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On Jul 9, 2021, nittfan58 (1 reviews) from Bloomsburg, PA

I placed two orders with Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. Stupid on my part, but when I placed the 2nd order, I did not know that my "dormant tubers" and plant from last year were DEAD, not dormant. They ship "dormant" plants/tubers and you can't tell if they are alive. They tell you to be patient - again and again and then demand pictures of where you planted the dead tubers/plants EVEN THOUGH NOTHING IS THERE ..... 'cause they're dead! Their website says they have a full one year guarantee so that you can rest assured that you will indeed have live plants the next Spring. Well, I contacted them multiple times within the required timeframe, sent them the photos (of nothing) that they demanded and then - after assuring me AGAIN that there was a one year guarantee on all plants they send me an updated email saying that because I purchased from their wholesale department the guarantee extends only to receipt of live plants! Huh?! After jerking my chain for 3 months and telling me my order WAS guaranteed, they reverse course and say no?! Upon receipt of my first order last year, there was a note in the box saying that the tubers were dormant and to plant them and they were guaranteed to come up next Spring. Nope - turns out not!! Most of the tubers were DEAD! I have the entire email chain from this company saved as "evidence", should they try to refute my claims. I would highly advise, do NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS SCAM BUSINESS!

On Jul 2, 2021, BaltoMoJoe (2 reviews) from Westminster, MD (Zone 7a)

This Company is Bullshit, and they DON'T give refunds ! I ordered 5 Ferns from them in may 2020, I received a sandwich bag with a ball of "roots" in it, so I untangled the roots, and Planted them, thinking I'd be surprised if anything grows from this mess, well nothing did, I contacted TWN, and was told "Well it's hot now, wait until Fall and see" so I did, Fall came and nothing grew, so I contact them again, this time I was told "They will grow in the Spring, just wait and see" so I wait, Spring comes and still not growing, (I'm not surprised) was told "It's still too cold, wait and see", come May 2021 I contact once again, said I was unhappy with my purchase and wanted my money back, this time I was asked to send a picture of where the plants were planted, so I did, Then I was contacted by the company that they don't give refunds, only credit, I informed them I really didn't want credit, but that was my only option, so I re ordered the Ferns, this bunch of root at least looked better then last years roots, I received them on May 24, 2021, planted them on May 25,2021, and here it is July 2 2021, and there is nothing growing. I would have had better luck buying the stuff Walmart sells in the Root Bags, in the bins of the Garden section. Do not waist your time, or your money, (because you'll never get your money back) This company sucks, the customer service sucks, and the products suck !

On May 23, 2021, Noglenogle (1 reviews) from Madison Heights, MI

In Sept '20 I paid for six trees (2 cedar, 2 pin oak, 2 red cedar). In mid November I recieved FOUR TREES that appeared to be dead with almost no root formation and dry branches and brown leaves/needles. They had been shipped FOLDED in a box half the length of the trees. The company told me they were "dormant" and to plant them. Now , May 2021 , I have dried , dead trees. I contacted Tennessee wholesale nursery they told me to do a scratch test which I did... they admit the trees are dead ... then they ask me to resend photos ... GAMES THEY PLAY .. they wanted me to pay to ship the DEAD TREES BACK ... then I provided my receipt which THEY , THE MERCHANT, LISTED "FLORIST SUPPLIES" under item description. Now, this cheating , lying , scandalous company had the audacity to email me back telling me they're "not FLORIST supply ". Are you kidding me ?? That was the last straw. I opened a complaint with my credit card company disputing the $150. Charge for dead trees. Shame on these people ! They should lose the privilege of accepting credit. They should be shut down. People are suffering in the world.. trying to do the best they can ... people struggle and for some , an experience like this could just push them over the edge. They need to be held accountable.

On Mar 31, 2021, ynasra1065 (1 reviews) from Henderson, NV

This is a clip-joint in plain and simple language.

