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Mass Spectrum Botanicals

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704 E. Norfolk St.
704 E. Norfolk St., Florida 33604 (United States)

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This company offers a variety of plants and seeds.

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Negative NameofUser
Virginia Beach, VA
(1 review)
August 9, 2017
Please DO NOT ORDER from Mass Spectrum Botanicals. They do not ship, then make excuses, and don't ship, and make more excuses. Then, they stop communicating with you all together. $300.00 later and still no plants and absolutely no communication. DON'T DO IT! I know their website is tempting and you think the prices are nice but they are so low because you will never ever receive anything in return.
Negative maxpower097
Tampa, FL
(1 review)
December 12, 2016
Arranged trade last year, but never got my end. Basically got jacked. Currently Mass Spectrum Botanicals is selling in ebay under the name Oneboldmonekey. //
He totally abandoned MSB and all the orders he left in the wind and just vanished for 2 years. Then I saw product on ebay I was interested from seller in his area. Well from his response to me asking to buy some made me have to say, :"Well from those 2 sentences you wrote me I'd bet a million dollars your name is Dan J.. " He wrote back asking if I knew him and all this stuff saying I wanted him to dig up his yard then cut down his tree, so he couldn't sell any cuttings. I just laughed so if you guys are still trying to get your money. This is his new biz front.
Negative Ted_B
Birmingham, AL (Zone 8a)
(7 reviews)
July 19, 2016
Posted on March 18, 2016, updated July 19, 2016
Two items totaling $35 ordered in Aug, 2015. Nothing received as of Mar, 2016. Emailed inquiries have gone completely unanswered. There is nothing positive to say about this experience, and under no circumstances can I recommend that anyone attempt to purchase anything from this seller. Look elsewhere.
On July 19th, 2016, Ted_B added the following:

Two items totaling $35 ordered in Aug, 2015. Nothing received as of July, 2016. Emailed inquiries have all gone unanswered. There is nothing positive to say about this experience. Treat this seller as you would a scam artist who will take your money and give nothing in return. Look elsewhere.
Negative hhfloganville
Loganville, WI
(1 review)
July 5, 2016
I placed an order for $61.50 in merchandise on Jan 11, 2016. The card was immediately charged and payment was accepted but to date I have not received the items I ordered.

Wondering WHY this person is still in business because it's obvious that this has been going on for quite some time.
Negative J4zonian
San Pablo, CA
(1 review)
February 27, 2016
Made a large order in early summer of 2015; heard nothing. Emailed the company asking what the status was; got an answer about reorganization and that he would let me know. Had several similar exchanges. Waited, heard nothing, BBB complaint was ignored. Case was closed with no response from him. Looking into further legal action. This person is a scammer who should be made to provide full restitution to everyone.
Negative Ressurection
Hawaiian Gardens, CA
(1 review)
February 13, 2016
I ordered $32 worth of Resurrection Ferns in April of 2015 and foolishly waited to see if they would come after reading some people had to wait awhile to get their plants. I should have gone to paypal right away or at least within the 45 day limit. I have not been able to contact this company or find an address to even write them. If anyone knows of a way to contact this person, I would greatly appreciate a note on this site of how to do it. Maybe the complaints on here get results. I saw someone reposted after putting one in.
Negative mdouglas
Jacksonville, FL (Zone 9a)
(1 review)
February 10, 2016
I wish I'd found this site before ordering from Dann Jarvis at Mass Spectrum Botanicals.

After several weeks and multiple attempts to contact him (both through my personal email address and through opening a PayPal claim) he still has not given any indication that he plans to send me what I ordered ($99 worth!). Which is a real shame because he had stuff (or at least CLAIMED to have stuff) that I can't find elsewhere.

And for the last two weeks his website has been down, so I'm not even sure he's still in business.

I just hope PayPal can get me my money back.
Negative Nitrohawk
Carrollton, TX
(1 review)
December 26, 2015
I placed an order with this company (Mass Spectrum) a month ago and paid by PayPal. I have not received the items, and zero communications. Not even an acknowledgement of the order or the payment!

I have sent two emails to the owner, Dann Jarvis an no reply. I'm about to start the dispute and refund process thru PayPal. WIll NEVER do business with this company again. There are many complaints online about this.
Negative LenchoD
Riverside, CA
(3 reviews)
August 30, 2015
On 8/10/15 I placed an order and promptly received an email message acknowledging receipt, and stating that the order was being processed. My American Express card was billed the same day of the order. Two weeks later I emailed to inquire about the status of my order. There was no response. I send a second email message and again received no response. I disputed the charge with American Express and my card was credited. I will not order anything from this company again.
Positive penguindeity
Fort Pierce, FL
(1 review)
May 25, 2015
His communication is terrible, but he has a wealth of species I am unable to find anywhere else. He took 6 weeks to send the items to me, I presume because one of the items was backordered. I had to submit a complaint with paypal to get him to send the package as well. Again though, for the fantastic price and diversity I was able to get, this was well worth a little trouble and I will absolutely consider buying from him again. My wife stated that the plants were very well packaged and he even threw in a few extra plants which were an unexpected bonus.
Negative Johnsddr
Port Charlotte, FL
(1 review)
May 21, 2015
Posted on May 21, 2015, updated May 21, 2015
Posted on May 18, 2015, updated May 21, 2015
Mass Spectrum Botanicals ordered one india dillenia 6 weeks later no plant no return money.Good thing i used pay pal.
On May 21st, 2015, Johnsddr added the following:

