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I'm reading over the feedback left by customers for this company and it amazes me that people will give a company a negative feedback when it is completely obvious that it is the buyer that is at fault here?? This company states in its warranty policies that they will refund any plant if you return it within 14 days and they will replace it up to (1) year if you send them the shipping label off of the package the plants came in and THEY DO!! You cannot blame this company if you do not read the warranty policies, especially when they inform you of these policies numerous times during the ordering process and every product page has the following large red text and link "CLICK HERE - READ BEFORE YOU BUY PLANTS!!" People need to read!

The plants shipped from this company are freshly dug and dipped in terra-sorb prior to packing. Live plants should be checked upon arrival as stated and if they are still alive after digging them up, cramming them into a box and shipping them across the country then chances are they will survive as long as you take care of them according to the instructions that are sent with the plants, however if you skip reading those as well then your plants will most likely die.

There are not many inexpensive places to by bare root trees and shrubs anymore and these unwarranted negative comments left by people are the cause.

posted on January 3, 2013



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On Jul 14, 2013, Fruitgrower1 (1 reviews) from Kansas City, MO

I purchased fruit trees, I received them six months after ordering them - after the season for planting, and after writing them to ask for a sped up delivery. I only recieved a form letter. I called and got nothing better. Nothing could be done to speed up the process. The plants were dead (the local extension arborist confirmed this) - but, because it took so long to get the trees, and given the first order was dead - all I wanted was my money back - because the chance of getting more dead trees was not a chance I could take. Interesting that the company representative writes their response in the 3rd person - as though they are a customer supporting the company. Yes - their webpage does provide all of the warnings - but, no one would expect every single rule to be taken to the limit - with absolutely no flexibility to the customer. Not only beware - but, know there are other, more reputable companies who will work with the customers to ensure they are made whole when the product is nonviable.

On Mar 27, 2013, Frank1965 (23 reviews) from Shreveport, LA

I ordered two trees and am very happy. They arrived nicely packaged and very much alive. They were showing buds and very well shaped. I asked a question and had good prompt feedback which was nice. If you need to landscape a lot of space this would be a great place since the prices are very reasonable.

On Oct 17, 2012, mizou55 (5 reviews) from St Louis, MO

I had basically the same experience as the Oakville, MO guy. I received a red dogwood that was dead, but I planted it anyway. I received two hemlocks that were at least still green, but simply turned brown and died after planting. I can't remember the free items, but I remember I threw them away. Since as others have stated they require the shipping label they wouldn't work with me. I contacted them right away, but they said you must plant and see if they grow, so 3 months later I contact them again, and of course since they actually grow nothing, they are never at fault and you must contact the growers. This is not a good way to do business. They are really cheap for a reason. Never again.

On May 28, 2012, hah (4 reviews) from Waukesha County, WI (Zone 5a)

WARNING TO SHOPPERS: if you buy from here, be sure to keep the PACKAGING LABELS! You need it if you ever want to use the warranty! Also be aware they drop ship their bare roots from other nurseries - they don't grow things themselves. I ordered a willow tree and 2 redbuds. My expectations were horrendously low. Their website has only been around since 2009, only 1 recent review (a negative), and I can get 3 trees for under $10? Just seemed ridiculous, but I gave it a shot. The willow tree (stick really) was fairly long for the price. Roots were ok. The red buds were at the low end of the size range purchased (I think 1.5'-3'). Pretty good roots for the size of the trees. The order came with 2 free tulip trees, which apparently are a somewhat hot item on freecycle :) . These were really small. Good roots though. I just planted the willow and the red buds recently, so I expect it will be quite a while before they come out of dormancy and start to grow. However everything was packaged nicely, and passed the scratch test (very green inside). And pretty good instructions were included. The free twigs were a nice touch (I think they also sent a maple also with the willow or something like that, too). So for now they get a positive rating from me. If either grows it will have been worth the $10 I paid. The redbuds at the local nursery (admittedly 5 feet bigger than these) run for $399. The red buds and tulip trees came directly from "Farmer Seed & Nursery" in IL. I didn't keep the package for the willow so I'm not sure where it was from.

On May 21, 2012, ajhammer42 (4 reviews) from Oakville, MO

I purchased a dormant Henry Lauder's Walking Stick shrub from this company and it did not make it. I did the scratch test and confirmed that I had been watering a dead stick, probably for weeks. The creeping thyme plants arrived half crispy- but I planted them anyways as I have had some luck with other poor looking plants this year- they also did not survive. Also- the FREE items they advertise were duds. We were given random bulbs: poppies, shamrock (potted indoors), hollyhock, etc... no growth. The hollyhock I received from Gurneys this year are wonderful. The packaging for the plants was horrendous and pretty much non-existent. I received a giant bag and the plants were just thrown in without any sort of protection. The company states that they do not grow themselves but use other suppliers. I have only requested a replacement of the walking stick since it was a pretty pricey item for me. They require original packaging to be mailed back and are unwilling to work with me because of it. In all my years of ordering from online plant suppliers I have never dealt with anyone so unreasonable. I sent them a formal request as they suggested only to be e-mailed me a copy and paste of an e-mail they sent just a few days prior. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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