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Shop for over 600 species of tree seeds and shrub seeds. We ship to the USA, Canada, UK and 20 other countries. Order online at or call (802) 363-1582

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Negative Markus81
Idyllwild, CA
(1 review)
January 9, 2021
Placed an order, got a confirmation email but never did they send my seeds, nor answer emails or phone.
Negative Weymouthwoodtic
(1 review)
December 4, 2020
This company is a scam and a fraud ordered seeds online on Nov 3 said orders was received no package and it is now Dec 4. Sent multiple emails and phone calls no response. I believe that authorities should and will be contacted and that the business should be shut down and the owners prosecuted. It's ashame that there are people like this out there. Terrible company
Negative EdogCharlie
Belmond, IA
(1 review)
November 17, 2020
Posted on November 12, 2020, updated November 17, 2020
Posted on November 10, 2020, updated November 12, 2020
Ordered 100 Nanking Cherry seeds on 10/20/20, waited and checked my order status. The order has never moved from "awaiting fullfilment". I called and left a message on 10/30, no response, Emailed on 11/5, no response. I now see they have updated their website page to wait an additional 7 to 10 days for orders placed between Sept and Nov. I called again, 11/10, left another message. Not hopeful that I will receive any seeds and out some money. I would stay away from this supplier.
On November 12th, 2020, EdogCharlie added the following:

Update.....I emailed the address listed on the paypal account that received my money and they fired back a message that they would send them today. I was given a tracking ID number for the package. 20 days later from order they say they shipped what was ordered today. Will see if the package arrives and if it contains what I ordered.
On November 17th, 2020, EdogCharlie added the following:

