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On Jul 23, 2020, JamieCQB (2 reviews) from Bartlett, IL

I ordered from the website and the box listed as a company in Vancouver WA and has many email addresses. Ordered 4 trees, received 3 unmarked trees on 6/22/20. Can not reach the company at any of the email addresses or written letters with photos to address on box. Do not buy from this guy. Some shady construction companies are also listed at this address.

On May 11, 2020, wpcqe1 (1 reviews) from Ringwood, NJ

I ordered 4 maples. I received 4 and three of them were not labeled. The three were not labeled because they are not the ones I ordered. 1 of them was supposed to be a 4 years graft. I did not get this. I emailed them and got no reply. They just want your money. Get your trees somewhere else. There is a reason they only accept paypal.

On Jan 17, 2019, kkennan (1 reviews) from Costa Mesa, CA

Please stay away from this company. They don't acknowledge orders. They don't respond to emails. They don't send all the plants ordered (you will be lucky to receive half of them), and what is received is of poor quality and dies or is DOA. And forget about getting your money back. A completely untrustworthy outfit! Read all the other negative reviews. This is not an isolated incident. This is how they conduct business.

On Jan 6, 2019, dgrhosta (7 reviews) from Marietta, GA

A friend recommended this sight to me to be able to purchase Japanese maples I went to their sight and was impressed with the extensive inventory that they had with respect to maples I decided to order from them even tho I knew that I should have looked into their reviews I ordered Ryusen and a Bihou maple and was I was sent to PayPal to complete the order I received a message from PayPal that we had been charged for the two trees We never got any word from the sight or nursery about our order I emailed several times to try and confirm our order and If in fact the order was received NEVER got any response from them even when we expressed our desire to cancel our order if we did not hear from them Even gave our phone number to help with making contact even tho they themselves do not give a phone number to help with issues such as this After over a week of trying to emails and to make contact anyway possible the plants showed up at our door in a FedEx package that was IMO to small for the size of plants we were told we would receive The plants were loose in the box and upon opening the box dirt or some medium was all over the inside and there in the dirt filled package was two small cups and in no way the size we had expected upon getting the plants out of the package on was completely out of it's small plastic wrapped cup and that was where that medium came from that was all over the inside. The roots on one the one that was loose were dried out and the label that was to identify its variety was scratched out and the Bihou was written on the back of the scratched out tag The other tree (if one can call it that) had no tage at all on it but was some what wrapped and the plastic wrap looked as if someone had tried to gain access into the small cup after it was wrapped with the plastic wrap. I took pictures and emailed the company immediately with pictures to support my claim and stated that the tree Bihou is a tree with yellowish bark and the one that was written in as Bihou was dark red in color The main reason I ordered the Bihou in the first place was the colored bark for winter interest The other plant was red as well and I had no way of knowing just what variety this tree was I emailed them all of the info as well as pictures and received NO RESPONSE We will NEVER order any plant ,tree or anything where we cannot call the company to correct issues such as we encountered and no means of contacting them and the email address was NEVER got any responses from Never again it's as if they just send anything and if they get it right or not they could care less but the real issue beside getting the wrong trees was the fact we NEVER GOT ANY CONFIRMATION THAT OUR ORDER WAS RECEIVED OR SENT SO WE COULD MAKE DURE THAT WE WERE HERE TO RECEIVE OUR ORDER. TO THIS DAY WE STILL HAVE NOT HEARD FROM THIS COMPANY E MAIL OR ANY OTHER MEANS WHEN OUR PHONE# WAS GIVEN ON SOME NOT ALL OF OUR EMAILS TRYING TO ADDRESS THE CONCERNS WE HAD DO NOT BUY FROM ANY COMPANY THAT REFUSES TO CONTACT OR INFORM THE CUSTOMER OF WHERE OR WHAT THE STATUS OF ONES ORDER IS OR EVEN IF THEY HAVE RECEIVED YOUR ORDER AT ALL NEVER AGAIN!!!

