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Bluffviewnursery, is one of the most respected online retailers of wildflower bulbs, perennial plants, flower bulbs and vinca minor ground cover in all of North America. Our people have been helping supply gardeners since 2006. We seek to be a trusted gardening partner for creative gardeners and those who are willing to combine new ideas and products with classic favorites. Our customers range from some of the most experienced horticulturists in the country, to those who simply want to add a little color to their life, and everyone in between-Currently, up to 1000 gardeners per day visit bluffviewnursery.org, and have made it their gardening headquarters,but just like any company there is times we cannot make everyone happy and if this does ever happen we will do everything in our power to make it right because our customers are top priority

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On Jun 8, 2021, goodair31 (2 reviews) from Rockport, MA

I ordered plants last March, received a Paypal receipt immediately but no order confirmation. I have not received any plants which should have been shipped in the spring; my email enquiries go unanswered and the phone is always busy. Given the large number of negative reviews I am not hopeful. I wish I had read these reviews before ordering.

On Mar 24, 2021, smithjvgen53 (1 reviews) from Lancaster, TN

I have seen many negative comments on this company, so I decided to add my experience. I have ordered 3 times from this seller in the last 4 years. The first order took months to ship. I actually forgot the order. I think I ordered in the fall and didn't receive until the spring. However, the Bluebells I ordered are now blooming and beautiful. The second order was last year and took about a month, and the trilliums are coming up now. My third order was in February of this year and arrived in about 2 weeks. All of the roots were small, and clearly alive. I personally give this seller a little latitude because his prices are so much lower than the competition. I think part of the problem is that this seller has not responded well to questions in the past. Another variable might be who I order from. I order on Etsy, not the seller's website. I am also in the same state as the seller. The orders I placed in the spring arrived more quickly than the one I ordered in the fall. I hope this helps.

On May 28, 2020, Mikesamar (1 reviews) from Andover, MA

Seller intentionally lied to us several times. Seller emailed us stating the order was shipped when in fact it was not. Days later we message the Seller asking when we can expect to receive the order, Seller replied she was “going to drop another 24 lily valley in the mail!” A few days later Seller admitted that she had never shipped the order before! When we expressed our intention to report their conduct to the BBB and the Consumer Protection Agency, Seller responded by blocking us. Buyers stay away!

On Jul 12, 2019, jenni1970 (1 reviews) from Charleston, SC

I am really upset about this company! I've been trying to find someone selling Virginia Pine saplings at a reasonable price, and ordered those and some other trees/plants. I didn't even receive an order confirmation! After trying unsuccessfully for 3 days to call them (the phone just rings and rings), I received - minutes after hanging up - an order confirmation on the 3rd day. I was told the plants would ship in 4-7 days. 12 days later, I'm still waiting for a tracking number. I emailed days ago asking about it with no response. I've called 3 more times and still rings and rings. Just no contact whatsoever! I don't understand what's wrong with these folks. I ran a Google search and saw this page with all the negative reviews, so went ahead just now and filed a complaint with the BBB in hopes they will prompt them to fill my order. I really want my trees! Otherwise I can complain to Paypal and my credit card company to get my money back, but would really rather have the trees! Very upset.

On Feb 11, 2019, lbano1sbcglobal (1 reviews) from Sylvania, OH

I ordered two types of trillium, blood root and some jack in the pulpit. I was pleased with the quality of the products. A suggestion to the ordering process would be to have an automated reply that the order was received. I would go for a week or better before I heard the product was being shipped. Otherwise, I was very pleased with the products.

On Nov 7, 2018, susehahna (1 reviews) from Ray Brook, NY

I tried to order some plants from Bluff View Nursery in August but I never got a confirmation. I contacted Bluffview in the beginning of September. No response. I tried again through their Etsy store. They said the plants had shipped but didn't provide a tracking number. I contacted them again toward the end of September via Etsy. They said they'd look into it. I waited 2 weeks then in mid-October I filed a complaint via Paypal (first emailing Bluffview twice via Paypal -- but they never responded.) A week ago Paypal refunded my money. Terrible experience! What I wonder is why they have so many positive reviews on Etsy when they have so many terrible reviews here. Either they purchased the positive Etsy reviews or they are more responsive to Etsy customers than they are to customers who purchase through their website. I wish I'd read the reviews here before ordering plants through the Bluffview website.