I did receive my nanking cherry seeds today but I am still leaving the negative review as it should NOT have been that difficult to get a response back from the 4 times I contacted them.
Negative khawk
Sparta, NC
(1 review)
October 26, 2020
Placed an order 10/12/20, order never arrived. Tried contacting company both by phone and email multiple times, no reply. Filed complaint with BBB as many others have done, but they cannot get the company to respond so they cannot do anything. Contacted VT state police and they are going to check these fraudsters out at the physical address given on the website. This company uses at least 2 different phone numbers and addresses to defraud people. Both the BBB and the internet are filled with complaints as this company takes your money and never ships the products. While one persons purchase may not add up to much, the hundreds (or thousands) of orders they have taken and never filled prove to be quite profitable. This is a large scale scam and they need to be arrested.
Negative treeseedripoff
Denver, CO
(1 review)
October 22, 2020
Order #51496 placed and paid $138 for on 16 June 2020, four months ago! I have left voice messages with "Patrick", left messages through their website and even sent a snail mail letter. I have expressed that I can understand if they are having trouble during this Covid lock down farce. I just need assurance that my order really is still in process. I told him I am willing to take like replacements if he doesn't have all of the varieties I ordered. I haven't heard ANYTHING back from Tree Seeds... NOT A WORD! The website continues to show my order is "Awaiting Fulfillment," but after all this time that is hardly a reassurance! I hate to say it, but it looks to me like Tree Seeds is, or has become, nothing more than a RIP OFF!
Negative navygirlgardens
Nine Mile River,
(1 review)
July 24, 2020
I ordered around $50 worth of seeds in March. I was sent a confirmation email right away and they took payment. It said most orders were shipped in 1 business day and should arrive in 7-10 days. A couple weeks later I went back to the website to contact them to find out why my seeds never arrived. There was a notice there about them being backed up due to covid. So I waited until May and checked again and their website said they were all caught up on orders. So I sent an email to ask when my order would arrive. No answer. So after a couple weeks I filled out their customer service form and asked when my order would arrive. No answer. A couple weeks later I called a left a voicemail with their customer service. No answer. I called my credit card to open a dispute (this is now JULY). I then received another confirmation email from and they said my order had been shipped and sent a ups tracking code. My order arrived a week later, well half my order. It was in zip-lock sandwich bags with tiny seeds/nuts. I hope these will germinate as I suspect they may be very young due to the size. The rest of the order consisted of two little baggies with a sticker saying they were out of stock but would send them in Oct or Nov when the new crop comes in. Very disappointing, the original confirmation email should have stated it would take 7-10 MONTHS, not days to arrive. Not sure why they can't be bothered to respond to customer service complaints. I have trouble believing their out of stock items will even arrive in oct/nov, if I even wanted to wait that long for them. It would mean planting my trees a YEAR later than I wanted to.
Positive katbell
Gum Spring, VA
(1 review)
May 30, 2020
I saw some negative reviews here but decided to go ahead and give TreeSeeds a shot anyway because they have such a great variety of options. I ordered six different types of seeds in two separate orders because I found more I liked after placing the initial order. I received shipping confirmation for both orders the following day and within two business days the seeds were in my mailbox and labeled in small ziploc bags. All appear to be in great condition so I'm going to start working on them and hopefully I'll have some new additions to my garden next year. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Tree Seeds. They seem to have overcome whatever issues they had in the past and they're getting orders out promptly.
Negative Rade
Czech Republic
(1 review)
April 29, 2020
I was ordering from here for more than 3 years. In autumn 2019 I was writing with owner and I was told that he is was going through bad divorce and he is builds his bussiness again and that I should come back with ordering in Dec 2019. So I did. I recieved seeds after about 6 weeks, but I was shocked this time, because I ordered around 30 species of seeds but Iīve got around 20 false! I wrote several e-mail but there was no answer after that. I was satisfied years ago, but now? NEVER again, itīs just one great FAKE!
Positive Torhtue
(1 review)
March 12, 2020
I gave this company a positive because I did eventually get my order from them.
It was not a large order ( around 35 cnd) nor were any of the seeds anything fancy. Most were native to my part of the world.
I order on the 21st of Feb 2020 and they order shipped on the 2nd of march and for to me in east coast Canada by the 11th.
The seeds came in individual bags that look like they should have contained something else from when i was a teenager...and all the smaller baggies were then places in a Ziploc baggie.The small baggies have the standard size labels used in a printer and have nothing but common tree name on them. I'll change this if none of the seeds germinate.
I still would not recommend anyone order anything from them due to the large amount of complaints against them.
However I did receive exactly what i order even if it didn't come as expected.
Negative WolfeLogic
Boulder, CO
(1 review)
January 15, 2020
Made a $55 order on 12/28/19. Expected seeds within stated 2-5 business days. Called phone number on site and left a message. Ultimately filed a dispute with credit card company to recover funds. Found (and should have searched here beforehand) that the BBB has numerous filed complaints for the business. Figured I'd just make it clear that the business owner hasn't changed his/her MO and that any orders made will go unfulfilled and unshipped.
Bristlecone Pine Tree Seeds
Chinese Juniper Tree Seeds
Chinese Red Pine Tree Seeds
Kobus Magnolia Tree Seeds
Lace Leaf Japanese Maple Seeds
Redleaf Japanese Maple Tree Seeds
Scotch Pine Tree Seeds
Yulan Magnolia Tree Seeds
Negative ktmtim3
Olmsted Falls, OH
(1 review)
January 8, 2020
I placed an order 12/2018 and have still not received it. I did get a sob story when I first called about the owner not being in good overall health and so I explained, I just want my seeds or a refund. He indicated he'd do what he could but no longer is answering the phone or returning calls. I've called several times and the answering machine still has a tree seeds voicemail. The website is still live and my e-mails are going through but with no reply.

This was for $35 worth of seeds so it's not huge but the principle of the matter is this is stealing when money exchanges hands and no product is delivered.

Positive 2arc
Bristol, VT
(1 review)
August 24, 2019
I've placed 3 orders with them for black cherry seeds and they came promptly each time.
Negative FiddletownBurn
(1 review)
June 23, 2019
I ordered seeds from, their website stated "will ship within 24 hours". The order status never changed. After a week I emailed them, no response! Couple days later I called the phone rang a couple of times then disconnected. I tried for 6 weeks to either get my money back or the seeds shipped. NOTHING! I contacted the BBB, the BBB contacted them twice. Their reply: This notification is in regards to your complaint submitted on 5/23/2019 against Complaint # 12345678.

BBB has closed complaint #12345678 as No Response from the Business.

Unfortunately did not respond to your complaint ##12345678. BBB can't force the business to respond to this complaint and BBB has closed the complaint as No Response. This complaint will be publicly reported on the business's BBB Business Profile for 36 months.

Other than the BBB adding publicly to their records, it was useless.

I contacted my bank. Within 24 hours I received an email from the bank, their reply: It seems there was an error with regard to your purchase, you will receive a refund.