On Mar 14, 2021, JamieJoon21 (1 reviews) from Greenbrae, CA

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is the worst on-line nursery I have ever done business with. Literally every single plant I purchased from them arrived DEAD, with almost no roots on them - mostly blueberries (the unhappiest mail-order plants I have ever seen). In addition, they sent a dead oak instead of the ordered Cornus kousa. After a defensive back and forth, they sent a replacement DEAD blueberry plant, also with basically no roots, and a DEAD Cornus kousa. I followed up repeatedly, asking them to do right by me by either sending me plants with a chance to live or refunding my money. The company refused to do either, and in my view was disrespectful as well. They insisted that the plants were fine and would all live. I have been gardening for close to 50 years, and I know a dead plant when I see one. I put all of the plants in the ground anyway, just to see if a miracle would happen. Months later, the dead plants are still dead! Surprise! (not dormant, mind you - dead). For contrast, I have planted well over a hundred plants, including blueberries and dogwoods, from a range of other online nurseries over the past six months. All arrived in good shape, well packaged, and I have lost only one plant - a rare sensitive Rhody. All the rest are thriving. I would not do business with Tennessee Wholesale Nursery again. They clearly do not have respect for their customers.

On Jun 16, 2020, cra_zplantlady (1 reviews) from Lebanon, TN

I made around a $1500 order of native plants to this nursery based on the recommendation of a neighbor. I have never been so burned by a nursery and I have ordered from at least 50 online nurseries in the past 2 years. They sent me the wrong plants mislabeled as what I had ordered for almost every plant. The most egregious - they sent me dogsbane instead of common milkweed. This looks the same as a bare root, but dogsbane is not attractive to monarchs, is toxic to mammals, and is VERY VERY INVASIVE through suckering roots. I now am in the position of having to try to remove it which will requiring digging every inch of my garden down to 1-2 feet and physically removing the roots and suckers, and then applying a strong herbicide. I am extremely upset about this. They charged me $20 each for highbush blueberries and sent me burning bush instead - LABELLED as blueberries. They sent me lyreleaf sage (a common garden weed) instead of bee balm (Monarda didyma). They sent me spirea instead of oak leaf hydrangeas. When I complained that they sent the wrong plants, I was told that because I hadn't entered "no substitutions" at checkout, I didn't qualify for a refund. They sent me invasive weeds labelled as the plants I ordered and then they hid behind their policy rather than making it right. I ordered about 200 trees. I will say that the hearty varieties such as redbuds and red maples did well and I lost relatively few - but that is because of the vigorousness of the species, not anything this nursery did right. However all but 2 of the 25 pin oaks died, all of the 25 black willows died, all of the willow oaks died and all but a few other maple cultivars died. I have since ordered from other bare root nurseries such as the Tree Store, and got really healthy strong trees with almost a 100% survival rate. I know how to plant bare root trees - the issue is they sever most of the roots in digging at tn nursery. I am telling you, I have had not great experiences at a few other nurseries, but I would still roll the dice on those ones because some products were good. However with this one, I will never ever spend another dime. RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND DON'T LOOK BACK.

On Dec 16, 2019, larryfresh (1 reviews) from Goshen,
United States

I ordered 24 crepe myrtle trees in 2018. Same story as the other postings....They looked DOA, I planted them anyway, had a couple conversations with customer service and none lived. I was told to dig them back up, send them back and a store credit would be issued. Never mind the labor, watering, postage etc. Fast forward to this fall... I decided to use my store credit on red bud trees. I ordered 6 3-4' trees for $211.98 of my store credit for my dead crepe myrtles. When they arrived, they were 1' trees. I emailed them and told they sent the wrong size trees and was asked to take a measuring tape, photograph them and send them the pics. I did so and received an email that said "sorry, my store manage says I can only refund you $30.00 for the size difference on the trees". I asked again for replacements since it was their error and this size tree does me no good. No luck. So I was charged $181.98 for 6 12" sticks of which one had the root stem broken off on arrival. I'm 0-2, should have known better and am seeking remedies. My faith in humanity continues it's downward spiral.

