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Living Gardens

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 32
Marlborough, New Hampshire 03455 (United States)

Phone: 1-855-417-3367

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This company offers a variety of bulbs.

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  Company Comment, posted on October 7, 2014:  
Living Gardens®
- Offering a broad selection of quality fall planting bulbs sourced from Dutch specialty bulb growers, hand selected and bagged the day they ship to you
- Carrying an extensive variety of amaryllis from Holland, Israel, Brazil and South Africa - available as bare bulbs, in a variety of potted options and in forcing jar kits
- Selling seasonal potted bulb gardens and our popular Months of Bulbs subscriptions in 3, 6, 9 and 12 month options
- Serving the best gift & garden catalog companies as a wholesaler for over 25 years

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Neutral KDboodo
Irving, TX (Zone 8a)
(3 reviews)
January 11, 2016
To keep this in context, I have raised amaryllis plants for a few years, some as indoor plants some as outdoor plants. I have successfully split off sets into new pots and they are nearing blooming size. I also grow phalaenopsis orchids, gerber daisies, plumerias and a number of other picky things with no trouble.

Placed my first order in Late October for 6 bare amaryllis bulbs as this company offered great selection and reasonable prices and reasonable shipping. One started with two flower stalks right out of the box, but the second one started to rot immediately. I figured, ok, shipping happens, the plant is otherwise fine. The other plants were developing fine, so I placed another order the last day of December for 2 amaryllis trios, 1 potted amaryllis, and 1 bare bulb. The next day, I saw that the second flower stalk on one of my late developers was again rotting at the base. Argh! I emailed the company, and they agreed I should get two flower stalks out of each jumbo bulb and send a replacement with my second order.

My second order arrived smashed to heck and back, which I am sure is the fault of the shipping company. HOWEVER the gardens were not well enough protected to handle rough shipping conditions, and given their hefty weight that surprised me. It was like they were asking for the plants to arrive damaged...and the garden in the most damage section of the box contained 3 crushed bulb tops (they were starting to grow prior to the abuse). Not sure if someone was that clueless when packing or if this is a general problem as my first order was just bare bulbs. Obviously they have not heard of the box within a box technique for giving the box more resistance to crushing. I emailed the company as soon as the box arrived Friday night, it is now Sunday, we will see.

The final insult occurred tonight (Sunday). The bulb I was most excited about, and was most expensive, was finally opening its first flower (from the first order). Wouldn't you know it was NOT what it should have been? I just emailed the company, again we will see.

I will update/edit my review when I hear back, but I have never had to contact customer service over so many issues for amaryllis bulbs! It seems like they do stand behind their 100% guarantee, but if you don't have the time to keep firing off emails (no phone number I could find), don't get your bulbs from here.
Company representative comment on January 14, 2016:
On Jan 14, 2016 2:37 PM, Living Gardens responded with:

Dear KDboodo,
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We’re very sorry that we’ve disappointed you. We are committed to making this situation right for you through replacement or refund, whichever you’d prefer.
We at Living Gardens take customer feedback seriously and use this information to improve our processes. As I wrote to you separately, we’re working on better protecting our larger shipments (possibly with a box in a box arrangement) to prevent damage in transit.
We are committed to the quality of our bulbs and go to great lengths to correctly identify and segregate each bulb variety. We source from reliable growers and inspect every bulb before potting and/or shipment. Unfortunately, occasional mix-ups by suppliers, shippers and in order picking do happen. We have reached out to other customers who purchased the same amaryllis variety to ensure that this mix-up was a one-time occurrence rather than one that impacts the entire variety. We’ve also potted one of this amaryllis variety here in our office to ensure the identity.
Living Gardens employs a 24/7 New England call center to handle phone orders and the relaying of messages. This toll free number, 1-855-417-3367, is published in our website’s ‘Contact Us’ section. We don’t publish the phone number of our New Hampshire operations center but we do share it with customers on an individual basis.
Be assured that your complaints have not fallen on deaf ears. At Living Gardens, every order and every customer matters. We strive for 100% satisfaction for every Living Gardens customer. We share customer feedback with our entire team in order to improve continuously. We are working to solve your issues to your complete satisfaction.
Sincerely, Meg HS / Living Gardens Customer Care

Negative carolmo
Olathe, KS (Zone 5a)
(23 reviews)
April 20, 2015
Posted on April 13, 2015, updated April 20, 2015
Ordered 6 varieties of white or pink daffodils. Had 2 that were ok (Sentinel and Janis Babson). Had 2 that first bloomed wrong type, then newer blooms were ok - will dig out the wrong ones (White Marvel -had single white) and Petit Four - had yellow trumpet). Had 2 that were wrong (Coral Ribbon - bloomed double yellow/red orange and Hungarian Rhapsody - bloomed bright yellow center). I emailed twice and phoned twice, wanting refund on the 2 worst ones. They are supposed to refund or replace bad ones - my choice - I want refund. I am too old to keep planting - I planted a row of 3 white and 16 pink in my front yard last fall and the bright yellow and red orange look sick. The 19 - 6 daffodils from other sellers were fine. The row looks great if you put buckets over the bad ones. The seller himself cannot be reached, just a call line.
On April 20th, 2015, carolmo added the following:

Finally got a refund check.
Company representative comment on April 13, 2015:
On Apr 13, 2015 10:03 AM, Living Gardens responded with:

Dear Carol,
Thank you for your comments. We are sorry that a portion of your bulb order has not sprouted as you expected! Our customer service department has reached out to you regarding replacement or refund of the varieties that must have been shipped in error.
Despite our best efforts, sometimes bulb varieties get mixed up between our family growers in Holland and our New Hampshire warehouse. This happens rarely, but you can count on Living Gardens to make it right!
We employ an offsite contact center to take orders and forward phone messages 24/7, but we’re unable to respond outside of business hours. We do strive to respond to every call or email within 1 business day.
Enjoy your garden season. Sincerely, Meg @LG

Positive kywaterfowl
Russell Springs, KY
(3 reviews)
April 10, 2015
First dealing with this company and had a very good experience, all the bulbs I order were what the picture showed. So will do business with them again. As far as I can tell they all bloomed... Thanks
Company representative comment on April 13, 2015:
On Apr 13, 2015 8:32 AM, Living Gardens responded with:

Thank you for taking the time to write. We've just opened presales for our 2015 Fall Planting Bulbs and we're awaiting the spring bulbs in our own gardens. Happy Spring!
Take care, Meg @LG

Neutral love4garden
Springfield, VA
(3 reviews)
March 28, 2015
I ordered 24 Amaryllis bulbs from this company at the end of February. I was disappointed because some of the bulbs are 4-6 inches smaller than stated on the websites. For instance, the Baby Dolls was advertised to be 18-20 inches and what I got was 14 inches.

In general, I expect the bulb to be 1-2 inches smaller than what the company advertised, because it's very common that most if not all of the on-line companies advertised. But to get them 4 inches smaller is very disappointing to me. I emailed the company but no one bothered to email me back. I called and got a lady with an accent as if she's a Spanish-speaking person. She couldn't give me an answer and told me that she will have someone to call me.

The ones that bloomed are OK but smaller in sizes than what they are supposed to be. I ordered a White Nymph but the flower doesn't look like what they have on their websites. My have pink at the tip of each petal and green in the center. It's still pretty though!

Most haven't bloomed yet.

I also ordered lots of fall bulbs last years from them, tulips, daffodils and double hyacinth bulbs. They all come up and I can't wait to see the flowers.

I just hope that they have better customer service. I can't give them a positive review at this time. Will wait for all of those bulbs to bloom. However, I do agree the bigger the bulbs, the larger the flowers. I do like Brent and Becky- all of the amaryllis bulbs I got from them gave large beautiful flowers.
Company representative comment on March 31, 2015:
On Mar 31, 2015 10:57 AM, Living Gardens responded with:

Dear Love4garden,

Thank you for your comments – they help us become a better company. We are so sorry that your initial contact with Living Gardens did not receive a reply. You’ll be hearing from our Customer Service Manager shortly to be sure that your individual concerns are addressed! We do employ an off-site call center to take orders around the clock, but they are unable to answer some product questions.

Bulb diameters are measured in centimeter (cm) ranges. Our bulb experts measure the bulbs when we first receive them to ensure that the sizes we advertise are accurate. It is possible that in the course of the cool winter storage they experienced some shrinkage. It is normal for bulbs to lose a certain amount of moisture to the air while in storage. Some of the shrinkage can be due to the nutrient stores in the older, outer scales having been transferred to developing scape deep within the bulb. This to be expected over time and is not a cause for worry.

Our owners just returned from a photo shoot in Holland, and they observed the same pinkish areas near the tips of White Nymph. The growers explained that this is typical when the bulbs are forced later in the season (sometime post-Christmas).

Here in NH, since our remaining snow cover still prevents our bulbs from putting on their spring show. We hope you’ll share photos of your spring-flowering bulbs when they bloom.

Thanks again for taking the time to comment. We value your input!