On May 31, 2018, eagessner (1 reviews) from Columbus, OH

My experience with this Nursery has been awful. I have emailed at least 7 times and called numerous times to an unanswered phone. I placed an order for my Mother for Mother's Day on May 9 for $109.70. I received no confirmation, I waited for 2 weeks. Tried to call their listed number no less than 10 times with no answer. It did ring busy one day and I tired constantly for 1/4 hour to redial without success. I have emailed at least 5 times and have not received the courtesy of a return call or email. Since there was no action I called paypal to initiate a refund. Please everyone, if you purchased with paypal, initiate a complaint and refund process so this nursery cannot take our money and not send the product. I wish Paypal could deny their use of their system for payment. Terrible, DO not buy from them. I am VERY disappointed as I hoped to surprise my elderly mother with some wildflower plants for her garden. I feel so negatively about Bluff View Nursery that I took time to register with this website so I could post a negative review.Ugghh

On May 11, 2018, vspadt (1 reviews) from SILVERLAKE, WA

I never received my order of vinca, violets and trilliums. The order was placed in January, and in spite of multiple phone calls and emails, the plants never arrived. Todd did communicate at one point that the shipment had been returned and he was reshipping. Well, it is May now and no shipment has arrived. I sent an email in late April asking for as refund, and that request has been ignored. I will never do business with this company again.

On Feb 26, 2018, zoyster (1 reviews) from Tyler, TX

Ordered black cohosh roots and received them February 26, well before the promised date of March 1.

On Nov 9, 2017, BarryJM (1 reviews) from De Graff, OH

Placed an order 4/11/17. Called Bluff View several times. Same experience as many of the comments. No answer many times finally talked with a woman and she stated that she would talk to Todd. No action so had to call again with a promise that the order would be shipped the end of the week. Still waiting for the delivery! Will be contacting Pay Pal to get my $62.80 back. Warning do not order from this company! https://www.bbb.org/nashville/business-reviews/nursery-stock-dealers/bluffview-nursery-in-mcminnville-tn-37072334/Alerts-and-Actions

On Jun 23, 2017, Garden_Mage (1 reviews) from Brunswick, OH

Still waiting on my order Todd, I've tried calling the phone, it just rings and rings. I've emailed many times w/ no response. Here is my order. Name Code Qty Each Options ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 Allegheny Spurge newitem7 3 6.50 ,Pachysandra procumbens 12 VIOLA ODORATA newitem5 1 6.50 12 goldenseal ,hydrastis newitem6 1 6.50 canadensis 12 foam flower root newitem7225685341 1 6.50 systems,Tiarella trifoliata Subtotal 39.00 Shipping 8.00 Total 47.00 Send my stuff already or respond to an email or just pick up your phone, your a better person than this.

On Jun 18, 2017, learn2turn (1 reviews) from Medfield, MA

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ORDERING. Read all the other negative reviews. Theses guys may NEVER ship your order. I ordered, waited weeks, politely contacted them, ZERO RESPONSE, send a dispute through paypal, ZERO RESPONSE, since they never responded, paypal did refund but I wish I had not wasted my time. I could have just ordered from a different vendor a month ago when I had time to do spring planting.

On Apr 26, 2017, Gardener1212 (1 reviews) from Boston, MA

Ordered. Paid. No product. Called and received an assurance that they would look into and call me back. Never happened. Sent a number of e-mails. All went unanswered. This went on for a full month. Called PayPal and initiated a complaint. People...we only have a limited window to plant. You simply can't work with a company that will not send the product on time and will not respond to your requests. There are better options out there. Pass on these guys.

