387 Pitcher Plant Lane
Stanardsville, Virginia 22973 (United States)


We accept retail orders of $50.00 or more and have wholesale pricing for resellers. Payment is by check or PayPal. We ship within the USA.
Customer satisfaction upon delivery is 100% guaranteed. We've been raising Pitcher Plants for over 36 years. Our plants are all nursery-propagated.

posted on March 31, 2006



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On Aug 17, 2018, Botanist3 (4 reviews) from Stanardsville, VA (Zone 6b)

Rob Sacilotto, co-owner of Botanique. I've been struggling with the tech folks here at Dave's, trying to edit our outdated and often incorrect company information. So far, I've not found links to edit our profile or other company information, despite being logged in as the representative! Until this gets resolved, please know we accept retail orders over $50.00, as well as wholesale. We accept PayPal and our plants are bigger and better than ever! All 100% nursery propagated. We specialize in Sarracenia and some other pitcher plants.

On Jun 25, 2005, kzozkum (7 reviews) from Emmitsburg, MD (Zone 7a)

Ordered from them on several occasions...always top quality plants at very fair pricing. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

On May 23, 2005, Tigernach (14 reviews) from Charlottesville, VA (Zone 7a)

Rob and Butch, have always been extremely friendly and knowledgable about their plants. The incredible amount of care and consideration that goes into their plants is amazing. Also as far as price goes, they often sold species unavailable anywhere else for less than 10 dollars. Upon asking Rob about this, he honestly replied that he knows he could charge more, but it is more important to him to share the plants with the world. If that weren't enough, they put in many hours on research and conservation to make sure that these plants will be here for future generations. How cool is that?

On May 13, 2005, bladessf (2 reviews) from Canandaigua, NY (Zone 5b)

Just received a beautiful threadleaf sundew and a bog orchid to which was added extra bulb. The sundew arrived in wonderful condition. It was a large plant with many new emerging leaves. The bog orchids have the beginning of spring growth with many healthy roots. All plants were labeled and packaged with great care. I recommend this company to anyone interested in bog plants.

On Apr 1, 2005, bogman (2 reviews) from Cleveland, OH

I've ordered from Botanique on a number of occasions for plants for my bog garden as well as gifts for friends. the plants always arrived in superb condition, at a fair price, and occasionally extras were added. I can't say enough good things about Botanique and highly recommend them to anyone starting a bog garden!

On Sep 22, 2004, Equilibrium (32 reviews)

Website- A+ Plant Selection- A+ Plant Availablity- A+ Plant Quality- A+ Packaging- A+ Shipping- A+ Customer Service- A+ Overall rating- 5 Star! Does this it all?

On Apr 6, 2004, slubberdegulion (33 reviews) from Roanoke, VA (Zone 7a)

I received my order last week and was thrilled! I'm just starting a bog garden and thought I would try one of their bog garden specials. Every plant was lovingly wrapped and packaged with care. The roots were beautiful, intact and healthy. The directions and suggestions that came with the plants and bulbs I ordered were a welcome relief for a beginner (no running inside to get a book). I thought the prices were very competitive and seem well worth the care they were packaged with and the health of the plants. All are doing very well so far. I've already been telling neighbors where I got them.

On Aug 3, 2003, bigaxon (5 reviews)

Top notch nursery for carnivores and select "horticultural gems." Since I live nearby I was able to visit in person. This is the most impressive display of Sarracenia I've seen. Extremely well kept beds and vigorous plants. Rob gave me a personal tour of the entire place and was a very nice, easygoing guy. Of course, I ended up leaving with a lot more than I had planned on buying, but you all know how that goes. Probably the finest carnivore nursery on the east coast. Not the largest number of varieties of Sarracenia, but they have tons of the ones they do have. Great prices given the size...they don't charge by division like most, but rather by pot size. The smallest usually have 2 or 3 crowns. Also, their Nepenthes were so impressive I couldn't help but leave with a few. I could not recommend Botanique more.

On Jun 18, 2003, Tristan (7 reviews)

Their website is attractive and easy to navigate, their prices are VERY reasonable. Ordered a Sarracenia rubra pitcher and an Akai Ryu flytrap. Both of them arrived healthy, on time, and packaged well. Customer service was responsive, helpful. Their $15 minimum is a little annoying, but if you're purchasing more than one or two plants, it's fairly easy to meet the minimum.

On Jan 21, 2003, Passionweed (1 reviews) from Barboursville, VA

I live near the nursery Botanique and contacted them to see if I may come by and buy plants. They ARE NOT open to the general public, but seemed pleased to have "guests" if they call way in advance to make an appointment. OH MY GOSH!!! For ANYONE who EVER was a carnivorous plant enthusiasts.....hold onto your hats. I never saw anything like this place. Tens of thousands of Sarracenia growing to heights of three feet were everywhere...there were nothing but grade A plants everywhere and anywhere you turned. I couldn't believe the variety and the quality of what they sold....and the prices that they sold them for!!! EXCELLENT...beyond anything anyone could dream of. I could never over-express my total satisfaction of the quality of plants I purchased.....and have grown beyond my wildest expectations...all due to the exceptional care and quality to how they were raised.

On Dec 27, 2002, KWoods (14 reviews) from Glen Cove, NY (Zone 7a)

Fantastic selection. Beautiful website. The prices are a bit more expensive then some others but not when you consider the size beauty and health of these plants. A1 buy with confidence.

On May 25, 2002, TV (5 reviews)

Always get excellent plants from them, prices reasonable, and plants are large and healthy, no "runts". Good selection.

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