On Oct 4, 2018, rebecca2018 (1 reviews) from Bland, VA

I wished that I would have done research on this company prior to ordered. I ordered and payed for 8 trees, but only received 4 and one of them was dead. I've emailed and written company numerous times, but never received a response. I have filed complaints with BBB and Washington State Attorney General's Office, but I fear that I will never get my money back. Never order from this company.

On May 6, 2018, N2tropicAL (4 reviews) from Anniston, AL

First of all, check the Better Business Bureau and see the F rating. The Washington state attorneys general office has had complaints. DO NOT ORDER OR BUY from this outfit. They will send you anything to fill an order (They sent me 3 maples that were not what I ordered). They will not uphold their guarantee. This company is a fraud and has a long history of poor customer service, shady business practices, and let just be honest... their grafts are shoddy and their plants are extremely undersized. I am amazed Amazon and Ebay havent banned them. BUYER BEWARE.

On Mar 4, 2018, SPSchnepp2 (1 reviews) from Belleville, MI

I have ordered from this company three times, once in February 2017, at some point in 2017 that I've forgotten, and again in February 2018. In the 2018 order, the Post Office disappeared the plants, but Japanese Maples & Evergreens sent replacements as soon as I notified them. The first order was for a 1-year-old dwarf Japanese maple. In case the word 'dwarf' in the name wasn't a warning, the tree was (and is) small. It will be small for its entire life. It will take years for it to get much bigger than a twig. This isn't a complaint, this is a warning to other people making purchases and then griping about getting what they ordered: If you don't want something small, don't buy something small. The other three orders were for four-year-old trees. These were not dwarf cultivars, and are thus of a size you'd expect for a four-year-old maple. They're not exactly huge trees, as they are container-grown and not field-grown. All four trees are healthy, and the two I ordered last year survived the winter here in Michigan quite well. If you live around where I do, it might be a good idea to keep your trees in containers; mine wanted to leaf out in February, and there's still a couple of months until that's safe. All four trees were grafted, of course. The grafts are within an inch or two of the soil line, and while very obvious and visible on the year-old dwarf are less noticeable on the four-year-olds and will likely be all but invisible in a few more years. I'd say they're rather well-done and better than you'd get for most other trees at the price. All in all, I've been quite satisfied with the experience and will be purchasing from them again.

On May 22, 2017, susanlyons (1 reviews) from Tulsa, OK

I ordered 3 Japanese Maples and one bamboo. The bottom of the box had fallen out, which delayed the 2-day shipment for a week, so the plants were dried out. Two of them were much smaller than expected. The bamboo they sent was not the one that I ordered. The one they sent was a running bamboo and the one I ordered was a clumping bamboo - not at all what I could use in an urban garden. Three e-mails were sent to get the matter corrected but no response so far. We finally sent a message through PayPal to them and hope to get the matter resolved one way or they other. I will NEVER use them again.

On Mar 15, 2017, cabadu64 (1 reviews) from Leander, TX

I recently purchased an Ori Zuru and was eagerly anticipating its arrival ... Sadly, the package arrived damaged. I contacted Japanese Maples and Evergreens sending them pictures requesting a refund or replacement. I only heard from them 1x after disputing my payment with PayPal. They noted they would send out a replacement ASAP ... I have not received my replacement or been refunded. I could not recommend this company to anyone ~~

On Feb 10, 2017, trelawney56 (1 reviews) from East Greenville, PA

In December of 2016, I placed an order with this company for four dwarf Japanese black pine plants. There were a number of problems with the filling of this order. Only three plants were in the box, although the packing slip said there were four. One of the plants had been removed from the pot, and repotted, with very few roots. Worst of all, they sent the order immediately instead of at the proper planting time for these plants. Now I'm expected to try to get them through the winter here in PA. I wrote the company a letter explaining all this, and asking what they intended to do about it. They never answered back. I cannot recommend this company to anyone out there. Stay away!