On Aug 31, 2016, nuts4natives (1 reviews) from Jacksonville, FL

I ordered some river cane about 5 weeks ago. No email confirmation of order, no order number. Since there was a note that it might take 1-2 weeks, I waited until 3 weeks had gone by, then sent them an email. No response. I tried calling today, and the phone went to voicemail - and the voicemail didn't identify as the nursery. (I didn't bother leaving a message). I'm assuming that my little bit of money is gone, although I'll see whether Paypal can claw it back. But my disappointment is increased because I couldn't find anywhere else selling river cane (and no one selling what I really wanted, switch cane). Had I received my order, I would have been buying many more, as I'm trying to establish my own tiny canebreak in my yard. Now I'm just out of luck.

On Jul 16, 2016, ngoodman (1 reviews) from Villa Ridge, MO

Wow, I'm glad I didn't read the other reviews before I ordered, or I wouldn't have ordered ferns, and I'd have missed out on a great business! My order was perfect. I've ordered ferns several times online, and every other time I've been disappointed: the ferns won't grow or they are the wrong type. Bluffview sent my order promptly. It was well packaged. Had the exact 3 types of ferns I ordered at a great price, and most of the ferns have come up--even in the heat of summer. I would highly recommend Bluffview, and will definitely be ordering from them again in the fall. Nan near St. Louis, MO

On Jun 27, 2016, Dg455461670 (1 reviews) from Foristell, MO

5 months and $70 less is my experience. Frustrating and flat out lied. I want my $70 back, Todd Panter. Write Todd and note here if he's illegally stolen your money also. You can communicate with Todd here or in other forums he wants to "join" with others! https://plus.google.com/u/0/108908432671113200059/posts Since he won't answer his phone. Here is another email for him: [email protected] The TN Consumer Affairs/ Commerce is interested in what you have to say about Todd and BluffviewNursery.org, also. I told you, Todd.. Over $500 is a felony. Anyone want to join in to see how good Todd looks in orange? Don't purchase at BluffviewNursery.org!!!!

On Jun 6, 2016, caissonvet (1 reviews) from Alexandria, VA

I never received the items. I called after a month and was told they would be mailed out shortly. More weeks go by and follow up emails have been ignored. I filed a claim with Paypal and they are also ignoring their requests for information. If they changed their policy to say product shipped in 6-8 weeks that would be more realistic, but not receiving product weeks after I was supposed to get it makes me think I'm never getting them......I honestly don't have the time or patience to keep following up on things that I've ordered and paid for (I guess Amazon has spoiled me).

On May 5, 2016, cucurbit (9 reviews) from Cincinnati, OH

Bluff View's prices are great, but if you order from them, prepare yourself to possibly have the most irresponsible customer service experience of your life. Also prepare for your order to be shipped incorrectly and/or delayed in the extreme. When they totally screwed up my order two years ago, I called it a fluke and decided to give them another chance last year. Well, the entire thing happened again. When they shipped my most recent order incorrectly to me, I had an unbelievably difficult time getting in touch with them to discuss it with them. They never answered my emails and rarely answered the phone. When I finally got in touch with Todd, he was incredibly nice and apologetic, promising that he would remedy the situation immediately. Unfortunately, he did not remedy the situation immediately. So three or four weeks later when my order never arrived, I was forced to go through the aggravating process of trying to get in touch with them again, which of course took forever. It took them a total of 14 months to get the correct plants to me. To their credit, most of the bare root herbaceous plants that they sent me survived. Only a small percentage of the bare root shrubs that they sent me survived, however, and these were given excellent care, and planted in the proper soil, light, and moisture conditions. I recommend them only if you are the most patient, forgiving person on the earth. I will never order from them again. This is coming from an experienced gardener and a forgiving person. I have ordered many mail order bare root plants in my life with mostly positive results. I have never experienced any mail order company of any kind like this, however. Buyer beware.

