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Garden Delights Online Plant Nursery

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12845 State Rt 108
Altamont, Tennessee 37301 (United States)

Phone: (931) 692-4252

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This company is affiliated with Tennessee Wholesale Nursery (also dba D & T Wholesale Nursery; formerly TN Nursery)

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Neutral sllawrence
New Braunfels , TX (Zone 8b)
(2 reviews)
December 15, 2018
I classify my comment as 'Neutral' because I had lovely experiences with perennials ordered from Plants Delight several years ago when I lived in TX Hill Country. Plants were in reasonably sized pots and pots were full, plants were healthy and well-packaged. I did not object to the higher prices in comparison to other mail order nurseries because I had a secondary motive for ordering from them - their scientific work in developing new and improved plants & for rescuing endangered plants. I wanted to support this.

Fast forward to fall, 2018. Yikes, is this the same company? I'm back in Texas from abroad now, further east this time, near San Antonio and ordered from Plants Delight once again. Their pots are smaller than other mail order nurseries, only 3.5" so I expected these pots to be full. Ferns I ordered had 2-3 green fronds each & one plant looked as if it had been thrown at the pot with hopes of landing. Fortunately, I was home at delivery & immediately re-potted the parsimonious fern offerings, glad that they were ferns & should recover. A third fern, a lingua, was passable, at least it filled the pot better than the other two.

But big complaint was the half-dead 'Mouse Ears' Hosta. After my second attempt to extract a response from Customer Service to my email with photos - meanwhile, the Hosta had continued to decline rapidly and all the leaves were completely brown - I finally got a response, saying that the nursery mgr had looked at my photos and declared that the Hosta, "had gone into early dormancy." (During 3 days of shipping? Hmmm.)

The email instructed me to plant 'Mouse Ears' in the ground & if it did not reappear in spring, "green & true to cultivar," I should "let them know." I followed those instructions within the hour of receiving their email, so we shall see. I'll return to Dave's & update my review of Plant Delights in spring 2019. I hope to be able to move my review to Positive because, as an active environmentalist, I really want to support their work.

As an aside, Plant Delights' recent Newsletter remarked that 2018 had been very difficult for them & they were glad to see it behind them. I do understand difficult years, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. It will depend on whether 'Mouse Ears' emerges and, if not, whether they do the responsible thing and replace the plant with a healthy one.
Negative marybe99
Big Bend, WI
(1 review)
May 6, 2017
I ordered 20 Spruce trees and 5 ferns - none of the plants have survived. It doesn't seem possible, considering I followed the directions and planted all the material within 3 days of receiving them.
I suggest you save your money and buy from a reputable nursery.
Negative HTP8212
Cotati, CA
(1 review)
December 22, 2016
I wish I had read the reviews prior to making an order from these people--this is definitely a "Caveat Emptor" situation if there was one. Do NOT buy from here. I tried to purchase two pine trees and some soil from this place, and they charged my card but failed to send me anything--this is really sleazy. I tried to email them and inquired about my order, and predictably I didn't receive a response. I just tried calling them twice, and one call went to a voicemail with a woman speaking in a really annoying twang, and then I tried to call their customer service number which was a joke--it just rang and there was no voicemail message.

Bad karma, people!
Negative joellen01
Owings, MD
(1 review)
July 6, 2016
I did a lot of research to try to find a specific bamboo for a small container. this company's online catalog said they had it, though I cannot find ANY bamboo on their website today! I ordered two plants, their email said would ship in 5-7 days. Ten days later, day I was leaving town for 10 days, I got an email that order had shipped. I called them to ask if they could hold the order and ship after I got back. Tammy said yes. Today the order arrived. The tops are dead and dry, the roots (what there was of them - very little root on any of them) may still be alive, and I planted them on the basic assumption that it is very hard to kill bamboo. It looked like they had held the order, but never taken it out of the box in the two weeks that have elapsed! In the meantime I have now been reading these reviews and how so many people had plants "substituted." It looks like they will send just about anything, and I want a very specific plant. my total order including shipping was less than $38, I am considering whether just to rip them out and put them in the recycling bin and start over. I don't want some rampaging bamboo and there is no real way to tell what I got, since the tops are dry and shriveled up and I am not a bamboo expert. Not at all what I expected! (and based on the extensive documentation on this site and others about what to expect when one does try to get an adjustment from them, I am not even going to try.)
Negative Elwood177
Plainfield, IN
(1 review)
May 26, 2016
I order 25 viburnum dentatum and was shipped Euonymus americanus instead. No warranty on wholesale. No customer service. Buyer beware!
Negative Beefranks
Tabiona, UT
(1 review)
May 5, 2016
Ordered a few trees from this company without reading reviews. HUGE mistake. Apparently when you purchase anything from them you agree to pay return shipping for damage claims (even if they ship you a dead or dying plant whose foliage isn't even attached to the tree when it arrives!) and only get in store credit. It appears they REALLY don't much care about their customer's happiness either so I'm not sure it's worth the gamble to pay more money to return something I'm dissatisfied with in order to risk getting another product I am dissatisfied with. My experience with customer service was only a handful of emails long and culminated in them threatening legal action regarding online reviews! Recommend a nice search regarding this company and other customer's experiences including a look-see into their related companies BBB rating (listed under Tennessee Wholesale Nursery) and history.
Negative RichfromNH
Nashua, NH
(4 reviews)
June 24, 2015
This is the first time I've had a negative experience with a nursery. I ordered three huckleberry plants in March and asked they be shipped at the end of April. It even had my comment on my receipt. They arrived April 1st with snow still on the ground. I emailed them the next day asking if there was a warranty and Paula White emailed me from her personal email address saying "We have a 90 day policy." No identification of her company or anything. It was from gmail. Very to the point. Most nurserys have a 1 year warranty.