On Dec 2, 2019, Greggggarden (1 reviews) from Dallas, TX

I ordered 25 bare root plants spring 2018 received 25 dead dried sticks. Planted them anyway as purty in instruction. Plants never lived. Returned as per TN Nursery instruction for in-store credit. Reordered plants but did not receive due to heavy rains in Tennessee. Company said they would rush to me but never received. TN Nursery said they would mail out the following November 2019 and still have not received. Contacted numerous times to very unprofessional staff who hung up the phone many many times. Call today December 2nd and got the same story that my plants were on a rush I doubt they will survive the winter and I will never ever never never order mail order plants again.

On Oct 7, 2019, tuppance (1 reviews) from Oakford, IL

I ordered a number of trees last fall. All the maples had leafed out and were dry and brittle. I called the company and talked to a customer service agent. Firstly, their policy says that trees arrive dormant. These obviously were not, and I sent them the picture I took out of the package. The agent told me to plant them anyway and wait until the season was over and let them know. So I planted dead trees, and naturally they stayed dead. When I contacted them again to let them know that the trees were still dead, they said I had to dig them up and pay to send them back. Some of them were not even still around because they had been so dry that they had broken off. They should not have told me to plant dead trees. I should have insisted on replacement trees in the spring, but it was getting late in the season and I didnít want to get bare rooted trees any later. I contacted them numerous times, but they refused to replace my trees. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with, and I have been ordering plants for decades.

On Sep 18, 2019, runyon (1 reviews) from Reston, VA

I ordered 100 plugs of Carex pennsylvanica which was the minimum allowed. What I received was 2 zip lock bags labelled Carex pennsylvanica but with one of the bags obviously mislabelled. Customer service has been no help in identifying the second grass or even acknowledging a mistake was made.

On Jun 17, 2019, marisaPNW (1 reviews) from Redmond, WA

Two years ago I ordered 50 Dwarf Crested Iris. This year, they bloomed for the first time and I could see that I actually received Daylilies. I talked with them to let them know they sent me the wrong plants. They said that under their warranty, they can send substitutions. I responded that Daylilies and Crested Iris share little in common (different color, bloom time, height, plant family...) and could hardly be considered interchangeable. She said that under their "warranty", they could replace "ANY PERENNIAL OF ONE PRICE WITH ANY OTHER PERENNIAL OF THE SAME PRICE". Yes, read that again. It is hard for me to believe they are selling products to gardeners when the only criteria they use for a plant substitution is "perennial". They will not even tell you they are making the substitution. You will only find out 1 to 2 years later when it blooms since they sell bare root plants.

On May 24, 2019, Emma60 (11 reviews) from Grassy Creek, NC (Zone 6a)

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my over 40 years of buying plants through the mail. The plants seemed to be jerked out of the ground, thrown into a USPS Priority box, even though they were sent UPS, and there was nothing keeping them moist, so they were dead. Most were the wrong plants anyway (I know what plants are supposed to look like) and not even labeled. It was almost like it was a bag of nothings you were going to throw in the trash can. That's what it was - nothings. I should have known better than to buy from a company with too good to be true prices, and such an ignorant, poorly written website. I got no help with "customer service," as there was none, and even though I went through the BBB in Tennessee, there was no help for the customer there. The owner of the company had no interest in what he was doing at all or helping the customer. I don't know what these people are really doing at that address, but it sure isn't garden related. I tried posting this a few years ago, but there were so many negative comments about this company that Dave's removed them from the website for a while. I can think of only one other company in the country that is this bad but won't name it. They must be related though they're in different states. What a pitiful bunch.

On May 24, 2019, rosereese (1 reviews) from Charlottesville, VA

Awful awful company. They keep changing their name. At least 5 times, Iíve learned. Very suspicious. I ordered from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. All different names have same address in Altemont, TN. I ordered plants to be planted in spring before heat and drought hits. They said to allow 14 days since busy season. After 1 month passed, I tried to cancel order since too late for optimal planting. They said cannot cancel orders that have gone to fulfillment center. I asked credit card company to reverse charges. I hope nursery will not fight it. Reading all these negative reviews makes me hope the company goes out of business. Clearly, they have terrible customer service and lack of ethics. Thanks to Dave for providing warnings. How can we most effectively warn others?