On Mar 24, 2016, swampergreeny (3 reviews) from Port Jefferson, NY

Very pleased with my purchase, and with the customer service. There was a mixup with my order, Todd contacted me before the shipment arrived, stating that there might have been mistake made. When the plants arrived, I confirmed that there was an error, and phoned to let Todd know. Todd apologized and said he would ship out the missing items the first thing the following day. Two days later the corrected order arrived, with a free plant included.

On Feb 18, 2016, aimeej (11 reviews) from Albuquerque, NM

I ordered bare root wildflower and tree seedling stock from Bluff View through Etsy.com Feb. 6th. They arrived Feb. 16 in very good condition with healthy roots and crowns. They actually shipped twice the number of tree seedlings than I ordered. They are all now in pots. After reading the negative reviews I was a little nervous, but now I am very pleased with the purchase.

On Oct 17, 2015, DocNordic (1 reviews) from Oklahoma City, OK

My order yhst-130654704228276-2486 I was e-mailed that the order was shipped. The items were ordered 8.21.2015, and claimed to have been shipped 9/14/2015 by Priority Mail. One month and waiting. Not received by 10/17/2015, and cannot get an e-mail response from Bluff View Nursery. I suspect all the negative comments about this company are true.

On May 25, 2015, dbailey24 (1 reviews) from Newark,
United States

I placed a $70 order at Bluff View Nursery in March, paying through Paypal. Bluff View received their payment from Paypal on March 16th. I have called several times (talked to Todd's mother who always assured me the order would go out the next day) and emailed Todd three times but to no avail. I have finally had to file a case with Paypal. Now I just want my money back so I can purchase my plants elsewhere. How I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered!

On May 20, 2015, kitschykoo (1 reviews) from Northport, AL

I placed a $94 order in the name of Edie Heine. They stated they would not credit PayPal until shipped, but I was charged April 16. I was emailed that order was shipped on may 11, but order not arrived. Multiple phone calls are not answerd . Phone was answered until 2 weeks ag . Todd does not answer my email . I have requested a refund. Tomorrow I am calling the McMinnville police and writing a letter. Contacting BBB is also option.

On May 20, 2015, JazzyGuy (1 reviews) from Burke, VA

Having twice ordered vinca plants from Bluff View Nursery, I can't understand the negative comments i've seen here. Both of my orders arrived within 2 weeks, all the plants were healthy and the people at Bluff View were helpful and friendly on the phone. I expect to be back!

On May 18, 2015, rknewman (1 reviews) from Minneapolis, MN

I placed an order with BVN on 3/11/15; PayPal promptly released the funds to BVN on that date. I have e-mailed "Todd" at BVN 4 times with no response. I e-mailed BlueJay, the web hosting site, and they believe that BVN has abandoned their store. The BVN website still seems active, but their phone number (913-815-2632) has been disconnected (as of 5/18/15). If someone knows of an alternate contact method for BVN, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

On Apr 15, 2015, denjr (1 reviews) from Pace, FL

Posted on August 14, 2014, updated April 15, 2015 Posted on July 25, 2014, updated August 14, 2014 Posted on July 15, 2014, updated July 25, 2014 Posted on July 1, 2014, updated July 15, 2014 I ordered Christmas ferns, Solomon's seal and lily-of-the-valley from Bluff View in late January! I was notified by email that my credit card had been charged on Feb. 4. Nothing since. I've emailed, called and left messages, and hoped a lot. Still no response. Seems like this blog is the only place the nursery folks respond, so I'm giving it a shot. Will update when/if anything happens....

On July 15th, 2014, denjr added the following: Still no feedback from Bluffview Nursery....
On July 25th, 2014, denjr added the following: Congratulations, jaybee9011! I still haven't heard anything. I hope they will send (or resend) my order as well. If I don't hear anything soon, I will try filing a complaint with the BBB in the area where Bluffview is located.
On August 14th, 2014, denjr changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: Bluff View Nursery did respond to the complaint I filed with the Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee, Inc. I received my order on Aug. 13, and all the items seem fresh and (hopefully) viable, although the Solomon's seal and lily-of-the-valley roots are smallish. I am happy that this matter has been resolved, and if the plants grow well I would consider ordering from Bluff View Nursery again.
On April 15th, 2015, denjr changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: Todd said that the plants I received last August would likely not grow until next spring. As predicted, about 75% of the ferns, lily-of-the-valley and Solomon's seal plants have emerged in the last couple of weeks, and the rains we got in the last few days may bring more out. I have ordered more plants from Bluff View Nursery!