On Jan 25, 2017, oneigh (1 reviews) from Enumclaw, WA

Hello, I ordered an Acer palmatum 'Taylor' 2 - Year Graft from this company. I was very shocked about what I received. The tree is 2 and 3/4 inches in height and the leader is dead with a secondary branch measuring a little less then 1/2 inch. The leader is Grey so it has been dead for quiet some time. The roots are hanging out of the 4 inch pot. The soil is very bad and appears to have been water logged for a period of time by looking at the soil, the grey/black blotched bamboo post, and dangling roots. The bamboo post was sticking out of the bottom of the pot and was positioned in the corner of the pot far away from the plant with no attachment. The box it came in had no cushioning. Just the plant. Very surprised that the twig didn't break or that the dead leader didn't snap off. I have sent multiple e-mails for a return/refund and have not received a reply to date. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

On Mar 2, 2016, LilyMia (2 reviews) from Gulf Breeze, FL

Posted on March 1, 2016, updated March 2, 2016 Posted on February 6, 2016, updated March 1, 2016 Never received items from Japanese Maples and Evergreens, aka Japanese Maples and Conifers. Initially, they claimed items had been sent, but would not provide a tracking number. Then they said that the two trees I ordered were being returned to them 12 days after they were "shipped". I've never heard of this happening with USPS or UPS. Then they said they were sending a second shipment. It too has not arrived, five days after it supposedly shipped. My advice to anyone interested in purchasing, is not to. On the other hand, I've had very good experiences with Maplestone Ornamentals.

On March 1st, 2016, LilyMia changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: I did finally get my plants. One was about three inches high and the other was five inches long on a two foot tall scion. I will say the one on the tall scion is turning out lovely, and while the other is healthy, it is not the coloration it should be. So even though it took forever to get my order I am fairly satisfied with the outcome.
On March 2nd, 2016, LilyMia added the following: Sorry I meant to say two foot tall rootstock and five inch scion. lol

On Oct 23, 2015, PhillyMike (1 reviews) from Philadelphia, PA

Ordered two year old dwarf Japanese Conifers (Sherwood Compact & Irish Bells). They arrived quickly and in good shape. via UPSP Priority Mail... they went cross country from Vancouver WA to Philadelphia PA in 2 days - Wed to Fri) I initially emailed the company about shipping dates, and they quickly got back to me... granted it is October, and they are likely not crazy busy. The year old graphs are small, which I expected having read other reviews. It is still a bit of shock... seeing these little 6" trees... they are little guys.. but they look very healthy. I think it can be a little confusing because the pictures on the website feature older trees... which you are not ordering. Usually a 1 year old tree is about 6" I think... for the Pines anyway. Tried to post a pic... but am unable to. I almost prefer the little trees... they will transplant easier and more likely to adjust and grow better. So, no complaints here. I will not hesitate to purchase again.

On Sep 23, 2015, katwb (3 reviews) from Calhoun, GA

I have purchased two different JM from them. One was a Manyo No Sato. I shipped quickly and arrived safely. I understood that it was a "1 year" graft.... and it is 6" tall with 7 leaves. Tree seemed healthy enough - so I will watch it grow. Then to my second purchase.....Amagi Shigure - 2 year graft. If you know anything about this one it is said to have better coloring than the Purple Ghost - which I don't have - so I had to get this one. It was a little taller - about 16" (2 year??) so they stuck two boxes together. They had separated but fortunately not enough that the tree was damaged - here is my problem .... its green. I don't mean a shade of green - slightly green - not even remotely purple - its green - and they advertised it as "holding its color all summer". I emailed them several times through Amazon and they did respond each time saying it was correct and that the color would come later. It has leafed out and the new leaves are a bright pink then have faded to green. I am hoping that next year all will be well - they did answer my complaint - but didn't respond to "I want a refund". I am ok with the trees - and they will grow eventually making beautiful adults. I have been "spoiled" by a seller on EBay that I have purchased around 10 JM from and each have been healthy and nice size for a 1 year graft. Will I purchase from them again?? Very possibly and reason being is I live in an apartment so I have very little room for larger trees and my deck (I live on the second floor) looks like a crowded jungle - so I want them small (taller than 6" would be better) - and for the price and my tight budget - if my EBay seller doesn't have the variety I want I would consider buying again - but nothing more than a 1 year graft