On Nov 2, 2018, soldbydon (1 reviews) from Canton, OH

Dishonest seller! I ordered 4-5 ft tall pine trees and they came in a 4 ft tall box. Since the tree root structure takes up 8 inches in the box there was only 40 inches left for the above ground tree measurement. They also included this year's new growth in their measurement, which is not acceptable in the industry. I sent them pictures; they admitted their deceit, so they refunded me the difference between their 3-4 foot trees and the 4-5 foot trees but refused to take the trees back and ship out the correct ones. If I had wanted 3-4 foot trees I would have ordered those. Would have taken this up with my credit card issuer but, of course, the trees were ordered in May, billed in May, but shipped in October, so the credit card issuer wont get involved since the billing transaction is over 60 days old. They change their online web name when the reviews get bad so just go by their phone numbers of (931) 692-4252 and (931) 692-4837 and (931) 692-4266. It's all the same company. These folk are cheaters.

On Aug 20, 2018, Plantzlady (2 reviews) from Tioga, TX

I recently ordered from TN nursery and received all of my plants but 1. When I questioned it they immediately credited me back for the plant that was left off the order. The plants arrived in good condition.

On Jul 30, 2018, barcelonajack (1 reviews) from Cincinnati, OH

I ordered 5 trumpet creeper vines for a native garden and they sent 5 honeysuckle vines instead. They have refused to do anything about it.

On Jun 4, 2018, 3Danielgirls (1 reviews) from Nashville, TN

I ordered on 3/29 with assurance most of my large order would arrive mid-April and a few remaining things by the end of April. I received nothing and began to complain early May. I have to date received only 2 things on the oder of 9 different varieties, and one was totally dead. They will not communicate with me and refuse to return my money. My oder totaled to over $600.

On May 15, 2018, Roseoftx13 (1 reviews) from Magnolia, TX

Unbelievable... I bought 10 "plants". What I got was 10 dried sticks with dried up roots on them. I'm going to see what I can do with them, but I'm not holding out much hope. When I buy Plants, I expect Plants! Tried calling their service number, but all you get is a recording.

On Jan 30, 2018, TyWiggle (1 reviews) from Palmyra, VA

My opinion is to avoid them like the plague. I ordered 300 trees. When they missed the promised delivery time frame I politely ask them to cancel as I had to go out of town and would not be there to receive the trees. All responses were argumentative to the point of being hostile. They quite simply refused to cancel and refund the UNSHIPPED order so I warned them 3 times and then had to do a chargeback. The hostility and lack of professional behavior leaves me wishing I had reviewed the company before placing an order. I buy thousands of trees a year and they will be getting NONE of my business going forward.

On Nov 25, 2017, Agnis (4 reviews) from Ridgefield, WA (Zone 8b)

Beware of this company. They will not answer the telephone. They give false information in their answering machine message. They do not live up to their word. They sold me a tree, which was guaranteed for a year. It died. I had to send it back to them ($$$) before they would believe that it was dead. Photographs wouldn't do. They replaced the tree, eventually, BUT they sent a 5 foot tree wrapped in a piece of burlap. No box, nothing to protect the fragile stem. Just a piece of burlap loosely tied with a string. The tree arrived snapped in two. I emailed them immediately, that very afternoon, and never heard from them, even after sending the email again. I telephoned the number on the website. The advice was that I had to file a complaint with the post office in order to get insurance money. I went to the post office with the packing materials and photographs. I knew quite well that when a claim is filed on a damaged or missing package, it is the SENDER who files the claim, not the receiver. I am sure they are well aware of this. I emailed again, and I telephoned again. I have never heard from them. They are such cheats. I am surprised that they are in business. Yes, I told them about the damaged tree within 24 hours of receiving the damaged tree. They insist that this be done. I did it by email, so I have a record and so do they. They (and I) also have the record of when the package arrived. Still they ignore me. As suggested in the guidelines for posting here I have tried to resolve this problem, to no avail.