On Mar 6, 2015, JIMSSMALLARB (1 reviews) from Wake Forest, NC

I have ordered plants twice in the last 2 months and find the company offers very good value and acceptable business practices. Three to four week turnarounds are not unusual for a small company especially in light of the current winter weather. I won't hesitate in ordering again and i hope Todd's business model is successful.

On Oct 18, 2014, Soosui (1 reviews) from Herndon, VA

I have had trouble reaching them about my order. I got an email weeks ago that it was shipped, but have not received plants. No tracking info was given with the email. I called and someone tried to explain that I would receive a different email when they really shipped, and that someone would get back to me. No one called. Seems from other posts that perhaps they accidentally generate a "your order has shipped" email when the order is processed or something. Needless to say I hope this works out and that the plants will be shipped sometime soon. I was so happy to find reasonably priced Mertensia virginica and Erythronium americanum. I sent a email weeks ago and another today.

On Aug 12, 2014, jaybee9011 (1 reviews) from Brockton,

Posted on July 25, 2014, updated August 12, 2014 Posted on July 24, 2014, updated July 25, 2014 Posted on July 23, 2014, updated July 24, 2014 I wish I'd read the reviews for Bluffview Nursery prior to ordering from them. I ordered the first week of June --- time has long gone past to complain to paypal about a fraudulent company. I have emailed Bluff view Nursery with zero response from them. I received an email early July that plants were being shipped. Still no plants --- still no response to emails. Seriously disappointed and seriously would not recommend this nursery. Even if plants were truly shipped and really did arrive would there be any life left in them after a month somewhere in transit? If I can get a refund I will gladly pursue that avenue.

On July 24th, 2014, jaybee9011 added the following: No response from Todd at Bluffview Nursery after several emails in past month. This company must be a scam and they've likely moved on to other money makers. They wait until the 45 days with Paypal are past. Your payment has gone through and nothing you can do about it I guess. Fraud and scam from this nursery.
On July 25th, 2014, jaybee9011 added the following: I received a message from Bluffview Nursery early this morning that they are going to re ship my order.
On August 12th, 2014, jaybee9011 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: Todd contacted me two or three more times and did send out a package of plants --- they arrived Aug. 12 and all roots look good. It was a long haul and much emailing and complaining but the plants did indeed finally make. Thank you Todd for following through. Good job.

On Jun 9, 2014, TomandPia (1 reviews) from Rochester, MI

Hello, today we have received our plants from Bluffview Nursery and we are very pleased. We placed out order around 5/2/2014 , sent several emails and phone calls and really did not receive any communication thus it left us a little uneasy about the transaction . We had a trip planned and wanted to make sure the plants do not sit on a hot porch.We called and asked that our order is not to be shipped until after Memorial Day, we actually got an email that they where shipped but maybe that was an error??? Nevertheless we are happy with the quality and when we order again we just expect it to take about a month..just a little better communication would ease most concerns. Great quality, fresh plants, good rootstock for Lily of the Valley and nice healthy seeds for Jack in the Pulpit..Thank you, the Tucker's from Michigan

On May 6, 2014, Kaiju (1 reviews) from Austintown, OH

i wish i had seen these reviews before i had ordered from here. i order a small order of just 3 spice bushes a red cedar and an iron wood tree back on april 2nd, finally after waiting over 2 weeks and hearing no reply i called the nursery on april 17th and talked to a nice lady who took my information down, two days later on the 19th of april i got an email from todd explaining that by monday it would be shipped out with a tracking number, monday came and went with nothing, i called again on the 3rd of may and talked to the nice lady again and she said todd would call me back or reply to me in an email, it is now tuesday may 6th and i have heard nothing. i am extremely dissapointed with the customer service of this company if you cannot fill my order i want a refund. i will never again do business with this company.