On Aug 20, 2015, Canarykeeper (12 reviews) from Menlo, IA

I just placed a rather expensive order with this guys. The plants arrived today and I was shocked. 1 'Gelbunt' Abies Koreana was barely 2" tall, for which I paid 19.95 for. Everything received was under 6" tall. The shipping was very high, so I doubt I received "combined shipping." 8 tiny evergreens cost a little over $30.00 to ship. When they were on Ebay, I thought they were a decent company to buy from, as I bought from them frequently. However, since they pulled themselves from eBay (or maybe forced off) the company seems to be less scrupulous. I feel scammed. 8 tiny plants for $192.30. I will NEVER do business with them again.

On Jun 8, 2015, ysfex3 (10 reviews) from Greeneville, TN

I've ordered a few times from this company, and I've always gotten acceptable quality product for the price. One of my latest orders, however, had a ginkgo that did not leaf. This was a Spring order, so there could not have been winter damage. There is no listed way to reach the company for service, which in itself is a big red flag. I was able to reply to the initial shipment email, and the response was to wait more so the plant would have more time to leaf. Two more weeks and all my other ginkgos have been in leaf for a month. That is more than enough time for any dormant plant to leaf. I emailed them again about 4-5 times but have received no responses. Since they responded the first time, I'm assuming they're just ignoring my emails. I'm not going to pursue the 15 or so dollars because it's just too much effort. The thing to keep in mind about this company is to know that the price is worth it if you no have problems with your plants, but the service level seems to hover around "Ignore them, and they'll give up eventually." Honest review from a multiple time customer.

On Jan 27, 2015, dmcconnell (2 reviews) from Exton, PA

I only registered on Dave's Garden to warn others that maybe considering doing business with this shady merchant. BUYER BEWARE! Great website, great selection and good prices. But that's where the greatness ends! 1-year grafted Japanese maples are 6" scions on sloppy grafts with no labels to distinguish one plant from another. If there should be a problem with an order, this company has no conception of customer relations. This company will not even honor their own guarantee! My initial problem was caused by USPS, not this merchant. USPS sent my plants from WA to Pa via Guam, which took 12 days. Needless to say the plants were toast. I sent 3 emails, even called once and left a message. No response from the merchant. It is impossible to correct problem situations, if the merchant refuses to communicate with their customers. Their guarantee states; "We always listen to customers and consider their concerns when they let us know. We urge you to email at the onset. Many situations have been corrected after dialogue with us." REALLY! This was definitely not my experience. I let them know at the onset (the day it arrived in Guam). So, basically, this merchant has no guarantee! Their guarantee is just words to make you feel comfortable buying from them. If a problem should arise, they will simply ignore you. I should have known better: 1st red flag - I was a little leery because of the numerous negative reviews on Dave's Garden website. 2nd red flag was no telephone number on their website. 3rd red flag (after receiving plants) was the PayPal invoice had the merchant listed as "Japanese Maples and Conifers" (japanesemaplesandconifers.com is actually the website for the Maple Ridge Nursery). BTW, this merchant goes by several other different names on the internet. I have since purchased several other Japanese maples from other online nurseries. Yes, they are pricier, but you get a much better product. All of them are, in every aspect, well above these unprofessional amateurs. I had to file a dispute with MasterCard to recoup my losses, which after ~3 months, was resolved in my favor. Based on my experience and other consumer's experiences listed on Dave's Garden website, I would strongly recommend buying elsewhere. Maybe a company that actually functions as a professional business.