Well, I planted them and did the best I could hoping they'd survive. Upon reading their website, they do the 90 day warranty ONLY if you pay to mail it back...and I'm thinking I already paid a lot for these so I didn't want to have to use it.

Near the end of the 90 days and the plants never showing any signs of life I start emailing them. She then insists it's a 24 hour warranty but only if I pay to mail them back. Then it's only for store credit. At this point I have no faith in their ability to provide live plants and I offered to send them back if they give me my money back for the order and the return shipping. I'm awaiting her response but her rude emails have given me a bad taste in my mouth. In my opinion this place is all but a scam and I will never do business with them again.

If you're considering doing business with them or any of their affiliates(they have multiple names) read their guarantee page and I'd GREATLY encourage you take your business elsewhere.
Negative StephanieMC
Winterville, GA
(3 reviews)
June 20, 2015
"Negative" is not a strong enough word to describe how my dealings with this nursery left me feeling. Please, please, please let my experience serve some positive purpose and do NOT allow them to take advantage and cheat you as they did me. I am sharing my story about this place, even if it makes me look stupid, in the hopes that nobody else is lured into dealing with the unethical business practices of Garden Delights Nursery the way I was.

I am a young woman who had just moved from the city to a new home and last fall, I wanted to add as many native plants to my yard as possible for the benefit of wildlife. Garden Delights has a very nice website and they seem to have everything in terms of selection, but what you get is NOT what you see on their site. I ordered 10 Pinus Glabra from them; they sent me 10 trees labeled as Spruce Pines which were actually Canadian Hemlocks! Not only were these the wrong trees, they only stayed healthy for about 90 days (the length of their guarantee, it's as though they researched how long to allow people, knowing their stock won't live a full year, though I didn't realize that at the time) then I watched them slowly turn brown and lose all their needles, after SO much work digging and carefully planting and caring for them. By late February, all were dead. I ordered 2 Box Elder from them. By early, early spring, both were dead. 5 loblolly and 5 longleaf pines--I watched them each get browner and browner until they too died (and during that time, as I learned more about trees, I realized the "longleafs" were actually wrongly labeled loblollies too), 5 eastern red cedars, all turned brown and died, two black cherries, one lived, two blackhaw viburnums, one died, one managed to put out a few piddly leaves at the base even though I paid for the four foot size. 5 River cane, all died. 2 dogwoods, both died. And these are hardy, native tree species I'm naming here. To kill them, you really have to make no effort to root prune (all this place's trees are wild dug, by the way, not nursery grown, be aware of that) and instead just go out with a shovel and stick them in a box. Oh, and two tulip poplars, neither of which lived.

The customer service was so, so bad it left me feeling about 2 inches tall. I'd go so far as to say the customer service was hateful. I called a number and finally got some people who told me I could send in pictures and receive store credit, they weren't so bad though they did sound clueless, but then I emailed the address they told me to write to, and dealt with someone named Paula White, who did not apologize for any problems with the order, didn't comment on the pictures I sent of their dead trees, just said, "Send them all back, or the warranty is void." They know most people aren't going to dig up a tree or have saved the huge box it came in and pay postage to mail them back for replacement trees that might be again mislabeled and again doomed for death by virtue of improper digging. At that time too, I still had some naive hope that maybe the trees would revive (they didn't of course)