On May 4, 2014, satarina (2 reviews) from Jonesborough, TN (Zone 6b)

I placed an order through their Etsy storefront on April 16. On April 21, it was still marked as not shipped, so I sent a messaged asking about it. The reply was quick but short, just "hi its shipping tomorrow". Well, by April 25 it was still saying not shipped. I sent another message asking if it had shipped or not (still being positive). I heard nothing and the order status didn't change. I went looking and found all the reviews on here (yeah, I should have looked before ordering) with people who have had the same issues. I checked their Etsy reviews, and it really seems like people who ordered after I did had already received their stuff. So on May 1 I sent a message basically saying that if my order didn't ship that day, and by shipping I meant really leaving, not just generating a tracking number, I wanted a refund. Amazingly, I still didn't hear from them. The next day the order status was changed to shipped, but there wasn't (and still isn't) a tracking number. And, of course, there's no sign of my order. I have opened a case with Etsy to let them know how this place does business. I just can't understand how they can do this for years and still not have enough sense to communicate with the customer. An email or message that they're backordered, or that the late freeze damaged their stock, whatever - any kind of information as to why I have neither my order or a reason for a delay would have avoided this whole mess.

On Dec 29, 2013, pi314 (1 reviews) from Wolf Trap, VA

Posted on September 9, 2013, updated December 30, 2013 My order was placed in early May and it is now early September and I still haven't received. I requested a refund about a month ago and still haven't been acknowledged. My experiences are very similar to others listed here. I recommend doing business with a different company. I've contacted the BBB for help in getting my money back for plants I never received.

On December 29th, 2013, pi314 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: Update: In December I did receive my refund in full. I greatly appreciate the honesty of the Bluffview Nursery staff. It did take a while to get the money; however, it was paid back and I was not cheated. Thank you.

On Dec 29, 2013, kenjack123 (4 reviews) from Asheville, NC

TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!! Beware. Ordered $112.00 worth of bare root plants 11/15 , and no plants. Checked the status of my order shortly after ordering and it said"shipped". Contacted them by e-mail to tell them that my order didn't arrive and received a response from Todd telling me "don't pay no attention to it showing shipped".. weather issues, he said. I live 256 miles away. Tennessee to North Carolina. Well, on 12/11, he said he'd ship what was ready...guess what..nothing.. and now no response at all after numerous e-mails. Going that way in two weeks to pick up a coldframe from Morton's (same town), may stop by this place with my buds..I'll let you know if it even exist.

On Sep 15, 2013, btuset (1 reviews) from FAIRFAX STATION, VA

My shipment was delayed but when I communicated via email I always got a prompt reply and my shipment was sent as soon as they could manage it. I am very happy with the vigor of the root stock I ordered and am busy planting 60 each wild ginger and Allegheny spurge this weekend and next. Based on the product quality I just ordered 60 hay-scented ferns. Hopefully they come soon. I know they will be healthy and well packed.

On Aug 26, 2013, Carolina4 (1 reviews) from Trumbull, CT

I placed an order in early May. I waited about a month and received a shipement which was not the right one. I called and spoke to Todd who said he had sent me someone else's order and he would get mine out right away. I waited and waited and nothing arrived. I called repeatedly and they were aware of the situation and I was assured that my order would be sent out immediately. Well, it is now the last week in August and i still HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY ORDER! I have called repeatedly and get no answer. I have emailed repeatedly and get no reply. I have asked for a refund. NOTHING! Basically they have taken my money and left me with nothing. I even told them I would be posting a negative reveiw if they didn't reply. Apparently they don't care. I will be filing a complaint with Pay Pal as well. Unfortunately I read these reviews too late. I will NEVER deal with this comany again...and neither should you!