DO NOT try to purchase anything from this company. They state they are under new ownership, I made my initial order under the "old owners". Through this process the "new owners" appeared, they're not any different than the "old owners". Its almost like the old and new owners are one in the same with regard to their response. Their company moto must be "we've got your money - too bad - too sad - you've got nothing"
Company representative comment on November 28, 2019:
On Nov 28, 2019 11:42 AM, Tree Seeds (aka responded with:

I am very sorry. I was going through a messy divorce and had to shut the business down for a few months. Message me threw here or email me directly at [email protected] and I will make this right. I am now operating the online store full-time and shipping orders on schedule.

Negative lwbuchholz
Manhattan, MT
(11 reviews)
May 20, 2019
Posted on May 20, 2019, updated May 20, 2019
In the past I have wonderful service so I ordered again and I am not getting my order. They have charged my credit card but they don't respond to my emails and the telephone number doesn't work. I am afraid I have lost my money. It has been long enough my credit card company may not be able to do anything either.
Something has happened to this company but I can't find any information what. I don't recommend ordering from them till this gets straightened out and by the other reviews this year it looks like it is fairly recent.
On May 20th, 2019, lwbuchholz added the following:

I have just discovered that the company has changed hands so I will see if they will be better and honor my order. If so I will change my rating.
Company representative comment on November 28, 2019:
On Nov 28, 2019 11:43 AM, Tree Seeds (aka responded with:

I am very sorry. I was going through a messy divorce and had to shut the business down for a few months. Message me threw here or email me directly at [email protected] and I will make this right. I am now operating the online store full-time and shipping orders on schedule.

Negative Wulffgaar
Haslet, TX
(1 review)
May 15, 2019
I ordered seeds April 24, 2019. On April 30, 2019 I contacted the company because my seeds still had not shipped. Patrick responded to my e-mail and said he was running behind on orders and it would ship by May 3, 2019. He said that he would send me a notice when it shipped. It is May 15, 2019 and it still has not shipped. Luckily my order was small because my money was blatantly stolen by this thieving company! I will be reaching out to the BBB and my credit card company. I hope that future consumers read these complaints before giving more money to them. WARNING: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TREESEEDS.COM!!! THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU!
Company representative comment on November 28, 2019:
On Nov 28, 2019 11:44 AM, Tree Seeds (aka responded with:

I am very sorry. I was going through a messy divorce and had to shut the business down for a few months. Message me threw here or email me directly at [email protected] and I will make this right. I am now operating the online store full-time and shipping orders on schedule.

Negative ralphthefarmer
Embarrass, MN
(2 reviews)
May 14, 2019
Posted on May 3, 2019, updated May 14, 2019
Ordered a hundred bucks worth of seeds (before I found this website), got stuck 'awaiting fulfillment' as per other reports. Tried emailing, no response. Finally tried calling, but their phone number comes up "you have dialed an invalid phone number".

I just filed fraud case with Wells Fargo.
On May 14th, 2019, ralphthefarmer added the following:

A case against this business has been opened with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), who is also investigating TreeSeeds for fraud.

Wells Fargo's own fraud investigation led to a full refund to my account (from the bank), but their ongoing case against is still open.
Company representative comment on November 28, 2019:
On Nov 28, 2019 11:45 AM, Tree Seeds (aka responded with:

I am very sorry. I was going through a messy divorce and had to shut the business down for a few months. Message me threw here or email me directly at [email protected] and I will make this right. I am now operating the online store full-time and shipping orders on schedule.

Negative Max420
Scottsboro, AL (Zone 7a)
(1 review)
April 19, 2019
This company was very good at first, then they started messing up, now I have been waiting on one order for 13 days now and it still says awaiting fulfillment.......:(
Company representative comment on November 28, 2019:
On Nov 28, 2019 11:45 AM, Tree Seeds (aka responded with:

I am very sorry. I was going through a messy divorce and had to shut the business down for a few months. Message me threw here or email me directly at [email protected] and I will make this right. I am now operating the online store full-time and shipping orders on schedule.

Negative Hawk117
Morgantown, WV
(1 review)
February 25, 2019
Never received an order I placed in early January and had to get a refund from PayPal. Tried contacting them five separate times via phone, email, and their online messaging system and no one responded. They also did not respond to PayPal, so the case was decided in my favor. Others are reporting issues via their Facebook page.

