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On May 12, 2022, oscarkat01 (18 reviews) from Rochester, NY (Zone 6a)

Posted on May 5, 2014, updated May 12, 2022 I'd been looking for a Clethra Barbinervis 'takeda nishiki' for several years. I found Quackin' Grass Nursery while searching for it online. I'm very glad I ordered from Quackin' Grass. The plant was shipped at the ideal time for planting. It was literally in flawless condition. I really appreciate the careful attention to the packaging of the plant. It is a lovely specimen that exceeded my expectations. I like the unique selection of plants and the thoughtful writing that accompanies the plant descriptions/information. I'm looking forward to purchasing from Quackin' Grass again!

On May 12th, 2022, oscarkat01 added the following: Continue to have outstanding service and great plants from this nursery.

On Oct 12, 2021, carolreese (1 reviews) from Beech Bluff, TN

Beefy plants arrived beautifully packed on the date I requested. Owner Wayne was knowledgable, helpful and efficient. I heartily recommend.

On Sep 30, 2020, plant_collector (34 reviews) from Oak Ridge, TN

This was my first order from Quackin' Grass Nursery and I was pretty well pleased. Plants were shipped on exact date I asked and well packed. They were also of fair size for the price. Only thing I would change is better labels. From my experience labels done in pencil fade after a while (from the weather). However, I have a laminated label maker and I will make my own.

On Sep 17, 2020, Roselilly03 (1 reviews) from Norwich, CT

I never ordered from this nursery before, but I heard about it from a friend and I decided to take advantage of a really nice hosta sale that is going on. I was excited to find out that they have a great catalog full of hard to find plants! So, I bought a few more plants other than just the hostas. The plants arrived quickly and packaged well. The hostas were cut back, potted and moist. They were really well-rooted with multiple stems showing (I thought one was going to burst it was so full). The other 3 plants were in leaf and really good quality. The owner was very helpful with questions on placement and soil needs. I will definitely order from them again for sure. Highly recommended!

On Sep 2, 2020, Shopper12345 (1 reviews) from Saylorsburg, PA

I placed an order for 5 hostas. Shipping was $35. It was my first order w/ them, I assumed shipping was high because of the size of the plants. Came in a box that was 12 x 12 in and the hostas had all the leaves cut off and arrived in containers full of soil. I live on 11 acres and don't need more soil. Discussed with numerous experts who agree there are better ways to ship. Horrible experience for me. Won't be back. There excuse was "you're shopping in autumn so we cut leaves off.". Btw autumn/fall is 9/22. Still summer.

Company representative comment on September 12, 2020:
On Sep 12, 2020 12:36 PM, Quackin\' Grass Nursery responded with:

We sell potted plants except daylilies. Associated with every offering is pot size, plainly visible on the SKU bar between the plant name and the Buy Now button. We do cut hostas back when purchased through our autumn catalog, hosta among other perennials which are cut back to dormancy or partly cut back depending upon species. In the case of hostas that information is noted at the end of the Genus Overview at the bottom portion of every hosta catalog page. Hostas purchased in the spring catalog ship fully flushed, of course. We question the wisdom of sending bare-rooted hosta in full leaf in autumn or in any season. There may be nurseries that would entertain such practice; QGN is not that nursery.

Our shipping policy is clearly stated under the banner of Order Info. Charges are tiered according to the amount a customer spends. Between the pulling, cleaning, packing, boxing, materials, employee time plus the shipping vendor costs we hope only to break even and are relieved when we do. Had we sent hosta in full leaf in a larger box Shopper 12345's shipping costs would have risen. What we did send was mostly true 2-quart pots with damp soil hugging roots that filled the pots and crowns with multiple eyes in quite dormancy until next spring; it was a weighty box. I'd be personally very happy to have a candid conversation with the "numerous experts" referenced by this customer. We are open to new possibilities albeit only those that would speed plants to folks doorsteps safely.

This individual purchased quality, well-grown plants at special sale prices. Given that Shopper12345 has provided all with good soil in proper conditions we expect she'll be delighted at the size and quality when her hostas erupt from the ground next spring. As much as QGN attempts to please everyone we cannot satisfy all. There are those who will never be made happy or whole. But neither do we accept blame for what is the glossing over of basic customer responsibility nor the indulgence of willful presumption. May Shopper12345 discover gardens of peaceful zen.