Sincerely, Meg @LG

Negative kdlady
Smyrna, GA
(1 review)
March 26, 2015
Their loose bulbs may be great but steer clear of the planted gardens. The come up leggy, and sparse and look nothing like the photos.
Company representative comment on March 27, 2015:
On Mar 27, 2015 8:37 AM, Living Gardens responded with:

Dear kdlady,
Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Living Gardens has been producing unique potted bulb gardens for over 25 years with a dual commitment to quality and customer service. We’re so sorry that our Living Gardens bulb gardens have not performed as you’d hoped. We do stand behind all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you email us at [email protected], we’ll be happy to replace your garden(s) or refund your purchase price.
Excessive heat or low light can both prompt stems to “stretch” and become leggy. Locating the bulb garden in a cool (60 to 65 degrees F), brightly lit location allows them to grow more compactly. Once the plants begin to bloom, moving the pot out of direct sunlight and maintaining an ambient temp between 60 to 70 degrees will result in longer lasting blooms.
Thanks again for your comments. I hope we hear from you soon!
Sincerely, Meg @ LG

Positive jmorth
Divernon, IL (Zone 5b)
(14 reviews)
March 25, 2015
Were able to provide a daffodil cultivar, Kaydee that wasn't available at my usual bulb sites. Forced well. Bravo Living Gardens. Will be checking them out more in the future.
Company representative comment on March 26, 2015:
On Mar 26, 2015 2:59 PM, Living Gardens responded with:

Dear jmorth,
Thank you for taking the time to write. Living Gardens prides ourselves on our broad selection including over 200 daffodil varieties. Keep an eye out as we launch our 2015 Fall Planting Bulbs in early April!
Sincerely, Meg @LG

Negative vossner
East Texas,
United States (Zone 8a)
(114 reviews)
December 18, 2013
I responded to an ad on this site and purchased 3 mini amaryllis, Pixie. Shortly after placing my order I received an email advising that my selection was not avail and offering options to get another or get refund. I chose replacement and what I received was not what I selected. Had to call them again to get this straightened out and while I did get my selection, the 3 bulbs were mush and roots were totally moldy. I am an experienced gardener and do not believe these bulbs will make it but I planted them, in the hopes they will survive. If they do, I will change my rating to neutral. I don't think it can ever be positive as while the staff seems eager to please, their inventory or their procedures just aren't up to speed. The whole experience was a big hassle. I cannot recommend this company.
Company representative comment on December 19, 2013:
On Dec 19, 2013 9:53 AM, Living Gardens responded with:

Dear vossner,

Thank you for posting your comment. Although negative it is highly appreciated and an opportunity for our company to learn, educate and to regain your confidence in Living Gardens.

You have experienced two challenges that we have been up against lately. The Pixie amaryllises were a result of our very reliable South African grower who made an error in shipping us the incorrect product and unfortunately discarding Pixie after years of product development. Upon receipt of all amaryllis we take one of each variety and begin forcing right away to test quality, stem and flower count. When Pixie bloomed we immediately contacted all customers as you mentioned in your comment.

This has been a late fall of extremely cold conditions here in New Hampshire and throughout much of the Northern states which will result in some replacements of our products. The bulbs you have planted I believe have seen cold damage in transit and will not bloom.

Please email our customer service at [email protected] and mention your comment. I apologize for the extra efforts on your part but ask that you get in touch with us to make this this right which we will do. We look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes for the holidays. Dale LG

Positive Marilynbeth
Hebron, KY
(33 reviews)
October 27, 2013
I'm a new customer and placed an order. After receiving it, I placed another order.

Very happy with the bulbs, customer service and prices. As the others stated, the bulbs are huge!

Fast shipping!

Thank you for the Chionodoxa bulbs gift with each order!

I'll be a returning customer!
Company representative comment on October 28, 2013:
On Oct 28, 2013 7:09 AM, Living Gardens responded with:

Dear Marilynbeth, Thank you for the kind words. Dale LG

Positive 21045
Highland Acres, DE
(1 review)
October 24, 2013
Today I received my first order of daffodil bulbs from Living Gardens. They are HUGE! What a joy to get top notch high quality bulbs from this company. Having ordered from other companies, the sizes can vary greatly, but these by far surpass the other companies. Bravo, Living Gardens. I will be doing future business with you.
Company representative comment on October 24, 2013:

On Oct 24, 2013 2:12 PM, Living Gardens added:

Dear 21045, Thank you for taking time from your day to post this comment. Our company looks forward to meeting your upcoming gardening needs. Thank you. Sincerely, Dale LG

Positive nevadagdn
Sparks, NV (Zone 7a)
(118 reviews)
October 14, 2013
Posted on October 7, 2013, updated October 14, 2013
I just placed an order online with this company. The website was easy to use (well, as easy as any online merchant, really), and they have some interesting bulb offerings, particularly in their Narcissus and Hyacinth selections. Prices seem okay--not horribly expensive, but not extremely cheap. I'll report more once the bulbs arrive.
On October 14th, 2013, nevadagdn added the following:

Bulbs arrived today: very nice, fat, healthy (not stripped of skin, mushy or excessively bruised), heavy bulbs. They sent a bonus of some Chionodoxa bulbs, which are much appreciated.
Company representative comment on October 15, 2013:
On Oct 15, 2013 7:00 AM, Living Gardens responded with:

Dear nevadagdn, Thank you for taking the time to post a review. Our company looks forward to serving you in the future. Sincerely, Dale LG

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