It seems as if they might be out of business (at least temporarily) but have not taken down the website. There was a notice about health issues on the home page when I ordered, and the website was down for several days in January while that notice was taken down. If you'd like to order from them, I'd recommend actually getting in touch with someone there to confirm they're still in business.
Company representative comment on November 28, 2019:
On Nov 28, 2019 11:45 AM, Tree Seeds (aka responded with:

I am very sorry. I was going through a messy divorce and had to shut the business down for a few months. Message me threw here or email me directly at [email protected] and I will make this right. I am now operating the online store full-time and shipping orders on schedule.

Negative yielder
St Catharines, ON (Zone 6a)
(8 reviews)
February 6, 2019
No delivery. No response to emails or phone calls. Filed a claim through Paypal.

"Because we were unable to obtain additional information from regarding your claim, this case has been resolved in your favor and you have received a refund of $19.95 USD. If you paid with a credit card, the money is refunded to your credit card. Please note that it can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your card statement. "
Company representative comment on November 28, 2019:
On Nov 28, 2019 11:47 AM, Tree Seeds (aka responded with:

I am very sorry. I was going through a messy divorce and had to shut the business down for a few months. Message me threw here or email me directly at [email protected] and I will make this right. I am now operating the online store full-time and shipping orders on schedule.

Negative SmoothGarden
Miami, FL
(1 review)
October 13, 2018
I saw the other negative reviews and the answer for the company. It seems that a child is responding for the company.
I ordered 3 kind of seeds :Passion fruit, tomato tree and olive.
By the bad seed quality (germination and vigor) and the answer I got from them (no guarantee) It can be stated: anyone can sell seeds.
Passion fruit and tomato tree never gave a hint of life and never germinated.
Olive seeds are more complicated, needs 120 days in a process and another 120 days in another process, too much time so I search the internet and decide to crack carefully the seed to my surprise: Black, dried and dead in the inside.

Company representative comment on November 28, 2019:
On Nov 28, 2019 11:47 AM, Tree Seeds (aka responded with:

I am very sorry. I was going through a messy divorce and had to shut the business down for a few months. Message me threw here or email me directly at [email protected] and I will make this right. I am now operating the online store full-time and shipping orders on schedule.

Positive TimmyTidalplain
Saint Paul, MN
(1 review)
January 20, 2018
I ordered 50 Colorado Blue Spruce seeds. I received them in 2 days! They came in a small ziplock bag with a label that says "Colorado Blue Spruce". I ordered 50 seeds, but received about 200 seeds... nice! The seeds were all dry and clean and similar in appearance. I then visited their site where they say no stratification is needed for Colorado Blue Spruce, so on Dec. 25th, I attempted to germinate 5 seeds using the damp paper towel in a ziplock bag method. It only took 3 days for 2 seeds to germinate, 2 other seeds didn't germinate, and the last seed began to germinate but then quit. I planted the 2 seeds that germinated, and both have grown now for a month and are about 1 inch tall. Both developed 5 cotyledons, but then 1 seedling dried up and died before developing any real needles. The other seedling is still going strong, and now has 9 real needles in addition to it's 5 cotyledons (which all 5 still appear healthy and haven't fallen off yet). So at the time of this review, in the dead of a Minnesota winter and with no stratification, my "Germination to 1 Month Old Seedling" survival rate is at 20%, or 1 out of 5 seeds. I'm currently trying to germinate 4 more seeds, in damp paper towels, but only 1 has begun to sprout so far, and appears to have quit sprouting. I've also been reading online about how others grow spruce varieties from seeds and so I am also trying the "soak the seeds in water for 24 hours method" before placing them in the damp paper towels. I started 10 more seeds soaking in water just 10 hours ago... 5 have sunk to the bottom and 5 are still floating at this time. 1 of the seeds that sunk to the bottom has cracked open and begun to sprout already, after only 10 hours in the water. So at this time I'm quite happy with my results so far and I'm curious to see if these seeds will spring to life and really start sprouting fast as we enter the warm springtime. If only the 1 seedling I have now survives to the plant in my yard stage, I'd have to say that this was money well spent. Not to mention I'm having a lot of fun doing this and find it quite satisfying. And I've still got about 180 seeds left that I can mess around with. So based on my experience with this company so far, I'd more than likely buy from them again in the future. It's been a good experience for me so far.
Positive MattGibby
Roy, UT
(3 reviews)
November 22, 2017
I recently placed an order with and could not be more pleased. This was my first order with them and I will definitely use them again in the future. My order arrived very quickly. I ordered eight different kinds of seeds and they all look fantastic. I can't speak for the germination rate yet but assume if I follow their instructions, they should be fine. Every kind of seed had several extras in the bag. Super value for the money.
Negative Anonymous2
(1 review)
June 8, 2017
Posted on June 7, 2017, updated June 8, 2017
Like the review of laura1jl, dated January 22, 2017, I did not receive the product ordered. I recommend the reader pay close attention to laura1jl comments.

