/honeyberry-services.html states the following: "Small sized plants are normally shipped in 2.5" pots, larger ones may be potted or dug and shipped bareroot." This page includes a picture of the small sized plants. I will also post a picture of the larger sized plants to make it more clear. Three of the plants she received were 1-2' in height as per the description for that price. They were still in 2.5" pots but their height met our specifications as they had a very long growing season inside the greenhouse and developed sturdy stems compared to the smaller size.

2. The fourth plant, a bare root plant that we dug up when our ground thawed, was indeed a Japanese haskap from the Proven Winners line - Solo (TM) which we purchase from the authorized propagation nursery which supplies the tags. We normally grow out their plants for a year into the larger size.

3. These plants are propagated by tissue culture, not cuttings, and normally have a dense root system when we ship. We guarantee that they leaf out within a couple of weeks of planting. Should a plant slip through that is substandard, as occasionally happens when they are dormant, we are happy to send replacements to ensure our customers get a healthy growing plant.

4. We are very willing to address issues that arise or accept returns if our customers are not satisfied. All they have to do is ask.

On May 5, 2017, kaldakur (4 reviews) from Rudyard, MI

I ordered some dwarf cherries from Honeyberry USA this spring. They arrived as promised, in good shape. The owners were kind enough to answer many questions for me in regard to the plants and establishing them in a Northern garden. Very nice folks to work with! Will order from them again.

On Apr 24, 2017, beeingmichelle (1 reviews) from Madison, WI

I bought their honeyberry 4 pack and two of their extra large sour cherries this year and WOW. QUALITY = A++++ ***** and whatever you want to say to equal AWESOME. Their customer service was also top notch. They kept in communication and when I changed my order the week before shipping, they emailed me back right away. I'd definitely buy plants from them again!

On Feb 6, 2016, SuenMN (1 reviews) from Center City, MN

The Honeyberry USA folks are the best. I've ordered three times from them. The plants are always reasonably priced, healthy, packed well, and shipped promptly. Last year I ordered a Crimson Passion cherry from them in the spring. Their site warned that Crimson Passion is probably the trickiest of the hardy cherries to get established. I didn't baby it like it I should have, and it died. It was totally my fault. So when I ordered a Romeo as a replacement, I mentioned (just as an FYI) that I found Crimson Passion a bit tricky, just like they had said. I freely admitted that it was my fault that the plant died, but still Honeyberry USA sent me a second Romeo free of charge as a replacement. They are personable and more than fair in their dealings with customers. Consequently, they have become my go-to company for ordering small fruit bushes.

On May 12, 2015, DSharrow (1 reviews) from Anchorage, AK (Zone 3b)

Package of two cherries and a haskap 6 pack was delivered, late, yesterday. USPS had managed to rip the box in twain and then wrapped it in bubble and pallet wrap (explains the 5 day delay in Grand Forks). Package was missing 1 cherry and 1 haskap so I emailed the company with photos and Bernis replied before my alarm clock went off that they would send replacements. A VERY positive experience in this day and age. I've potted the plants that arrived in home made grow bags to develop a larger root ball before planting out and I believe all that arrived will recover nicely. Please note, if you have a damaged shipment, take photos and send them to the company it helps them file their insurance claim. They shouldn't have to pay for someone else's error.

On May 21, 2014, RobScot (3 reviews) from Evanston, IL

I ordered quite a number of plants from these folks...4 service berry bushes, 3 of the Romance series Cherry bushes, 4 Seaberry bushes, and one Goji/Wolf berry bush just for fun. Everything came in great shape and quickly leafed out (and even grew an inch or so) except for a lone sea berry. I contacted the company for a replacement which they promptly sent along with a bonus plant for my trouble. I have HONESTLY never had customer service like this before. There communication was great and they clearly appreciate their customers. I can not state how highly I rate this company.

