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On Apr 26, 2014, troyes (2 reviews) from sheffield,
United Kingdom

I bought 10 varieties of carnation seeds from PGseeds they all turned out to be common sweet william . When i got in touch with them they were very abusive . They have still not given me a refund, They still continue to sell these seeds on Amazon after i have told them they should take them off, That says a lot about them, Do not even think about buying from them you will be sorry

On Dec 10, 2012, mattbme (1 reviews) from Saint Louis, MO

In spring of 2012 I purchased Green Goliath broccoli, a couple of other broccoli, and seed packets for four strawberry varieties. When the seed arrived, the strawberry seed called for a month of cold stratification in the refridgerator before it could be used, which was not mentioned anywhere on their amazon listing. This meant it would be too late to plant for the current year. I finally have results of the "Broccoli" I ordered from them. The seed was for poor quality cabbage. Broccoli from Baker's Creek and Bountiful Garden was doing it's thing happily next to these "broccoli". Cabbage from other companies was heading up nicely. These plants were sickly, and those that weren't were already bolting. I did attempt to contact the company, but they do seem to have a "the customer is always wrong" policy. I will certainly never order from them again. Buyer beware.

On Jul 18, 2012, Pattypaints (1 reviews) from Dayton, OH

Ordered zinnias from them through Amazon. The seeds were $2.99 but the shipping was almost $5. I complained to the company and they said they had to use traceable postage which required the use of a padded envelope, hence the high postage cost. But they also add a "handling fee" to the shipping. They defended this practice saying they were only covering their cost, and complained about the percentage Amazon takes from their sales. I think the cost of your product should be covered by the sale price of your item, not by padding the shipping with a handling charge. Whoever I emailed was defensive and argumentative. I think their motto is "the customer is always wrong". My point was, with their shipping and handling, $7.66 is a ridiculous charge for a tiny packet of seeds. And on this point we seem to disagree.

On Jun 19, 2012, awildfireflower (1 reviews) from Princeton, MA

We ordered Green Goliath Broccoli from PG seeds. We planted the seeds and they came up great but weren't broccoli. They look like a range of kale type brassicas with green, white and purple veining. We sent an email and got no response.

On Apr 6, 2012, Carvillgardens (1 reviews) from Latham, NY

Ordered some beautiful zinnia seeds from Pleasant Garden Seed & Plant Company, but upon receiving them, there is no description, no height info, bloom width info, how much space to leave between plantings, I had to go back to web site to picture for colors. Just e-mailed Amazon (only way to get a hold of them), as I tried to e-mail PGS&P Co. directly and web site wasn't working.

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