I was told i would get a 2" root ball i got a seedling more then 6 weeks later ,only after i filed with pay pal
On May 21st, 2015, Johnsddr added the following:

I was told i would get a 2" root ball i got a seedling more then 6 weeks later ,only after i filed with pay pal
Neutral txaggiegal
Belton, TX
(6 reviews)
May 8, 2015
Posted on May 8, 2015, updated May 8, 2015
I did my research on this company before purchasing, but this seller was a singular source at that time of year. I used Paypal as my payment method and I wholeheartedly recommend using PayPal when dealing with any establishment that has a negative rating.

I ordered and waited a week before emailing Mass Spectrum...after 2 weeks and 2 emails, I reported the failure to ship to PayPal on 5/ 5/3, I had an apology from seller, and by 5/7, I had my purchased product.

Considering this seller's reputation, it was a better than anticipated transaction...However, the plants were unlabeled, multiple items were not included, and cuttings were loose in plastic bags with dampened newspaper. The cuttings were not tied, but sufficiently moist so the cardboard box was damp when it arrived. Thanks to the Post Office for re-taping the box so it stayed together!

If you order from Gregory Alaimo at Mass Spectrum Botanicals, just be aware of his standards for selling and shipping. I gave him a Neutral only because I knew what I was doing when I ordered and had very low to try to get my money back on the plants he neglected to ship!
On May 8th, 2015, txaggiegal added the following:

A correction to make...I utilized an incorrect name...The Owner/Operator of Mass Spectrum Botanicals is Dann Jarvis...all plants have been received now....and there were an abundance of cuttings.
Negative PC_Babe
Orange Park, FL
(1 review)
March 22, 2015
This non-biz is a one-man scam operation out of a pathetic scrub of a house literally on I275 in Tampa, FL (you can find it using google earth) ... I know because I travel a lot and drove there last month to confront him after numerous emails and failed attempts to reach them, etc. His name Dann Jarvis and he runs MassSpectrum. He cant speak a complete sentence because of his drug induced brain damage. He hasn't bathed in months or brushed his teeth. Pathetic, really. There is no evidence of a greenhouse or nursery on property. While there I called the police and reported the robbery. They filed, but would not come. Don't waste your time with him.. you have been scammed
Negative Tl49burne
Laurel Hill, FL
(2 reviews)
March 18, 2015
I placed a small order with them about a year ago and had a good experience. However, more recently, I placed a larger order with them and have received nothing. It's been 3 months since I placed this order and after multiple emails I have yet to receive my package or even a reply to my emails. This guy is a crook and a scammer, order from him at your own risk! Tom.
Negative buckr00
San Antonio, TX
(1 review)
February 9, 2015
Posted on February 2, 2015, updated February 9, 2015
Posted on February 2, 2015, updated February 2, 2015
I ordered from them in Nov 2014 and never received my order. I tried to contact them via every method available and they would not respond. I also asked the BBB to help and they refused to respond to them. This company is a scam. Do not order from them unless you want to part with your money and receive nothing.

I've opened a case with the Tampa Police and hope that raises the heat on this scammer.
On February 2nd, 2015, buckr00 added the following:

Oddly enough when I asked him about a new order @ [email protected] he responded in less than an hour. Pure scammer!
On February 9th, 2015, buckr00 added the following:

Dann eventually shipped our product, but I shouldn't have had to resort to the nonsense we went through. A simple email giving us a heads up to his situation would have sufficed.
Neutral Corveleyn
(1 review)
January 24, 2015
Posted on January 22, 2015, updated January 24, 2015
I want to warn everyone about this company. I made an order of US$107.50 which was pretty stupid as I should have checked the company's history beforehand, as I am hoping you, the reader, are doing now. I ordered once before from this guy, quite some time ago, and never had any problems. Alas, now, I haven't received any answer to my multiple emails, and I have been so stupid to wait too long, longer than 45 days, to open a paypal dispute.

What is even more frustrating, is that I know he is there and reading my mails. I added him on skype recently and he accepted me, but did not reply to my requests. He doesn't pick up his phone when I call.

