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New life nursery & garden currently maintains a very high positive feedback ratings on both Ebay and Amazon and we guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

posted on June 14, 2011



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On Mar 9, 2021, Pinxter (6 reviews) from Eminence, MO (Zone 6a)

3/9/21 I made two separate purchases online this year from New Life Nursery & Garden - first Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem' and second Magnolia grandiflora 'Bracken's Brown Beauty' - both in quart size pots. I communicated with New Life Nursery each time before making my purchase. They responded promptly and answered my questions. Both trees shipped soon after I placed my orders, were carefully packed, and were exactly as described. I am very pleased with my two transactions with New Life Nursery & Garden, and would recommend them as a good source for plant material.

On May 15, 2019, KP1 (1 reviews) from Fontana Dam, NC

Run. Don't walk away from New Life Nursery. They certainly do abit of online advertising. Which is how they caught me. I was looking locally for a specific bush but needed to expand my search which brought me to them. I started communicating about their plants, sizes and pricing. Finally, I came to an agreed upon price with the owner Jason. So I planned to take off work and take the two hour drive to get to New Life to pick up my plants. Once I arrived, I learned that they made a mistake in the pricing and size of the plants that they offered to me. I asked them to honor the agreed items. They refused. I simply left while the owner berated me, telling me over and over how they have the lowest prices anywhere and how he makes over $2M a year because he does so well. Pricewise, you can actually do better on all of his plants at Home Depot and Lowes. So save yourself your time agravation and money and DO NOT visit this place. It is a total scam. Look at the negative comments here and on Google. Seems that my story is not uncommon. Interesting enough, on my way out of town, I stopped for gas and the attendant struck up a conversation with her. When she discovered that I had traveled to New Life and had such a bad experience; she stated that she wasn't surprised as they have a very bad reputation in the area.

On Jun 2, 2018, sazzyleev (1 reviews) from Bethel, MN

This company offers a Satisfaction Guarantee- yet does not honor it and then takes to rude and defaming remarks. I will NEVER go to them for plants again! I had plants die after fall planting- used all the fertilizer etc tht is recommended. First time it happened they replaced 5 of my 8 tree's. I was happy with this and bought 3 more plants for a fall planting- all 3 of these also are all brown. They will not replace. THEIR COMMENTS "Hmm interesting, we were already being nice by extending our policy in the first place and replaced the original order. Now you want us to replace them again because you are not caring for them properly. At some point you need to assume responsibility for the care plants you are growing. We are considering this matter closed and will no longer respond to future messages" THEIR POLICY- SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Our goal is to make sure you receive quality plants at a reasonable cost, and that your transaction is a smooth and pleasurable experience. If for some reason you are not satisfied or there is any problem at all with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us @ [email protected] Bad business. Rude disrespectful people. .

On May 17, 2018, Anthonytrz (1 reviews) from Hillsdale, MI

I lost $200.00 dollars doing business with these guys and it will cost the same to do it right . run and order from another source!!

On Jun 3, 2017, MCFE (2 reviews) from Huntington, NY

Before ordering, took their recommendation to ask before ordering and requested a description of the sizes of plant they currently were shipping (Japanese mountain grass). I ordered at a very fair price and got two very full, vigorous clumps as described, beautifully packaged and in perfect condition.

On Apr 27, 2017, GusCooper (11 reviews) from Marysville, OH

I ordered three Degroot's spires from New Life Nursery & Garden a few days ago. The shrubs have already been delivered -- they are in excellent shape, they were extremely well packaged, and they are even larger than I expected. All in all, a seamless transaction. I couldn't be happier.

On Sep 16, 2016, AsiminaT (1 reviews) from Olympia, WA

I ordered several Osmanthus plants from them and they shipped all the way to the pacific northwest in excellent condition. One variety was even blooming. I did however notice some insect infestations on the undersides of the leaves near the base of the plants. They appeared dead, probably sprayed before shipment (?) Overall positive experience.

On Aug 16, 2016, RBKB444 (6 reviews) from Lansing, MI (Zone 5b)

I ordered a starter Camellia plant from this company from Amazon. I ordered on August 11, 2016 and received the plant on August 15, 2016. The packaging was excellent, it would survive anything except complete crushing. I received a well rooted plant that was eight inches tall and appears very healthy. I am completely satisfied with the plant and the price and the shipping cost.

On May 5, 2016, eleavell (4 reviews) from Somerset, NJ

have ordered twice now (on EBay) and each time plants were in excellent shape and larger than expected.

On Nov 9, 2014, DEBFRMHELL (1 reviews) from San Antonio, TX

I made a purchase online from them on July 14th for 3 Variegated Weigela Though I paid $10.00 shipping for an $11.85 purchase, I never received them. When I made the effort to contact them about this, they emailed me the confirmation that I had received them. I never got them. They didn't believe me. End of story. And no, I am not a "sour grapes" customer.

On Aug 9, 2014, landreyev (16 reviews) from Sandyville, WV (Zone 6b)

I ordered 4 butterfly bushes and 4 hydrangea from them on ebay earlier this year. Upon arrival the plants all looked healthy and of a good size. I planted them in pots and have been happy with their subsequent growth. The butterfly bushes have grown and are blooming profusely, true to name, Nanho blue. The 4 hydrangea seem to have come down with cercospora, which I understand frequently happens with hydrangea and is not the fault of the supplier. Oddly I also purchased 4 hydrangea at Lowe's this year and they came down with powdery mildew, and not cercospora (yet) so perhaps one cultivar is more susceptible to certain issues than others (I think the ones bought from New Life were Nikko Blue). I plan on using a fungicide to try and help them out, but again do not feel this occurred because of the vendor. They have good prices and good plants in my experience.