On Sep 13, 2014, directorrod (12 reviews) from Rockton, IL

Posted on September 13, 2014, updated September 13, 2014 Fool me once, shame on me! Don't be fooled, this company deserves every negative comment it's received! I got a very little runt Japanese maple that was shipped in a flat (2 and 3/4 inch deep) Priority mail carton. It is alive but will take many years to reach any measurable size at all, and was a very poor value for the money spent. I am experienced with Japanese maples and this was definitely not a case of unrealistic expectations.

On September 13th, 2014, directorrod changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: I want to modify my initial reaction that was very negative. On further reflection, I probably went way over the top. I'd rate this transaction as neutral and my level of satisfaction as fair.

On Aug 22, 2014, Rondo212 (7 reviews) from Brookfield, CT

I found this company randomly while browsing for unusual plants. I was very impressed with their selection and pricing. I checked reviews on here and decided to order despite the negative reviews. As an experienced Horticulturist, I know what a "1-year graft" Japanese maple is. I ordered 12 trees, most of which were 1-year grafts and what arrived completely met my expectations. They were packaged well with all pots completely wrapped in plastic and staked to prevent damage to graft unions. I did order a Ginkgo biloba 'Troll' which is an extremely diminutive selection, that could have been a little larger... The negative reviews on here are probably due to a lack of familiarity with plant production. If you want instant gratification, this is not the supplier for you. If you have patience and enjoy the reward gained from nurturing a small (6-10") plant into a mature specimen, not to mention the savings, give them a try.

On May 8, 2014, lvEames66 (1 reviews) from Gloucester, MA

I had ordered 2 bamboos, both are dead now. I had also ordered a Corrallinum Japanese maple, which did not have characteristic features of that specific cultivar. I did emailed the company to let them know that they sent the wrong one, 3 times... no answer. I want to mention that I am very familiar with corallinum maples, I had a beautiful specimen in a pot, and someone walked away with it. I am so sad about this... its been 3 years. I want to warn anyone considering buying fron Japanese Maples And Evergreens website. Consider other companies and be more safe about it.

On Apr 27, 2014, brentirwin3435 (1 reviews) from Anderson, IN

Posted on April 27, 2014, updated April 27, 2014 PLEASE NEVER order from this company. They are terrible! I ordered 16 japanese maples from them and 11 of them were dead within the first month and the other five aren't looking good at all and I think they may also die. They sent me trees I didn't even order and didn't send me trees that I did order. I have sent over 20 emails and tried to call repeatedly with no response. I have sent them pictures and complained wanting my trees replaced and wanting the trees that I ordered that they didn't send me. I spent $318 that I basically just threw out the window. Their grafts are horrible a couple of the trees fell apart where the grafts were. They look like they used hot glue or something. It's amazing that they get any business at all. I feel sorry for the people who have been ripped of by these amateurs. I paid $318 for a bunch of kindling for my bonfires.

On April 27th, 2014, brentirwin3435 added the following: These positive comments must be employees because none of them are true to my experience with them. They are the total opposite.

On Apr 20, 2014, mboden (1 reviews) from Lincoln, NE

I ordered several varieties of grafts from japanesemaplesandevergreens.com and they all arrived in beautiful condition. A few days later when one started showing signs that it might not be healthy I contacted them by email and immediately received a response. They gladly resolved my issue and sent me a replacement tree.

On Feb 15, 2014, sandersh (2 reviews) from Kenosha, WI

I recommend this seller. I received two three-year grafted maples (semi-dwarf varieties, beni maiko and winter flame). They were 25" and 31" tall with 1/4" diameter. The shipment was well packaged, arrived quickly after the order, and the trees were in good condition and looked very healthy. I was hoping for a bit larger/thicker trees for the price, but have no complaints at all.