It is really pitiful to see what appeared to be an interesting company to be nothing more than a scam ran by an ordinary thief. It hurts me, not just financially, but just the thought that I had put my trust into this company and was enthousiastic about experimenting with the products he offered. I wonder if he is laughing now, enjoying the fact that he so to say slapped a young enthusiast in the face. Why?
On January 24th, 2015, Corveleyn changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

The seller contacted me and told me he had some personal issues and was going through a difficult period. He guaranteed me that he is going to send my order. Since I can't change the comment I've made yesterday, I decided to add this, as I can understand it when people go through a hard time in life. The most important thing is that there is no malicious intent.
Negative Tavares
Ponta Delgada,
(1 review)
January 14, 2015
I ordered and payed trough Paypal in november 7th, 2014, a item and shipping costs, that appeared as available in the website of Mass Spectrum Botanicals, until this day and after several emails, facebook messages sent, even tweets, i never got a reply by the person responsible by the company.

I thought maybe the person had any kind of personal problems and couldn't reply my messages. My suprise was when i saw that is twitter page is updated, and realized that i have been scammed in $22.50.

Bad seller.
Negative k1no
Grass Valley, CA
(1 review)
November 1, 2014
On October 4th, 2014 I placed an order with Mass Spectrum Botanicals for $53 and some change. This would have been My sixth order with Dann. The first order was a few days late as it was sent to the wrong person. The second was good. The third order was strange as I placed the order with Him yet there is no record of it with paypal. The fourth was good. The fifth was good, but took a while to get. The sixth order was paid for but never sent. I have written several times and He has never responded. Odd because He responded to every email I wrote to Him previously. There is no listing for a phone number for Mass Spectrum and I have not been able to find any information if He is even still in business and I am afraid to place another order to find out. Such a shame because everything I have bought from Mass Spectrum has been outstanding quality and I have been unable to find any other retailer that can match this quality.
Negative Trek59
Grover Beach, CA
(2 reviews)
May 22, 2014
I ordered a physical graffiti pitaya cutting on 5/9/14. Was instantly charged. After numerous emails to him yesterday I received an email finally and he said," I'm running late. It happens, should be getting around to a second page of orders soon"
Today I got a shipping email with tracking number.
Only took him 13 days before he finally shipped.
Should be "interesting" to see what I eventually get.
Obviously I will never order from Mass Spectrum Botanicals again
Negative Akanonui
Plymouth, MI
(2 reviews)
May 16, 2014
I ordered plants last August, they arrived sometime this March. This is really bad, but i would have been less upset if they actually sent me what i ordered. I received 4 pitaya seedlings and a mamey seed. I ordered a Mamey fruit and a large pitaya cutting. I payed $12 for the mamey fruit but got a $5 seed and $15 on a large cutting but got $7.50 worth of small seedlings. This whole order all together aggravated me. I must say though, I have seen all of the other positive reviews and I might give them another chance in the future.
Neutral Doquoti
Fountain, FL
(1 review)
May 6, 2014
Posted on April 18, 2014, updated May 6, 2014
On April 3,2014 I placed an online order to Mass Spectrum Bontanicals. As of this date, April 18, 2014 I have not recieved the YELLOW TURMERIC (Curcuma longa) Jamaican root, although my credit card account was immediately charged. As there is no phone number for a contact, I have sent several emails to the company addressed to Dann Jarvis ([email protected]) over a period of days, there has been no reply.
I am disappointed as the web site is very attractive and the company is the state where I live.
On May 6th, 2014, Doquoti changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I am pleased to post that my order for Yellow Tumeric (Curcuma longa) arrived on May 5, 2014. The roots are very nice/healthy in excellant condition. I believe the seller should not charge the purchaser until the product is shipped. This was one month from when I was charged.
In other words with such great plants etc., better business practices would enhance Mass Spectrum Biotanicals ratings.
Negative LotusVoyages
Redondo Beach, CA
(1 review)
May 5, 2014
I placed an order on April 10, the money was taken right away ($66.25) and I have not received my order. There is no phone number and I wrote three times with no answer. I was really looking forward to receiving my order, as those were not easy things to find. I notice that the complaints about the company on the internet are relatively recent and I wonder if there is not a matter of health. Wish I could go over and check out with the neighbors!
Neutral Veltorio
Bartow, FL
(3 reviews)
April 14, 2014
I'm really anxious to hear if anyone else has had any experience with this company. They are somewhat close to me and the only place somewhat close that has many of the perennial, edible type plants I'm looking for and wanted to drive over and check it out but the only info I see is a claim against them on rip-off report and some semi-bad reviews on another site. It's hard to tell if they are just not great at running the biz and responding or a total ripoff. Hope someone else has a review soon. When I get a chance I may go ahead and head over and look first hand and then will post a review as able.

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