On Aug 28, 2020, goviabroom (1 reviews) from Cleveland, OH

Wowee! I've been mail-ordering plants for many years and these were some of the best in recent memory. Fast delivery and larger than I expected (both plants and root systems). Worth the high shipping cost to get not-so-easy-to-find material.

On Jan 2, 2020, Suedotw (1 reviews) from Groton, CT

My favorite part of the new year is checking my email and seeing the new online catalog from Quackin Grass!! There aren’t enough stars to give this business. The plants my husband and I have purchased from Quackin Grass are what we refer to as our showpiece plants! The plants are strong and settle in well to new surroundings. We have never had a problem. Wayne, the owner, can and will explain in depth the care needed and the background of everything he sells. It is a pleasure to hear his enthusiasm and appreciation for nature and the beauty it provides. Don’t hesitate. You won’t be disappointed.

On Jun 24, 2019, NicInTheGarden (3 reviews) from Cambridge, MA

The order went out promptly and the plants were in good shape when they arrived; the Zingiber mioga - which I had not been able to get elsehwere - in particular has been growing very well since I planted it in the garden.

On May 29, 2019, kolomikta (3 reviews) from Somerville, MA

Wonderful selection of interesting plants and exemplary service. I don't expect nurseries to be perfect, but I do expect a satisfactory response to legitimate complaints. Quackin' Grass responded promptly and courteously to my complaint about a pot-bound shrub I received. Wayne immediately sent me a replacement, even though I had told him it wasn't necessary, and I subsequently ordered even more plants from him. They are all beautiful, healthy, and a good size. This nursery is now on my list of go-to sources.

On May 5, 2019, CooDeeFoo (15 reviews) from Central, SC

I have placed and received two orders this year: interesting and unique varieties, well-packaged, good flow of communication. I will order again.

On May 10, 2018, Mbohlayer (2 reviews) from Milton, DE

I just received my first daylily order from Wayne at Quackin Grass Nursery and was so impressed with the quality and price of their plants. They were not only cheaper than other competitors but larger clumps- more fans. They were well packed as the plants arrived very green and not stressed. The were well labeled and the box arrived Undamaged. Wayne is an incredible person and I have now submitted an additional order. The communication with Wayne during placement of the order and follow up has been very professional.

On May 4, 2017, srusso8912 (4 reviews) from Framingham, MA

I placed an order on April 30th for Sedum telephium subsp. ruprechtii ‘Hab Gray’, Solidago shortii ‘Solar Cascade’ and Sedum telephium subsp. maximum ‘Purple Emperor’. The next day I received a personal email from Wayne acknowledging my order with a little note explaining that the 'Purple Emporer' would deepen in color once in the garden, appearing pale on arrival due to being under poly in a greenhouse. I'm not quite sure which sedum is which because they weren't labeled, but will assume the one with pale mauve leaves is 'Purple Emporer'. No biggie. The 'Solar Cascade' actually has two plants in the pot, along with a lovely carpet of moss. The packing was excellent - all three plants still had all of their soil which was moist, and had minimal broken leaves. There were labels all over the box letting the Post Office know there were live plants in it and to keep it out of the heat. I was SO happy with my purchase from Quackin' Grass and will definitely buy from them again.

On Apr 19, 2017, ronbug4444 (12 reviews) from Sumter, SC

This nursery has a lot of hard to find plants. I ordered a Callicarpa kwangtungensis, and it arrived in the spring. Although it is dead now, (I was spraying Round-Up on weeds and the wind blew it) the plant looked like it would have thrived here.

On May 6, 2016, Jonnieso (2 reviews) from New Rochelle, NY

This nursery has a most attractive array of sometimes hard to find shrubs of which I ordered four. They were delivered early April well packed and in very good health. Wayne, at the nursery, was very responsive to questions that I had before ordering and after. The nursery seemed like a very personable operation that went out of their way to please. I was very impressed and will definitely order again.

