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On Aug 9, 2019, Fallbrookguy (19 reviews) from Fallbrook, CA

I placed my first order with Vintage Green a few weeks ago. Everything was very healthy, securely packed and promptly delivered. The size of the plants was also quite large considering the reasonable pricing. I'll definitely be a return customer!

On Mar 22, 2019, lucyscap (2 reviews) from Stratford, CT

I recently ordered some Hoya Obscura plants from Vintage Green Farms. This 1st time experience was stellar in all respects. Tom is a top notch, accommodating seller. His plants were robust, very ample and healthy on arrival. Packing was meticulous. Shipping via Fedex from Hawaii to CT took 2 days. I look forward to future business and you should too~you won't be disappointed! ;-))))

On Nov 28, 2018, PottedLife (8 reviews)

My first time ordering from them and I am so happy that I did. The moment I saw the massive box I knew they took packing seriously. Sure enough after opening the box each and every one of the plants were packed with true professional first class care. I've never seen such a large box for only 11 plants. Every plant is well established, healthy and happy. I'd like to point out that it is winter now with temperatures the past two days below freezing so I was quite concerned. Another plus, that is equally important, is that they have been responsive to communication prior and after my order. Thank you Vintage Green Farms. I'll certainly be ordering again my next trip to the US.

On May 19, 2016, Lehuanani (1 reviews) from Discovery Bay, CA (Zone 9b)

Posted on May 19, 2016, updated May 19, 2016 Amazing and reliable online seller for tropicals! I have been a Zone 9 customer since 2015 and will continue to purchase from Vintage Green Farms in Hilo, Hawaii because Tom never fails to promptly deliver healthy rooted plants that are meticulously packaged! I have bought various gardenia and a plumeria cutting, all of which are growing beautifully.

On May 19th, 2016, Lehuanani added the following: Correction to location - Vintage Green Farms is located in Keaau on the Big Island of Hawaii.

On Jun 13, 2015, Fishman1 (16 reviews) from Selden, NY

Posted on May 30, 2015, updated June 13, 2015 Purchased 2 Striped Tiger fig trees from VGF, I have nothing bad to say about the company so far. The owner was helpful, answering my questions, and even sent a photo of the plant so I could see it for myself. Shipping was like lightning compared to other companies, extremely fast. The plants are well developed (woody), but seem to be scalded from the sun, all leaves are yellow and falling off. I did notice the leaf burn before I purchase the plant, but it got much worse during shipping. I am giving a neutral rating until I see if the plants rebound. Being woody plants, I am hoping they can recover and perform. Will update this post in a few weeks.

On June 13th, 2015, Fishman1 changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: I now am changing my rating to positive.

On Jun 10, 2015, mjaeckel (2 reviews) from Atlanta, GA (Zone 8a)

Simply put, an excellent online plant retailer! Topnotch customer service, super fast shipping (from Hawaii, no less!) and beautiful healthy plants that arrive in perfect condition.

On Mar 11, 2015, argostar (2 reviews) from Ormond Beach, FL (Zone 9a)

I have been looking for excoecaria bicolor variegata for quite some time and found it online at Vintage Green Farms. The plants that I ordered arrived today, safely and quickly via Fed Ex from Hawaii. The cost of shipping was reasonable and the careful packaging was excellent. Even though it appeared that something rather large had dropped on the box in transit, the plants were undamaged, still moist, and beautiful. Each plant was in a 3.5" pot, yet was quite large and well leafed for the pot size. I am thrilled with this nursery!

On Nov 30, 2014, rjeffreys2001 (1 reviews) from Long Beach, CA

I've used Vintage Green Farms 3 times now (in 2 months). I am very impressed with the quality of their plants, the selection, and the entire transaction process. Shipping is top-rate. While shipping may seem a little high at first, when you see the great prices and quality of the plants - it is a better than buying from my local nursery. Plus - the selection is perfect. Extremely professional - I'm getting ready to pace my 4th order now!

On Mar 6, 2014, Toni05 (61 reviews) from Brookfield, IL

Vintage Green Farms, I love your plants. The Dracaenas are much larger than I expected; same applies to Sanchezia. I also want to thank you for including a heating pad.. Plants were shipped securely and super fast. 5* nursery....

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