On Aug 22, 2013, Chanali (1 reviews) from Bloomington, IN

I ordered $43 worth of plants in June. They notified by email me that they shipped them. In July I realized they never arrived, and I notified them. No answer. I sent another email weeks later. No answer. I started a dispute on the PayPal resolution center. No reply even then. I have now escalated this to a claim, which PayPal will mediate. I wish now I had read the reviews on this forum before sending them money. Never again!

On Aug 4, 2013, Patchouli85 (1 reviews) from Jackson,
United States

Posted on July 20, 2013, updated August 4, 2013 I ordered from bluffview 6/22 and today is 7/20. The only information I've received is usps telling me they have been notified to expect a package from the shipper. I'm getting the same run around as everyone else on this page, but I do believe I will get my order now seeing that they haven't actually stolen anyones money (that I've read of). I'm a small grower and I was really looking forward to finding someone to buy bulk trillium from. Luckily I made a small first order. When I spoke to them on the phone they were very nice, but now I cant get hold of anyone. It would of gone a long way if they had just told me that it would be a while until it shipped, instead they made up this excuse about the weather and said it would ship the next day. If you want repeat customers you should try to earn theyre respect.honesty goes a long way. I'll update this if I ever do receive my plants.

On August 4th, 2013, Patchouli85 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: I finally received my order and it was all very good quality.Fresh! I wi ll order from them in the future, and recommend them to my friends. It takes a long time to receive your order, and theres some communication issues, but its worth the wait. place order 45 days in advance.

On Jul 2, 2013, Jrjackso (1 reviews) from Columbia, IL

I ordered from Bluffview Nursery on May5th, 2013. I waited a month anxiously for my plants and nothing was delivered. I contacted Todd and the woman that answered the phone was very pleasant and assured me that they were working on my order and would send it the next week. That was during the first week of June. I sent emails and have called with no response. I ordered through PayPal and this business immediately charged my account so I wish I would have read the reviews before I ordered. I see the responses that they say they are honest people but I just want my order. I am not sure if I am ever going to receive it. They must be so busy in the fields they don't have time to fill their customers needs. I am wondering why they would treat their valued customers so poorly. I hope they will still send my order but I am losing hope.

On Jun 25, 2013, Mayim (1 reviews) from Colesville, MD

Like many of the posters here I experience poor communication and delayed shipping. In my case, about a month after ordering I'd still not received the plants - despite calling twice to be told that the plants either would ship the next day or that they had shipped. However, the tracking number they provided only showed that the electronic entry had been made but not the the plants had shipped. The man on the phone kept telling me that he'd shipped (he told me this before but plants never came) and that for the second time it must be the post office's fault and that they were late in updating the tracking. By then I'd lost faith that I was being told the truth and to avoid the issue of trying to get money back post 45 days I asked for my money back. The gentleman tried to talk me out of this repeatedly - then said that if he gave my money back I'd have to ship back plants. I said fine, as long as he sent me a shipping label. I insisted on money back with him still arguing with me until a woman broke in and said to the man, just quit talking and send her money back (clearly she'd been listening on the line without my knowing about it). I was then hung up on but I did receive a notice from paypal that they'd returned my money. I've been watching to see if the post office tracking number is 'updated' as the man claimed it would be and there's been no change in it indicating any plants were ever shipped (either time), so I'm pretty sure I was just being strung along. I don't care at this point if their plants are good or cheap - I simply don't want to do business with a company that is willing to give false info about orders. It came out ok for me because I did get my money back but it was a completely frustrating experience. Buyer beware.

On Apr 22, 2013, DannyR (1 reviews) from Newfield, NY

I ordered on April 10th and received it April 22, 2013. It left TN on the 19th and had USPS tracking. I really was not concerned with speed, or I would have asked about that when I called. When I did call the woman was friendly and helpful. I bought 240 Vinca Minor and 5 bramble type berries. My neighbor who knows her stuff took a look and was quite happy with the way the plants looked and were packed. She was concerned with one of the berry varieties... but it turns out that that they had included a marginal plant at no charge. I was happy with my purchase and intend on ordering from them again.