I also recommend the reader pay close attention to response to shootingrainbow, dated February 28, 2017. Therein wrote, "...This lady is a complete nutjob. God forbid anyone else has to deal with her. ... She was a total nut case on the phone ...", and " are full of sh#t ...".

On June 8th, 2017, Anonymous2 added the following:

After posting a review I received 3 emails from The company stated, "...You are LYING..." "... Your lying ..." "... Your lying ..." "... Why are you being an idiot? ..." and more.

I responded by notifying the company I want no further contact.
Company representative comment on June 8, 2017:
On Jun 7, 2017 9:15 PM, Tree Seeds (aka responded with:

Tracking shows your order was delivered:
I advised customer to check with his local post office. He did not. I advised him to check with neighbors. He did not. The post office does not mark packages as delivered if they were not delivered.

On Jun 8, 2017 7:25 AM, Tree Seeds (aka added:

Tracking shows your order was delivered. I offered to open a claim with the Post Office. He doesn't even want to open a claim or check with his local post office.

Negative shootingrainbow
(3 reviews)
February 28, 2017
Posted on February 28, 2017, updated February 28, 2017
Not sure what I think about this company. I ordered five different seeds from them. They are not very professional overall, but if everything germinates, I don't really care. I am a pro at gardening, have a college education in agriculture, work at a nursery...I have a green thumb, I have a heat mat, green house, I sanitize everything--the whole nine yards--just an FYI.
So, I was skeptical when I first looked all my seed packets over. And btw, everything did come in the mail very quickly. I was disappointed that the seeds only had their common names on the labels. Packaging is nothing fancy: small zip-lock baggies with a simple white label with black print. All the seeds were really dirty, and the fruit seeds I ordered all still had pulp on them, a couple where clean, but most had the fruit dried and stained on them, a big no, no... so I figured I was going to have problems right off. I still gave everything a chance. So far, all of the pomegranates went moldy, but and only one germinated...go figure. The other fruit seeds I ordered, where slimy and pulpy as well, but I have had a quick and high germination rate. The other tree seeds I ordered where really dirty as well, many have been going moldy, but I have had an alright germination rate with them; I've been pulling out the moldy ones and bleaching them off and they either do fine or die. I also ordered one other tree seed, which where all super dirty as well, they are on the heat mat, and I still have a few weeks to go before they should germinate, if they pop off I'll be happy. The seeds were cheap, not just inexpensive, but cheap. The "company" did send two cards along with the seeds, one a discount card/coupon, and one with an internet address for "free tree seeds growing instructions." They offer a "free download" for each of their seeds: what a joke. The instructions are not specific/individual to each plant at all, in fact they are vague and actually incorrect per plant that I received. Super unprofessional company, doing this out of their back yard is my guess??....That's fine with me as long as I'm not wasting my time or money; in fact I support small back yard business overall. I was wondering if they sold me the seeds of a pomegranate they ate----they probably didn't, but it did cross my mind, I'll say that. I won't complain to the company about their product, it's not worth it, I just won't order from them again, and I do not recommend them to anyone else, even for a cheap buy. Their product is not healthy overall, in my opinion. It's pretty basic and elementary to clean your seeds before you plant them, and much more before you sell them. I called them just to see what they would say, and I was polite on purpose, and the guy just denied it, told me "[he] was looking at them (the pomegranate seeds) right then" and that "they were all clean, and that their seed didn't come dirty, and never with any pulp on them." So, he knew better. He told me "it wasn't from him," but I haven't ordered or gotten any pomegranate seed from anywhere else. The guy was just lying to me, straight up! Pathetic. So, I apologized to him for being so full of it, and that I was just lying to him about his seeds, and I didn't know what I was talking about, and I hung up on him. Don't order from this "company." They have incredibly dirty seeds that go moldy.
On February 28th, 2017, shootingrainbow added the following:

Oh, I apologize that I did not clarify that the seeds did come to me dry, of course, and when I soaked them there was either a quite a bit of dirt, or the dried plant matter around the seed when hydrated was slimy and turned to mold on many to most of the seeds. I am not lying, I took pictures, documented it, and also shared the experience with my buddy. I only called you to see what you had to say. I was just going to write the review, and ignore the whole thing, but I decided that I should give you a chance to see how you would act and deal with the issue. I glad I did, you are making a fool of yourself; calling me names, and a liar, all because I called you out. It's okay, you're actions speak for yourself. I wish I had remembered to check out the GardenWatchdog before I ordered from you, and that's why I am voicing my personal opinion and experience with you, for the sake of others. You speak for yourself, and you are way more trouble than you're worth. Look at the way you are acting.