On Jun 28, 2017, stephbealee (1 reviews) from Minneapolis, MN

We purchased sedge plugs from Tennesee Wholesale Nursery on 10/11/2016, order #10803 for $704. The product arrived looking dead but inside the box there was a piece of paper saying, essentially, we ship bare root plants. They may look dead, but they are not. Plant them and water them and they will bloom in the spring. For their wholesale division (10+ plants) hey have a 24 guarantee on their plants where they will give refunds. Again on their warranty page (https://www.tennesseewholesalenursery.com/warranty/), they stress that plants will look dead but they are not. We planted ONE THOUSAND (yes, one thousands holes were dug) of these plugs and watered them. When spring came here in MN, we gave them until late May but I would say less than 5% came back. Maybe 1%. We spent hours digging and planting and watering these dead plugs. We sent pictures of our dead lawn and they said we would need to send back the plugs to get replacements and there are no refunds. I argued that 1) there are ONE THOUSAND plugs, I have already spent time planting them and watering them, I do not feel I should have to dig up ONE THOUSAND PLUGS when I sent pictures of our dead lawn. It's pretty clear they're all dead 2) There was only the tiniest root ball and a few sprigs of grass on each plug. We watered them all fall, they sat under snow, we watered in the spring. The plugs are decomposed and it would be impossible to dig them up and send them back. We tried to refute the charge with our CC but since 6 months had passed, we lost our window. The problem is, we planted them in October and you don't know if your plants are living in Minnesota until May. There support has been short and not willing to work with us. I'm extremely unhappy with their product and customer service. Researching after on places like Yelp, I have discovered I am not the only one unhappy with their services or that received dead plants and they are not willing to give a refund.

On Jun 7, 2017, 212Loni (1 reviews) from Ogdensburg, NY

I ordered from this company without checking here first. I learned my hard lesson. They never told me when they were shipping. They shipped USPS in a small padded envelope and charged me $48.00!!!! The roots are decomposing and miniscule. Unusable. I contacted the company right away and Tammy was SO RUDE. I spent $330 for plants for a youth garden club. We don't have the resources to lose that money on unthrifty, unviable plants. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. They will not honor their service.

On Jun 5, 2017, FernLove (1 reviews) from New York City, NY

Order arrived without the promised e-mail notice of shipment. Order included a lot of items I did not order...presumably to make up for the terrible condition of the actual order. Since you cannot make up for dead plants by including more dead plants I verified returns policy within 1 hour of receiving shipment. TN only takes wholesale returns if you get them back to them in 24 hours. Yes, 24 hours. That is only possible if you live right next door to them. No one does. No one that close will buy from them. I will go through my CC company to get my money back. Avoid this group under all its various names. If the address is in Tennessee....just avoid it.

On Apr 13, 2017, Stoffel (1 reviews) from Canon City, CO

I ordered a bulk lot of fiddlehead ferns from TN Online Nursery, or whatever name it is going by at the time. I AM IN NO WAY INFLUENCED BY THE THREATS OF LAWSUITS FOR POSTING NEGATIVE REVIEWS. All of my plants ABSOLUTELY grew and in no way shape or form arrived completely dead dried out sticks. I was ABSOLUTELY able to contact customer service and DEFINITELY received an immediate response. I DEFINITELY haven't been trying to contact them for months to get a replacement only to hear nothing back. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend them to anyone. DEFINITELY NOT INFLUENCED BY THE THREAT OF A LAWSUIT FOR POSTING NEGATIVE REVIEWS. Thought I would reiterate that.

On Apr 8, 2017, jnahnet (2 reviews) from Bootjack, CA

The California drought has decimated the trees on my property; I ordered 3 trees from Tree NurseryCompany, hoping to have found a good source for restoring the 5 acres I call home. I ordered 2 Oaks and a Redbud, all species that do very well where I live. Which doesn't matter when the "trees" are in fact dead sticks. They arrived dead, I have not gotten any reply to messages about a refund or replacement. I will never order from them again.