On Apr 29, 2016, mdq224 (1 reviews) from Lackawaxen, PA

Received my first order on 4/28/2016. VERY pleased! The plants are all healthy and a nice size,one was even in bloom! Well packed and marked on the outside, no shipping damage. I e-mailed before placing my order for availability of an item and Wayne responded promptly. The website was easy to use and updated. As we lose more specialty nurseries, it was a pleasure to find this gem. I will most definitely order again, in fact, I am planning my autumn order now. :) Marianna

On Apr 22, 2016, frahnzone5 (17 reviews) from Bensenville, IL (Zone 5a)

This is the first time ordering from this nursery and I was very pleased. The plants I received were a nice size and in good condition. I was especially happy with the hosta venusta 'Masquerade'. I will certainly order from them again

On Apr 13, 2016, OGgarden (1 reviews) from Ocean Grove, NJ

I recently made a purchase from Quackin Grass in Connecticut and made arrangements to pick up my purchase even though the site is not set up for the public to stop in at any hour for retail sales, Wayne the owner, allowed me to arrange to stop and pick up my purchase to drive back to New Jersey. He is a true gentleman . Excellent customer service from someone that truly loves his plants and it shows by the care and knowledge he has regarding his plants. I live in an area of New Jersey and New York that has many high end large nurseries that were unable to help me with some plants I wanted.It was refreshing to see an independent hands on hardworking business owner like Wayne getting his hands dirty. Feel comfortable asking Wayne questions . I plan on doing business again with Quakingrass

On Mar 11, 2016, rdtjr05 (30 reviews) from Franklin, TN

Posted on May 22, 2014, updated March 11, 2016 Just wow. The Deinanthe caerulea (with flower buds!) and Syneilesis aconitifolia were so healthy and so much bigger than I had expected for the very reasonable cost. The Arisaema fargesii is just coming up so I will have the pleasure of watching it unfold. Wayne wrote me a personal email back acknowledging my order. The packing was first rate. He wrote all over the box letting the Post Office know to there were live plants in it and to keep it out of the hot sun. Highly recommended! You won't be disappointed in their plants.

On March 11th, 2016, rdtjr05 added the following: Another great shipment of plants this spring. Wayne never fails to send quality material. All of the above comments still apply. Highly recommended.

On Nov 9, 2015, Austinseip8 (1 reviews) from Akron, OH

As a collector of rare plants I am always looking for new nurserys that sell unusual things. This place is incredible! Great prices and fantastic quality. Def will be buying more from quacking grass nursery in the spring

On Jun 4, 2015, BillMcL (1 reviews) from Arlington, VA

I just wish that Quackin' Grass sold every plant that I was interested in...they would become my one and only mail order plant source! I ordered an assortment of native perennial and woody plants. Communication was great, but it was the condition of the plants I received that blew me away. Having worked at a major public garden for 30 years, I have seen a huge range of plant quality and packing methods; Quackin' Grass has the most sensible balance of weight to plant protection I have seen. Soil stays in the pot, blooming plants are intact and a joy to unwrap. Highly recommended!

On Jun 3, 2015, labfm1 (2 reviews) from Rosemont, PA (Zone 6b)

Spent over the past year looking for labrador tea. Ordered from another place (not to be named) and received twigs. Extremely disappointed, went back into the search and found Quackin Grass Nursery. Contacted Wayne to ask about size of the plants and he responded quickly and said they were 30-36", full and had recently flowered. So I pulled the trigger. Received the plants today and wow. Best mail-ordered plants I've ever received. Plants were 30-36". Multi-stemmed. Tons of foliage. Very healthy. Strong roots. I'm still shocked at how nice these plants are. Will look to see what else they have that I might need but will definitely order from here again.

On Apr 25, 2015, woodylover (3 reviews) from Provincetown, MA (Zone 7a)

Great plants and great service. The plants I ordered, though uncommon, were not just recently grafted twigs. 4 of them had flower buds. Wayne was great when one wrong plant was accidentally sent. The correct plant was shipped the very next week. I will definitely order from them again, and have referred other gardening friends to them.