On Jun 22, 2013, SueMc (5 reviews) from Bethany, IL

Fabulous company! I ordered haskaps, currants and cherries. The plants were all very nice and are doing well except one cherry that I don't think is dead, just hasn't leafed out. It's being replaced. The owners are outstanding business people and excel in customer service. They are everything all companies should be and rarely are anymore. I definitely recommend and will buy from them again!

On Jun 17, 2013, klee (5 reviews) from Caledonia, WI

I can't believe there aren't more positive comments about this company! I bought Black Currant plants from them and they rival or excell against any other nursery I've purchased from. Plant quality and health are top notch and the packaging for shipment will amaze you.

Company representative comment on June 17, 2013:
On Jun 17, 2013 8:56 PM, Honeyberry USA responded with:

Thank you for your kind comments. When the occasional plant fails to thrive, or we slip up on an order, we are grateful to our gracious customers who allow us to rectify the situation to the best of our ability.

On Jul 13, 2012, T_Kezar (4 reviews) from Cape Porpoise, ME

Posted on June 24, 2012, updated July 13, 2012 Posted on June 24, 2012, updated June 24, 2012 I purchased 6 haskap and 2 dwarf sour cherry ( one crimson and one carmine) everything arrived looking awesome. i planted the haskaps right away in a raised bed, and they are now putting out a good amount of new-growth. i left the sour cherries on my sun-porch for about 1 1/2 weeks before i transplanted them into much larger containers. here is ware i had my one problem, ware as the carmine was not only well sized, but also had a very well developed root (much more important then size) the crimson"the one i was really looking forward to eating" was much smaller. not a problem in itself as i said , but the crimson also had 0% visible root system. this worried me some but the plant was budding so i gingerly transplanted it and wished for the best. the carmine is doing great and has tripled in size , but the crimson has now lost what little green it had managed to put out. even with daily care i believe this plant was doomed from the start. i hope to get it replaced but it looks like they are sold out for 2012. really bummed out about it

On June 24th, 2012, T_Kezar added the following: P.S. if you live in the United States of America and want to acquire haskap plants THIS IS THE COMPANY TO BUY FROM
On July 13th, 2012, T_Kezar added the following: That is more then Fair. thanks again for great plants
Company representative comment on June 24, 2012:
On Jun 24, 2012 7:47 PM, Honeyberry USA responded with:

Very sorry about the Crimson Passion. They were in extremely short supply this year, and of various sizes, but numbers should be up for next year. We will certainly replace it in the spring of 2013 with the largest plant that we have to send you. As mentioned on our website, it does not seem to be quite as vigorous a bush as the Carmine Jewel dwarf sour cherry, but even when we have to replace a few, we think it's worth the effort.

On May 24, 2012, fruitvegandnuts (2 reviews)

I actually found this company when I was searching for a place to buy saskatoons/juneberries/serviceberries/shadbush. While they did not have what I was looking for, Bernis kept looking for me and put up with my endless flow of emails with questions. In the end, I found another source for the saskatoons, but I was convinced to give the honeyberries (haskaps) a try. I ordered 8 Borealis and 2 Honeybee for pollination following Bernis's suggestions. She helped plan the arrangement and spacing of the plants in the hedgerow I had planned. She also gave suggestions on how to protect the young plants from being eaten by animals before they the plants become established. She worked with me to pick a shipping time that would fit my schedule. The plants arrived exactly when I was told they would. They all appeared in excellent condition and were even larger than expected. They are all planted now and I am anxiously waiting to see how they will take to their new location. Working with Bernis and the The Honeyberry Farm (Honeberry USA) was an absolute pleasure.

On Jun 21, 2011, SPORTSMAN1 (12 reviews) from Hawley, MN (Zone 4a)

Ordered 3 Honeyberries from them.1 each of Tundra Borealis Berry Blue All emails were answered promptly.Picked up the plants over the weekend.2 were growing nicely and 1 was still dormant.Nice friendly people.

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