On Apr 5, 2017, matievski (2 reviews) from Livingston, NJ

Stay away from this company tnnursery.net They ship wrong tree seedlings , roots are bare in the box 12 day Fedex bone dry, twigs snap like a hay - they so dry, looks like they collecting trees in autumn and shipping bone dry twigs with no roots whatsoever in spring. No answering after you tell them about the problem, no feedback, you will be banned and your email will go to the spam folder. That suppose to be wisterias and ginkgos: //s015.radikal.ru/i330/1704/3f/cefb2e9b8b1e.jpg //s019.radikal.ru/i616/1704/4d/6f1eb4e8d475.jpg //s13.radikal.ru/i186/1704/5e/5a91c66399a1.jpg //s019.radikal.ru/i615/1704/dc/b89b06813e5d.jpg instead they heaven fruit trees or what not.. STAY AWAY FROM TNNURSERY.NET!!!!

On Oct 25, 2016, BDPlant (1 reviews) from Murrieta, CA


On Jan 23, 2014, ConnieEtter (1 reviews) from Martinsville, IN

I was so disappointed in my shipment. (I order tons of items online-- addicted to flowers). I searched all over for "Indian Pinks" which took me to TN nursery. I ordered these and hepatica. The hepatica they sent was pretty nice and thrived. The Indian pinks were a "muddy mess". I couldn't tell which end to plant or even what was a plant. I took photographs which I emailed to them along with asking advise on how to plant. The gal said she would ask the garden area. She did email me back saying. This was how they were suppose to look and to plant them. She ensured me they would thrive. Being hopeful I planted them. Unsure what was the top or bottom (maybe they are growing upside down? Ha). Anyway, not one of the 50 grew. I am crossing my fingers they show signs of life this year. Like everyone we just want pretty flowers. I did email them a couple weeks ago after receiving a coupon. I explained the plants failed to come up and would let them know if anything came up this spring. I have not heard back from them. Crossing my fingers I get pretty Fire Pinks this year. Dear TN, I don't want my money. Just flowers that grow.

On Feb 28, 2013, rugbycrumpet (7 reviews) from Sharon, MA (Zone 6a)

I have placed 2 separate orders with this company because I couldn't resist the low prices. And I guess it's true that you get what you pay for in this case. The 1st order arrived missing 25 hostas bare-roots. I emailed the vendor and their response was "the packing slip showed that they were included". I told them I don't care what the package slip said, they were not there! I did not get any further response from them. Unfortunately, I placed a 2nd order with the same vendor before I received my 1st order. If I had known about the problem with the 1st order sooner, I wouldn't have done business with them again. Today, I got a phone call & email from TN nursery regarding the 2nd order. They said that I have provided an invalid mailing address and the package was returned to them undeliverable - they said that if I still want the items, I have to repay the $21 shipping charge. That is absolutely not true! I did provide the correct mailing address. I even have the email order confirmation to show that I gave the correct address - instead, it was a processing error on the vendor's part. I just sent the order confirmations/proof to the vendor and now just waiting for their response. Regardless, I placed 2 orders with TN nursery and had issues with both. I will not be doing business with this company again. Very disappointed.

On Nov 26, 2012, Laurie777 (7 reviews) from Renton, WA


On Nov 5, 2012, GreenThumbTN (1 reviews) from Beverly Hills, CA

I ordered trees and recieved them dry small and barely any roots...2/3 of all the trees have so far died. I called them and the lady immediately put me off when I tried to ask for help in my tree purchase. She gave me customer service and this guy proceeded to talk to me as if he didnt give a damn about my problem and was unapologetic or sympathized with my situation. Bottom line asked to me to a scratch test on nearly 50 trees and then take photo's of each tree and email all this information to them. Then, the horticulturest would deicide (IF) they would do anything about it. Or I could buy more dead trees for 50% of regular price. I told him the trees have all turned brown and you can clearly see they are dead. He didnt give a shit what I had to say. I hung on them. DO NOT - DO NOT - DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKED ASS FRAUDS!! YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!