On Apr 11, 2015, JiminRingoes (19 reviews) from Ringoes, NJ

I just planted ten big, healthy divisions from the three Vancouveria hexandra plants I received from Quackin' Grass. The plants they sent were were bursting out of the pots, much bigger than I'd expected and begging to be divided. Now, back to the gardent to plant the beautiful Anemonopsis macrophylla I received from them. I'll definitely be ordering from Quackin' Grass again and look forward to visiting them.

On Apr 9, 2015, tvojt (1 reviews) from Columbus, OH

Just received my first plant order from Quackin' Grass. Beautiful, large plants, well-packed, shipped at the proper time. Unusual selection of plants and a great resource east of the rockies. Great customer service and contact. Will definitely do business again.

On Apr 8, 2015, plantdude62 (1 reviews) from Greenville, NC

I recently placed my second order with Quackin' Grass Nursery and expect to be as pleased when this order arrives in a few days as I was the first time. The selection of unusual plant material is great, the plants are of excellent quality, and the owner, Wayne Paquette, corresponded personally with me to ensure my plants arrived in good condition. He obviously loves plants and also providing a quality product. Love his catalog descriptions too--entertaining, informative, and accurate. Nice to deal with someone who is as much of a plant geek as I am.

On Aug 3, 2014, adenio (1 reviews) from Lewisburg, PA

I purchased winter interest viburnam dilatatum, thuja orientalis "juniperoides" and rubus. Excellent packing. Arrived in great shape. I anticipate ordering more items from the company. Packing charges on the high side but they pack more carefully than their competitors that I have utilized in past.I like the way they address any negative comments in Dirr's books. Many if not most serious gardeners use his books as "gospel" but no one knows everything about all plant behavior in all places. Location is everything as they say. Their selection of unusual plants is astounding. I have made several purchases and have been satisfied with the quality of the plant material (glad I did not plant last year, bad winter). So far so good with performance, Liked the personal comments from the owner.

On Jul 1, 2014, boston33 (1 reviews) from Walpole, MA

I wanted some unusual groundcovers that were listed in this company's catalogue on the internet. I live 60 miles away and decided to make an appointment. Wayne was gracious and a wealth of plant knowledge. The property has a wide variety of 10-15 year old rare trees and shrubs properly sited for optimum performance. The plant material for sale was all in excellent condition. In addition to purchasing the groundcovers, I also bought four small interesting trees. I will continue to buy from Quackin Grass...highly recommend it.

On Jun 13, 2014, jcane (1 reviews) from MOUNT TREMPER, NY

i thought i would not order plants by mail again due to negative experiences but i am so pleased that i did. the plants arrived quickly. they were larger than expected and in great shape. excellent customer service. i highly recommend quackin' grass nursery.

On May 17, 2014, primadona (1 reviews) from Medina, NY

Quackin' Grass rates an A++ in my book. The Abelia had been in a pot, was bagged in plastic and well secured to its box. It's very healthy, and 30" tall, so I don't have to wait a couple years to see results. Wayne, or one of his crew, hand-wrote many cautions in hopes that the carrier would treat it well - "Keep box out of hot sun", "Live plants" as well as "This end up". I almost didn't mind spending almost as much for shipping as for the plant - it came through splendidly.

On May 15, 2014, JetGal (21 reviews) from Sugar Grove, IL

I found Quackin' Grass Nursery via Google search for Hyd. spp radiata. I was pleasantly surprised with their on-line offerings, especially when I saw they had several plants listed that I'd pretty much given up hope in finding a company that sells them (retail) on-line, but I finally did! I also saw they've received all positive postings on GWD, so I thought I'd give these folks a try. I received my first order yesterday & I've already let Wayne know that I am so very happy with the plants he sent me. I really appreciated the great care they took in packing & protecting my plants + keeping me updated on order/ship status ...that's so very important. You should give these folks a try ... I'll definitely be ordering from them again (hopefully sooner than later) because I didn't order everything I've had on my plant wish list. Thanks Wayne & Quackin' Grass folks!!!

On May 8, 2014, restom (12 reviews) from Reston, VA

I ordered a Viburnum rhytidophyllum 'Roseum' and three Glaucidium palmatum from Quackin' Grass Nursery. I'm very pleased with all of the plants. The viburnum is much larger then some others that I received from another nursery.