On Jul 5, 2014, nselegzi (2 reviews) from Bronx, NY

Purchased three emerald green arbovitae from these folks. The first died within days, and they took two weeks to replace it. When the second two died, they said I was out of luck because they only honor one claim per order and my order was placed over thirty days ago. The trees were undersized, poorly packed (lots of environmentally unfriendly packing peanuts) and their customer service rude and indifferent. There are so many better places to buy online.

Company representative comment on July 10, 2014:
On Jul 10, 2014 9:40 AM, New Life Nursery & Garden responded with:

we had already replaced the plants ( and also had replaced a few other plants earlier that they fail to mention ) and the customer waited 10 more days and then said they wanted more replacements. this is unreasonable and i felt confident they were simply trying to get free plants. this same customer had nothing but nice things to say up to this point about how great there plants were and how all other plants were doing so well, they even made the comment that they would leave "very appreciative feedback" comments. Once i told them that there last demand ( unreasonable mind you ) was not going to be fulfilled they opened a claim for thew items on ebay. EBAY DECIDED IN OUR FAVOR AND REFUSED THERE CLAIM. at this point they completely flipped the script and started posting negative feedbacks on all of my sites ( ebay, amazon, website, etc. ) most of which have been removed by the prospective companies as being unfair due to unreasonable demands

On Jun 3, 2014, rivermare (8 reviews) from Lincoln, CA

I ordered a number of plants via Amazon and they all arrived without pots and mostly without soil. A couple of shrubs dried up the next day but after I sent the nursery and email with pictures, they promptly sent new ones, this time with soil. I love all the plants from them because for the price and low cost shipping, I get decent sized plants and they arrive within a week. Unlike most mail-order nurseries, New Life & Garden provides big plants. I ordered from them again and am now fighting myself not to buy more because I've overspent on my garden already. Will definitely be ordering from them in future several times over.

On Jun 2, 2014, rugbycrumpet (7 reviews) from Sharon, MA (Zone 6a)

I've just moved into a new construction home and has lots of landscaping to do. I've been buying shrubs online from various companies but no one compares to New Life Nursery. Their prices are excellent and they send big healthy plants....cheap and fast! Many times, I get a bonus plant here and there. This is my go-to online store for shrubs. The only thing I don't like is the packing peanuts used. Otherwise, this company is perfect in my humble opinion,

On Apr 22, 2014, Bec_No_Va (39 reviews) from Sequim, WA (Zone 8a)

Ordered 5 plants from them via eBay, knew they were bare root, but the packaging was excellent & arrived very quickly - I was a little slow in getting them in pots, so one was a tad dry by the time I got around to it, but looks like it'll make it...prices were good & shipping as well - will definitely order from them again

On Feb 6, 2014, Linsden (1 reviews) from Livermore, CA

I bought 2 plants from this grower directly from their website. They also sell on Amazon and eBay. Their website description of Shipping info states "Plants are watered just moments before packaging, taken out of the pot, Individually wrapped, and packaged with additional paper / peanuts in the carton to keep the plants tightly packed, we do this to ensure that the plants get delivered to your door in great condition and are ready for transplant into your yard." Their Amazon description of one of the plants that I bought states "shipped without pot". Both plant arrived just washed and BAREROOT. I contacted the seller stating that I am not accepting the plants, as they do not survive bareroot transplantation in our climate. The seller agreed to take the plants back, but refused to reimburse for direct and return shipping. On the top of that they lay to me directly stating that "website does say that we take them out of the pot and shake the soil off", while as you can see from the above description of their Shipping info - it does not even mention "shaking soil off". The industry standard for plant description is to 1) state explicitly that the plant is shipped bareroot 2) this is stated on the description page of the plant. Since none of these was done, I find this situation to be the fault of the seller only, and feel that the direct and return shipping charges should be returned to me in full. Also, when you check the reviews on Amazon of the Gardenia Frost Proof plant grown by this seller, all 4 of them say "5 stars, healthy plant just arrived". But NONE of them says how it survived the transplantation. I just want to warn everybody, that 1) this seller uses unethical practice of not giving correct description of the plant condition, 2) when you start complaining they lie to you and try to preset the situation as your fault 2) at the very best situation in case of return you will loose your shipping charges both ways, and 3) good reviews you can find at the first glance are unreliable.

Company representative comment on June 25, 2014:
On Jun 25, 2014 12:50 PM, New Life Nursery & Garden responded with:

disgruntled customer who even though we refunded once they were returned is exaggeratiing the situation. while it is true that we are only liable to cover the cost of the plants and not the shipping . our website does explain how we ship the plants. it also states that if you want the plants shipped in the pot with soil to contact us in advance so we can get you a shipping quote

On Jun 28, 2012, Pinetucky (49 reviews) from Swainsboro, GA (Zone 8b)

When I couldn't find the crape myrtles I wanted locally, I turned online. The crape myrtle I ordered from New Life Nursery is just beautiful! It is larger than expected, very well branched and well rooted. It arrived with the rootball wrapped in plastic, upper parts wrapped in damp newspaper and the box filled with peanuts and more newspaper. It was still moist, no drying out. There was no damage whatsover in transit. It looks much better than the crapes at Lowes. I actually ordered through their ebay listing rather than their website. I received order confirmation and shipping notice as expected. The plant shipped the day after ordering. I would not hesitate to order again from New Life Nursery & Garden. A great transaction!

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