On Oct 31, 2012, tkinstle (1 reviews) from Comstock Northwest, MI

DONT BUY, UNETHICAL, UNTRUSTWORTHY They sent me trees without roots, they tried to twist the story like the trees did have roots and it was my fault they died. (how things ended) We guarantee them to arrive in excellent condition.... TN Nursery Well you did not satisfy the condition of your guarantee; sending me trees missing most of their roots and some of the tops cut off. Me We did guarantee them to be alive, and they were when you received them. TN Nursery Tammy, You just keep twisting your story. Please let me know by the end of the day Thursday if you actually are going to do something. Me .....you can get a 50% discount. TN Nursery Why would I want to buy more trees without roots? Me

On Oct 27, 2012, MILLER051603 (1 reviews) from Clinton, MS

I'll just let the following emails speak for themselves! I do not recall having such a negative experience with any company as I have with TN Tree Nursery. I did receive a refund for the missing plants. Although TN Tree Nursery insisted they did send the plants. Myself, my wife, and Mother in Law searched the packaging thoroughly. The plants were not in my shipment! Needless to say, they made me a bit flustered! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 9:10 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Someone submitted the form from your 'Contact Us' page Someone submitted the form from your 'Contact Us' page I did not receive my full order. My order of 5 Snow on the Mountain plants were not shipped in my order.I called but could only get voicemails or someone who couldn't help me. I would appreciate someone contacting me on this matter. I have read a lot of negative feed back about this company. So, I am beginning to get nervous about doing business with TN Nursery. I only hope this issue is resolved quickly. Thanks. Tn Tree Nurseries //www.tnnursery.net/ _____________________________________________________________________________________ From: "[email protected]" Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 11:21 PM Subject: Re: Someone submitted the form from your 'Contact Us' page the negative feedback no where out weights 5600 people we ship to. You may have seen 20 out of nearly 6000- The American Red Cross has worse feedback than us, not even .5%. But people look for bad if they donít get answers I suppose. Ive searched for your order (im home) and found it. I donít see 1 phone call,1 message, nothing. Ive been in this for 56 years and Ive learned to record calls that comes in and nothings ever been called in from 601-953-1177. Id like to know what # youíve called. Also when we are not near the phones, I pay $1000 per month to make sure all customerís calls get answered. They always take messages yet you say youíve called and someone couldnít help you- thatís what they are for (to take messages) and I donít see 1. We do not have voicemails at all on any phonelines we have (and we have 11 lines). I have about 3.00 in 5 snow on the mtn plants (a lot more if I counted my time) and I sure donít think 5 little plants is worth loosing a customer or making someone think we are a fraud company. I will pull your order and make sure you get your plants shipped out monday morning. Dennis Sons Tn Nursrry _____________________________________________________________________________________ Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 11:40 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Re: Someone submitted the form from your 'Contact Us' page Seriously? The first number I called was 931-962-4252, I did not leave a voicemail because it instructed me to call 931-692-4837. Whoever answered the 4837 # the person said it was not there dept and they would pass the message along. I did not state I left a voicemail. As to why you can't find my # on your ID- that's is not my problem. Just refund my card for the "5 little plants" ($17.99). I don't like to give business to people that are rude and unprofessional, which you were very in your email. You should not treat your customers in this manner- but I guess that's why all the negative reviews! _____________________________________________________________________________________ From: "[email protected]" Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2012 10:26 AM Subject: Re: Someone submitted the form from your 'Contact Us' page we wont be refunding anything. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2012 12:54 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Re: Someone submitted the form from your 'Contact Us' page WOW! So professional! No wonder you have an F rating with the BBB. Not to mention all the bad reviews. I'll expect my 5 snow on the mountain plants no later than Thursday. _____________________________________________________________________________________ From: "[email protected]" Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2012 3:43 PM Subject: Re: Someone submitted the form from your 'Contact Us' page you may get them. Your smart mouth only hurts you. Ive tried to get along with you. people like you is the reasoning behnd me not fooling with the BBB _____________________________________________________________________________________ Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2012 3:12 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Re: Someone submitted the form from your 'Contact Us' page CLASSY! YOU DON'T KNOW ME OR ANYTHING ABOUT ME!YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT SOME ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES....OR THERAPY!!!!!

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