I all hope your hate makes you a happier person!
Peace, love, and sparkledotz!
Company representative comment on February 28, 2017:
On Feb 28, 2017 1:56 PM, Tree Seeds (aka responded with:

This lady is a complete nutjob. God forbid anyone else has to deal with her. Pomegranate seed is dried down. It arrives here dried. She claims pulp was on the seeds. Wants free seeds. Says everything else germinated fine. She was a total nut case on the phone. Glad she was able to unload her frustration on here.

On Feb 28, 2017 5:18 PM, Tree Seeds (aka added:

There was no dried fruit attached to your seeds. You are 100% nuts and crazy. All of our seeds are dried. They are collected, cleaned, dried and kept in coolers. I don't know why you feel the need to lie. The pomegranate seeds you ordered are dried and were sent dry. If we get them from the collector dried, then how would you receive pomegranate seeds with pulp? Makes no sense - since you are full of sh#t.

On Feb 28, 2017 6:46 PM, Tree Seeds (aka added:

Now you admit that the seeds didn't come with pulp and that it was a result of mold/wet-damp on your soil. The truth is finally coming out now.

Negative laura1jl
Denver, CO
(1 review)
January 22, 2017
I placed an order on 1/5/17 and as of 1/22/17 still had not received my package, so I followed up with . [Name redacted] replied with a series of 6 aggressive/vulgar emails (which I have proof of if anyone would like to read them) calling me a "fucking liar" and "fuck your post office investigation" and "your so full of shit". Not kidding... I have never been treated like that and this company is a scam to paying customers and not delivering product. Will be going to the BBB as well. They can keep the money if I don't have to receive more hate mail from [name].
Company representative comment on February 1, 2017:
On Jan 22, 2017 9:47 PM, Tree Seeds (aka responded with:

The Post office delivered your order. I sent you tracking to prove it. It is not my fault that you threw away the package and then blamed me.

On Feb 1, 2017 8:57 PM, Tree Seeds (aka added:

Customer was refunded in full.

Positive Eevee
Garland, TX
(1 review)
May 18, 2016
This was my first order - ordered 8 different seed types. My seeds arrived in 3 days, looked good and have started germinating. I'm placing my 2nd order today.
Positive directorrod
Rockton, IL
(12 reviews)
December 6, 2015
This is the second year that I have purchased maple tree seeds from I have only positive things to say about their seeds and service. The seeds are plump and clean, with a very high rate of germination. This is a company that has earned my trust and patronage.
Positive michielvg
(1 review)
August 27, 2014
WOW :) I received my seeds in just 4 days (to Belgium) ! The service is excellent, the seeds look very good and you get more seeds in some packs :) I will order again
Positive wormfood
Lecanto, FL (Zone 9a)
(5 reviews)
February 7, 2014
Seed are excellent. Meaty and a good size. When you order alot of seeds you can tell what's going to grow just by looking at them. This company is at the top of my list.
Positive dirthound
Cohocton, NY
(19 reviews)
February 23, 2012
Posted on February 9, 2012, updated February 23, 2012
First time ordering from this company. Extremely fast response, excellent seeds,and fast cheap shipping. Will be ordering again .AAAA-rating.
On February 23rd, 2012, dirthound added the following:

Received another order. Fast shipping and very generous on amounts shipped. These are native seeds to north east,forest trees, nut trees, shrubs, etc. as opposed to palms and tropical trees as stated on DG scoop. Will order again..
Positive jbgregg
Baltimore, MD (Zone 7a)
(1 review)
February 2, 2012
Website easy to navigate. General index is in common names, not scientific (these are listed in each selection). Reasonably priced, and with a good amount of seed sent. Very fast delivery - seeds arrived within 3 days of placing order (East coast delivery).
Recommend for some one looking for seed for a mix of the more common native and non-native trees and shrubs.

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