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Welcome to Bayou Blooms Online Nursery where we grow plants just for you. Bayou Blooms is a small family owned business. We recently opened our online store and will slowly be adding plant stock. Please check in often to see our newly added plants. We offer low cost, low maintenance landscape plants available in 4 inch, quart, 1 gallon & 3 gallon containers. (All pots are removed to save you on shipping cost.This does not hurt the plants in any way for pots to be removed for shipping.) Bayou Blooms provides high quality plants that perform well in a variety of garden designs to enhance your gardening experience.

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posted on April 3, 2012



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On Aug 27, 2013, TropicalPam (1 reviews) from Cooper City, FL (Zone 10b)

Love my Albizia julibrissin Summer Chocolate!!! Cause I love PURPLE LOL!!! Is the tree grafted? Do I cut the green leaves off at the bottom or do they turn purple? So far it is growing great.....a Fabulous tree was shipped to me!!!! thanks Dollie!!!!

On Jul 12, 2013, pattygreengenes (14 reviews) from Lansdale, PA

Posted on July 1, 2013, updated July 12, 2013 I ordered two Cajun hibiscus - Magic Moments @ $18.99 and Magnifique @ $12.99. Both were about 5" stems with one or two leaves. I also rec'd a small (6" plant) but bushy variegated foliage hibiscus I guess to make up for the rather sorry state of the other two. Communication was good and they seem like nice people but the plants were simply not worth it the price, even with the consolation prize. I also ordered hibiscus from Hidden Valley and those plants were much more robust.

On July 12th, 2013, pattygreengenes added the following: Bayou Blooms responded. I am happy to receive the $6.00. Patty, I sincerely feel bad about your disappointment upon receiving your Cajun Hibiscus. If you've read my rebuttal post you'll have read that I think it was a shipping error, and you received two 4 inch containers by mistake. I'm a honest person to deal with and would have refunded you right after plants were shipped, had I known you had an issue. I can offer you two options that may clear this matter up to your satisfaction: Option One: You can return the two Cajun Hibiscus and I'll give you full refund for purchase price once plants arrive. Option Two: You paid $18.99 for a 12.99 plant. I can refund you $ 6.00 for the over charge. Either option please keep the Red Variegated Hibiscus as a gift. All hibiscus grow fast, and once this one fills out and puts on blooms it's a real beauty. I'll be out of town on a buying trip to Al. and Fl. until late Thursday night, or Friday morning. I will in touch at that time to settle up with you. Again Patty, I'm very sorry and do apolpgize. Warm regards, Dollie

On Apr 21, 2013, agravation (1 reviews) from Webster, FL (Zone 9a)

Super friendly and helpful people. Above and beyond customer service. Plants were received in excellent shape and in a timely manner. Would highly recommend!!

On Apr 15, 2013, pbtxlady (14 reviews) from Garland, TX (Zone 8a)

I have ordered several times from Dollie, the most recent order being a number of groundcover plants. Every order I've ever received has been much larger and healthier than expected, and the ajugas were no exception. Shipping is prompt and plants are well-packed. Very satisfied customer.

On Apr 9, 2013, sunlovr9 (2 reviews) from Utica, NY

I was really pleased with the plants received. They were healthy good sized plants and were well packed. Shipping charges were very reasonable, too. A surprise gift plant was included and hardy for my zone 5. I appreciated Dollie's email communications, one them being detailed planting instructions. This was my first purchase with them and my impression is that this company cares about it's plants and customers. I would order from them again. Thank you very much!

On Apr 6, 2013, GardenGuyKin (8 reviews) from Portland, OR (Zone 8a)

I happily received some wonderful plants from Bayou Blooms this week. Customer service has been extremely polite and informative. Instructions for care on each plant was sent by email which I found helpful. Dolly was unable to send 1 of the plants I ordered, refunded $ and also sent another plant as a gift. I look forward to doing business with In the future! Thank you! Kin

On Mar 22, 2013, 9kittymom (7 reviews) from Bartlesville, OK (Zone 6a)

Sent really healthy and well grown Snow Queen hibiscus plants. Huge roots, very happy. Also sent a very nice Blue Ginger plant, everyone should check out their plants. Recommend highly. =^..^=

On Mar 22, 2013, rugnbaba (1 reviews) from Columbia, MO

My plants far exceeded my expectations. Packed very well for protection and to stay moist. Beautiful healthy plants. One was so big with healthy roots that I filled 3 pots! Definitely thrilled to find this company. Bayou Blooms rocks!

On Mar 21, 2013, poppetmochi (3 reviews) from Mukilteo, WA (Zone 8a)

I also discovered Bayou Blooms through DG. I am very happy with my purchase-the communication-the extra careful packaging-quick shipping and the follow up email with planting instructions...and the extra little plant :) Thank You so much!

On Mar 11, 2013, allright (1 reviews) from Marietta, GA

The day my order and payment for six Florida Anise Shrubs was received, I got an email from Dollie asking when I wanted the plants shipped. If our weather was acceptable she could ship them immediately. I told her that I was ready now and two days later, the plants were delivered. Besides very fresh healthy plants, she sent another email with with detailed planting instructions. Bayou Blooms is the first place I'll go for ordering plants.