On Nov 21, 2013, sendylove (1 reviews) from Keokuk, IA

I am simply thrilled with Japanese Maples and Evergrenes. I have ordered 4 dwarf maples from them, even though I wasn't quite sure how it will work out based on mixed reviews I have read after I already purchased them. Thanks God, the maples arrived quickly and they were really well packed. It really made me happy that my experience wasn't like some other people claimed it will be, because I got maples that I wanted and ordered. Besides the shopping and shipping part, I just have to say that people at Japanese Maples and Evergreenswere really pleasant as I contacted them regarding a new order that I had no experience with. They have helped me out, so after I ordered once again, they have sent me a book on how to Grow Japanese Maple Seeds in order to help me out to the max. I honestly recommend them as my experience was great, these people are very pleasant and easy to work with. I plan on getting even more maples from them. And even if it happens that there is some problem with the shipment and transportation, I am sure they will help out if the complaint if sent in time. The same thing is suggested for everyone, each and every problem can be solved through conversation, and when it is a great business like this who cares about customers, it is a piece of cake. S.L.

On Nov 21, 2013, nitinsharma (1 reviews) from galle,
Sri Lanka

Going through online I ordered 4 grafted Japanese maples from Japanese Maples and Evergreen. What I ordered was of the semi dwarf size which is quite rare and hard to find. I liked the diverse in color and size of the plants which I got. The experience I had with this company was very cordial and the staff was very prompt and attended to my needs t choose from what I wanted. The delivery was timely and the packages reached in good condition,all neatly packed and intact. The plants were all healthy and fit for use. I was very pleased about it and the costs which went for it too was worth the buy I believe. Satisfied with the service , I would return for future purchases as I have in mind to catch on some bamboos.

On Nov 11, 2013, ppryal (1 reviews) from RAPID RIVER, MI

I ordered 2 Japanese maples from these guys. They were both supposed to be 2 year grafts. One of them was OK, but a bit on the small side. the other one was a 10" high twig with the graft completely falling apart. I e-mailed them twice, they don't appear to have a phone number (I can certainly see why ). I got no response. I opened a claim on paypal but in order to get reimbursed I have to send the tree's back at my expense and HOPE to get paid for my return shipping from them. I seriously doubt that would happen. AVOID these amateurs and buy from only reputable sellers !! Pat

On Nov 1, 2013, Propagator77 (1 reviews) from Lake Purdy, AL

Posted on November 1, 2013, updated November 1, 2013 Posted on October 25, 2013, updated November 1, 2013 I issue a strong warning to anyone who considers purchasing from JAPANESE MAPLES AND EVERGREENS. I am a retired horticulturist and greenhouse owner, with a specialization (and special interest) in rare evergreens. I considered sampling their trees. A number of the trees died, primarily at the graft sites. I must wonder now about the seller's level of expertise... clearly more of a seller than a true grower. Over two dozen contacts were attempted over a year's time... yes, that long, and never a word was heard back from the company. Not a drip. I bundled a number of the contacts over two months time before posting on Dave's. In good faith, I cordially attempted to reach them. At this point, and based on consumers' experiences as listed on Dave's website, I must agree with those who have expressed dissatisfaction. BEWARE.

On November 1st, 2013, Propagator77 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: I favorably revise my comments as the seller 'eventually' contacted me with an apology, and a refund for the indicated concerns. This improved my experience and resolved my original concern. The resolution came after extreme and considerable effort. I sincerely urge the seller to not avoid communicating with customers who have concerns and attempt contact. It would appear that a number of others shared that experience. First contacts I would think are generally congenial. When ignored, a customer becomes inflamed. Props to the seller for eventually rectifying the matter. Please carry this forward with other customers, sooner. There is enough feedback out there now about our mutual experiences with your company. WE ARE WATCHING. Pleasantly surprise us.
On November 1st, 2013, Propagator77 changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

On Jun 23, 2013, sydneysue (1 reviews) from Maple Valley, WA

Of the ten maples I ordered, one was dead when it arrived and one died within a few weeks. I tried numerous times to contact this company by phone as the contact email address they list on their website does not work. I have never received any response from them in spite of my pleading with them to at least return my call. I am very surprised as they claim to guarantee their products.