When I told Paula she was rude, she said, "who was rude to you? You have to send back the trees or the warranty doesn't count." I think this is a "nursery" that is out to take people's money and doesn't care if their trees die. I worked so hard to try and save each of these little trees, and took such care of them (every tree I have now planted from Nearly Native Nursery and Mail Order Natives by contrast, is alive and thriving, I promise you). It's horrible to me that a business would cheat people and do nothing to make it right to the customer; would instead actually be nasty to the customer. I wish I had known about Dave's Garden before I found TN Nursery online, and I wouldn't wish the heartbreaking, money taking experience I had with them on anybody. I tell anybody I know who's even thinking about looking for plants online not to order from this place. Please do not order from them, they don't help you if something goes wrong, they sell wild dug and improperly dug, frequently wrongly labeled, doomed plants, and they don't seem to value integrity.
Negative defchild
Eatontown, NJ
(1 review)
June 7, 2015
I ordered 5 boxwoods that were supposed to be 12"-18". When they arrived not one was more then 8" and a single branch. They looked like a twig. I called and after numerous messages left and multiple emails I was offered a few dollars in store credit for the size difference. I just want what I ordered. In the same order I was supposed to get an evergreen conifer tree package. Should have been 2 pines, 2 cedars and 1 hemlock. I received 5 leafy evergreen privet mystery plants. I was told, I didn't specify, no substitutions. They said that is my substitute... I'm sorry but 5 conifers that will grow to 40' is not comparable to a mystery leafy hedge. Paula White was not willing to listen to me at all. She was like a robot, just kept repeating herself that I didn't say, no substitutions. Do not order from this nursery. Customer service is the worst!!
Negative jasarthur
Brentwood, TN (Zone 6a)
(7 reviews)
May 1, 2015
This is a review of my careless shopping with Garden Delights, aka TN Nursery, aka OnlinePlantNursery. Last spring I wanted a certain tree and found it online at this business. Without doing any research (even though I was already a member of Dave's Garden), I impulsively placed the order. If I had simply done a Google search for "TN Nursery reviews," I would have come across the many stories from unhappy customers who had bad experiences with this company. There was even testimony from a customer in Maryland who had been sued by Tammy Sons (the owner) for libel, forcing the customer to hire a lawyer and come to court in Grundy County TN... where the case was dismissed!

I could go into great detail about ordering my trees last May, how they weren't shipped until November (in nothing but a plastic bag), and how this spring--when all our yard was in bloom--we discovered they were dead. I could describe how I contacted customer service, only to be told the warranty was good for 90 days from receipt. I could tell how I explained to them the trees were dormant over the winter and there was no way to tell in that period if they were alive, and how Paula told me in curt one-line emails I should have scratched the bark to check for life. What--all winter? I won't bore you with tales of unreturned phone calls and broken promises by Kim to address my concerns. These are the basic facts as I see them. My loss and subsequent headache dealing with "customer service" could all have been avoided by understanding this company's policies.

So the moral of the story is not to buy impulsively. Do your web research. Check with the BBB. See if a company has had complaints. And READ THE WARRANTY PAGE (ironically titled "No Risk"!). If I had done so, I would have seen the very specific and strict limitations this business imposes on purchases. They reserve the right to substitute plants, there are no cancelations after 24 hours, they will not refund (only offer store credit), you must return all plants [even if you buy 100] and so on. And on these points they will not budge. So buy from Lowe's where they offer a 1-year guarantee, or from a mainstream online nursery such as recommended in Dave's Top 30 list.

I have written this as a way of expressing frustration with myself, and to offer advice to other buyers, not to degrade Garden Delights. They have their policies clearly posted and it was my mistake not to study them. Hopefully now I can let this sad episode go.

P.S.: See the logo on their homepage for the American Nursery & Landscaping Assn.? It's not what you think. It's a PAC (lobbyist group) in Washington DC!!!
Negative unhappyc
Atlanta, GA
(1 review)
April 18, 2015
Placed an order online and nursery confirmed receipt of my order. I heard nothing else for several weeks, so I emailed the company and called both their phone lines leaving messages for them. I heard nothing, so I started calling daily until I got ahold of someone who said she would have to research the order and get back with me. I heard nothing in response, so called and left messages again. Now, I simply call and call, email and email, and get absolutely no response from this company.
Negative EWeeZee
Atlanta, GA
(1 review)
June 10, 2014
The service and customer service is terrible. I ordered three different types of plants from this company and two of the three were not what I ordered. The third died before I was able to confirm the identity. One of these was noticeable right from the beginning, although all of the labels attached to the plants read as ordered. I reported this immediately and was refunded the cost of those plants. I should probably mention that Hostas were ordered and what I received looked something like a Yucca (these two plants look nothing alike). The other arrived in a dormant state with no leaves or flowers, so I was just recently able to distinguish what the plants actually are. When I contacted customer service, I was told to dig the plants up and return them to the nursery (on my dollar) so they could then send the plants I initially ordered or issue me a store credit. After requesting a refund, I was told to contact customer service and that the person I need to talk to only works the weekends. I think that it is fairly obvious at this point that I am getting the "run-around" and being blown off.

I would be more than happy to share the email transcript if you like.

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