On Oct 23, 2012, RmRussell (1 reviews) from Norcross, GA

Talked to Dollie, and she was very sweet and helpful. My purchase was great. Health plant with instructions to boot. I couldn't be happier, and plan to do much more business with Dollie in the future.

On Jul 1, 2012, toy747 (2 reviews) from South Florida, FL (Zone 10b)

Amazing customer service. Second to none. My order came with 2 damaged plants. I sent an email, which was responded to immediately, and I received my replacement plants a few days later along with a very generous gift. All the plants I received were very healthy and are all doing great. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you so much!

On Jun 16, 2012, emmaex (5 reviews) from Bordelonville, LA

I received my order of 7 milk and wine lilies the second week of May. These were the largest bulbs of this variety I have ever seen. The bulbs are growing at an amazing rate. Plants are vigorous. I could not be more satisfied and will definitely order again. Prices are very reasonable. I recommend this company because of reasoable prices, quick shipping, and high quality bulbs.

On Jun 11, 2012, virginiarose (64 reviews) from Portsmouth, VA (Zone 8a)

I met Dolly Parker through Mamajacks co-op and she had great plants at great prices. I was so excited to get two Morning Glory Trees, and the four Hibiscus are Huge! Also got three Caryopteris, ( petit blue) that are also ready for the garden and a absolutely huge Milk and Honey bulb and planted that right away too, can't wait to see this blooming!! I have never been this happy with plants at this price, they are huge! Can't wait to do more business with her. I would highly recommend her!! :))

On Jun 3, 2012, linette2001 (22 reviews) from Gainesville, FL (Zone 8b)

I ordered Cannas, a ginger, and Cajun Hibiscus. All plants were very healthy and shipped promptly. Prices were very reasonable.

On May 31, 2012, ViperX2E (1 reviews) from Rochester, NY

The service was excellent and the price very reasonable. I could not be any happier and look forward to doing more business with them in the future! I highly recommend doing business with these nice merchants!

On May 24, 2012, Old_Gardener (38 reviews) from Calabasas, CA

I discovered Dollie and Bayou Blooms here on Dave's and - WOW - what a wonderful experience! Although they are just starting out on the web, there is something for everyone. I ordered 16 plants including Cajun Hibiscus, Cannas, Hymenocallis festalis, purple-leaf honeysuckle, an obedient plant, and Milk and Wine Crinum. Dollie personally kept me up to date throughout the entire process - especially important to me as I frequently do not receive notifications from paypal - and she even sent me growing information on the plants that I ordered. I received the plants today (quick shipping) and every one of them exceeded my expectations. All were extremely well rooted and full and in absolute pristine condition. They also were packed with a great deal of care. Bottom line: Dollie is an absolute pleasure to do business with and it is apparent that Bayou Blooms will soon be listed among Dave's top 30. I definitely will order from her again (and again and again....). Thank you, Dollie, for being so gracious and so generous!!

On May 23, 2012, katenice (1 reviews) from Dayton, OH

I ordered a milkweed plant and received an excellent plant, excellent shipping quality & speed, and a great price! I received a couple emails updating me on the status of my order, which is nice. Sometimes you pay online and never hear from a company until the product arrives at your door. I even received the emailed instructions for caring for the plant. Would purchase from them again.

On May 11, 2012, Jazznart (3 reviews) from New York City, NY (Zone 7b)

This is my new first choice plant purveyor. Would that all nurseries were as smart, efficient, knowledgeable, helpful and just darn nice as Dollie of Bayou is. She answered my initial questions in detail, kept me up to date on the progress of my purchase and finally, as the plants were about to arrive at my home, emailed me with helpful hints specific to the plants I ordered. I may be in love (don't tell my wife I said that).

On Apr 25, 2012, megreg (1 reviews) from Minneapolis, MN

They very effectively sent a small plant all the way across the country. It arrived in excellent shape dispite the shipping box have obviously been pretty well beat up! The box may have been full of dents but the plant itself was nestled comfortably inside thanks to Dollies great care in packaging the plant. I appreciate the great work! I signed up for this site, figured out how to get to this kinda hidden rating system and composed this beautiful piece of stirring prose all based on how much I appreciate people I dont even know taking enough pride in what they do to do it well! Thanks! I would easily buy more products from this company.

On Apr 6, 2012, ROSES_R_RED (5 reviews) from Mount Bethel, PA (Zone 6a)

Wonderful selection of plants from Dollie Parker, the owner of Bayou Blooms. The information that she supplies makes the decision to purchase from her a very comfortable one. There is always an open line of communication for any further info necessary. All and all a most pleasant experience for quality and prices.

On Apr 4, 2012, Kathas9lvs (1 reviews) from De Ridder, LA

I love shopping with Bayou Blooms Tropical. Dollie educates her customers on how to care for their plants. The plants I have purchase are healthy and so beautiful. Customer service is her number one goal and it shows!!!

On Apr 4, 2012, frenny (1 reviews) from Woodbine, MD

Dollie Parker, the owner of Bayou Blooms goes beyond giving customer satisfaction with both high-quality plants and service. Dollie followed up on my order which was shipped to Puerto Rico to make sure the plants arrived well and that I was completely satisfied, offering to replace any plants, if necessary. She enclosed instructions regarding planting procedures to make sure the items had the best chance of survival. In the future, if I need tropical plants and cannot find them here on the Island, I will definitely contact Dollie.

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