On Apr 30, 2014, dwhyte626 (1 reviews) from Blanchardville, WI

Quackin Grass Nursery has delivered my plants and they are so beautiful and healthy. I ordered Andromeda polifolia "Blue Ice") which are very hard to find. I live in Southern Wisconsin and after enduring a horrendous winter I started looking for The Blue Ice plant in late February. Every company I contacted was sold out but I decided to contact Quackin Grass Nursery and they had this rare plant. The owner was very helpful and I am very happy to give him and his nursery a very positive review.

On Apr 30, 2014, ts60065 (1 reviews) from Centralia, IL

A few days ago, I made an order with this company. I am very pleased with my order. First, it impressed me that he left a personal note on my invoice thanking me for buying from him. Such things gives a personal touch and it showed appreciation for me as his costumer. Second, the plants arrived in a timely fashion. Third, they reached me well protected. Rubber bands gave the pots support plus newspaper protected the actual plants. I found the dirt nice and moist. The plant themselves appeared very healthy. I planted them the next day under some steps. I put Miracle Grow on them in the evening. The next day, I found the plants appeared a little taller indicating growth overnight. I wrote an email requesting information about the plants and he immediately wrote me answer. I believe this company stands behind excellent costumer care and I will buy from him again in the future.

On Apr 7, 2014, ThunderChaseG (1 reviews) from Reston, VA

I recently placed, and subsequently received, my first order with Quackin' Grass Nursery, and the experience was positive from start to finish. Website was clear and easy to use, and best of all, they carried a deciduous holly I have had trouble sourcing. I received several clear emails after my order keeping me up to date on shipping status, and when the plants came, they were among the best in both size and condition of any I've ever received -- and I've placed a lot of orders over the years with a wide variety of firms. Based on my experience of their selection, service, and quality of plants, this is a nursery well worth trying.

On Apr 4, 2014, georgekretschma (2 reviews) from Dixon, IL

I have been a gardener for more than thirty years and typically am a late-order-type of customer. But this year due to the brutal winter the Midwest is having, and especially in the state of Illinois where I live, I decided to do something different this year an do an early Spring order in February. I was looking for a unique variety of magnolia called "White Rose" and in doing an Internet search, I discovered Quaking Grass Nursery. While this is a relatively unknown nursery, they have a nice variety of unique perennials, shrubs, and trees. I found their Internet order site to be well laid out and easy to use. I found the exact item I was looking for and even added three more different varieties of magnolias. I found the prices for these items to be fair and not out of line. At the time I ordered, I was asked to specify a shipping date which I did. Several months have gone by and I am delighted to say, that today--April 4th-- I received my order promptly on the date I requested, actually one day early. Packing in a sturdy box was done expertly. The magnolia trees inside were healthy, 3-4 feet size, in excellent shape--budded and in one case, flowering. My tree purchase from this nursery, that I have never ordered from before,was a delightful and most rewarding experience. I highly recommend Quaking Grass Nursery as a most reliable nursery from which to buy good quality plants. GeorgeKretschma

On Mar 25, 2014, Sequoiadendron4 (26 reviews) from Lititz, PA (Zone 6b)

Posted on September 27, 2013, updated March 25, 2014 I ordered two hard to find plants (in our area at least) from Quackin Grass this past week. They just arrived yesterday and were in good shape. The plants, one Photinia Villosa, and one Sophora Davidii, both had nice root systems and were a good size. The nursery personnel were very kind and communicative as well as knowledgeable. I would highly recommend buying from them and I would definitely purchase again from this nursery!

On March 25th, 2014, Sequoiadendron4 added the following: I placed another order recently for more plants. Same as last time, the plants were of excellent condition, well packed, and watered. The two Viburnums I received were in exceptional condition. Wayne really has a great nursery here and I look forward to doing more business with him. He even credited me some shipping money that was unused, which was a really great gesture in my book!

On Sep 14, 2013, CottageKat (3 reviews) from Putnam, CT (Zone 5a)

Visited this nursery today and was very pleased with the experience. Owner is very knowledgeable and helpful. Great display gardens to see what the plants, trees, and shrubs will look like when mature. Prices very reasonable. Many plants that are unusual and hard to find. Highly recommend.

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