On Apr 17, 2013, stacieg (1 reviews) from Augusta, GA (Zone 7b)

Posted on April 14, 2013, updated April 17, 2013 I ordered plants nearly a month ago (3/16) and still have not received anything. They said on 3/26 that they would be shipping the very next day, but nothing was shipped. It would have arrived by now from TN to GA. On 4/2 they sent a tracking number, but it does not indicate that the post office has received the package yet. I am a patient person, but this (now 4/14) is too long to wait with no definite ship date from the seller. I will post an update if the plants ever arrive.

On April 17th, 2013, stacieg changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: Plants arrived 3/17 in ok condition and correct quantity. I planted them immediately, and if they grow properly, I will definitely consider purchasing again from this seller. Despite a long wait for delivery, their prices are extremely reasonable. The product did eventually arrive. I only recommend that you order significantly in advance of the time you'd like to plant (at least a month in advance if not more).

On Jul 9, 2012, FdLtreer (1 reviews) from Fond du Lac, WI

Posted on May 12, 2012, updated July 9, 2012 I had bought tree seedlings from Bluff View Nursery thru eBay in Jan. 2012 to be planted in the spring. When I asked the seller to send order for a second time early April, he replied they were shipping the next morning. After waiting more than 3 weeks and never receiving them, I contacted the seller and asked for a refund--he replied "I do not care to refund your money". He refused any further replies to my contacting him. Like another post here on Dave's, neither eBay or PayPal could help me recover the payment to him as by now over their 45 day rule. I filed Internet Crime Complaint and a credit card dispute against this seller. Buyer beware!

On July 9th, 2012, FdLtreer added the following: Finally got a refund for payment made to Bluff View Nursery after much work and time. I am now thinking that the nursery has poor communication with customers and not such great business sense.

On May 8, 2012, yubayuba2002 (1 reviews) from Chandler, TX

ordered in jan 2012, contacted feb n was told items were being sent that day, never received n couldnt get $ back when contacted pytpal as was beyond 45 days... checked with "bonanza" site order through n they arent even associated with them any more... theft n rip-off

On Dec 9, 2011, arivas (1 reviews) from New York, NY

Posted on November 28, 2011, updated December 9, 2011 Ordered Daffodil bulbs on the 14th of November. 10 days into it I still did not have a confirmation of my order other than the PayPal auto response. Calling the place I was assured to get a call back... did not happen. E-mailing the place was a waste of time as well. 12 days into it filed a dispute with PayPal 14 days into it it got a tracking number from PayPal which indicated the post office still has not received the package. These are daffodil bulbs which should be planted in New York State before the ground freezes... we are now at the end of November. All my other bulbs arrived within 7 days of the order ...even directly from the Netherlands. I still do not have an estimated shipping date ...! Will update if there is some info forth coming.

On December 9th, 2011, arivas changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: The blubs did finally arrive, they were shipped two weeks after placing the order. They arrived fresh, in good shape, as promised they are small bulbs freshly dug ....and fresh they are. Looking forward to seeing the results in spring. If you are on a schedule and need the items on time give yourself a good lead. The guys at BluffView Nursery are not the greatest communicators.

On Oct 24, 2011, clanross (5 reviews) from Lanexa, VA (Zone 7b)

I ordered 500 "wild daffodil bulbs" from this company through Ebay. All the bulbs were small--very small. These were supposed to be bloom sized bulbs, but I do not believe they will bloom this spring. I paid $112 for the box of 500 bulbs. Only about 1/5 had visible root systems. Some (not a huge percentage, but noticable) were dead--soft and moldy-looking. I also bought a box of 150 tete a tete daffodil bulbs from another Ebay seller and that box was nearly twice as big as my box of 500 regular daffodils. (I paid about $35 for the 150). I checked bulbs at Lowes and they looked great for a comparable price. I feel that this company did not give me a good value and I have no plans to ever order from them again. (And I was planning to order many more daffodils.)

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