On May 11, 2013, treebird101 (13 reviews) from Bedford, IA

I just received what should have been a "Gold Rush" Dawn Redwood but instead it is a plain Dawn Redwood like the rest of the ones I have. I do have 1 "Gold Rush" Dawn Redwood growing and liked it so much that I decided to get another. I figured I would give this nursery a try because they were offering the tree through ioffer.com from "Oregon Nursery" for 29.90 with free shipping. I guess you can't trust a nursery that has to go by several aliases. The tree was nice and healthy but very disappointed in NOT getting a "GOLD RUSH" Dawn Redwood. Maybe they assumed I wouldn't figure it out.

On Apr 27, 2013, jstar53 (1 reviews) from La Cienega, NM

I've had a very good experience with Japanese Maples and Evergreens. They have a nice selection of dwarf conifers and everything I have ordered has been shipped quickly, the plants are in great condition and the prices and shipping costs are reasonable. Questions via email were answered promptly too.

On Nov 28, 2012, billhollid (1 reviews) from Lake Ozark, MO

I ordered two Japanese maples from this company and they were lost in shipping per the USPS tracking info I received. I forwarded that info to Japanese Maples and Evergreen company via the email address given on their website, but they NEVER responded to multiple emails from me requesting that they re-ship and that I would gladly pay again for shipping costs. NO response!!! Total ripoff.

On Jul 30, 2012, shibagirly (1 reviews) from CAMINO, CA

I came across these guys on ioffer. I've paided for five trees, but only got four of them. One of the trees I actually received died. All but one arrived in poor condition. One tree showed up looking like a hack graft that they did the night before, with only one tiny little twig glued on. The one that was in good shape I didn't even buy. They accidentally sent me a coral bark maple, which arrived folded over in two small boxes taped together. I emailed them and insisted on paying for the tree. They gladly took the money. Then the next tree I paid for, a three foot Emperor I japanese maple, never came. I paid $19. The charge went through on my Visa, I checked. I tried repeatedly to contact them, but never got a response. I asked them to either refund my money or send me the tree. No response. Nothing. I will never buy anything from them again. The grafts are sloppy. But I guess that's why their trees are so cheap. You get what you pay for.

On Jul 14, 2012, cbellwood (5 reviews) from Central City, KY

Posted on July 14, 2012, updated July 14, 2012 I found out that this company was Oregon Grown Nursery from Ebay stores, by the plant tags that I received on the Japanese Maples that I ordered from them. Some missing tags, stuck inside 3 priority mail boxes stuck together taped in the box with no other packing and boxes smashed in. I ordered several that looked OK. Small and damaged leaves with so- so grafting. The last order had 2 and 3 year old trees. The 2 year old arrived with the leaves totally crispy and the soil so dry it slipped out of the pot, hard as a rock. They could have least watered these before they shipped them in the scorching high 90's and 100 degree temps. across the country. I emailed the company and sent photos. I am waiting on a response to my request to replace that tree. It looked the same size in diameter to the one year old trees earlier and one in this order that I purchased from them. I wasn't totally happy with all the trees that I ordered since I've ordered from Maplestone and Acer on Ebay and felt cheated after receiving their trees in the same weeks ordered from this nursery. Their trees arrived very well packed, undamaged and all leaves alive and thriving. This nursery is hit and miss. I'd say a 50/50 chance of getting a nice looking tree that is healthy looking. I still am leary about placing another order with them since this one came fried and unwatered, with a few others without tags or not looking real good. Not the worst, but certainly not a very good impression that they made on me at all.

On July 14th, 2012, cbellwood added the following: I made a mistake on the ages of these trees. They were 3 and 4 year old trees and one was 1 year old. Now I'm really disappointed with this order. Still waiting on reply. If nothing by the end of day on Monday, I'll contact paypal.

On May 7, 2012, jrweinberg (1 reviews) from Kerhonkson, NY (Zone 5b)

Plants shipped quickly. Came nicely packaged and with a nice root system. I also thought their pricing was good.

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